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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Owl City LIVE, October 2012 (My 2nd Concert)

Now for my 2nd story on Live concert stories. Because Eminem and London Film & Comic-Con is happening this weekend so I gotta cram in this one and Ellie Goulding asap.

BTW here's a couple pictures of Adam Young I found on the Internet as a lot of my photos are blurry and he was in a Batman costume.


For my 2nd concert experience, it was my biggest thanks to seeing my music hero Owl City over in Oxford, UK and a real challenge especially on the journey to Oxford and some trouble I ended up getting into. And now looking back on it, it's funny to remember but thanks to my crap video camera back then, everyone of my recordings all sound awful maybe it's due to the camera's quality, how loud the bass was at the event or who knows?! Least one video below turned out perfect. But anyway here's the story of how I went and saw one of my all time favourite bands ever, Owl City!

So to begin my story, I learned on Facebook in around August 2012 that Adam Young (creator of Owl City) was returning to the UK for another tour around Autumn after I missed him in 2009-2010 when he released his album Ocean Eyes which was the event I missed out on. I learned of this incredible news from my best bud, Lewis who offered to join me right away as he saw him back in 2009-2010 and then introduced me to all of Adam's work and side-projects in 2010 as we became good friends in our college years.
We couldn't go and see him in London or Manchester so we agreed (distance wise) that we would meet up at Oxford on Halloween 2012 as he was at Uni up north and I was stuck in Horsham working.

So on the day, what I thought was going to be an easy train journey turned out to be a complicated matter that I was getting a lot of trouble and scolding for and all because of a Train ticket misunderstanding. You see I bought an over-night ticket for Oxford on the 30th October using my 1/3 off Railcard (which I bought in August for the summer holidays) and forgot to bring it on the day as I figured it was all done and didn't require ID as the ticket was bought. But boy was I wrong! While travelling up, the train ticket man saw my error and fine me £50 for not presenting my 1/3 off Railcard on the spot. So being confused and hurt, I phoned Dad who ended up speaking to the man there on the train and explained my condition and my intentions for the train journey. The man returned and apologised for being quite strict and gave me instructions to follow when I get to Oxford Train Station because he ended up taking my Outward ticket (Horsham - Oxford) because it was wrong.
But when I got to Oxford, all hell broke loose because 3 men all helped me through the barrier and then all ganged up and moaned about the situation. They all treated me like a criminal and explained that what the man on the train did was wrong! He shouldn't have fine me £50 as it was too "light-hearted" and shouldn't have taken the ticket. One of the guys who looked like James Corden tried to help me out by making me purchase the ticket I lost again and said go to the Ticket man behind the glass wall to sort things out. And would you believe it? The man said what the James Corden looking guy did was incorrect and uncalled for. So I ended up losing £90 that day. I calmy spoke to all 3 people explaining my intentions and how sorry I was for fucking up everything and said "I'm only here for a concert, not to cause trouble!" One thing that had me worried was seeing 2 Police Officers behind me like a couple feet away as I thought they were here for me... luckily they weren't. So to end the predicament, they all said just take this leaflet and fill out the details and maybe I could get my money back, which in 2-3 months time I did after some hassle. The Great Western Train Service was a real piece of work, God that was all annoying!

Lewis and I had booked a Premier Inn which wasn't too far from the 02 Academy where Owl City was performing tonight. Soon after arriving, Lewis arrived and I explained everything and hoped that tonight would make up for it all. Of course he reassured me and it was sensational.

When we made it to the Academy after a 30 minute walk and almost getting lost haha. We arrived and saw that Matthew Koma (a friend of Adam and current boyfriend to Carly Rae Jepsen was the opening act). We came in just as he finished, we both grabbed an Owl City T-shirt and I grabbed a small Owl Plushie and of course a wristband.
Soon the magic began, as the band members all made there way on stage all dressed in Halloween costumes (good thing they were festive), even Breanne Durren came on dressed as Minnie Mouse. And as the music began along with the first song "Dreams and Disasters" from Adam's latest album (The Midsummer Station), Adam swooped on stage dressed as the one and only BATMAN! What a Lad!
Owl City - (Opening) Dreams and Disasters

The songs were all amazing and he played many classics from all of his 5 albums and that made my heart pound with excitement and happiness. I mean I was seeing one of my idols and it was an unforgettable memory that I treasure to this day.

 Owl City - Meteor Shower

Owl City - Designer Skyline

 Owl City - The Real World

Half-way through the night, Adam decided to get the audience into the spirit by asking us all to join him in a sing-a-long to one of his most recognisable and famous tracks of all "Fireflies", that was a real special moment during the night and I'm glad that me and Lewis were a part of it.
And of course, we sung a long to every single song because this time I was seeing somebody live that I knew almost everything about and wasn't feeling clueless or uncomfortable about not knowing lyrics. I felt right at home and enjoyed myself so much singing a long to every song (this time not while recording for all you viewers safety) ;)

Owl City - Fireflies (Sing-a-Long)

This song here is the only descent quality where the bass or loud atmosphere doesn't mess around with the sound quality which I gotta say is my biggest regret on the whole video recording. Thanks to that one moment by choosing to get my IPhone 4 out at the time and record it and then the next day play it back, I now realise, understand and have learned that from now on it's ALWAYS BEST to record from an IPhone since it can capture the video's picture and sound quality far better than most camera's I've used in the past.
Next time I ever go and see him again, I will record all his songs again and this time on my IPhone 5 and shouldn't have to worry about the playback quality! I will follow that no matter what!
Owl City - Hello Seattle (Remix) With Original "Hello Seattle"
Perfect Quality Video From IPhone 4

Adam gave a pleasant speech like he does at most of his concerts by thanking the audience for taking the time to come and he once admitted some personal information such as he has slight Aspergers Syndrome... YEAH, my idol has the same condition as me and look how amazing he's doing and how much fun he's enjoying and all for being himself. That's a trait I respect and like most of all about him and of course his creative techniques for writing such captivating, spontaneous and weird lyrics to every one of his songs.
Owl City - Adam Young's Little Speech

So to end the night, the crowd wasn't full enough of Adam and the team's work and demanded for another song, so we were all awarded another 2 songs "Good Time" and then "Gold". This song has to be his 2nd most recognisable song thanks to the radio and it's popularity. Some people don't find it as good as "Fireflies" since it's not as personal or melancholy compared to this one which is a bit more mainstream type and is all about hanging out and partying. But I always respect Adam's work and side projects (which I want to write up a future post about how a lot of his work and himself all matter to me so personally and why I think he's so talented).

Owl City - Good Time (Encore)

So in the end as everyone shuffled out of the hall, Lewis and I had to cheese it through the pouring rain for around 20 mins back to the Premier Inn while carrying a KFC boneless banquet for one each that we picked up on the way back.
After a good and overwhelming night's rest, we parted ways the next day as he went back up north to Uni and I headed south back home.
This concert was super special because it's thanks to Lewis for showing me Adam's work 5 years ago that within 2 years already I got to see him live with my best mate. I can't wait to go and see him again live and hopefully this time there will be no problems with the train rules... I hope.

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