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Monday, 29 September 2014

Lucy (Film Review)

What started out as a suspicious package delivery soon turned into a painful drug mule smuggle that affected her mind, body and soul as Lucy undergoes a transformation that not only increased her brain capacity but also awakened unstoppable powers too. See here, why Lucy truly is a film to see.

The self-titled French Science Fiction Action film shows how Lucy "Scarlett Johansson" gets dragged into becoming a drugs mule by her new bf and must smuggle a highly valuable synthetic drug called CPH4 for a sh**head Korean mob boss/ drug lord and soon she unexpectedly undergoes a powerful transformation that unlocks psychokinetic abilities. Now she must use these abilities to locate the other smugglers and stop anyone that gets in her way as her hunger for knowledge increases and her grip on emotions, fear, humanity and life itself begins to fade away. Sadly all this wasn't involved in the job description...

I actually saw this film with Lewis the night before my Skydive and this actually was like a warm-up to seeing something overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I also now just add that I received another 2 donations on my account after the skydive so to this date, I've raised £1,120, THANK YOU EVERYONE AND TO THOSE WHO KEEP ON DONATING (though it's over)!!! The film related in my opinion to the film Chronicle which features "Dane DeHaan" whom I mentioned in one of my very first posts on AsperJosh because of my relations to his character who gained telekinetic abilities and went about using them in a way that I would use them too probably. But anyway, Chronicle is nothing compared to what Lucy does and continues to unlock using her brain and dark powers that I felt were a little too much for my taste of power and usage. Chronicle showed the powers I want and would use while Lucy has too much to handle.

The story was brilliant because besides showing her limitless capabilities it also showed the drama behind her inner thoughts and how these powers also re-awakened memories and show how she began to become emotionless (that's too much for even me to think about ever becoming). The film also featured "Morgan Freeman" (The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight Trilogy) play the fascinating Professor Samuel Norman who became Lu
cy's accomplice and key to her survival thanks to his lecture in the beginning of the film (that even I payed attention to and found interesting) which states all about evolution with Human Brain Capacity and what can be accomplished with specific percentages.

Seeing Scarlett Johansson being forced and threatened into this situation was different to her roles in other action films because she was very helpless and scared (like how Lara Croft was in the new Tomb Raider game) she was so terrified, that is until her little package popped inside her and I saw all the crystals zoom and bounce all around her bloodstream which was painful for her but soon all was well again as she was re-born a whole new person and well new species really.
Her powers were absolutely phenomenal and bloody detailed when it came to telekinetic force, telepathy, and using her mind to do things unimaginable. Some powers were cool like researching on the internet at a blazing speed and learning it all far too quickly (that sounds handy for some purposes/ situations). But when she saw all the radio/ internet signals that was freaky seeing all the invisible signals that if we saw today would be a "sight for sore eyes". When she began seeing the world through a whole new level/ dimension and even soared time and space even I was dropping my jaw and even clenched my buttocks cause I felt that even if I saw every ounce of detail that the human eye fails to see everyday just for a day, even I wouldn't be able to handle let alone cope with my new sense of vision, though the time and space bit I am curious about but I still reckon my consciousness and fear would take over because let's face it, looking and exploring too much can pass time quickly and soon you'll lose yourself maybe. She was a tough bad ass (ha "ass"!) who I found to be good well actually kinda neutral throughout the film because of actions with her new powers, when I was imagining afterwards what I would have done with these powers if I was in her shoes, I felt I would have taken only a handful of them (as I've stated in my posts before) because some of her later powers gave off a dark atmosphere and spine-chilling feeling that I felt was too much but necessary to witness as it was like a wake-up call to becoming too omnipotent and feeling unstable that even I wouldn't be able to live with as it's scary or turns you into the fearful bad-guy.

I can recall some vague memories of the soundtrack which included a big bubbly base and some quiet choir which reminded me of a Michael Bay film or something or in the amazing video game Mirror's Edge.
Like I mentioned in Tomb Raider, I wasn't paying much attention (hell, I don't think anyone would) because we're all being entranced by Scarlett Johansson (who now is classed on The LAD Bible as a MILF) and seeing her in action. Thanks to Wikipedia, I know that √Čric Serra composed the soundtrack, but next time I see it, I reckon I'll try harder to notice his work than just sit back and fancy Scarlett like almost any other Lad.

Near the end of the film when she reached around 80%, I began to feel uncomfortable as she began to metamorphose into a black substance that reminded me of the Symbiote from Spider-Man 3 and she began to do wonders that were too tough to maybe watch (I didn't close my eyes) it was just so much to see. Her curiosity certainly almost killed her but did she give a shit? Nope! I felt I would have taken only a handful of them (as I've stated in my posts before) because some of her later powers gave off a dark atmosphere and spine-chilling feeling that I felt was too much but necessary to witness as it was like a wake-up call to becoming too omnipotent and feeling unstable that even I wouldn't be able to live with as it's scary or turns you into the fearful bad-guy.

The ending was kinda obvious but the final results were kinda unexpected but also expected if that makes sense?! I won't say, but if your smart enough, then you too will see this film for yourselves and maybe you'll walk away with something to think about. I recommend watching Chronicle before or after the film maybe as a soft-core version of telekinetic/ omnipotent powers that look cool at first but soon it's all fun and games until everyone gets hurt...

Here's the Chronicle trailer that hooked me onto the film before it came out in cinemas.

This trailer for Lucy shows less than all the other trailers, the other trailers show almost the whole film. This one seems better (it's the same one I saw at the IMAX for Guardians Of The Galaxy) sadly this one is International and has awkward subtitles, so please ignore them.

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