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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Film Review)

The X-traordinary team of mutants return in this epic, confusing and emotional sequel in the hit X-Men film series, this time they will all need to work together quickly to help change the past in order to re-shape their future and prevent their inevitable demise in the present. See here why this sorta conclusion is a must see.

Charles Xavier/ Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Erik Lehnsherr/ Magneto (Ian McKellen) come together in this dark time with the small remaining group of Charles's students/ X-Men who are surviving in the dystopian future while avoiding being exterminated by the dangerous Sentinels who are oppressing humans who are harboring genes to future mutant offspring. As all seems lost, they devise a plan to send someone back in time to help change a moment in time that could change the course of the future they are in today. Thanks to the ability of Kitty Pryde/ Shadowcat (Ellen Page) who can project a person's consciousness back in time to deliver warnings, they decide to send Logan/ Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back in time to 1973 (10 years after X-Men: First Class) when Charles and Magento were young and convince them to work together again in order to prevent someones choice from unleashing chaos that will set their future in stone.

So this film has a similar layout to The Butterfly Effect another amazing and ingenious film that stars Ashton Kutcher.
So you can tell this plot will be confusing, jumping back and forth to the First Class era and the present!

This seventh instalment in the X-Men film series (if you count the Wolverine films too) has to maybe be the best in certain ways such as at last seeing a positive ending (besides the ending in The Wolverine), brilliant plot development and a big cast to help make this film sensational. However the film's plot can be considered a "complicated twister" since it seems to go back and forth and by the end, it will have altered events we already know from the comics and films thus changing nearly all the knowledge the audience/ fans and I know. That's why this film is intriguing but also difficult to get to grip with. And I hope it's future sequel will answer mine and all my MARVEL friend's big questions that the film left us with.

Back on Thursday 22nd May, I joined Kurt, Tommy, Brooke and this time Ewan (the boys from work) for another MARVEL movie at the cinema, but this time I drove Kurt and Ewan there... that's right people! I have a car! I purchased this little dark blue Volkswagen Fox Urban 1.2 last weekend on the 17th May. Since then, I have gotten real good at driving confidently and independently back and forth to work every weekday and have had no worries or accidents (so far!) So this is a major stepping stone in my life and I have never felt so grown up and confident in a while especially behind the wheel of a car. Anyway I took my friends to the cinema to watch this smashing sequel. We all agreed to watch it in the D-BOX (rumbling seats like the ones on those small children's rides that require a £1 coin) at Cineworld which by the way was very different to when I used to see films in normal 3D or sometimes IMAX. It was awkward and sometimes uncomfortable because most of the time the seats were jumping and sometimes tilting side to side, especially during the beautiful and dazzling introduction which I felt it was meant to be like a rollarcoaster ride with a screen in front, which was the prime moment for the seats really. But thanks to our Cineworld cards we got to see the movie for free by booking online.
I've been working an hour early and heading home an hour early thanks to the new hours I work because I have a car and can get to work and home quicker. So that's been challenging to adjust to for myself as I don't like change. Also this weekend, Kurt, Lewis and several others all joined me for MCM Comic Con in London which I aim to write a long post up asap after this one and before my birthday on June 6th!
I cannot believe I have now reached just over 2300 views in total. Cheers guys for taking a look at my work!

When I saw the teaser trailer in October last year, I noticed the cast from X-Men: First Class and the present characters after X-Men: The Last Stand all in different time periods but what really made my heart sink a little was seeing all the chaos and suffering going on while the music track "Journey To The Line" by Hans Zimmer was playing, which I also recognised in the trailers for 12 Years A Slave, that track really adds drama, sorrow and suffering to anything in my opinion.
But then I saw the new official trailer in mid April this year, and this time I was awarded action, more teasers and a not so sad atmosphere which I felt was reassuring me that the film won't be as sad as I expected.

But anyway, I think the atmosphere was very tense and emotional because of all the pressure everyone was under. And the music was sad (not pathetic sad, I mean emotional sad) there were lots of piano moments and "Hope (Xavier's Theme)" was very emotional and reminded me of the song "Mutant And Proud" (which also sounds similar to "Journey To The Line") from X-Men: First Class which was played during the heartbreaking ending moment when Charles admits the worst sentence that I knew was coming and that broke my heart.  
John Ottman returns (after doing X-Men 2's score) and did a real good job making the audience feel tense and pumped up with his score (just like Henry Jackman did in X-Men: First Class!) When Wolverine woke up twice in the film I heard the song "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack (that's a track worth listening to on your own if you ever wanna feel insightful or think deep for a moment) it's also one of my mum's all time favourite songs. Watching the friends arguing now while in the first film they were all good chums was tough to watch a little for me especially because even though I argue with my best friends, I still think they are the best but of course they have never done anything like what happened between Charles and Erik. It was good to see them talk it out again but "old habits die hard" for our 2 who still had different views on everything. And I really did feel for Charles as he had lost everything and felt so heartbroken and was too afraid to continue as well as fear for the future, it took a lot of convincing to get him to get back up and help out.
Once you've seen it, you may compare the atmosphere and tense plot to Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith in musical score, drama and betrayal while seeing many of your favourite characters killed (sounds lovely, right?)

However I will admit a positive note and real good funny moment in the film, you see Hank McCoy/ Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Charles Xavier and Wolverine had to go recruit a superhuman speedy mutant called Peter Maximoff/ Quicksilver (Evan Peters) to help them break Magento out of Prison in the past. That scene in the kitchen was comedy gold as everyone was still and Quicksilver ran around the room having fun shifting everything and setting the scene so that by the time his feet stopped, everyone was knocked out humorously. That scene definitely put some comedy in the film and made everyone in the cinema laugh out loud and he did all that while his headphones played the song "Time In A Bottle" by Jim Croce (couldn't have picked a better song really!)
Kurt and I were comparing (Evan Peters) to (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who will be playing the speedy superboy in the next upcoming and high anticipated Avengers sequel, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. We think Evan did a flawless job already and wonder if Aaron (who's famous for being the comic-book hero, Kick Ass) can out do or even match Evan's performance, personality and acting? Who knows? We'll have to wait and see.
Plus a lot of these new X-Men have amazing powers too. A girl called Blink had the ability to create portals and send mutants back and forth. During the opening fight with the Sentinels, that techinque certainly made the fight head spinning and creative. I deffinitely liked her power (it reminded me of the video game, Portal!)

The beginning fight was awesome and confusing to understand right away until the others showed up and discussed the layout of the plan which was a different approach to starting a film. But the ending was surprisingly peaceful and everything was set right but I have so many questions left over and feel it was like a middle finger to the fans and audience who know so much and now we don't know what has and hasn't happened now thanks to the change in the course X-Men history? It's intriguing and very displeasing when only one person knows so so much and can't share it with others or they don't believe/ care (sounds like me).
I dislike those kind of endings where so much happened and only the main character knows so much of it. I'd hate to be like that as I would want everyone to know, yet I don't know if they would even believe me at all? Also would it mess with time and space and the fabric of reality? Not really! As this shit doesn't happen in our reality!
If that was me (well it sorta is with my level of knowledge on certain interests such as Nintendo, Marvel, Star Wars, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts etc) it's tough knowing a lot and not getting to share it with others frequently because they might not share the same interests and it's like not having someone to tell a whole story to, but then again that's what this blog is for. And in time I will bring such interests up and share my knowledge while learning to hold back on the spoilers. And I do talk to people about these interests, I just don't know if they know as much as me?!

Our terrifying and unmerciful Sentinels looked quite accurate to the comic-book designed ones when they were revealed back in the 70s. But when we compare their appearance and unbelievable power that has upgraded them into unbeatable horrors that would send shivers down your spine because they will be the last thing you'll see. And all because they have a power that was put to an intelligent and unbeatable use!

I tried my best to write the layout similar to my Captain America: The Winter Soldier review but I think I did an okay job and haven't given a lot of spoilers away (unless you watch the trailers!)
I may have had a disappointing time at the X-Men Days Of Future Past Leicester Square Premier, but this definitely made me feel better again about the characters and I think even Kurt felt the same but we both still think we deserved to see the actors again fairly in the future, should they ever turn up to Comic Con.

Oh and by the way, stick around after the credits (as in after the credits), the secret at the end was clear proof that a sequel is on the way. But also me and the others were all looking at each other and guessing who that mysterious and very powerful being is. Now I know thanks to the name of the next X-Men title but most of all, we all hope that the next one will answer all our questions! Since the film has now changed everything and I sort of accept it but hope in the end all will be layed our perfectly and have no more blank points. You need to have seen every other X-Men film before you take on this thrilling sequel. I hope you enjoy it like I did and X-perience everything I did.

The teaser has the very emotional track "Journey To The Line".

While this trailer shows more of the plot along with a more positive action like soundtrack.

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