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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Does My Taste In Music Influence/ Affect My Emotions?

After careful consideration and looking over my progress so far, not only am I proud that the Blog has reach just over 700 views in total within the 1st month already! But also how I have slightly "strayed" off the topic in general with some reviews that got the better of me, so now I am heading back to the topic in general! Raising Autism Awareness! So now I am sharing a post about how I read deeply into how my taste in music affects my feelings/ emotions at the time, choosing a song at the time and if listening to specific genres can affect my emotions at all?!

Now if that made any sense? During my college days when my best friends got me into "Alternative" music that isn't the stuff that gets overplayed everyday in the charts, I noticed that it was tough most days deciding what to play on my Iphone/ Laptop while scrolling through my collection. Was it due to my slight OCD? The weather? How I felt at the time?

Thanks to my wide-collection of genres and my huge taste in music, I have almost every genre and I prefer specific genres like "Electronic" mostly, "Ambient" for relaxing moments, "Alternative", "Rock" and a bit of "Nu Metal" during fun head-banging moments and sometimes anxious/ upset times, bit of "Pop" that doesn't get overplayed on the radio and "Soundtracks" from animes/ films/ video games (weird taste right?)
Now while I'm laying things out on the table, do any of you feel the same way? I mean it's hard and in my case "not done enough on record" for me to switch on my Iphone/ Laptop and choose a random song or use the "Shuffle" button and try and mix-up playlists rather than playing whole albums and sometimes over and over again while not playing stuff that hasn't even been heard yet in my collection!

I strongly believe that "There is a time and a place for specific kinds of Music to be played!" I'm not speaking on behalf of everyone. But I have grown a custom to unconditionally or maybe subliminally choose certain "Artists" or "Genres" depending on my current location, the weather or time of day, the mood I'm feeling or how much time I've got to kill?!
For instance when I'm stressed or annoyed, I like listening to some "Rock", "Alternative" or "Nu Metal" e.g. Linkin Park because listening to someone scream I feel is comforting because seeing as I can't scream right away (as I would cause a scene), so I rely on listening to someone else do it for me! Ironically it sounds like I'm not helping myself since I figure most people would choose something more "Pop" or positive tracks, but for me I do too sometimes but I guess I prefer it this way!
I even sing to myself quietly because it's nice to sing along with your music blasting through your headphones! I know I'm no X Factor material and don't want to be judged, but everyone shouldn't feel limited in singing along quietly or even loudly when alone (doesn't matter if you can or can't!)

Another person I also enjoy is the "Electronic" band Owl City so much thanks to how "Adam Young"'s lyrics are layed out like stories that are so spontanious that you can't keep track and listening to it more you begin to compose a pattern. Not only that, his lyrics range from such barmy topics like the environment, animals, life and most of all romance (that isn't just sex), the kind of beautiful, soppy love that even I would cater to when I find it someday. I love listening to Owl City and some of "Adam Young's" "Ambient" work on peaceful days, blue sky/ sunset times or solitary moments as I feel like this kinds of music opens up my mind and encourages creativity in my head as well as produce a smile on my face every time I hear his emotional and beautiful work. I also honor and respect him after learning a while ago, he has slight Aspergers Syndrome too and how he began his music career! If someone like him can feel happy about what he loves doing, then surely I should follow that lifestyle too!

Another reason why my taste in music is spontaneous is because unlike a lot of people, I don't like hearing the same popular tracks being played over and over again on the radio until it becomes unbearable (sounds hypocritical of me seeing as I like routines right?) But actually I can get tired of the same crap sometimes, so I like to expand my genres and see what other Artists there are along with some who might not be recognised enough for their talent. And sometimes it's better to hear something else that isn't just these so called "Artists" speaking with some drum & bass or electronic scratching robot music. Even the tracks that are just people talking about clubbing/ drinking/ sex etc and these people get paid millions for such easy work that gets overplayed, sure it's okay for some time but when thinking this is our generation's musical style? Then I prefer to indulge into exotic "Alternative" material while sometimes keeping up with some "Mainstream" material that is always great to hear (just not the crap that gets overplayed to the point of hating the radio station as well as the "Artist" themselves due to the lack of mix up or other work they haven't sent to the stations to play or even something classic! There is one solution... change the station! But how can I at work or anywhere since people love the mainstream stuff till later getting irritated to hearing a song 5-7 times a day every day.

But anyway to conclude this theory, I think it's true about music affects emotions! It doesn't influence violence but just helps set the mood in a way. Sure my way is different but I am slowly beginning to buck up the courage to try out new things such as using the "Shuffle" button or choosing to listen to someone I haven't heard yet (after downloading their stuff off iTunes after a quick playthrough of their work). Besides even I overplay some "Artists" to the point of needing a break from their material and that's when I go back to some work that I probably haven't heard in a couple months. All this juggling of music is something to consider or ponder about but then again it isn't! Music should be enjoyed anywhere and not make me feel limited in decision making. It's tough at the moment since I have shaped myself into this way, however I do actually like it since I feel organised and now I have slightly begun mixing-up my song choices rather than just doing album playthroughs, I just need to widen my areas a bit more and listen to more that has been sitting in my iTunes for several years.

I aim to do some "album" or "artist" reviews in the future on some of my favorite pieces of music along with some more game/ film reviews while sharing some of my history and how autism was involved.

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