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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Land Before Time II, III & IV (Childhood Memories)

It's been over 2 years and a month or two since I talked about one of my favourite films that I grew up watching. Even if it's a mixed experience of sorrow and friendship, it's still special to me. So now, I figured that I'd get round to combining 3 sequels from the collection and talk about them since they tie into my thoughts from when I was little (plus they will be mentioned in my upcoming Primary School post).
Like my Star Wars (Original) and (Prequel) Trilogy posts (though not as long I hope this time), I'm looking back on The Land Before Time II, III & IV films and how they are more positive and family friendly than the first story.

Following a short while after their incredible journey to their families, Littlefoot the Longneck (Apatosaurus), Cera the Threehorn (Triceratops), Ducky the Swimmer (Saurolophus), Petrie the Flyer (Pteranodon) and Spike the Spiketail (Stegosaurus) are living a peaceful life in The Great Valley. However they must learn there are dangers in the Valley and in The Mysterious Beyond. After a near death experience playing near the Sinking Sands, the children eventually decide that they don't want to be treated like helpless hatchlings any longer, and try to prove themselves independent by temporarily running away into the Mysterious Beyond.
But when the children notice 2 "egg thieves" running into the Mysterious Beyond with one of Ducky's future siblings, they follow in pursuit. And so begins their first adventure in the Great Valley.

It's weird to think that 6 years after the theatrical release of The Land Before Time, a surprising sequel was released straight to VHS (if you still remember those). And it's a light-hearted and less upsetting sequel and story. Roy Allen Smith directs and produces the next 3 superb sequels in the Land Before Time collection and he did a fantastic job!
I admit that the 2nd film is good but to me, numbers 3 and 4 surpass it in story, songs and music which I'll explain further on. As much as I watched it as a kid up till a couple years ago, I think it was fuller honestly. The plot was much more gentle and child friendly but I don't think it was really amazing as the others. Still it's a decent film and still worth showing to children.

The beginning was the same as the original where a narrator of the Dinosaur world explains the history of this prehistoric era and shows us the wonders, thrills and dangers of the land and lizards. I love it that this gimmick follows through in every film with different locations and dinosaurs too before getting round to our little friends in the valley. The track "Genesis C" is still a great opening for the 2nd film.

Compared to the first film where their were "hidden messages" and "connotations" to do with Prejudice, I strongly believe that this one shows that our young ones want to be more independent when failing to realise just how young they all are. I mean they almost perish within the first 7 mins after failing to see how dangerous and reckless their judgement almost cost them their lives before being saved by the grown ups.
Plus they try to raise a hatchling and Littlefoot asks his grandparents about Babies which luckily a proper and alternative answer was given about what babies eat and how it also related to himself. I think it's good for the adult viewers who watch these films with children to get to spot out these meanings and subliminal messages better than the kids till they grow up too.

My heart warms up when Littlefoot's Grandparents have a caring talk with Littlefoot at night after almost losing him in the Sinking Sands. Listening to "Bed Time" which is a nice gentle version of the main theme and main song. Hearing them say that "Your Grandma and I just don't want to lose you" and "You are all that we have" really shows how much they love him after losing their late daughter to the S.O.B Sharptooth from the first film.
It was like seeing a conversation between family or in this case, grandparents to their little one. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have my Grandparents in my life to this day who are still full of love, knowledge and humour.

One of my favourite moments if I say in a positive way was after running away from the Volcano's lava eruption, 2 Sharpteeth arrive in the valley looking for someone. The chase with that dark track "Sharptooth Encounter" and that spine chilling, head turning roar made me tremble with excitement plus I knew our heroes wouldn't get eaten since they are the stars of the film.

Even their parents were startled to learn of Sharpteeth disturbing the peace and having somehow breached into the Valley.
A dark moment in the film was when the gang ended up sliding into "The Mysterious Beyond" which is a land of mystery outside of the Valley where danger lurks everywhere. They were near a boneyard and the music was spooky and the environment looked horrible. The name is used in fear throughout the series as if they were saying "You know who's" name.
I also have a soft spot for the emotional farewell at the end of the film when Littlefoot must say goodbye to his young friend. But thanks to the V's film, they will meet again someday.
However, I wasn't so much a fan of the moment when Ozzy and Strut capture Littlefoot and plot to throw him off a cliff, I wanted to rush in as a small hero and help my friend out haha.
At least it was funny near the beginning when Ozzy accidentally bit into a rock which he mistook for an egg and shouted in pain briefly haha.

The voice actors all had changed except for Candace Hutson who resumed her role voicing "Cera". Gabriel Damon who did "Littlefoot" was replaced by Scott McAfee (no, not the Anti-virus), the late Judith Barsi was replaced by the talented and almost identical Heather Hogan for "Ducky".
"Petrie's" previous voice actor Will Ryan was replaced by Jeff Bennet to this date (I liked how he was also the same voice for "Ozzy" and that I remember him most from voicing Dexter's Dad in the cartoon, Dexter's Laboratory).
And lastly, the late Pat Hingle who narrated the first film and was "Rooter" (a dinosaur who comforted Littlefoot briefly after his mother's passing) was replaced by the wise voice of John Ingle who narrated up till the ending of the TV series and was also the voice of Cera's father, "Mr. Threehorn".
I loved hearing Kenneth Mars as the voice of Littlefoot's "Grandpa" in every film until his passing in 2011). His voice was like a wise old man who you'd respect for his gentle and caring tone and his comforting wisdom and love. I think he was most famous for playing "King Triton" from The Little Mermaid 1 & 2.
One of my favourite quotes from the film was during the moment they are searching for their friend and Ducky and Petrie are tired and hungry.
Ducky's stomach growls: "My tummy is making it's hungry noise again". Petrie: "My tummy talk too". [stomach gurgles] Petrie: It say, "Feed me."

The animation was fresh and brighter than the original. The colour was everywhere with green life and environmental detail including dark blue for nighttime in the mountains. It's a nicer colour scheme compared to the orange/ yellow and red environment as the kids journeyed across the scarred land to paradise. It's different to the original but somehow captures the same design and colour in a advancement way.

Michael Tavera is the new composer of every film onwards in the series. His work is remarkable and I love how several tracks (I'll include several in all 3 films) still come back to me and I can reimagine them perfectly during moments to myself. I'm so glad that I found this YouTube playlist where someone requested the tracks from Michael himself and was able to upload them slowly (since sadly the soundtracks aren't available on iTunes or anywhere on the internet).
I admit honourably that the magnificent original pieces from the first film by the talented and late James Horner is still present in every sequel which I think is righteous and is the link between all stories and how they are all intertwined through the score.
This film is also the first in which 3 sing-along songs had been included to really make this sequel shine out from it's mature prequel.
"Peaceful Valley" was a fun children's song that the gang start off singing along in harmony as they enjoy a fun morning in the valley. I think it's nice to show the audience that all is well and their journey was worth it as you can see from them playing together. The children will definitely enjoy this film a lot more thanks to this song which opens the story much better than it's higher certificate prequel, I feel.
"Eggs" was the villains song in which the Struthiomimus brothers Ozzy explains in a very serious and eager tone for their food source to his less intelligent brother, Strut. Ozzy's words are creative and rhythmic with a pinch of craving since he can't live without eggs. He also gets angry at Strut's failure at sharing the same craving like himself since Strut is more interested in trying green food. Ozzy's lifestyle with Eggs makes his only food source a song that you'd never expect to be sung.
"You're One Of Us Now" is a return to the gang singing together along with their new found member. It's ironic and weird to see a baby dinosaur being friends with umm "prey" before they're all mature to understand how wrong this is, they're trying to be friends with a newborn Sharptooth.

The ending was sad to see someone leave due to sensible reasons in maturity but with a nice hint of maybe meeting again someday. And the children fix the great wall problem and Littlefoot learns from his Grandpa about the wisdom of staying close to the herd. And everyone heads home for dinner whist Littlefoot has learnt his lesson about how limited he is but he still can't wait to grow up.
And that song "Peaceful Valley" appears again in the credits as an extended version but also showing the children meeting younger dinosaurs of themselves... weird how they never appear again in the sequels.
So that's one sequel down, 2 to go. And they are much better in my opinion.

A while after the 2nd film. Littlefoot and his friends are all enjoying themselves on afternoon.  When unexpectedly an overwhelming Meteor Shower causes a powerful earthshake in The Great Valley. Then the following day a sudden change in the Waterfall flow sends the entire dinosaur herd into panic.
Littlefoot and his friends are caught in a tough situation, with the grown ups being strict and the kids being harassed by 3 bullying adolescent dinosaurs, the children decide it's up to them to solve the case of why the water has changed in The Great Valley in order to keep the peace between everyone.
This sequel was released straight to VHS 2 years (1995) after the 2nd film. It's one of my all time favourites because the children really prove how working together can help solve problems and keep the peace between everyone when the grown ups are too blind to co-operate so easily.
I also spend loads of time as a child re-watching the film thanks to the music and the credits music.
The beginning was similar to number 2's opening in space. I liked the slow pan left showing the planets in our solar system. I really like this beginning a lot more since the music "Eternity" was mysterious and soon the narrator came in as we zoomed down to the Earth's ancient ocean.
I like how John Ingle explains the history of the dinosaurs and cells perfectly in a similar layout to Fantasia's The Rite Of Spring, we see a dinosaur making it's way out of the water and crawling into an unknown world (whilst the track "The Great Migration" from the first film was being played as a reprise).
The same voices return for the 3rd instalment in the series, but we have several new voices for this film but they aren't exactly anything to be excited or happy for...
Hyp the Hypsilophodon "Whitby Herford", Nod the Nodosaurus "Scott Menville" and Mutt the Muttaburrasaurus "Jeff Bennett" are the three antagonists of the film. Though we never really see any actual physical harm done to the kids from these numskulls, the trio have no clear reason as to why they chose to pick on them throughout the film. Hype is the brains whilst Nod and Mutt are his lackeys and just generally repeat words that their friend says or follow his lead. Don't you think their names represent their character traits if you look at them close enough?

I'm not so sure on messages or anything since this natural disaster has cut off their water source and sent the dinosaurs into hysteria.
But Cera's Father serves as a real pain in the a** during the film since he feels the need to take charge and take control of everyone's water consumption and become a real bossy boots.
But 3/4 through the film, in relations to my own life with bullying (which I'll explain in my future school days post), it makes sense now as to why Hype has turned out this way.
We see that his aggressive father who shows anger in his protective words has now reflected onto his son.
But Mr. Threehorn sees this and explains in two serious quotes on how things have turned out: "Yelling is no way to teach your child what is right or to show that you care". (Hype's Father): "How would you know?"
"I know because... because I have a daughter and I yell at her. Too much. Especially when I'm worried for her safety." and "If you always react with anger, that's all your son will know, and that's what he'll express to others". I wonder if bullies in general have this kind of problem at home and maybe that's one of the reasons why and that they become one. I think I'll look into that in my school post in a month or so. But overall, it's a promising drama moment before the 4 Velociraptors show up.
I also like how wise Grandpa Longneck is when Cera's Father falls out with Littlefoot's accident which he even called him "a bad influence" in front of him which enraged him. But after leaving in a huff, Grandpa explains to Littlefoot that "Sometimes fear makes grownups do strange things!", a good point really.

It was an amazing sight to see when the Kids discover in the Mysterious Beyond how the water was blocked. The camera pan left with some great discovery music to the first 30 seconds of "The Fire".
But shortly after, chaos began to "scorch" and "burn" it's way after the kids when lightening causes fire in the valley and chased them back home.
I sound so bad for saying this but all the fire scenes with the grown ups and the kids trying to escape safely was most thrilling to watch since it adds tense moments to the film instead of it always sounding so happy. It was like seeing an adaption to the horrific forest fire in Bambi which I hate that Man was responsible for and it still happens nowadays due to carelessness and endangers wildlife.
After things become cleared up with the grown ups finding the children and bullies in the Mysterious Beyond, do our 4 Velociraptors make their menacing appearance with shrieks to the reprise track "Sharptooth Encounter" leaving shivers down your spine as 4 fast and deadly predators circle in on the leaf eaters to this dark music. I won't say much about the fight since it's one of the thrills of the film.
The animation exceeds the prequel pretty far since the art was was but had good contrasting colours like when the red, yellow and black shades in the fire flames was spread out across the valley's green. Plus when the damn exploded near the end, it looked super accurate and life like and looked intimidating to even imagine being caught and swept away in.

"The Longneck's Story" is one of the best pieces played during a moment after Littlefoot's Grandma and Grandpa explain that with the water issues and drought that "it'll be easier for fires to start" to which Littlefoot is asked to remember the escape paths out of the valley.
Anyway, a 2 minute sequence happens with camera work panning across the valley and showing different dinosaurs living their lives or remaining focussed. I think the music is special since it sounds mysterious and ominous making you think something bad is going to happen.

Our 3 songs show how being grown up has it's benefits and responsibility that 3 generations all seem to have different views and beliefs when it comes to maturity.
"When You're Big" is when the bullies sing their song about the superiority pleasures of being their age and how all the rules that the grown ups make, don't apply to them. Plus it references naughty, hooligan and bad behaviour that teenagers would most likely do and they even direct their words towards the innocent children who hate being terrorised by them for no reason whatsoever.
Cera's Father sings "Standing Tough" during his moment of taking charge over the watering hole and using his tough words to emphasise his personality and beliefs when it comes to being strong. The music was a bit like a song where your trying to educate someone seriously. But I found his song honest and true but words coming from his mouth make it more doubtful since he isn't the most loveable character.
After escaping the destruction of the fire, Littelfoot sings "Kids Like Us" whilst seeing that the grown ups are caught up in a deliberation and debate about what needs to be done. He references that going after Hyp and his friends who sneak away into The Mysterious Beyond is the proper thing to do since they are kids like themselves only trying to be smarter when they aren't. Despite everything that the bullies have said and done, he knows it's the most righteous thing to do even though his friends are hesitant to agree or go along with it, so easily.

The ending is a real treasure in music perfection and outcome just like the ending to the first time. Despite the valley looking desolate and destroyed, everyone comes together in searching for food to share with everyone. The equality starts to rub off on loads of character who were difficult but now they aren't anymore. The trio appear again in the TV series episode "The Great Egg Adventure".

Every time, I love it how "Discovery Of The Great Valley (Reprise)" sets the mood perfectly but not in a tear jerking mood like the first film, instead it shows a harmony ending of sharing between all species and the name of the film is referenced as a time in the dinosaur's lives (I like it when films use the title somehow in the story).
The credits shows a slow zoom out view of the Valley at sunset and then that sensational track come on. I mentioned at the beginning that the ending song was one of my main reasons for re-watching this film over and over again thanks to how amazing and angelic it is.
I actually discovered the track's name on YouTube a year ago called "The Night Flower" which is a key moment in number IV.

Another one down and only 1 to go.

My final LBT film from the Roy Allen Smith Trilogy features an emotional story and just goes to show what people are willing to do when it comes to saving family.
When a herd of Apatosaurus enter the Great Valley, Littlefoot meets Ali (a young female Apatosaurus) and forms a sudden friendship/ relationship with her. Sadly, Littlefoot's Grandpa falls deeply ill and only a special Golden Night Flower can cure him. But the flower's location is in the very dark homeland that the herd fled, the Land Of Mists.
Now Littlefoot is willing to go the distance to save his Grandpa, even if it's behind Grandma's orders or without his friends, good thing he has Ali to assist and guide him in his quest.

It's a shame that this was the last film that Roy Allen Smith directed since he had such a way with he story, characters and music alignment. He made it family friendly and attracted positive viewers without fail.
This was actually the 2nd to last VHS film that I bought in the series. I don't want to bother talking about the 5th film (though that is the one where Chomper returns as a young Sharptooth who can talk now).
Not to mention that this is the last film in which the voices for Littlefoot, Cera and Ducky feature in. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the 5th film and it's sequels started to not turn out the same without the same voice actors doing what they do best (or is it just me for not liking the change?)

Our beginning takes place straight into the ocean to the music "Genesis B" which was a good mysterious piece right before non other than John Ingle appearing to share his storytelling introduction to us. In a similar take on his words in the first films, he soon explains a hit of the film's indifference to it's predecessors. Rain and mist appeared suddenly and already gives us a hint of what's to come.

We have a new lady in the film, Ali (played by "Juliana Hansen") who arrives in the Valley through the Migrating Apatosaurus herd. Her encounter with Littlefoot was a cheeky moment in which Littlefoot mistook a shadowy, giggling woman for Cera. Introductions aside, they find themselves laughing and playing together right away. I think throughout the film, her and Littlefoot looked like a cute couple (even though they were never together) but it was nice to see 2 friends of the same species together since the gang had always consisted of a different species per individual.
But it was interesting as the film goes along on how her fear and prejudice towards his friends and them to her is shown. Since she was always moving around so much that it got difficult to make friends but she eventually learns that it's actually nice to have friends in all shapes and sizes too.

Our arguing "brains and brawn" duo Icky "Jeff Bennett" (a small Ichthyornis) and Dil "Tress MacNeille" *credits to "Clarence Nash" for doing her growls and roars* (a short-sighted Deinosuchus) serve as the villains in the film. The two serve as partners due to their co-operation in catching food due to their ironic handicaps: Icky is small but serves as "the eyes" whilst Dil serves as "the teeth" whilst she can't see well at all.
They are the only talking Sharpteeth in the series (with the exception of Chomper) and they show great un-coperation with one another where there is no respect but constant arguing and disrespect.
After discovering Littlefoot in the caverns after being separated from Ali through the earthshake, the losers from then on pursue Littlefoot and later his friends for dinner.
Their dubbed names "Sharpbeak" and "Bigmouth Belly Dragger" were given to them after Archie encouraged the kids to hurry up and escape from the bickering idiots.

It was a heartwarming moment when Archie "Charles Durning" (an Archelon elder) helped our heroes find their way out of the cave. As the sun light hit their eyes and the kids were pleased to have found the way out, I was really touched by Archie's words of comfort before saying farewell: "I want you to take good care of yourself Littlefoot. You and your friends are awfully young to be out alone" and "Just do me a favour and stick together, you may be little but together you're strong!" whilst yet again hearing that unforgettable classic track "Discovery Of The Great Valley (Reprise)".
It's a shame that he never left the cave to return to the Valley with them, but at least he went home after doing the right thing in saving Littlefoot from Icky and Dil and leading the kids to their destination.

When Littlefoot's Grandpa suddenly got sick, it added a tense, sad and gripping atmosphere to the film's positive beginning because when a loved one suddenly becomes ill, we fear for their condition, pain and hope for them to get better as soon as possible. But when an elder becomes ill, our hopes become greater and dearer than ever because we don't want to lose them.
Littlefoot shows this since both his Grandparents are not only the "voice of reason" in the series but they are the closest thing to parents and the only family that he has left (wait till number X).
But I admire Littlefoot's determination for wanting to cure his Grandpa by finding the unique Night Flowers in the dangerous land that the Migrant fled. I think anyone (myself included) would do anything for the sake of love and family, no matter the risk and some to a certain extent can do things unimaginable. That's why I loved Grandpa Longneck thanks to his kindly and amiable demeanor and him and Grandma were an adorable and perfect couple to show true love and care to each other and their dear Littlefoot.

"Carol Bruce" who voiced the Old One gives us a haunting tale within the first 6 minutes of the film and warns the Valley residents of "change" yet to come and could very well change their peaceful life.
Hearing "The Longneck's Story" added a spooky atmosphere to the Old One's story and flashback to the land that they fled (we even get a split second look at Ozzy and Strut running in the marshland).
Compared to hearing this track in the previous film, I think when it's played during a different moment it can really change the views and response to it's affect. Plus seeing all those tiny creatures angry eyes hidden within the trees was another freaky moment in the flashback.
Good thing this was done near the beginning since it would be a slight spooky tale for children before bedtime.

Our 3 songs aren't bad but they have different meanings instead of all relating to a theme from the film.
"Grandma's Lullaby" was a nice take on describing The Circle of Life like in The Lion King. Linda Gary's words of wisdom were pleasant and a good life lesson to the audience and children. It was a different lullaby for a young one before bed, least it worked on Littlefoot as she shed a tear and said "Goodnight, my little one".
Though from a realistic point-of-view, I think critics would slate this song because it's a blatant attempt at the main remarkable song from The Lion King, but I think it's okay and this version talks about families and growing up than about the Animal Kingdom.

The numskull duo sing "Who Needs You" where they throw harsh criticism at each other in a sarcastic tone on just how bad they need each other in their lives. It all started over arguing who does the more work when they work together to get their prey in the caverns (it's a bit like a Yo Momma fight" sorta.
"It Takes All Sorts" was a song of harmony where Ali followed by the others all sing about the positive views on life and how different people whether they are high, small, smart, dumb etc can work together and co-exist peacefully someday.

After saying farewell to Archie, do the kids see outside of the cave and gaze out to the thrilling discovery of the Lands Of Mists right as the song "Land Of Mists" comes on, giving off the mysterious and spooky atmosphere.
The track lasts a while whilst the kids get nasty surprises in the mist including coming between territorial  "Domeheads" Pachycephalosaurus (it's probably the hardest Dinosaur name to say to this day). I never knew those Dinosaurs made spine-chilling roars with teeth just like their appearance in the first film. We also see a brief appearance of Ozzy and Strut's species appearing again in a herd stampede whilst our heroes are lost and freaked out in the thick mist.
"Where's Littlefoot" was played a little later on after Grandma Longneck explained to the children where Littlefoot could have gone and why they weren't included in the quest which left them a little hurt and jealous (especially Cera).

The highlight of the film and best animation moment has to be midnight blooming and discovery of The Night Flower. As the kids settle down after an exhausting journey whilst feeling worried that they might never find it, only whilst asleep and the magnificent track is played does the flowers bloom in golden lights across the field.
Looks like their journey was worth it and I smirk with hope as everyone slowly wakes up in amazement and Littlefoot says to himself "We found them, Grandpa!"

Before everything turned out well, our heroes came into a close call (especially Ducky) with Icky and Dil for the last time, but something unexpected happened where a character finally spoke for the first time (and only time I think) ever. In the Tv-Series, there's an episode "Through The Eyes Of A Spiketail" where we actually hear his voice inside his head despite never being able to communicate properly with his friends.
Anyway after failing to eat our heroes yet again, the two finally disband and part ways badly but not before karma hits Dil with fear as she runs away after Ichy whilst being chased by a Hydrotherosaurus.

Our heroes return triumphant and they all hope and wait for Grandpa Longneck to quickly recuperate from the flower treatment. Hearing that emotional track "Whispering Winds" was trying to influence me with tears.
Usually it does because it was played during the heart destroying moment in the first film and it gets me every time. It's like one of those tracks that you hear and you can't help but suddenly find yourself breathing slowly as you succumb to tears streaming down your face (like the ending and final song in TFIOS).
But it failed since the outcome showed promising actions to reassure the audience right away that he was feeling much better and that all is right again.

When the Migrants began to leave, everyone said their goodbyes and Ali was seen off as an equal to the group and will be missed by everyone. Don't worry, her herd return in the TV series episode "The Great Longneck Scheme" but with different voice actors.
I think the ending is special since we see a flashback showing all the moments of Ali from the film whilst the majestic theme "Ali" is played (it's one of my all time favourite pieces by Tavera). And I still love Ali's best quote "Maybe we'll all live together someday?" which gives hope for the viewers than someday they might as well.
And so John Ingle says his final sentence "And so it came to pass, that the Migrating dinosaurs left the Great Valley for lands unknown. And yes, Littlefoot and his friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike will indeed meet Ali again one day... But that's another story!"
What a quote to say to end this fantastic trilogy and film.

And on comes Michael Tavera's version of If We Hold On Together which has always been a nice adaption to the fantastic and emotional original by Diana Ross in the first film's credits (the video contains spoilers from the first film).
The Valley is still a wonderful song for the credits (since played in II first) after IWHOT because it's a harmonious and peaceful track that I've ever heard because it does the original tune by James Horner justice. R.I.P James.

Remember you can find the films on Putlocker!

Before I finish, I will sum up quickly in a paragraph that I had V and VI on my shelf too in VHS form. But this was an additional film The Land Before Time: Sing-Along Songs which was a neat documentary for children to help explain dinosaurs in further detail. The character are all analysed in behaviour, body description as well as the logic behind Dinosaurs in real life and how they were portrayed in the films. Plus children explained all the information which was an interesting take on a children's documentary rather than hearing the iconic and magnificent Sir David Attenborough.
I loved it all especially since all the songs from II, III and IV were played during the documentary too (which is when subtitles were added for the audience and it's where my video links come from). But nothing compares to the last song which was never available from the First Film (though I did mention it in my original post).
The voice actors behind Cera and Ducky did their own cover of If We Hold On Together (which is equal to Diana's though her's is always top of the list). The video showed loads of clips from the Trilogy and was well laid out to fit the lyrics too. It gets me a little like Diana's version and I'm glad I found both versions on iTunes.

I guess I decided to write these up since I wanted to "take a chance" *queue Abba song* on talking about something childish compared to the range of posts that I've been doing on here. If certain friends saw me promoting this on Instagram or Facebook, I wonder if they would respond positively or mock me for my childish behaviour?
But these films and the series in general were part of my childhood and were a big part in my life when I was still growing and discovering my own Aspergers. Like every Disney film on my shelf, these films were there for me when the world wasn't, I would watch them over and over again to comfort myself and get myself entranced/ lost in the screen where I was heavily focused and without a care in the world.

But I feel proud and I know there are some in my life who will praise me for my interests (no matter how childish) and this post might even encourage parents to search for these nostalgic beauties. It may even remind others of their own childhood where they too watched these films too (though maybe they haven't seen every film like me). But don't worry, you didn't miss much, it wasn't super effective at keeping the balance except for Number 10 when Littlefoot meets the most important man in his life.
So I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm glad it sorta didn't turn out as long as those Star Wars posts... never again...
I intend to show these to my children someday but maybe not the first one till their a little older haha.
I hope I've unlocked a core memory to you all even if you used to or maybe still do watch films like these. Never grow out of things that make you happy or hold a special place in your life and heart!

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