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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My 21st Birthday Weekend (Friday 6th June 2014)

Hello everyone, big news... I'M 21!!!!!! Woo Happy Birthday To me! Ah I feel so alive, grown up (well that's debatable) and proud of myself on looking back how much I have changed and made of myself this year and several moments throughout my life.

So for this story, I'm sharing from Thursday 5th June till Sunday 8th June on what excitement and surprises unfolded.

Here's Kurt's graphic novels I got him!
Thursday 5th June - So to start my story of stories, on Thursday it was my good friend Kurt from work's birthday. So like any smart kid he booked the day off an d had an awesome day in London with Tommy from work looking in Comic-book shops and he even spent £23 in M&M's world... yeah! So here's where I come in the story. You see, Frankie a girl from work and possibly one of Kurt's oldest friends planned in secret with me about organising a little party for Kurt which was originally bowling in Crawley but by the next day it turned into a simple night of few drinks at the Jubilee Oak in Crawley. So after work I drove over to Kurt's for the first time and we both gave each other our presents as my birthday was the next day. Did that stop me from opening my presents the same moment as Kurt?! Nope! I got him 2 MARVEL Big Graphic Novels "Civil War" and "Secret Wars" which I bought in Brighton a week ago. As for him, he bought me the MARVEL Graphic Novels "The Superior Spider-Man #1-5" and "Deadpool Kills Deadpool Part 1". We were both very pleased with our gifts and after he showed me his jaw-dropping collection of Comics (all paperback) and I counted 87... woah! So anyway we got ready and headed for the Jubilee Oak to meet up with Frankie, her boyfriend and Tommy for a good night and celebrate Kurt turning 20.
And here are the graphic novels he bought me!
So after arriving it was hard to find a booth to hold up all (we were even reminded twice to be careful when shifting chairs around in case we were blocking the Fire Exit which was frustrating (I mean of course I follow rules but come on, we weren't really blocking anyone from evacuating if such an accident occurred?!) Anyway, as 2 more of Kurt's friends turned up later including Sam from work, I chowed down on a good Beef and Bacon burger with chips and drunk 3 J20s throughout the 4 hours and me and Tommy each bought a big share plate full of Chips, Dips, Breadcrumb Prawns, Chicken Breast Fillets and Onion Rings oh it was delicious. I spent a lot of the time talking to Frankie about work as we both work in different departments and talked about thoughts and of course we all had laughs celebrating Kurt's birthday. Later around 10.30, everyone was getting ready to head home, Kurt was invited to Frankie's for more drinks but I had to head home (after giving Kurt a lift back to his of course!) So I figured I'll see him tomorrow to celebrate my 21st with my friends from my college days.
I was very excited to see Chocolate Cake!
Friday 6th June - "Woke up this morning feeling fine, theres something special on my mind!" ha ha, thought I'd begin feeling all happy as I did turn 21. Alas my day consisted of going to work as I couldn't book the day off due to too many people off already. So after preparing myself and while driving to work, I treated myself to singing a-long to "Owl City" songs on the way and later on the way home as it was a beautiful, warm blue sky morning and what could be better to make me smile (and shout my heart out to the songs). So at work, I surprisingly received some lovely treats! Near the beginning of the day in the warehouse store, the deputy manager who just loves to bake for the staff actually baked me a chocolate fudge cake as he knew it was my birthday today. He invited me into the shop after he caught me while dropping products off and he told me he had a surprise for me! A big chocolaty treat! But right before all of that happened, 2 ladies at work Wendy and Lorna who always look out for me everyday, found me in the morning and presented me with a Big 21 Badge, a funny card and a LORUS Watch! I was ecstatic and gave them both a big hug. So I told them to come with me to the store and join me in slicing the cake and taking a quick picture. And because I'm so generous, I made sure everyone had a piece quickly as it was going fast. John my Manager  said I could go home half an hour early which was excellent.
Kurt wasn't joining me for tonight after he texted me in the morning to admit he'd overdone it last night!
Left to right: (Back) Caleb, Bradley, Cathy, Matt, Craig, Ryan, Luna, Lin.
(Front) Chelsea, Me, Becky, Joe and James
Thank you to everyone who came and made my day so special!
Thank you Mills for coming by before heading back to work! Ryan... why did you photobomb?
So as I arrived home near 5.10pm, I quickly got changed and got a hug from Dad (Mum was sadly still at work) before heading out to go to "Wagamamas" in Horsham to join 13 of my friends from my college days, it was so lovely and great to catch up with all those that could make it, we all enjoyed the food. I had a Chicken Ramen which was a big bowl of Bamboo strips, noodles, diced spring onions, thick slices of chicken breast and rockets salad all in a delicious bowl of goodness. My friend Camilla "Mills" popped by at the beginning with Craig and they got me an amazing A1 sized Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster (like the one from my post!) I enjoyed chatting to everyone and later that evening everyone went to Lewis Cranfield's house as he had planned a 3 day party round his so we all stayed over for a few hours chatting, drinking, trying to play this confusing boardgame (which I will explain later) and all having a fun time. Later around midnight I headed for home and got a lift home with Luna.So  after the meal, we headed to "The Lyndd Cross" for a quick drink (I even had a Hooch).

The 2 Deadpool graphic novels Rebecca bought me!
Here's the playing field for the "Twilight Imperium" boardgame
Saturday 7th June  I FINALLY with my family opened all my cards that I got and my 2 presents from Rebecca my sister which were two awesome "Deadpool" Graphic Novels! Shortly after I headed back to Lewis's to see some of the others and I joined them at what was possibly the most complicated, confusing and head scratching board game I have ever played called "Twilight Imperium"! I dare you to google it or play it yourself! It was like Yugioh and Dungeons and Dragons had a baby and boy was it ugly ha ha. Anyway as me and the others played on for a couple rounds which took over 5 hours soon me and Camilla "Mills" had to leave for Pulborough to go to another friend Henny's 23rd birthday. So I drove Mills to her new house in Southwater and after seeing her new beautiful house and meeting her parents again. I then followed them to Pulborough for the first time. After arriving, we saw Craig, James, Luna and Lin to be there too and we all stuck together as we didn't really know anyone there. Henny was happy to see us all and I had fun that night listening to the house music which was mostly heavy rock and metal and I met one of Mills's friends called Tom who is a big Kingdom Hearts and MARVEL fan like me. The food was lovely and the night turned out better than expected and Henny was glad to see me and the others again. Around 11.30pm, I had to drive home with Mills and Tom as Mills was doing the "Race For Life" tomorrow morning and I was her ride home.

Also on Sunday, it mostly consisted of sunbathing on that scorching 22degrees Sunday, trying to plan this out while making plans for next Saturday when me and Lewis Cox (from Alt:Mag) go to our first festival together, The Download Festival! I was also making phone calls to family saying thank you for the cards and money and also replying to all my facebook birthday wishes.

So this was a very busy weekend for me. So I thought to myself that Sunday night "What's in store for me now that I'm a fully fledged grown up?" Well this year has already been something and it's been challenging to sometimes cope with like change and learning that things sometimes take time to plan or take longer to finish (like organising my blog posts and sometime they come up later than expected). My original plan as a celebration present from my parents was to go SKYDIVING!! But it's been a pain organising it and finding a near-by location. So it's been delayed and may happen in end of June or in July depending on when it finally gets booked and on the UK weather really!
But I think this Saturday when I go to a Rock/ Metal festival will really be something to remember and joke about in years to come. I was originally gonna upload posts about my 3 previous concerts I have been to so that this 4th one would be chronologically correct, but I've had no time to plan and to be honest this is a "First Time" at a Festival!

Anyway, I hope your all doing great and cheers for reading this big post and stay tuned for more! ;)

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