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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Interstellar (Film Review)

Space holds so much mystery that I've always been fascinated and curious to what secrets, untold species (if they exist) and what wonders lie outside our solar system. Like the sky, it's a world I can only gaze up at while I'm stuck on the ground left pondering: what's out there? what's the future of mankind? will Earth be our home forever? So on Friday 14th, I wanted to go and watch this film that everyone and critics were all talking about, Kurt and I were blown away in the IMAX at the spectacular story of Interstellar.
Cooper "Matthew McConaughey" (Dallas Buyers Club, Magic Mike) is the NASA pilot turned farmer and now again turned astronaut tasked with Humanity's future and must use the space craft Endurance with fellow team members Amelia Brand "Anne Hathaway" (The Dark Knight Returns, Princess Diaries), Romilly "David Gyasi" (Cloud Atlas) and Doyle "Wes Bentley" (Ghost Rider, Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games) to venture through a wormhole into an unknown galaxy to explore three possibly habitable worlds to colonise. But time is of the essence and time is running out with Matthew's patience, family and the future of the human race too.

When I first saw this trailer (link below) in the IMAX when I was watching Lucy, the loud sound helped build such a tense atmosphere and seeing such dynamic graphics that I recall since watching Gravity is what made me believe right away "this is a film I must witness".

The Endurance
The film was sensational, full of drama that had a very emotional build up because it's going into the unknown that puts the deepest fear inside us and this time it's something so evolutionary that we have no known percent chance of knowing if we will survive and we also have the biggest pressure ever on our shoulders, saving the human race. The team were venturing into another galaxy through a Wormhole (basically a quick tunnel that speeds up space travel, gets you from A to B far quicker and is the shape of a sphere as it's a cylinder you travel through). That mission is truly spine-chilling because you may not even make it through in one piece, even when I saw the actors all breathing tensely and seeing the ship rumble, beep and flicker made me clench my seat in fear as if I was actually in their shoes.

The plot may seem simple, but it will blow your mind. Halfway through after the heartbreaking departure and trouble that the team suffered. When Professor Brand "Michael Caine" (The Italian Job, The Dark Knight Trilogy) who came up with the expedition and theories for earth's future even revealed at one point to Cooper's daughter Murph the truth and the answer to everything and his work, it changed the plot competely and even made it turn on itself in a way, not f***ing it up but making it head in one direction that makes all seem helpless or so it seems. What do you expect from the director "Christopher Nolan" who made Inception too.
I really did admire Cooper's philosophical quote that "Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here".

I tried to relate myself to the emotional pain that Cooper was in when he accepted the mission and had to say goodbye to his family not knowing when he would return. Seeing his goodbye to his daughter Murph was heartbreaking and my heart ached even more when he saw video transmissions and saw drastic changes that would crush me if I was in his place. Murph is named after Murphy's Law - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Weird reason to name your daughter, right? But theirs a special reason why in this film.

The whole space travel was amazing to witness because compared to past films such as GravityFlight Of The Navigator, Alien (film series) AVATARStar Trek or Star Wars (film series) etc, with space ships, travelling in space and time and with an experienced crew, it really stands out compared to the above because they have experienced teams with powerful ships that can handle space travel and are far more advanced than the ship, time, technology and crew in Interstellar. It makes the film more realistic because it's not far off from maybe even the age when man will venture across the ocean of stars and maybe even colonise on another world that could even have other inhabitants already. Will the human race be welcomed or enslaved if we venture out of the "sandbox" and enter a whole new territory, galaxy or universe?

There's an episode of Doctor Who, that I'll never forget because it really sums up my fearful prediction on humanities last stand and when we will ultimately come to an end (it sounds depressing) but it's a big question that I sometimes share with others depending on who, like asking someone "what do you think the future holds for us?" Anyway, in the second episode of "Christopher Eccleston's" time as The Doctor, takes Rose "Billie Piper" to the year 5 billion to watch (on board a space station) the sun which has expanded and now on a collision course with the Earth. The outcome is catastrophic and makes me wonder myself that once any of us have had our time on the planet and the planet dies (like Krypton or some other reason) then what happens to human existence at all? Do we live on somewhere else or share a world/ galaxy/ universe with other extra-terrestrials like in many Sci-Fi films including Guardians Of The Galaxy? However I shouldn't really focus such nonsense, negativity and fear on such an occasion that won't happen for hundreds/ thousands or even millions of years. There will be wonders that we may someday encounter ourselves and I believe our future will be prosperous and we'll advance, grow and evolve like always and continue to live. We've had um numerous theories of the end of the world in the past and from it all we always survive, emerge victorious and continue to live on this beautiful world we call home. Sure I think like this, but that's because my mind has no limits or boundaries and I just love to think and learn about anything (might even make a post someday on what a day/ week is like in my shoes and head someday).

The soundtrack to Interstellar was really uplifting and had a music theme throughout that stays in my head like the piano and epic orchestrated themes in Man Of Steel (also made by the Christopher Nolan, gosh it's like he's using many similarities from his previous masterpieces too). The main theme "S.T.A.Y" is emotional and used an organ that was building up a lot along with the orchestra and it got louder and louder, adding more tension and emotion to the moments when it was played in the film. It really helped set the scene. I still love the ending theme "Where We're Going" and the heart pounding "No Time For Caution" played during an astonishing moment and where their chances of survival were against all odds.
Hans Zimmer revolutionises the Organ and brings out a magnificent score for this film!

Matthew McConaughey played the role so well (since I last saw him in the Dallas Buyers Club even that was dramatic and emotional), same goes for Anne Hathaway and everyone else. Seeing Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine working together again and with the same director behind the fantastic Batman trilogy made me smile thinking they both must have been happy to work together again (I hope) on such a big film, I think like this a lot when I see actors reunited to work together again and on a whole new genre of film or role.

This film adds the same level of terror and tension compared to Gravity. Gravity put the catastrophic fear and terror into space because of the mess up and the helplessness of being alone. And Interstellar makes you feel just as terrified but I think Interstellar shows more thrill that we are entering a whole new part of the universe and we have the pressure of the human race in our hands too instead of just worrying about our own lives in a way. Interstellar does however add more awe to the scenery with the whole space travel and zooming effects when venturing into the wormhole and something else... plus the worlds were very dazzling.

The graphics were dynamite and incredibly realistic. Seeing the amount of detail on the space travel and other worlds really made me feel like I was there and is there really worlds out there like that or are they stunning like in AVATAR or something. The stars and planets even in our solar system were beautiful to watch on the big screen and the new worlds and the Black Hole Gargantua made me catch my breath, raise my eyebrows because what happened in that black hole was life changing to witness.
But I wasn't happy with the planet Miller's unfortunate and shattering Gravitational Time Dilation that affects time drastically and go off the scales, basically due to the planet being close to Gargantua time is crap - every hour on the surface of Miller is technically seven years back on Earth... need I say more? That whole scene and part of the film was one of the most tense and crushing experiences to witness because it's like seeing your life go by and you missed it.

I couldn't really find that many pictures from the film, but when I typed in on Google "UK interstellar poster", I was rewarded with many beautiful and bl***y creative designs either fan-made or real. I wanted to share them on here because I couldn't even decide on which one to use for the picture at the top.

I thought the Conclusion to everything was amazing. The secret behind it all was mind bending and unbelievable. I do love it when secrets in film plots that have mysterious reasons and meanings are later explained in a perfect way that it all becomes clear and leaves us all surprised, amazed and gob smacked. "The Ghost" and the artistic use of Gravity was ingenious and creative that seeing a dimension that made me lose myself was brilliant and made me question if such a realm exists at all?!
I'll probably never look at a Library the same way again ha ha. I was a little scared myself at seeing such an environment that I would get lost myself and don't know how my sanity would hold up.
I aim to use this track in a future star time-lapse video if I can achieve one in the summer when I've got a great camera!
But I can't help but notice this theory which affects my overall positive response from the ending, since this alternative theory changes everything... Read at your own risk.
But I believe in a more positive conclusion to the film compared to how some people analyse the ending.

On a lighter note and more fun and dazzling side to scouring Space and Time, I'll mention an Xbox 360 game that I bought a couple years ago and to this day is one of my treasures up on my shelf, the Xbox Kinect did a hell of a job with this game called Child Of Eden. This is a really amazing game that shows visual beauty full of artistic special patterns, stunning colour display and dynamite graphics. It really puts the fun in surfing time and space and seeing unbelievable beauty in this game. I'm gonna write up a review next year when I have some time. Why not look up some game play videos on YouTube or something? It's what got me into the game.

Anyway, the ending was perfect and fulfilling. The epilogue was clear as day showing that one more mission was left to complete, so a sequel is required to end it all neatly. At least that's what I'm hoping because it is okay at the end but the cliffhanger does look unfinished in my opinion (unless the ending is the ending to it all?)
Overall, it's undeniably one of the most sensational, ground breaking, ear shattering, jaw-dropping and stunning films I have ever seen. I highly recommend this to everyone, it will blow your mind like Inception (funny enough, it's made by the same director). I can't wait for the Blu-Ray to come out already. I may even go and see it again soon.

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