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Monday, 21 December 2015

I'm Talking About - Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy

After witnessing the second Death Stars destruction, and the redemption of Darth Vader, peace had been restored to the galaxy. Every Star Wars fan back in 1982 saw this to be the end to a magnificent story. But then in 1999 (16 years later), George Lucas did it again and released another trilogy to his masterpiece but this time we are shown the age of the Republic, the time of the Clone Wars and most importantly, the history behind Anakin Skywalker and how he fell to the Dark Side of the Force.
I have to admit that in my previous ITA, I kind of went overboard on the detail and length of that post. Regrettably, it has affected my health and sleep pattern as well as stir up my emotions. But not to worry, I am fine and I am still going through with this. Only I am going to TRY and pull back on the detail and skip ahead on everything. I might as well treat this like a Review (but still have a similar style to my previous work) since it'll cut the length and detail down. I am quite hesitant to change what I had originally planned but it will help speed things up before I go and see Episode VII on Monday with Dad.
So now I'm talking about the Prequels in Star Wars, many fans dislike or judge them negatively because it fails to deliver that same "zazz" as the Originals. But I stand on the tip of the iceberg with both praise and slight disappointment. So let's start off with The Phantom Menace.

When this news shocked the world again, Dad and I were never far from watching all three films in cinemas together during my childhood. I enjoyed every moment watching these three films on the big screen. It was like I was finally living the moment like all Star Wars fans back in the end of 70s to the mid 80s (only this was different in time and a different story and style).
Even if many people weren't "wow'd" or "blown away" compared to seeing the originals, can't we all agree that seeing Star Wars in cinemas's in our lifetime is an honour and nostalgic memory? I'm sure everyone can praise something good out of them like I can.
Anyway, let's begin.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace
A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away... A conflict has erupted in the Republic thanks to the greedy actions of the Trade Federation by holding a blockade of battleships to stop shipments to the planet below, Naboo. Whilst the congress debate effortlessly over this situation, the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic has dispatched two Jedi Knights to settle this conflict.
The beginning to Star Wars begins! 32 years ago...

The Blockade over Naboo
Our story begins with 2 Jedi, Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his young padwan Obi-Wan Kenobi arriving to meet the Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation to negotiate peace with his actions. Sadly this is cut short and we are introduced to a new mechanical enemy which serve as the antagonist army to this series, Battle Droids. These military based droids with blasters come in endless quantities and some different classes and weaponry in this series and will take up our attention as there are no Stormtroopers in this story... yet.
This start to Star Wars is similar to A New Hope if I'm honest because it's like an altered copy but it's different and not a bad start. Did you guys feel it too?

Swamplands of Naboo
After sneaking onboard the Landing Craft heading for the planet below, the battle droids move through the swamplands heading for the Naboo capital, Theed. But our heroes shortly find themselves soon stuck with a character that to this day has been considered a "mistake" and a "comic-relief character" in Star Wars, the silly Gungan called Jar Jar Binks.
Honestly, I have mixed views of this creature, he's a stupid, clumsy but sorta loveable character in Star Wars (to some people). He's a bit of a useless being with little intelligence, no skill in survival or combat but means well despite the way he is or ends up acting (bit like a Rank Amateur).
Never the less, this local ends up leading Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to his underwater city to help them on their journey.

Gungan City
This beautiful and mysterious underwater city Otoh Gunga was a creative location in Star Wars because it shows a advanced amphibious world plus it's different to the human or alien technology or worlds that we'd come to expect. The harmonious choir played when diving down to the city was a chilling moment and it's a shame our trio weren't welcomed nicely.
The head honcho Boss Nass was a strict frog like king with a funny tongue of language (especially when he shared his head whilst spitting when he gave into negotiations) who after some negotiation not only gave them a cool underwater speeder called the Gungan Bongo Submarine.

Invasion of Naboo
As the droids marched toward Theed, it wasn't long before Queen Amidala had been captured and the city was taken. The Jedi's and Jar Jar were narrowly driving through the plant core and met some freaky ginormous fish monster but soon they made their way to Theed (a little too late). No matter, they such their way through the streets and managed to save the queen and a handful of her most trusted subjects and soldiers.
Theed was a gorgeous city which looked old but new (if that makes sense). It was a nice touch to show a human world at last in Star Wars and how it's not all too modernised with technology.
Qui-Gon's efforts at convincing the droids to let them pass was short and funny (the Droids have robotic personalities but are funny in their own way) and before long, everyone headed out of Naboo to make their way for Coruscant, or so they thought.

Escape from Naboo
The Trade Federation ships opened fired like mad on the small Starship as it ascended out of Naboo's atmosphere. Through this attack we are introduced to one of the oldest characters in Star Wars who features in every film, the loveable beep bop astro droid R2-D2 who ends up saving the ship during their escape. The Viceroy needed the Queen to sign a Treaty in order to make his invasion legal (he was ordered to by his superior, a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious).
One of my favourite tracks comes on called Escape From Naboo in ultimate edition soundtrack (it was also used in the Podracing). Sadly nowadays it's hard to locate it in the soundtrack. It's used in every film in the prequels and is a good rush music of fighting, speed and shows that John Williams can still deliver Star Wars music perfectly.

Unplanned stop on Tatooine
Her majesty's ship is hit bad and they can't make the jump to light-speed so they take a long pitstop at this bathwater sand land called Tatooine (sound familiar?)
Seeing Tatooine again since IV was good and nostalgic, we even see more characters and see it's like a town with merchants and shops compared to seeing very little in IV plus it's a different location of Tatooine to be fair.
Qui-Gon and Jar Jar along with one of Amidala's hand maidens called Padme venture into Mos Espa to look for another hyperdrive, to no avail thanks to gambler toydarian Watto. We are also introduced at last to a short blonde boy Anakin Skywalker who (along with his mother) is a slave to the junk dealer.
Looks like Skywalker didn't come from happy beginnings or grow up with a happy childhood (guess that's one explanation for the Dark Side). Least he showed affection to Padme which was cute and in time will actually benefit them both *wink*.
The young lad ends up taking them to his house for shelter and we meet his kind mother, Shmi Skywalker.
We even meet another familiar face who is seen in every film, C-3PO (who had no armour to cover him up in this film as he was still new and "naked"). Ironic, that Vader created 3PO, right? Plus he met his companion to be, R2-D2!
One of my 3 highlights for this film is the moment with the wise and favourite character Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) is his discussion with Shmi on Anakin's background. He sees something special in young Skywalker "The force is unusually strong with him!" plus we learn how Anakin came to be when Jinn asks who was Ani's father.
Shmi says "There was no father. I carried him. I gave birth. I raised him. I can't explain what happened." This is a fascinating discovery to learn that Anakin's birth wasn't by accident and that he was made somehow for a purpose (I believe it's thanks to the Midi-chlorians).

In order for Qui-Gon to get the hyperdrive from Watto, he wagers his ship for the hyperdrive through the gambling efforts of Podracing. Anakin's speciality was this dangerous fast paced sport.
The boy was everyone salvation in my second highlight to the first film where we see a Formula 1 based take on a higher galactic scale. Anakin's rival, Sebulba had my favourite Podracer (second to Anakin's, of course). I wished I had unlocked it all that time ago playing Star Wars Racer on the PC and N64 haha (least I did in Star Wars Kinect and in Racer's Revenge).
This adrenaline fuelled race is always a pleasure to watch, full of excitement and close calls as everyone zooms across Tatooine on the Boonta Eve Circuit (I guess this moment is like my own excitement for Football since I'm not a true big fan of watching it in real life, I find it boring and a little corrupt).
Ani's had a stall start but soon find himself catching up to the top of the pack and soon getting into a close spot with Sebulba himself. Neck and neck, they clash it out on the last lap and Ani's emerges victorious and Sebulba bites the dust! Poodoo!

Freed Slave
Watto should have been more careful to gamble everything as he was left with nothing (he even ended up betting Anakin's contract with Qui-Gon), the boy was now free at last. Unfortunately, his mother was still under Watto's contract and after an emotional farewell, Anakin's leaves to join Qui-Gon and learn to become a Jedi (like he'd always wanted).
My heart was in my hand seeing him say goodbye forever to his mum, it was like seeing how someday we all have to say goodbye to our loved ones someday. Because I have a strong relationship with mine because she always listens to me and helps me learn about my condition and to get better every day. But someday when Mum and Dad are both gone, I'l have my own family and I'l still have my sister, so seeing someone else's farewell makes me think up this future moment, sadly).
Just before reaching the ship, Anakin and Qui-Gon were ambushed by a surprise visitor, a Sith. This quiet and straight into action dark warrior clashed with Qui-Gon just as the ship was preparing to take off. This certainly got us back on track and dried our tears quickly. The dark warrior Darth Maul had been sent by Viceroy's cloaked master to seek out the Queen and deliver her back to them to sign the treaty. Finally some lightsaber action even if it was cut short.

Republic Capital
At last we see the Republic home world which a planet which is one giant city/ metropolis (like Futurama only way way bigger) in it's glory and wonders. The Queen seeks to discuss with the Senate to ask for help in resolving this crisis on her planet.
Anakin is taken by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to the Jedi Temple to meet the Jedi Council. A circle of Jedi Masters including the sight for sore eyes Yoda himself are met with Qui-Gon who speaks to them of the prophecy of the one that will bring balance to the Force, whom Qui-Gon believes to be Anakin (much to the Council's disbelief). It was also curious to learn that the Sith had been extinct for almost a millennia when Qui-Gon spoke of the Sith warrior back on Tatooine to the council.

This enormous building which was the Galactic Senate was where all senators of hundreds of star systems gathered with the Supreme Chancellor (Valorum at the time) to discuss diplomatic solutions in the Republic. The Queen pleaded her case to everyone and thanks to the advisory of Senator Palpatine she calls for a Vote of No Confidence which resolvedly removed the chancellor from office and opened up the opportunity for a new chancellor to come to power. I even heard rumours of E.T. appearing as a hidden character in the Senate haha.
Anakin is put through a test with the Council and passes flawlessly but thanks to the sensing his clouded future and strong fear inside him, they decide to not grant him training as he is too old according to the Jedi Code. Therefore, Qui-Gon takes Anakin as his pad wan learner and pushed Obi-Wan forward to advance in rank. But everyone decides to put all this on hold and focus on the situation at hand with the protection of the Queen and the discovery of this Sith warrior.
I feel that this whole part in Star Wars sorta put the breaks on the action and excitement because it turned into an adult moment with politics and boring talking for ages. Some people criticise this greatly and I kinda agree but then again, this had to happen as it all shaped the path for everyone and continued to up until Episode III. We have to endure things in order for more action to commence, it seems.

Return to Naboo
Chancellor Palpatine is one of the candidates to be replacing Supremer Chancellor Valorum. But due to the frustration by the Senate's deliberation and lack of action, the Queen decided to head back to Naboo to take action herself. Everyone ventures back to Naboo but the Queen asks for Jar Jar's help after he had mentioned they had a grand army, this could be helpful in fighting against the Trade Federation.
Back on Naboo, Jar Jar informs everyone that the city is abandoned and believes he knows where everyone is. At the Gungan Sacred Place, the queen pleads with the prejudice Boss Nass to help form an alliance despite their differences. We also learning the truth that the Queen we all know is just a figurehead and decoy for one of her hand maidens who turns out to be the REAL Queen Amidala. And with a shake of his lips, Boss Nass agrees to be friends and forms the alliance with her majesty. Well, what do ya know, Anakin's trying to hit on the actual Queen of Naboo, what a Lad! Even I would!

Battle of Naboo
The plan is for the Gungan Grand Army to fight the Trade Federation army outside of the city as a distraction whilst her majesty and the others sneak inside the capital to reach the Viceroy in the Throne Room. Maul is ordered by his master Darth Sidious to eliminate the Jedi and for Viceroy to eliminate all the Gungans and the Naboo.
The Gungans lack blasters but have an impressive shield which held against the awesome and powerful Armored Assault Tanks and back in the capital, a sneak attack allows everyone to get inside the Palace.
Soon the battle droids were activated and marched their way through the shield and the battle for Naboo began. Soon as the shield exploded and the Gungans retreated like sh*t, Jar Jar's clumsy act as General actually was smart and did a good amount of damage to tanks and droids (whilst he was hanging off the nose of a tank with style and luck) haha.
Inside the Palace starfighter hangar bay, Naboo Starfighters headed into space to tackle the Control ship and render the droids useless.

Soon after, Anakin takes control of a straighter and by accident lands inside the control ship and takes it down from the inside causing a wonderful explosion and rendering the droids useless (just as all hope looked lost for the Gungans). The song played when the control ship is blowing up is a marvellous and victorious take on both "The Force" and "Duel Of The Fates" and it's called The Tide Turns (it's from the Ultimate Special Edition).

Meanwhile after lots of detours including a cool moment using Naboo blasters to scour several floors above, does the queen and her friends get captured and taken to Viceroy. Just as defeat seems imminent, the false Queen interrupts and gathers the Viceroys attention instead. Thanks to that, Padme and the others take control over the Throne Room and have Viceroy right where they want him and plan to discuss a new treaty.

Memorable Moment - Two-on-One Duel Between Jedi and Sith
But during all of the above, our two Jedi are greeted back in the hangar bay by Maul and whilst Padme and the others took the long way around, the Jedi and Sith clash once again after a millennia later. The trio take off their cloaks because sh*t's about to get real!

 When Darth Maul pulled out his lightsaber, everybody must have glanced in awe after revealing a double edged Sith lightsaber (my god!) That super weapon helped make this a fair fight instead of putting too much pressure on the actor to have to fight against 2 with just one sided saber.
As the fight began, on comes the theme for the film as well as stand out as the Prequels theme if I might add called Duel Of The Fates (the most epic choir fight in history which rivals Battle Of The Heroes in my opinion). We had Red, Blue and Green (no orange, yellow or purple sadly) but the effects were much more modern with lots of added sound effects to the whizzing, whirling, clashing and banging which is it's up-to-date technology compared to 16 years ago, but we still honour and respect the effort from back then!
The fight took them through the core of Naboo which was an enormous room full of energy beams and platforms. The fight was intense that the choreography was superb and out rivaled the fighting used in the Original Trilogy which is one of the reasons that I think the prequels outdo the originals through the fights and mainly the CGI etc.
Obi-Wan got knocked back a little and Qui-Gon and Maul engaged silently in a straight line into a room with ray shield which put their fight on hold whilst the ongoing battles across Naboo took place.
My heart sank and my rage grew when the Jedi Master got stabbed by Maul and I felt the exact same feeling as Obi-Wan as he shouted in shock at his master's death to the Sith warrior.
When the ray shield halted, Obi-Wan went in full adrenaline and managed to cut one of the ends of Maul's lightsaber (making it more fair) but the Padwan was soon overwhelmed by Maul's Force Push and almost fell down a reactor shaft.
With his lightsaber falling down thanks to Maul, defeat looked for certain for poor Obi-Wan but after calming down does he use the force to grab his fallen master's lightsaber and slice the Sith in half and send him in two down the shaft.
It was an emotional farewell between master and apprentice (I'm most surprised to see Qui-Gon last so long during the fight just to talk to Obi-Wan) but Obi-Wan promises to train the boy as his encouraging master dies in his arms.

Victory for the Republic
The Queen and everyone watched with pleasure as the Viceroy had to go back to the Senate and explain their actions. The Jedi Council arrive with the new Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and all is a momentous occasion for everyone to continue working together to bring peace and prosperity to the republic.
Master Yoda has a word with Obi-Wan in the Throne Room and agrees he deserves rank of Jedi Knight for his victory but doesn't agree that Anakin should be trained as a Jedi. Yoda fears there will be danger in his training despite maybe being the Chosen One. Despite that, Obi-Wan vows to train him because he gave Qui-Gon his word (even if he doesn't have the approval of the Council). But Yoda reluctantly with a huff confirms he now agrees with Obi-Wan choice to teach the boy.

The most honourable way to send off a Jedi is by cremation and a sad moment befalls everyone as Qui-Gon Jinn is cremated as all our main characters watch in sadness. The song played which ties into the previous sequence "Qui-Gon's Funeral" is actually one of my favourite sad songs because the choir is perfect and it's also played during the heartbreaking ending of Episode III as well.
Obi-Wan reassures Anakin that he has now been granted to train him and that "You will be a Jedi. I promise!" whilst Anakin watches with sorrow as his saviour and master burns on Naboo.
Mace Windu and Yoda (the two highest council members) can't help but wonder which rank the mysterious Sith was, the Master or the Apprentice? Yoda knows that "Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice" but they don't know which was destroyed. (this is referring to the famous novel The Rule Of Two which I've yet to ready myself which explains the Sith Order and guiding principle which was initialised by Darth Bane a millennia ago before the Clone Wars).
But the camera pins right to show Palpatine whom we all know is Darth Sidious and the mastermind behind all the tyranny in the saga *Dun Dun Duuun*

Our ending is a true celebration full of music, screaming, confetti, children cheering as the Gungans parade down Theed square to her majesty and Jar Jar, Captain Roos Tarpals and Boss Nass with a glowing plasma looking sphere as a token of peace and appreciation. Love it that Boss Nass holds it in the air and shouts "Peace" (Like A Boss). We also see Anakin is now in Jedi uniform and has the Padwan hair braid and even Padme looks gorgeous as victory is emitting from this momentous occasion and conclusion to the beginning of Star Wars (like in IV).  

Not a bad start, I must say to the beginning to Star Wars (despite some people's serious criticism). We were rewarded pod racing, a three-way duel, space battle, ground assault, a woman having a huge wardrobe of fancy clothing, and a good start up to the history of Star Wars and Anakin's beginnings.
So anyway, my view is a solid 8/10 and I say that with pride.

I also had the pleasure of playing the PS1 game when I was about 6/7. I got to play as Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn and Padme as I practically played the story out (except for the Pod racing). It had a few good mechanics including music from the film and it had great gameplay. I still enjoy playing it here and there since.
I also enjoy watching the video of Duel Of The Fates which also shows dialogues from the film as well as showing how they made it including on-set footage (shame I can't seem to find it on YouTube).

I never choose to skip it out when a marathon is called upon by me and my friends (even The Big Bang Theory mocks the prequels harshly) though I would want a gf like Penny who knows this sh*t haha.
I know people will forever rate this as "the worst Star Wars film in the saga" but I think it was alright. I even enjoyed re-watching it in Cinemas back in February 2012 when it was re-released in 3D, I didn't even know they were showing the Blu-Ray version which apparently had extra frames and sequences added in (I even googled the deleted scenes when I got home). I guess with every re-release of every Star Wars film there's bound to be extra stuff that I and everyone should look out for.


Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
10 years since the battle of Naboo, Padme Amidala (the former queen of Naboo) is now being targeted for assassination by Count Dooku (a former Jedi Master of the Republic). Dooku is encouraging thousands of star systems to secede from the Republic. Now Jedi Padwan, Anakin Skywalker returns to protect the queen whilst his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is sent to investigate who is really behind these attacks on the queen. War is coming between the Republic and Separatists that will change the Republic forever.

Assassination Attempt
The beginning starts off with a jump start as the Queen is caught in an explosion after landing on Coruscant on a misty day. Just when we think "that was too quick", turns out it was a decoy and one of the Naboo Straighter escorts was the real Padme. She can't believe her bodyguard since Episode I is now gone.
Meanwhile the Jedi, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Padme all discuss who could be behind this mysterious attack. Heads turn towards the renegade Jedi Master Count Dooku who was once a Jedi of the Jedi Order. But to ensure her safety, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are assigned to protect her from further attacks.

10 year reunion
Ah, two familiar faces (well they've both certainly grown up especially Anakin who has escalated in looks and height). Before meeting her, we are welcomed by *sigh* Jar Jar Binks... who was most pleased and ecstatic to see them both again after all this time. Anakin's opening chat with Padme was awkward and cheesy (ha, young love) but he knows it's against the code and I guess that's why it's awkward. The boy certainly shows great lack of faith in his master and the council's decisions due to questioning why things must be done this way. But it's nice to see three heroes together again (too bad Qui-Gon wasn't there too).

Chasing the Assassin in Coruscant
A female assassin hired by a bounty hunter confirms with him in an alley that her attempt on the queen as close but it was a decoy. This armoured bounty hunter gives her a tube of poisonous centipede's and warns Zam Wesell not to fail again.
Inside Padme's chambers asleep R2-D2 is monitoring the room whilst Anakin and Obi-Wan talk it out about both being more powerful to protect her.
When the droid slips the poisonous creeps into her room, my back began to shiver imagining me in her place. Just before the eye raising thought of her being victim, Anakin swoops into action and slices the pests as Obi-Wan spots the droid and grabs it out of the window and goes off flying around Coruscant.
Anakin found himself a nice looking speeder and soon had to come to his skydiving master's help as the duo gave chase to the assassin flying fast through Coruscant. Obi-Wan criticism on Anakin's rash and adrenaline dangerous flying was funny but I can't help but agree his words if I was in his seat with Ani.
There chase took them out of the city to the electrifying and burning industrial estate and we even see a glimpse of this lady who even alters her appearance into a gruesome face for a brief second (yikes). The chase leads them off on foot into a bar on Coruscant's ground level (nice change from the high skyscrapers for a change), I like it when Obi-Wan uses the Force to help alter some idiot's brain into not selling him some Death Sticks. Am almost had her point-blanc shot behind Obi-Wan but you should no better than to sneak up on a Jedi. Just as both of them were about to get an answer on who hired her, she is struck with a Toxic Dart by the jetpack bounty hunter and her face reveals it's true self before dying.

Obi-Wan's Old Friend
Obi-Wan tried to find answers as to who this Toxic Dart is manufactured by, soon he heads to a Cantina and meets up with the chef Dex (who is one of his oldest friends) aww. This greasy 4 armed old geezer was helpful in answering questions and pointing Obi-Wan in the right direction but seeing Obi-Wan with a friend was actually really nice to see. It's good that the Jedi can still have friends instead of being so strict and following rules, shame the chat as short but it's the little things that count, right?
Obi-Wan had trouble finding records at the Jedi Temple of the planet Kamino that Dex mentioned. Even Master Yoda has trouble searching but one of Yoda's youngling believes someone must have erased the files and Yoda encourages Obi-Wan to go to the co-ordinates anyway and see for himself.

Return To Naboo
Anakin was ordered to escort the Senator back to her home planet, Naboo to which he had great pleasure with as he got to spend time with her as her bodyguard. Once they returned, we see Theed again but also see newer building (good thing because it would be a bit lazy to see the same set from Episode I).

The best thing was seeing the quiet lake country of Naboo, a huge lake with gorgeous buildings and grasslands full of peace and elegance. They share a very admiring and passionate kiss (at last) but it's cut short as Padme apologises. Go on, Anakin!
Soon their picnic turns a little heated as they discuss their views on politics, Anakin believes more action should be taken (quite idealistic which I agree on). These cute love-dovey moments are to a lot of people a let down to Star Wars but I think it's nice to see Vader before his darkness. It's drop-dead boring to most, but I agree but least it doesn't turn Star Wars into a full romance film fully.
Soon things begin to get hot and sensual as Anakin confesses his love to Padme at last. But she knows they can't be together as it's forbidden to both their duties (she's a Queen and he's a Jedi). We see the temptation beginning of Anakin willing to choose Love over his duty which is forbidden in the Jedi Code. I wonder how Obi-Wan tried to cope with this in the Clone Wars series, because even I would easily fall like Anakin because this isolation oath to the Jedi is too much for even me to stand by (guess that why I would fall to the Sith) haha. The song Across The Stars is nice and a dramatic piece compared to the action tracks we are more accustomed to.

Kamino Clone Facility
Obi-Wan journey soon takes him to the endless raining planet called Kamino where a cloning facility stands in the raging ocean. Obi-Wan is surprised to learn that his presence is "expected" by the Prime Minister Lama Su who is responsible for Master Sifo-Dyas's order of a Clone Army, 10 years ago. Obi-Wan explains that Sifo-Dyas was killed 10 years ago and doesn't understand why the ex-Jedi Master would have placed an order for a Grand Clone Army for the Republic?

Whilst given a tour of the facility, Obi-Wan sees the quantity of over millions of Clone Troopers who are grown and manufactured here (so this is the origin of the Stormtroopers). He is also made aware of the original man who was used to help create the clones, a bounty hunter called Jango Fett (who happens to live here as well). Funny how apparently they all look the same but are somehow different in personality and they all have the same voice (that must be difficult on the set or editing of the film, let alone awkward in real life to see many copies of one person).

Jango Fett
Obi-Wan's meeting with Jango was slightly like a investigation meeting with them both showing interest and resistance to answering questions. We even met the young Boba Fett (the infamous son of Jango who plays a vital role in Episode V and VI), this sly clone of Jango is his own son specifically made for him and is different from the others.
Jango's a tough-guy with a cool voice who explains he never met a Syfo-Dyas but was recruited by a man named Tyranus during the end of one of his missions (I know the truth since I played the video game and loved it!)
Soon Obi-Wan catches Jango trying to flee and the two fight it out. Jango is a cool badass with a jetpack, dual pistols and his own unique ship, Slave I.
I think the fight was good, it was in the rain, Obi-Wan was at a disadvantage and it brought back the action to the film after all the romance and talking.
Jango manages to escape after having though Obi-Wan fell off the facility and into the ocean but good thing Obi-Wan places a tracker on Jango's ship.
Soon Obi-Wan catch up to Jango who's heading through an asteroid field to the planet Geonosis. Jango was well prepared with loud Seismic Chargers (make me jump every time) and rained fire on Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter and again believes Obi-Wan to be finished, only for Kenobi to follow him to the planet below.

Tatooine Nightmares
Meanwhile back on Naboo, Anakin suffers a nightmare of his mother Shmi Skywalker in terrible pain. Anakin shortly finds himself and Padme heading back to Tatooine to see how she's doing. Anakin also encounters his former owner, Watto is now poor and learns that he sold Shmi years ago to a moisture farmer called Lars. His mother was in good hands as Lars had married her and Anakin wanted to know where they were.

They headed to a familiar location from Episode IV, the same moisture farm that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru owned (they were much younger here and now Owen was Anakin's step-brother). Speaking of familiar faces, we see C-3PO again and now golden armoured up thanks to Owen (I admit it's quite weird that 3PO was belonged to Owen Lars and then he doesn't recognise him in Eps IV, guess they didn't think about this so well when linking it together).
To a displeasing discovery, Anakin's mother had been abducted by Tusken Raiders a month ago and Cliegg Lars and loads of men had been injured in the attempted rescue. Anakin couldn't believe his mother was dead so he set out to find her himself.
Seeing Anakin on the speeder with that serious look on his face as Duel Of The Fates jumped on perfectly was a sight to see (I even saw an amazing picture that I'll share in my VII The Force Awakens post next week).
Meanwhile Obi-Wan, infiltrated a secret location on Geonosis and discovered that Count Dooku was working with the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray who is behind the assassination attempt on Amidala. A group of Separatists planned to combine two types of Battle Droids in order to combine forces and bring down the Republic. Soon after, Obi-Wan is caught by Droidekas whilst transmitting this information to the Jedi Council.

Memorable Moment - Sand People Massacre
Anakin tracked the Sand people to a Tusken Camp at nightfall. He senses his mother is in one of the huts and cuts a hole in and finds her hung up on a crucifix. Mother and Son are reunited at last after a decade at the saddest of times, Anakin's happy reunion is cut short as his mother slowly fades away from her injuries and dies in his arms. The Tusken Camp/ The Homestead music is powerfully thrilling but soon escalates slowly changes into a startling atmosphere full of anger and sorrow.
Anakin now heartbroken and his rage erupts as he slaughters the men, women and children in the camp.
Master Yoda sensing everything can hear Qui-Gon Jinn calling out to Anakin as Anakin yells out No! as he massacres these vile raiders (I think the deserved it).
Master Windu comes in to hear what's troubling Yoda, Yoda senses "Something terrible has happened. Young Skywalker is in pain. Terrible pain!"

Soon after Obi-Wan's capture, Anakin returns to the Homestead with a face like thunder while everyone watches with sadness as he carries his wrapped up mother into the hut.
The videos always get me and I can't help but think "I'd do the same!" I say that cold-heartedly because if people cross that line, there is no forgiveness and his sense of justice is how I would act but with the way I am, realistically this wouldn't happen and neither would my actions (I just think too much on different actions and outcome since my restrictions with laws and the way I am are annoying).
Anakin soon has an angry confession to Padme about his frustration for failing his mother, his belief of Obi-Wan's jealousy of his power and most of all, the slaughter of the sand people including women and children but most importantly admitting powerfully "They're like animals and I slaughtered them like animals! I hate them!"(a violation of the Jedi Code). This is a tough moment to even think about feeling.

Obi-Wan Captured
In a holding cell on Geonosis, Obi-Wan is greeted by Count Dooku who tries to convince Obi-Wan of this misunderstanding. His encouragement to join him is futile but one interesting thing I like learning is that Count Dooku was once Qui-Gon Jinn's master (who'd a thought?)
Dooku does spill the beans on one important character by explaining:
Count Dooku: What if I told you that the Republic was now under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith?
Obi-Wan: No, that's not possible. The Jedi would sense it.
Count Dooku: The dark side has clouded their vision. Hundreds of senators are now under the influence of a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious.
Obi-Wan: I don't believe you.
Count Dooku: You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!
Obi-Wan: I will never join you, Dooku.
It's interesting how villains always explain in great detail of their plans normally before attempting to terminate the hero. right? But I still don't get why Dooku would snitch on his master without hesitation? Maybe it's part of Palpatine's plan or something to make the Jedi deny it but soon believe it and make the upcoming Jedi Rebellion more serious because they were given a hint? I dunno...

Droid Factory on Geonosis
After his mother's funeral, Anakin and Padme learn of Obi-Wan's capture and after a short argument does Anakin go through with Padme to rescue his master along with 3PO and R2. Everyone arrives on Geonosis and make their way through a tunnel which is swarming with sleeping Geonosians (mosquito like natives of the planet) and uncover the droid factory in current production of the Droid Army.
Everyone is caught in a head turning obstacle course which almost costs them their lives (Anakin's lightsaber gets destroyed again... "Not again! Obi'Wan's gonna kill me". Just as Jango and Droideka's capture Anakin and Padme.

3PO ended up getting his head knocked off and paces on a B1 Battle Droid and a B1 head inserted onto 3PO's body, whoops.

Geonosis Arena
Before entering the Arena, Anakin and Padme share another passionate kiss but also proclaim their deep love for each other (finally!) They see Obi-Wan is waiting for them chained up (like in John Carter) to a pillar as Dooku, Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Jango, Bobba and Poggle the Lesser gather to watch the show.

Our heroes are pitted against three ferocious and terrifying monsters in a gladiator style fight, Anakin has a Reek (Rhino), Obi has a freaky and dangerous Acklay (Crustacean) and Padme has the terrifying and sharp Nexu (Feline). Soon the three broke out of their shackles and unarmed tried to stand against the monsters.

I almost felt Padme's pain when that son of a Nexu sliced 3 marks on her back as she yelled in agony whilst Viceroy watched with pleasure (I'd like to drag him into the arena!) That blasted Acklay wouldn't stop shrieking loudly and was a freaky claw crab to be up against especially unarmed. Anakin just treated his like a Rhino/ Bull and dodged it's temper runs.

Jedi Attack on Geonosis
A figure slowly approaches the villains and we see a purple lightsaber ignite and it's revealed to be Master Windu who surprises us all as every Jedi appears out of the shadows with lightsabers activating everywhere as Mace says "This parties over!"
We are now introduced to the new battle droids B2 Super Battle Droids which are more powerful and slightly more intelligent to the B1s. The battle erupts in the arena as waves of droids enter the arena and circle around the Jedi in an epic fight which almost equals to Episode I.

Windu manages to decapitate Jango as the now jetpack less bounty hunter is no match for the charging Jedi Master (much to Dooku's shock, not to mention Boba's heartbreaking reaction).
Defeat looks imminent for the Jedi as the droids slowly moved forward circling the Jedi.

Dooku gives them a moment to surrender or be destroyed, of course they won't surrender, you imbecile.

Clone Invasion
As everyone looks up, Gunships swarm down the arena with Master Yoda and now the Clone Troopers are in action, making this a fair fight! Blaster bolts shot everywhere and the Droids made a grand appearance locked and loaded and came to the Jedi's rescue just in time. Dooku had to escape along with secret plans for the Ultimate Weapon (looks like this was planned for a long long time, right?)
The Jedi all boarded Gunships (they were powerful and awesome) and fled the Arena and took the fight across the desert plains of Geonosis. But we see a brief sad moment of Boba holding the helmet of his now dead father (we'll see him again in a couple years in The Clone Wars series and then in Episode V when he's all grown up).

It was awesome seeing the different classes of Clone and Droid tanks, artillery, soldier and air support all fighting across the battlefield. As more and more pieces were laid out on the board, more kept on being destroyed by the opposing force which kept the first fight of the Clone Wars equal instead of being over so easily.
Good thing the Clones managed to stop 2 Trade Federation Control Ships from leaving the planet, when that enormous sphere crashed back to the ground, a tsunami of dust clouded everyone's vision as even more blaster shots were rained across the field (it looked hard to tell where the enemies were if I was there).
Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan give chase to the fleeing Count which midway ends up with Padme falling out of the ship and causes a heated argument between Anakin and Obi-Wan over following orders and nearly costing Anakin to be expelled from the Jedi Order. Woah!
As they reach the hangar bay, the Clone Gunship is annihilated by Dooku's escort ships (Great, no support against the Sith Lord, great...)

Memorable Moment - Battle with Count Dooku
Why doesn't Anakin listen to his master when they are supposed to take on Dooku, together? Anakin got force lightening to the side whilst his Master and the Count drew savers and clashed out for a short while. I was most worried when Obi-Wan got struck on the side of his arm and leg (what am I saying? He'll be fine, he's in the story till Eps IV!)

Anakin rushed in to save his master from death and was given Obi-Wan's lightsaber too as he attacked with fury and style at the count. Obi's green saver was smashed and then it was back to one saber vs one saber which lasted for a good few minutes in the darkness.
Anakin did end up shockingly getting half his right arm cut off (now it makes sense why his right arm was robotic in Eps VI).

But then a short fella was slowly walking into the hangar, it was Master Yoda! The little guy managed to stop all of Dooku's Force attempts at Force Lightening his former Master (I think Yoda Force Absorbed or something) but then he drew out his red lightsaber. I think everyone's highlight and most memorable moment has to be the fact that Yoda revealed his own green lightsaber and ended up fighting humorously against the old man.
His yelling and super agile speed slapped a grin on my face as he fought his former Padwan. That was a total surprise and best thing to have been able to see. Because we've only known Yoda to be strong with he Force and talk funny, but now we seem him in action and see that "size doesn't matter" plus "don't judge a book by it's cover!"
The battle got cut short thanks to Dooku's treacherous distraction at crushing the Jedi whist he escaped in his Solar Sailer, leaving Yoda to stop the pillar from crushing his Jedi Knights. Padme turned up and was shocked to see Anakin's injury as everyone tried to get back on their feet whilst the Clones secured the room.

Meanwhile, Dooku had already escaped and made his way to Coruscant's Industrial Sector where he met his master Darth Sidious and confirmed, the war has begun. Palpatine's only response which annoys us all is "Excellent. Everything is going as planned..."

The Clone Wars Begins
With everyone back on Coruscant, Obi-Wan, Windu and Yoda confirm that Dooku has fallen to the Dark Side. Obi-Wan ponders if what Dooku said was true about the Sith controlling the Republic? Yoda is hesitant to believe this, stating that the dark side is capable of creating fear and mistrust. He and Windu agree that they should nevertheless closely monitor the Senate. But now the Clone Wars has begun!

Palpatine and a number of senators including Bail Organa oversee the Clone Grand Army marching into their Star Destroyers to travel across the galaxy to battle with the Confederate of Independent Systems (CIS) "Separatists".  Anybody else notice the Imperial March (skip to 2:48) playing in the background?
To end this sequel, Anakin and Padme are seen with R2 and 3PO on Naboo have a secret wedding together (how romantic!) Anakin is also seen to now have a new golden robotic arm (cool). As the two share their third passionate kiss and look out to the horizon.
That was alright for a Star Wars film, took forever for any serious action to come along and kick off. The romance was essential despite everyone hating it and saying it wasn't necessary. I like it because even I have a romantic side haha. The Tusken Raider moment certainly escalated Star Wars into a dark moment but it was like strike 1 for Anakin's journey to the Dark Side.

If you have a while like 2 hours, why not take a look at the 2003 (5 minutes per episode) Tv Series of the Clone Wars. Some epic serious sh*t happens and it leads up directly to Episode III!

Though I actually stuck more seriously to the 2008 Clone Wars series which followed on from the feature film which I even saw in Cinemas. Despite it being animated, it's received mixed reviews but I actually liked it and was soon hooked on the on-going series on Sky as it progressed. The trailer looked great!
This series was massive and had 5 seasons but soon it was due to be cancelled thanks to a syndication. But a 6th season came out with "lost episodes" which also filled in blank points, hinted the future of Star Wars and the links to the films. I liked how we saw much much more of the Star Wars story and discover the famous Ahsoka Tano (Anakin's apprentice) compared to the limited films and it happens between Eps II and III (though it answers questions and fills in blank points, it also leads up to Eps III but also explains some untold answers in the Original Trilogy especially for Yoda). There are also some frustrating villains who always seem to get the upper hand including skilled bounty hunter Cad Bane, Dooku's apprentice Asajj Ventress, Grievous in constant action, but most shockingly, the return of Obi-Wan's Sith nemesis in Season 5... Maul! *Duh Duh Duuuuh*

I even played the 2002 video game on my Gamecube, that was excellent and made me feel like I was in the Clone Wars itself. We even learn some history on the Great Sith War, the current resurrection of the dangerous Sith weapon, The Force Harvester and also mentions the famous Jedi turned Sith Ulic Qel-Droma as he appears to Anakin as a ghost and mentions to not underestimate the Dark Side of the Force as he did.

So some stuff does happens in-between Eps II and III. But III is where it's all at and ends sadly in order to lead up to IV. The last one is where it hurts, full of sorrow and misery. As for Eps II, I think it deserves a good 8/10! This guy gave serious criticism to Eps III.

Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
With the Clone War coming to an end, Anakin grows ever so close to the Supreme Chancellor. The Jedi fear the Dark Side is not far from them. As the Clone Wars comes to an end, the Sith reveal themselves and the Jedi are massacred across the galaxy by the Clones they have fought alongside the last 3 years. The balance of the Force is weighed as Brother vs brother engage in an epic emotional fight in the final film in the Star Wars series (or so we thought). Hope is soon produced in 2 offspring of the fallen Skywalker and both children will someday save the Galaxy!
The jaw-dropping, heart-breaking epic story to Star Wars concludes...

I was so excited to see this back in 2005 with Dad and one of my friend back then, Tom (we had tried to do a lightsaber duel during Primary School Talent Show but stage fright got the best of us... it's one of my biggest regrets) haha.
But at least us three went and saw this together and boy, it was a wave of emotions and moments that I still remember to date. This film changed everything and crushed my hopes and love, sadly because it all had to happen in order to lead up to the Original Trilogy *sigh*.
Nevertheless , it's a real masterpiece with it's soundtrack, story, character development and the main fact it's Star Wars!
Now to begin.

Battle Over Coruscant
The beginning couldn't have gone any more perfect as we swoop down into action as Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker soar above Coruscant in a ferocious space battle. Seeing the gunfire everywhere along with the loud blaster sounds and the music was all just too incredible to start off Star Wars. It was like being on a roller coaster ride. 

The whole sequence was excellent with lots of aerial combat and acrobatics. The Clones were on their tale in their special and familiar looking X-Wings, turns out were called ARC-170 Starfighters (ironic, that the soon-to-be-baddies are piloting the goodies ships, 19 years prior to Eps IV). Those Buzz Droids were nasty bu**ers and began to dismantle Obi's Wan's ship. Luckily R2 stood his ground against one of them (wait a go, R2).
Anyway, our heroes slowly made their way through the battlefield heading for General Grievous's Command Ship where the Supreme Chancellor was being held hostage.

Rematch with Count Dooku
After just barely squeezing into the General's ship, the Jedi head for the Chancellor after several encounters with talking B1 and B2 Battle Droids. Giving the Droids voices was a good touch since they said very little in the previous films and in this one they had a slight personality adjustment including sarcasm, sympathy and curiosity. 
The Chancellor's room looked almost exactly as his Throne Room in Eps VI (it was like deja vu).
But who should turn up as the goodies (and secret baddy) are about to leave, but Count Dooku. It's been 3 years since their last duel (funny how that's now incorrect thanks to the Clone Wars series) but the talking is still serious and just like last time, Obi-Wan gets knocked down and it's up to Anakin to take on the Count. 
With luck, Anakin takes off the Counts hands and has him ready for a decapitation which the Chancellor encourages (much to a shocked Dooku's reaction). And just like that, Anakin gives in and the Count is now no more.
Guess that's strike 2 for disobeying the Jedi Order...

Crash Landing
On the Bridge, the tall robotic general of the droid army with a serious cough makes his appearance, General Grievous. And soon after a while of an awkward moment with the elevator and the ray shields trap, everyone along with R2 are taken to the coughing droid.
The infamous General is famous for having killed Jedi and has the lightsabers under his cloak to prove it (spine chilling, right?) The Jedi and General have some good trash talk before they break free of their cuffs and taken on the almighty general and his lethal Magnaguards.
Grievous managed to escape (which he has a history of fleeing) and ended up abandoning ship as his ship began descending back down to Coruscant, leaving Anakin to land them all safely... somehow.
I like that the song from Eps I came on again (though slightly different) as they dove down in a raging inferno to the city. Anakin really can fly anything as he lands them safely onto an industrial landing strip. "Another happy landing" says Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Everyone meet with the Jedi and other Senators at the Galactic Senate (this is actually where one of my several favourite Star Wars meme's originally generated from).  I can't find the original but here's 2 funny versions.

The victorious Skywalker meets with his secret wife and learns the most wonderful news... she's pregnant!

Anakin's Premonitions
Anakin suffers a nightmare about Padme dying during child birth (like his nightmare premonition in Episode II). 
After talking to Padme that night, Anakin speaks with Master Yoda about what he should do (without revealing it's his wife). Yoda gives a serious solution which even I can't agree upon (despite how wise and righteous he is). "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed that is" I've mentioned this before in my TFIOS review several months ago.
It's not the first time Anakin's seen a vision of his future, see here what happens in Clone Wars and how it links to Darth Vader!

Utapau System
The coward Grievous headed for the Utapau system right after escaping and spoke to his holographic Sith Lord who shares with him that soon he'll have a new younger and more powerful apprentice. Palpatine orders the General to move the Seperatist Leaders to the volcanic Mustafa system soon as the war will soon be ending.

Growing close to Palpatine
The Chancellor is granted even more emergency powers and is now in control of the Jedi Order (much to their distrust). Anakin begins to show fear, distrust and contempts of his Masters whilst Palpatine appoints Anakin to at last be on the Jedi Council as his representative (gaining his trust even more and fuelling Anakin's quest for power). Palpatine was granted Emergency Powers in episode II by Jar Jar in order to use the Clone Army for the republic. Even though Jar Jar was manipulated, it's awkward that his actions granted Palpatine the chance to control the republic and continue his domination... Nice going, Binks!

Jedi Spy
Begrudgingly, the Council goes along with appointing Anakin on the council but the refuse to grant him the rank of Jedi Master (much to Anakin's angry outburst which they ignore). Here's a funny Blooper version of the scene which included Samuel L. Jackson's quotes from Pulp Fiction hahaha.
The Council sends Yoda to Kashyyyk and Anakin to protect the chancellor, Anakin is disappointed.
After the meeting, Obi-Wan speaks to Anakin about another mission the council need Anakin to do. They want him to report "spy" on the Chancellor and know what's he up to which causes Anakin great confusion as he now feels torn between 2 loyalties and friends. Even Obi-Wan is upset by this decision but it must be done.
In the evening, Anakin meets with the Chancellor at the Galactic Opera House during a unique Water Balet and Palpatine easily discovers that Anakin has been ordered to spy on him. Palpatine continues to play with Anakin's loyalty to the Jedi and their intentions. He even spoils the location of Grievous thanks to "Clone Intelligence".
One of the most interesting stories explains is the history of Darth Plagueis who was a famous Sith Lord with unique Force powers. Palpatine begins to seduce Anakin to the Dark Side with this story especially mentioning how he could use the Midi-chlorians to save loved ones from death (which acquires Anakin's attention). The old man explains to Anakin with a smirk on his face that Plagueis was so powerful but alas he was eventually murdered in his sleep by his apprentice. This interests Anakin to learn that same power in order to save his wife.

Battle of Kashyyyk
On the Wookiee homeward, Yoda meets with hundreds of Wookie's and his Clone Battalion as they prepare themselves for the Droid Attack. We even see early Scout Troopers who looks almost exactly the same as they do in Episode VI.
When the battle kicked off with the Wookiee's war cry did things begin and the Droids surfed across the water or simple flew across and one even walked all the way through from under the water.

Goodbye, Old Friend
Anakin delivers the information to the council and admits that the Chancellor requested for Anakin to go. But again he is harshly rejected by Mace Windu in going after Grievous because the Council decide, not the Chancellor. Instead Ki-Adi-Mundi and Yoda nominate Obi-Wan as the council adjourns.
I can't explain this in my own words so I'm just gonna use the exact paragraph from Wookieepedia:
Anakin walks Obi-Wan to his star destroyer before he leaves. Anakin still believes he'd be needed on Utapau, and while Obi-Wan agrees, he also notes it might just be a wild Bantha chase. Anakin stops Obi-Wan and tells him that he knows he's disappointed Obi-Wan and that he's not been acting very grateful for the training he received. Anakin tells him he's just been so frustrated with the Council lately, but that he does apologize. Obi-Wan calls Anakin strong and wise and tells Anakin he's very proud of him and while Obi-Wan trained him since Anakin was a boy, he calls Anakin a far greater Jedi than Obi-Wan could hope to be. But Obi-Wan encourages Anakin to be patient and that it won't be long before the Council makes Anakin a Jedi Master. The two bid each other farewell and Obi-Wan leaves for Utapau. Little do they know that this is the last time they will see or speak to each other as fellow Jedi and friends.
It's really disheartening to learn that this is the last time they will see or speak to each other as Jedi and friends, before Anakin make's his destined and stupid choice. Every time, I see that moment I huff with sadness because we see a warm and comforting scene which we all know means nothing because soon they will face each other again on opposite sides and only one will walk away.

General Grievous
After arriving in Pau City, Utapau, Kenobi is informed by Tion Medon of Grievous's location on the 10th floor with "thousands of battle droids". Obi-Wan skillfully rides a Varactyle "Boga" (a reptilian creature with unique climbing and jumping abilities) as he ascends up the sinkhole city.
Soon Kenobi lands on the floor just as the Separatists prepare to depart to Mustafar, the fight with Grievous was incredible and a scary surprise to see his Lightsaber skills in action.
As he split his arms into 4 and draws 4 Jedi Lightsabers and chuckles with eager as the General is finally seen in combat. His attacks and skills were powerful and scary to witness and he put up a good fight before Clone reinforcements stormed the city after 2 of the General's arms had been cut off.
The General does give some menacing words of wisdom (not in this case) as he already knows of the Jedi's surprise:
General Grievous: "Army or not, you must realize… you are doomed!"
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "Oh, I don't think so."  
*Obi-Wan force pushes the General to the ceiling and drops lightsabers!*
Grevious mounted his own cool vehicle Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike which looked awesome and I wanted a go! Kenobi gave chase to end the sequence which he also dropped his lightsaber... Crap!
On the other hand, here's a GIF showing how scary, powerful and dangerous the cartoon General looks in his appearance in the 2003 Clone Wars, what a dark badass!

True Colours
Anakin reports to the Chancellor of the current fight between Kenobi and Grievous. The long awaited moment had come where Palpatine spills the beans on who he really is. Palpatine states that only he can teach Anakin how to use the Force how to save his wife from dying, shocking Anakin at Palpatine's knowledge on both subjects. Anakin ignites his lightsaber as he discovers that Palpatine is the Sith Lord that everyone has been looking for. Whilst he certainly wants to kill Palpatine there but he instead reveals he will turn his identity over to the Council. Palpatine agree's he should but reminds him that only he can help Anakin save Padme!
True colours are never good especially when someone that's looked after you and believed in you for such a long time turns out to be your greatest enemy. I myself would have killed him there and then, but then I'd of fallen to the Dark Side too easily. Why does being the good guy make you have to take stupid measures to make sure you don't become corrupted and become just as evil as the same evil you despise?

So uncivilised
Obi-Wan catches up the fleeing General and the two make their last stand near the General's Secret Platform. With no lightsaber, Obi-Wan tries to defeat the general in a brawl. He tries various attempts with Grievous's own Electrostaff and even attempts to kick the General's limb (which backfires and leaves him in agonising pain, much to the General's amusing giggle reaction as well as my own). Obi-Wan discovers and attempts to pull apart Previous's chest piece containing his living organs which enrages the General as he almost throws Obi-Wan off the platform. Whilst hanging on for dear life, and the General approaching with his staff, Kenobi uses the force to retrieve the General's blaster and skilfully and repeatedly shoots the General's heart causing flames to emit from inside the General.

After a brief moment of shaking and combusting into flames, the powerful droid collapses Dead as Obi-Wan stands victorious.

Enter Lord Vader
Anakin delivers the shocking news to Mace Windu who just on his way to make the Chancellor relinquish his authority now that Obi-Wan finished Grievous (making the war over, supposedly). Windy becomes shocked to learn the truth and heads for Palpatine's office with several Jedi to ensure the Jedi Order's survival. As Anakin insists on coming along to help, Windu urges him to stay behind as he senses the boy's fear could cloud his judgement.
Anakin stays in the Temple and looks out at sunset to Padme's Apartment. He ruminates and hears Palpatine's haunting words in his head that if he dies, there will be no way to save his wife. This tense and thrilling moment with the song Padme's Ruminations, with that haunting sound in the background and sad choir really sets the scene on the haunting confusion in young Skywalker's head as he is now caught at a turning point in destiny and must decide whether to follow his master's orders or save the very evil he had sworn to destroy. With tears emitting, Anakin make's his choice and heads for the Sith Lord's office to stop Windu and the Jedi intending to kill Palpatine.

The Jedi arrive and ignite their lightsabers, my spine chilled when Palpatine drew his red lightsaber and the old coot flipped into action and disposed of Windu's comrades. Wind and Palpatine engage in a fierce and dark battle which has the safety of the republic in the balance.

Anakin arrives just as Palpatine is defenceless and lost his saber. Palpatine reaches out to Anakin but then shocks Windu with a powerful torrent of Force Lightening as both men attempt to correct Anakin and to make the right decision. Palpatine begins to deform as his lightening is deflected back into his body, affecting his skin, eyes, fingers etc transforming into a feeble dark old man.
Anakin approaches Windu to make Palpatine stand trial and he needs him but as Windu prepares to finish the sith forever, Anakin interrupts with sadness and cuts off Windu's arm. Palpatine unleashes even more lightening at the wounded Jedi whilst screaming "Power! Unlimited... Power!" and the electrified Jedi is thrown out of the Windu as Anakin collapses in shock at his decision.
The now turned Jedi pledges to Palpatine's teachings in order to save Padme. Palpatine bestows Anakin a new Sith name, Darth Vader and sends him out to wipe out all the Jedi at the temple!
I feel disappointed in the reason why Anakin turned to the Dark Side. Part of me understands but the other thinks his decision was wrong. I mean I hated Mace Windu since the beginning because of his distrust to Anakin from the start, but I still think Palpatine should have been finished there and then.

It's ironic but also intriguing that Jackson and Christensen work together in the film Jumper where they are enemies. Guess Sam wants revenge on Hayden lol. I wonder what the behind the scenes must be like and if they mention this moment in the film and add some comedy or something, ya know?

Order 66
Anakin marches to the Jedi Temple with an army of Clones with darkness emitting from the boy and begins Operation: Knightfall. Obi-Wan meets up with Clone Commander Cody who gives him his lightsaber that he found during the battle. But after Obi-Wan leaves, Palpatine contacts Cody and commands him to execute Order 66 to which he complies. The Clones blast Obi-Wan and Boga off the cliff. From then on, my heart sank at now witnessing the extinction of the Jedi Order.
Across the galaxy, Clone Troopers turn on their Jedi Generals including Ki-Adi-Mundi, the hot Twi'lek Aayla Secura who gets blasted too many times as the camera zooms out to not show this to the audience. Yoda almost faints at sensing this unbelievably painful disturbance in the Force. Plo Koon is shot down in his Jedi Starfighter by Clone's in their ARC Starfighters and Stass Allie's speeder bike is shot by her Clones.
Even Yoda was to be terminated but those 2 Clones got what they deserved. No one can kill the Grand Master (he's alive till Eps VI after all) and his Wookie friends Tarfful and Chewbacca help him escape.
As Jedi and Padwan's are massacred in the temple, Anakin reaches the frightened Younglings but even they weren't safe as Skywalker looked at them with anger and drew his lightsaber.
Padme and 3PO watch in horror from the apartment as the Jedi Temple is in flames and she cries in fear of her husbands life. 
Senator Bail Organa reached the temple but is threatened by Clones to leave just as he watches in horror as a youngling is killed.
This moment is impossible to watch without tears flowing out of my eyes. I know I've seen it lots and lots of times but it's still too tough to take in and accept. I don't care if it's just a film, it's hard to watch people that you've grown up watching die due to a horrible betrayal, imagine seeing that in real life (I suspect people actually have and are never the same). When I think about it, I think my facial expression would be horrific and I'd ultimately turn away in sadness which I reckon people still do. It's not fair but as I keep stating, it's already happened and is necessary to bring balance to the force...
The worse track in the soundtrack, Anakin's Betrayal plays during the massacre. Everytime I hear it, I instantly picture every scene perfectly as the Jedi are wiped out across the galaxy.

Return to the Temple
Obi-Wan survived the fall and makes his way to where he fought Grievous and takes his starfighter and is made contact by Bail Organa to rendezvous with him.
Yoda escapes the Wookie massacred Kashyyyk thanks to his friends. It's a real shame that Chewy and Yoda will never see each other but it's nice to know that they knew each other once. Obi-Wan meets up with Yoda and Organa and decide that they must return to the temple because Palpatine has activated the Jedi Beacon (all Jedi to return home as the war is over). They know this is a trap and must alter it before more of their brothers and sister are killed and the Jedi moves closer to extinction.
Anakin reaches Padme who emits her distress from fearing the worse from seeing the smoke from the temple. Anakin explains the Jedi attempted to murder the Chancellor much to Padme's shock and asks about Obi-Wan. Anakin says they all must swear elegance to the Chancellor and he is now heading to where the Separatists have gathered, the Mustafar System to end the war.

The next day, Obi-Wan and Yoda reach the outside of the temple and kill the remaining Clones.

Anakin's Dark Deeds
Anakin reaches the lava planet of Mustafar, the cloaked Sith Lord reached Viceroy Nute Gunray and every other villain who has been responsible for the 3 year long Clone Wars. As he is welcomed, he uses the force to lock all the doors in the room.

Anakin's Dark Deeds quietly begins as Yoda and Obi-Wan reach the Temple and are heart-broken to see the countless bodies of Jedi and younglings, Yoda informs it wasn't clones that killed the younglings, it was by a padwan's lightsaber to which Obi-Wan asks who could of done this?
The music choir roar in misery as Anakin begins slaughtering the scum behind the war with rage and no mercy.
Palpatine gives a special session in expoiting the Jedi's attempt at overthrowing the Chancellor and the Republic. He confirms they will be hunted down and defeated. He then states that "in order to insure the security and continued stability the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire", which Palpatine describes as creating a safe and secure society. As the majority of the Senate screams their approval, Padmé Amidala and Bail Organa, who are shocked at the result, simply look around and Padmé can only remark "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause."

Anakin reaches Gunray who is the last Separatist. Anakin slices the pleading Separatist across the chest after he admits that Lord Sidious promised him peace. We catch a glimpse of Anakin's first manifestation into the Dark Side as his eyes now look yellow and crimson (that's not healthy).

Obi-Wan and Yoda reach the Temple's Control Centre and re-calibrate the signal in advising all Jedi to never return to the temple. Obi-Wan also looks into the security camera's to see who was behind the massacre (despite Yoda's warnings), Obi-Wan is shocked in disbelief that his "brother" is behind it all and is now working with Palpatine. Yoda confirms they must destroy the Sith! Kenobi begs to kill Palpatine as he cannot kill Anakin, but Yoda advises him that he isn't strong enough and that the boy he trained is now "gone" and "consumed" by Darth Vader!
Obi-Wan speaks with Padme and asks for his location. He even tells her of Anakin's betrayal and that he killed younglings. Despite her anguish, she chooses to not reveal her husband's location. Before leaving, Obi-Wan apologises to her after guessing himself that Anakin is the father of her soon-to-be child.
He secretly sneaks aboard her shuttle as she soon heads for Anakin herself to learn the truth.

Yoda Vs Darth Sidious
Yoda surprises the new Emperor in his office (his appearance was funny as he knocks out the Emperor's Royal Guards very easily with he force, like it's a joke). The two shortly begin a duel with the force and soon a lightsaber fight begins.

The fight takes them upwards out of Palpatine's office and into the huge Galactic Senate room. Palpatine has the advantage of throwing platforms at the young Master, eventually Yoda catches one and send it spinning back at the d*ck. Sadly a clash of Force Lightening and Force Absorption causes the two to clash and repulse back, ultimately injuring Yoda and making him lose his robes and lightsaber as the cackling Emperor hangs in victory.
Yoda soon rendezvous with Bail Organa who takes him off planet as Yoda admits he has failed and must go into exile.
It's sad that the little guy failed, he put up an inspiring fight in the name of his fallen Jedi comrades. But it wasn't enough to vanquish the powerful evil (least we know Anakin will fix is someday in the future)!

Battle Of The Heroes
Palme soon reaches Anakin on Mustafa and questions the horrifying facts Obi-Wan told her. To Padme's shock, Anakin shows his new true colours on soon overthrowing the Chancellor so that him and Padme can rule the galaxy and make things the way they want instead of running away together to raise the baby. The now heartbroken Queen tearfully tells Anakin that he has changed and broken her heart because of what he's become and what he's done.
To everyone's shock, Obi-Wan emerges from the ship and causes Anakin to force choke his wife after thinking she's with Obi-Wan instead of him (which she's not, this was all a misunderstanding). His now unconscious and seriously injured wife lies helplessly on the floor, Anakin and Obi-Wan have a serious confrontation. Anakin threatens Obi-Wan which shows Obi-Wan that he is a Sith now and Obi-Wan draws his lightsaber admitting disappointedly that he will do what he must.
After Anakin's backflip, the duo engage in a long long fierce and emotional fight which takes them across the area (whist Yoda was fighting the Emperor).
The Battle Of The Heroes music sets the atmosphere with sad instruments and epic and loud choir and is the perfect theme for this sad fight between brothers. Well Done, John Williams for just barely outdoing the powerful Duel Of The Fates song as this is far more personal and stirs up the atmosphere for the audience.
The choreography is superb and must have taken ages for both Haydn and Ewan to master. Their fight has it's moments of both overwhelming the other (in one moment, Anakin chokes his master without mercy). Soon their fight takes them out of the bunker were the Separatist bodies lie and onto the platforms of the now shieldless facility (thanks to their fight damaging the shield controls).

Their duel had it's close moments where they almost fell in lava (the moment where they swing from wires and still clash was a bit too much to think possible). Soon they are left on a small platform floating above the lava, Obi-Wan makes one last appeal to his fallen apprentice which leaves Obi-Wan accepting that his friend, brother and student really is lost and beyond redemption as the choir escalates loudly as both heroes clash in a death clash!
Obi-Wan escapes the platform and warns Anakin to not try and follow him, resulting in Obi-Wan slicing off Anakin's limbs (except for his robotic right arm). The emotional Immolation Scene came:

Obi-Wan: "You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!"
Anakin: "I hate you!"
"Obi-Wan: You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!"
*Vader's body combusts from the heat his whole body bursts into flames, fatally wounding him!*
Obi-Wan picks up his fallen apprentice's lightsaber and remorsefully leaves his friend to die from his burns.
3PO carried Padme onboard the ship as they head for Yoda and Bail Organa's location to save Padme's life.
The Emperor arrives just in the nick of time to save his mortally burnt apprentice from death.
By the way, here's another silly meme which spoils the whole moment entirely even if it is funny.

Birth of the Twins
On a secret moon, Padme undergoes an operation by nurse droids because she's lost the will to live (reasons that they cannot explain). But they must operate quickly if they are to save the "babies" which surprises our heroes that it turns out she was carrying twins!
Padme soon produces her first child, Luke and soon after her second Leia with Obi-Wan right by her side.
The same but slightly different song Padme's Destiny (from Qui-Gon's funeral) returns to bring out the tears, damn it!
Heartbreakingly, with Padme's last breath she maintains her statement to Obi-Wan that "there is good in him. I know.. there is… still…" as she dies there after giving birth to her children, with Yoda and Obi-Wan heartbroken by the loss of one of their oldest friends.

Anakin's Transformation
Meanwhile at the same time back on Coruscant, Anakin goes through a robotic transformation in order to save his life. The operation looks to be carried out without anaesthesia which is why he goes through it unanesthesized, leaving him moaning, screaming, and writhing in excruciating agony, proving that Vader's armour wasn't applied gently (both star crossed lovers are in agonising pain and are far apart from each other)...

With Anakin's armour now complete, the final touch is applied dramatically, a helmet...
And just like that, the Dark Lord Darth Vader is finally complete, Dad and I both remember that First Breath and how it shook us at the completion and how the dreaded moment had finally come!
After Padme's death, Lord Vader rises now finished from his surgery with his master by his side. Hearing Vader's voice now working through his vocabulator shows that the surgery was a success and he is now the villain we grew up watching in the Originals. Anyway, Vader asks where his wife is and if she is okay? Palpatine responds with a horrible lie, telling Vader that during his rage on Mustafar, he killed her.  I believe this was to permanently cement the Dark Side in Vader's heart by cutting off the last remnant of good in his old life that he cherished, how awful is that?

But this shocking statement enrages Vader to crush the facilities structure including the mediacal droids as Palpatine watches with a smile of pleasure as his apprentice shouts "Nooo!" as he realizes that he himself killed the person he was trying so badly to save (that's just so awful!) It's one of my reasons why I still sympathies for him (despite all the pain he caused to everyone in Eps III and onwards).

A New Hope
Yoda, Obi-Wan and Bail Organa decide to split the children up and to keep them secret from the Sith forever, Bail takes Leia to raise with his wife on Alderaan and Yoda tells Obi-Wan to take Luke to Anakin's stepbrother Owen Lars on Tatooine (Obi-Wan promises to watch over him). It really sucks that this was the last time our 3 remnants of the old republic were together (they couldn't really communicate then onwards by phone or email...) but I like it that Yoda gave Obi-Wan some training during his solitude on Tatooine. He explains that an "old friend" Qui-Gon Jinn has communicated with him by returning as a Force Spirit and that he will teach Obi-Wan how to communicate with his old master.
I read up somewhere that originally Liam Neeson was supposed to appear in the film as an actual Spirit but in real life, something horrible came up and he couldn't be there which is a real shame and would have made the ending a bit more light-hearted. But at last we are made aware of this sweet information before everyone splits up forever!
3PO and R2 are left in the care of Captain Antilles (their owner in Eps IV) and Organa orders to have 3PO's mind erased, bugger! Now 3PO will never remember his old master or the life he once had. Boy this ending just keeps getting more fair and pleasant by the minute!

Back on Naboo, a sad solemn funeral is held by the City which also shows the decoy Queen, and the return of Boss Nass and Jar Jar Binks who pay an emotional farewell to their friend (bl**dy sucks that Organa, Yoda and Obi-Wan couldn't be there too!)
To make the close up of her majesty more emotional, we see that she has been made to still look pregnant to protect the future of her children but most importantly, she is holding the small Japor Snippet that Anakin had carved for her before the battle of Naboo, 13 years ago... How sweet and sad is that?
With his wife now dead, Lord Vader and his Master Darth Sidious begin construction on their super weapon which will someday help them conquer the galaxy, The Death Star!

The ending shows on Alderaan as Leia is seen with her new parents, Bail and his wife who are happy to have her in their life.

Meanwhile on Tatooine, Obi-Wan delivers young Luke to the young Owen and Beru Lars (hearing that special twinkle moment in the ending song A New Hope subtly shows us the importance of the boy).
This was the perfect ending lead up to the Originals!
And as the film closes with the Biary Sunset / Force Theme playing as Obi-Wan leaves whilst Owen and Beru hold the boy as they watch the Tatooine twin suns's set...

My God, that was so much to take in back in 2005! I still treat every view like it's my first because I don't want to ever lose the buzz of Star Wars (same goes for the other films and games) etc. Do you do the same?
Episode III showed the devestating outcome to The Prequel Trilogy and left me heart-broken at the chaos and crumbling end to the Jedi (but we all know it'll all work out by Episode VI) and we saw the epic fight between two brothers.

I still love the Trailer which attracted the world in seeing this epic conclusion to the Prequel Trilogy but also end the Star Wars saga for good. Now in December, the year long awaited Force Awakens is out. I'm seeing it today with Dad, I'm sure we're gonna love it (there's been nothing but good news on the internet and from my friends). I should have a review up by the end of the week before Christmas! Which reminds me, Happy Christmas my friends (in case this is my last post before then).

I was shown some very important Deleted Scenes from the Blu-Ray edition of Episode III round a mate's house a year ago. I saw more scenes added on some moments including Anakin and Obi-Wan searching for the Chancellor, Grievous executing Jedi Master Shaak Ti, the Jedi and later Senators thinking Palpatine is evil and also how Yoda arrived on Dagobah.

Half a year ago, I came across this Documentary on Star Wars (which I think is available on the Blu--Ray Box set or something). This long documentary shows the backstory, links to reality, character development, people giving opinions and showing the special effects and magic behind all 6 Star Wars films and how they changed the world forever. If you're interested, I've provided the video here.

There's so much more for me and everyone to discover whether it's reading the novels, playing the video games, watching series or waiting in store for more secrets and stories to be shared with the world. I am curious to start watching Star Wars Rebels about the small team of Rebels defying and sabotaging the Empire's plans before Episode IV. We even meet an old friend, old soldiers and Vader appears too.

I was even curious to play this online game, The Old Republic. It's a shame it costed to play back in 2012. But it also requires high computer performance in order to play at descent graphics and speed. This video is still awesome and shows the Sith, Trooper and Jedi opening intros (which are spectacular and have the best choice in music).
It even soon added a patch and this looks most impressive and interesting, shame I won't ever be able to play these MMORPG's (YouTube videos will have to do)...

I really enjoyed playing The Force Unleashed where we play as Vader's secret Apprentice during Episode III and IV.  Even if it's not official, I think this 7 year old game is awesome, at last we get to play as the Sith and use powerful and destructive Force abilities which are forbidden in the Jedi Code.
When me and my friends saw the Teaser Trailer, we were beyond excited. When that Star Destroyer crashes down by this cloaked figure who to make it more mysterious and intriguing, wield a Sith Lightsaber! Need I say more?

This concludes my god awful long post (I hope to never do this again as I feel this has been dragged out awfully)! haha. Episode III deserves 10/10 (some may disagree, but I don't care).

I hope you all enjoy my hard work and I pray it wasn't all for naught. I love talking about Star Wars, it's a subject so so big with a unique story, with beautiful worlds, amazing technology and unforgettable characters.
I will love Star Wars Forever and I will fanboy it and talk with my friends for many many years to come. I look forward to the day where I show my children this masterpiece... They will like it... They'd better haha.

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