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Sunday, 9 February 2014

12 Years A Slave (Film Review)

12 Years a Slave is a 2013 British-American Historical Drama Film that's an adaptation of the 1853 memoir of the same name by Solomon Northup "Chiwetel Ejiofor" (Children of Men, 2012), our protagonist who became a slave while really a free man after being tricked by white men and later sold into slavery during 1841. The story tells how for 12 years he worked on antebellum plantations in the South of America including Felicity, Destrehan and Magnolia. The story shows all the appalling conditions and lifestyle that black people suffered under horrible masters (some respectful to a degree but not enough as they were after all slave buyers).
In the film many actors were also involved playing key characters either good but mostly bad including William Ford "Benedict Cumberbatch" (Star Trek Into Darkness, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy), Edwin Epps "Michael Fassbender" (X-Men: First Class, Prometheus), Samuel Bass "Brad Pitt" (Ocean's Eleven, Troy) and let's not forget Patsey "Lupita Nyong'o" (this film was her debut performance). So many famous actors all got a role in this masterpiece and it's better for you to see them for yourselves.

Now instead of explaining the plot and telling you everything, I want to explain my heavy thoughts on slavery!
This film couldn't have made a better impression on showing this generation and future generations to come, how we used to act during the time of having black slaves (even when I saw the film adaption of "The Help", I was disgusted to see how women treated slaves just as badly as men did). Throughout the film, my face showed nothing but anger and sadness to see a man suffer and be treated unfairly all for the colour of his skin (same goes for everyone back in that time). I know it's a film and thank goodness all is right now in our world with treating black people just as fair as white people do to each other. I am beyond grateful to know that one amazing President of America helped change a cornerstone in human reality and abolished a law that never should have existed. If I was in that time, I don't care the punishment or treason for helping black people or fighting back, it isn't right at all to treat others horribly for such poor prejudice that everyone just followed while they believed themselves to have the only power over anyone at all! (Solomon proved that once when he retaliated against someone). Same goes for other unimaginable moments in history like World War II (which I won't exaggerate any more as it has been done with!) But another film adaption just like this called "Schindler's List" is another prime example of how not everyone treats people like dirt all because of a law or tyrant! Not to mention how the Jews were abused and forced to forge Egypt's civilization. How can people feel the pleasure and right to harass other people in such religious biblically sanctioned ways or at all? ("Michael Fassbender" was a prime dick example in 12 Years A Slave! But it was slightly reassuring to see "Benedict Cumberbatch" as a relatively benevolent master and "Brad Pitt" as a nice white person who became a friend to "Chiwetel Ejiofor"!).
As you all may have guessed that I am quite passionate about what I say and believe in as I explained some thoughts from my previous posts!

Hans Zimmer orchestrated a beautiful and heart-breaking soundtrack full of string pieces that emphasised the moments including black people singing such sad songs. And well done to Steve McQueen for directing such an unforgettable masterpiece! When I first saw the trailer I was already swept away by the trailer music that was used "Journey To The Line (another track that was composed by Hans Zimmer and was also used in trailer for "Man Of Steel" and "X-Men: Days Of Future Past!)

I have many black friends in my life who I honor and cherish just as much as anyone else that I know. I am pretty sure that everyone now follows the same lifestyle about equality and I bloody hope so. Hearing the white bastards in the film calling them the "N" word so much was so tough enduring for myself as I hate that word, it's so provocative and racist to throw around the film and in the real world. It was just as hard listening to the gangster talk in the game Grand Theft Auto V but their's no denying that was a good game!

One awful scene was "Michael Fassbender" and his bitch wife ordering Solomon to whip Patsey because they were both crazy and prejudice to a higher level. Seeing that innocent man at gunpoint whip a friend was an unbelievable sight to see. Another was near the beginning when a woman was crying loudly for a few scenes due to being seperated from her 2 young children after being sold and soon she was dragged away, screaming Solomon's name while he just stood there and watched in despair.
During the film, through all the pain I watched Solomon Northup and his other slavers endure at the hands of awful heartless people that even I would fight during that time, I couldn't help but wonder how the actors could get into character so well since this was an adaption on someones story from our history. I wondered how on the film sets, the actors were friendly with each other since we don't see that kind of footage enough during films that break your heart or re-tell tragic moments in time. It's weird how the audience is shaped into hating and disliking actors thanks to their specific role in any film, I mean we love them for iconic performances but how can we accept or hold onto the reality of them acting out a role that not only makes them villains but also someone to cause great pain to others (in this case an adaption).

The outcome to this rant and film review, left me shedding tears of joy as justice was served at last (only you can see that for yourself). However I was left dishearten while reading the epilogue notes of Solomon's legacy. How not everything was settled and mystery shrouded his final moments in reality with his chances of prosecuting the bastards that sold him into slavery to when and how he passed away? When I left the cinema with mum, I said to her with a strong facial expression "every human needs to see this film in their life-time!" I hold that statement true and make myself never forget about how humans once lived on this earth and treated others like a lower-class species. As I said above, it was the salvation of President Abraham Lincoln that seized the right to eliminate a law that would allow black people the right to live peacefully with the white people. That is something to be proud of and honor forever, proving how not everyone is the same and how one man can make a difference in changing human history for the greater good.
I can't imagine living a life of regret if such a law still existed to this day, I wouldn't feel human.

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