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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Film Review)

The World's First Avenger meets his match in this highly anticipated sequel that's full of suspense, pure action and has a plot that left me surprised thanks to the sinister conspiracy that unfolded. Captain America will have to go the distance to do what's right even if it means turning his back on S.H.I.E.L.D and confront a new enemy that could be Captain America's match. Here's why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just awesome!

The man in the Red, White and Blue Patriot suit Steve Rogers/ Captain America "Chris Evans" (Fantastic Four, Push) is continuing his army life even after the events of Marvel Avengers Assemble and is doing what he does best along with the help of Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow "Scarlett Johansson" (The Island, We Bought A Zoo) but following S.H.I.E.L.D protocols and being kept in the dark by Nick Fury "Samuel L. Jackson" (Pulp Fiction, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy) isn't in Captain's favour. And with the arrival of a new enemy The Winter Soldier that's crippling S.H.I.E.L.D and enemies are rising up from within high places, just how can Captain America keep the peace and trust anyone.

Firstly in the back of my mind, it is frustrating writing the sequel up right away without doing a post on the prequel first, but it sure was better than the first one and it's proven to live up to the reviews that people are calling "The best MARVEL film in ages!" I feel it did better than some sequels for our other Avengers or matched up to them in their own different ways depending on the audience taste. If you haven't seen the first film, then don't read this review without watching the prequel first! Go watch it now ha ha.

Last week, I decided to ask my good friends at work Kurt and Tommy and his girlfriend Brooke to join me for this MARVEL sequel just like the time we went to see Thor: The Dark World back in November 2013. Me and Kurt kept looking and whispering to each other throughout the film on how excited we were while the clever plot unfolded and making us question all the knowledge we know and have learned from S.H.I.E.L.D and the MARVEL: Agents of Shield TV Series. But we all enjoyed the arrival of a new hero that was soon ready to take to the skies using his metal wings Sam Wilson/ The Falcon "Anthony Mackie" (8 Mile, The Hurt Locker).
When I first saw the trailer (not the teaser) I was thinking "Why is Captain questioning so much? Why are people betraying him? He must have a lot of pressure on his shoulder." No matter, I still wanted to see this sequel and boy did it blow me away! But before the film even began, a Cineworld staff member came into the room after the trailers and just said "Welcome to the premier of Captain America The Winter Soldier! Who's excited tonight?" He only got like 1 response, we all must have been thinking "What the hell?" Brave man for doing it but why?

Before I go into detail about the film I want to tell you guys a couple things! Recently things have been good and I have been really enjoying myself, I saw Ellie Goulding at the 02 with my 2 female cousins at the beginning of March, I saw this film on the 28th March and then on March 29th I went to The Hobbit Pub in Fratton (near Southampton) again to continue a drinking competition with the people I met in Collyers Yr 1. I was going to upload a TITANFALL post onto here last week but I decided to upload it onto my mate's blog instead. Another thing I want to get out of my head is that I understand that not everyone is interested in Reviews on films/ games etc that I wish to talk about. I mean I'm not the professional review type, I just wanna talk about whats going on in my head. But I am reassuring you all and to myself that I am sticking to the Aspergers Category and talking about my feelings/ life. I just want to keep the blog mixed and fresh with some reviews that may even be to your liking because I can't list all my life up so quickly because it's like "putting all your shopping into one basket" if you catch my drift? Thank you for understanding and don't worry there are more real good topics coming up while I write more reviews on other things and include some Autistic thoughts into all of them! I can't believe the blog's now reached 1300+ views in total so far. It went from 144 last month to 1300+ this month!!! Thank you very much everyone for looking and reading at my work, it means so much!

On the other hand I had a frightening moment on the 29th March at 1.00am when I encountered a "False Widow Spider" on my sofa while I was watching Gladiator and luckily avoided being bitten! Now I can't focus or feel safe that much anymore so I'm distracting myself with positive stuff like gaming, watching shows and just trying to not feel threatened ha ha. Luckily I am starting to feel better and manning up over time. Funny way to look at it is that I missed my chance at aquiring Spider-man powers *I say awkwardly*.

Anyway back to the film, the story was just... wow. It blew me away as I witnessed links to the past and how Steve was fooled and became the victim into thinking all was well within the world and S.H.I.E.L.D too and never suspecting a homeland attack. Some of my friends who love MARVEL thought that the prequel Captain America: The First Avenger was okay, cool with action and used little CGI and was an old tale that introduced the world's first superhero. Some believed that the sequel wouldn't be much different except Captain America's performance in Avengers Assemble. As for me, I found the prequel pretty good thanks to how old it was (I feel the same way about my friends points of view too slightly) and how being a badass was easy enough without supernatural superpowers (only Steve Rogers was a super soldier). And in this sequel it was almost the same only it was more different thanks to the unexpected betrayal and the sinister secrecy of an evil cult that rose up again and have always been too big for their own boots and believe themselves to have the right to "purify" all those that will threaten the world (the no-brainer is that they kill whoever gets in their way). I also enjoyed the romance in the prequel between Steve Rogers and the pretty Peggy Carter "Hayley Atwell" (The Duchess, The Pillars Of The Earth). Wait and see what happened in the sequel, it was sad but pleasant to see something sweet again.
It's hard for me a little because with every key my fingers tap away on my keyboard proves how badly I am trying not to spoil everything because the film exceeded my expectations and proved me wrong into believing this film wouldn't do that good. I am happy to be wrong.

When I discovered who The Winter Soldier was I was yelling out loud in my head "No Way!!!". Mind you he sure was one hell of a fighter for our Steve to handle let alone hurt someone he knows too well and that this new badass baddie used Steve's shield against himself most of the time (ironic, right? I'd hate to be hurt by my own weapon!) Black Widow was hot and dangerous as ever. Nick Fury had a surprising turn out near the beginning of the film and soon I was left pondering over his condition that left out heroes at a disadvantage. And last but not least the debut appearance of The Falcon, our winged gunman who took to the skies in style during the huge crisis and performed awesome for his first time in a MARVEL film.
Steve had quite the wardrobe due to changing the Captain America costume several times, I thought his latest suit was very modern and better than his suit in Avengers Assemble since it was less colourful and more solider material. He even got some work done in casual clothes too.

The music was really heroic like the kind of music you would play when walking away from explosions or when you have the cold serious face when you are fighting for something personal. I liked it especially the trombone and drums during the credits since to me it felt like old war material (if you have seen the X-Men: First Class credits then you will understand what kind of music I mean!)
Updation on 3rd March 2014. I've been watching this a lot more and I even bought the soundtrack off iTunes, I now gotta add that I really like the music as much as I like the music in the first Iron Man. Hearing the screech like sound whenever the Winter Soldier was around was chilling and menacing whilst the music was playing and giving off a serious badass atmosphere like going for the attack because it's now personal and epic. It's really worth listening to and all of it is brilliant!

The action was dynamic with hardly that much gunfire because let's face it, Captain America can take down many people and sometimes vehicles with his ultimate shield (the elevator scene was proof of how dangerous he can be even in tight places). One of my favourite bits in the film was when The Winter Soldier caught Captain America's shield the first time using his special metal arm! Another was when The Winter Soldier stepped to the left to avoid a car crash so easily! Black Widow was just as dangerous using her acrobatic combat and female charm to defeat the baddies (I liked her new hair that was different to her other hairstyle like in Iron Man 2 and Avengers Assemble). Part of me burned with super jealousy like Kurt and Tommy when she got some lip action once with Captain while they were on the run, lucky bastard! And let's face it, Nick and Steve sure had a lot of tension between each other and didn't exactly see "eye to eye" (did you get my joke?)

I am really glad that this sequel exceeded my expectations thanks showing not only old friends returning but they were wearing the wrong uniform and not only threatened S.H.I.E.L.Ds intel but the trust between everyone especially due to the return of an evil organization that wasn't easy to discover. How would you feel if there were enemies in your company/ organization and you didn't know who to trust? For me, I would try to follow in Captain America's footsteps and try to do whats right no matter what!
I still can't take in how the plot came alive and makes me question all my MARVEL knowledge so far, it's kinda complicated and rushed so I don't know if it's good or bad?!

This film was one explosive action-packed continuation in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe that I (and my mates won't deny) enjoyed so much of along with the secret endings that were just teasing me with hints of new enemies and mysterious powers that are yet to be shared with the world.
With MARVEL's sequels all lined up for this year, how can our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger and a school of extraordinary mutants compare to this film that was jam-packed with betrayl, action and juicy secrets?
Let's wait and see guys!
PS A very important Aspergers Post is on the way that I reckon will be a big hit like my post about "Why I Feel Uneasy At The Pub Or Club"! ;)

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