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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Marvel's Phase Three

Marvel have been super generous with their Phase Three film line-up for the next 4 years in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Aside from Ant-Man which will be out next year and the long-awaited Deadpool film for 2016, this picture sums up what Marvel have planned to keep us all hyped up for years to come.
I wanted to write up another Marvel update since the Avengers: Age Of Ultron surprise. My mate, Kurt posted this picture on Facebook back on 28th October, everyone was sharing this to everybody and the news spread like wildfire and every Marvel fan is now up-to-date on the line-up of Marvel films that have filled us all up with hype and excitement.
I'm gonna write down some feelings and thoughts on the line-up for Phase 3 as well as mention the previous Phases and how they have all lead up to now.

Phase 1: Avengers Assembled
Iron Man was the first film in the Cinematic Universe, it's maybe my personal favourite, we have a character played by a now unforgettable actor with a hilarious persona inside a suit of Armour with a heavy arsenal and a brilliant personality. The previous HULK film wasn't included in this universe for some reason but the sequel The Incredible Hulk was and I believe it's because of the secret ending which features Mr Stark mentioning already the big film that will in 4 years time collaborate everyone for the epic fight. Iron Man had his sequel, Iron Man 2 which wasn't bad but still just as good thanks to Robert Downey Jr's performance as usual and the glamorous appearance of Black Widow. The big dude with the Hammer, Thor was smashing (ha) and certainly attracted the hearts of many female fans and other fans who probably don't follow the comics either and also had Hawkeye for a while too. And then Stars and Stripes, Captain America: The First Avenger (well the title says it all) represents the first ever Superhero and how his story links to the future of several Marvel films, comics and series. By the end of the film, were all set for the greatest Marvel film ever, Avengers Assemble. That one was the tip of the iceberg and brought everyone of our heroes from Phase 1 together to fight the biggest battle led by Loki (Thor's bro) and by the end, begins a new chapter in the MCU and a new Phase that's full of sequels for our super buddies and show new characters, villains and stories.

Phase Two
Stark faced his biggest threat yet in Iron Man 3 and had the coolest battle which made the House Party Protocol the greatest and coolest fight ever for my eyes (besides Avengers of course) it was like a swarm of fireflies with real firepower, at the end I wasn't happy with his choices but have to agree with em cause it all looks different and back to square one but that means by the time Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out, maybe Stark has some new toys and tricks to show off?  Thor: The Dark World had a more different plot compared to the first one (I can't compare which is better, probs first one) but this time he had more compassion but the ending was a total jaw-dropper which left me and my mates wondering... what's gonna happen in Thor: Ragnarok? Captain met his match in my all time favorite Marvel film (tied with Iron Man and maybe an original Spider-Man film), Captain America: The Winter Soldier turned the tables and tide in the MCU and storyline as I've mentioned in my post already. 4 Outlaws became the Guardians Of The Galaxy and had their own epic story full of comedy and fights and showed brilliant character development as well as hint towards the Avenger sequel and now I know they'll appear in Avengers: Infinity War.
Let's not forget that for over a year now, we've been graced with a cool Spy-Fi series Marvel Agent's Of S.H.I.E.L.D which I've followed religiously and find fascinating seeing as Agent Phil Coulson is alive since his death in Avengers and has his own life full of action, mystery and spy work with his great team. The series even links to the MCU films especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier, now it's all changed due to what's happened. I still enjoy it all since it shows that you don't need to have superhero powers to help make the world a better place and stop the bad guy's world domination... even though they seem to still be better and are hiding everywhere. Now I'm just waiting on the Avengers sequel and Ant-Man before we go into Phase Three.

I've only played Ant-Man in Lego Marvel Super Heroes game and his ability is to shrink down to ant-size and grow back to human size. Sorry I don't know anything about him, but apparently Paul Rudd is the candidate to play him. Why not? He's funny, I wonder if he can be a Marvel Superhero too?!

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
This picture, I mean poster that I saw from pictures at San Diego Comic-Con this year that I shared to all my Marvel mates was the eye-opening image that got me super pumped for the sequel. I've already talked a lot about Avengers in my previous quick post. You can see the faint black lines indicating all the separate posters that connect together like a jigsaw and were all available at San Diego. Can't believe all the Avengers turned up! Lucky! Kurt, me and many others (heck even every Marvel fan) wanna meet the heroes too and of course Mr Coulson a.k.a Clark Gregg too. They all signed the posters too, *sigh* wish I had been there!
Source -
I do have the chance to read this special graphics novel that I bought Kurt back in October 2011's MCM Comic-Con. He asked me then to purchase some graphic novels and I found this special one and saw it was the first volume out of 10 and sequel to Avengers! I better ask him if I can borrow this since the cover already looks like a look into the future and looks identical to some of the scenes we have seen in the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailers! The cover does look quite intense and shows already how unbelievably powerful, ruthless and dangerous Ultron looks already!

Phase Three
Now onto the new films that even I have no clue on what's gonna happen next.

Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War is going to be huge and I have a feeling it will begin at the end of the next Avengers. I say that because this clip in Age Of Ultron already hints the tension between Steve and Tony (let's face it, they didn't really get along in the first Avengers) and this special clip shows their differences on fighting as well as guaranteeing the protection of others... too bad it will cause a rift in their friendship and will soon cause a division between many superheroes.
From the knowledge I know so far on Civil War (series), is this screenshot since I haven't yet acquired and read any of the 7 so far graphic novels. Basically the government asks Superheroes to come forth and register and give up their identities after a horrific accident occurs making the government question if the superheroes are actually on their side. So Iron Man joins the government while Captain America is against it and leads a rebellion because he believes identities belong to everyone. I don't know which side I would be on in real life, but if I was brave enough and powerful enough, I would choose Captain because I believe keeping my identity is safe otherwise villains and enemies will know my location, family and weaknesses. I would like to see a Secret Wars adaption cause that crossover adaption would work better with Avengers and Guardians I think.
Screenshot from:
However from this link here, it does raise obvious questions to the creation of this film along with the simple answers that defy the possibility let alone the layout of this upcoming film. I have faith that Marvel will deliver a good (maybe not accurate) adaption to this comic-book series despite the lack of characters with their own films and not yet being mentioned in the MCU. But if the rumours are true on The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) turning up in the film, then that should make it exciting already, right? What if the X-Men get involved too? Now were talking! Not so sure The Fantastic Four will work seeing as Chris Evans who also played Johnny Storm looks super-strong now compared to when he played this Marvel character, plus theirs rumours of a reboot already being made and the Flaming Torch will be black.
Even these two pictures that look fan-made even look intriguing and cool to look at but the top one looks more confusing.

Here's the cover of the first out of the 7 volumes so far that I need to read and collect so that I'm ready by 2016 for this huge collaboration and fight that could very well rip the superheroes apart and cause friend to fight friend, not to mention see the awkwardness of Spidey having to choose between both sides. The link I mentioned above does prove one solid point, The Amazing Spider-Man films belongs to SONY, so how can Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture acquire the rights (hang on, it's Disney. They can purchase anything!)

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a real treat, I remember most of the stories and few comics I read on the history and layout of Doctor Steven Strange and admired his character development because he had to earn his powers and wasn't given them by accident or born with them.
I even watched a pretty darn good hour long animated film back in 2008 which showed the Doctor's beginnings and had a good story involved too - Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. I read news that Benedict Cumberbatch is a primary candidate choice to play the doctor, I don't know or have any comment on Sherlock Holmes or Khan playing this mysterious Marvel character, I reckon he could pull it off, but we'll have to wait and see what supernatural events will unfold in this film in the MCU.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is one of my top watch films because the first one was sensational, who knows what naughty humour, plot layout and characters will occur to help make the sequel bigger and badder than before? I wanna see RocketRaccoon and Groot again most of all! The dynamic duo were the best!

Thor: Ragnarok, no idea what to expect in Thor's third film. The ending to the second one was shocking (in a good way) but I was pleased with his choice and so was my sister.

Black Panther being the first "black" superhero character (besides The Falcon, Storm and Luke Cage) he's actually a character I have no f***ing clue about, if you want some spoilers then Wikipedia him. Apparently Stan Lee himself adores him badly so I guess that's maybe something to think about and why the film is finally in development. This link here has some good facts that I enjoyed reading.

Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel on
the cover of 
Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #1 (March 2006)

Captain Marvel played by a badass lady "Carol Danvers" whose also recognized as Ms. Marvel will be a special film and act like the Wonder woman maybe for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She looks busty, strong and badass. I wonder if she'll make a brief appearance in Civil War as well?
I wonder which costume they'll use on the actress for the film? And what kind of story will we discover in this film adaption?

Not a f***ing clue what this is or what kind of team it is and who of, sadly haha. Luckily while I was showing some mates on Facebook this final draft post, my mate Martin who I play Yugioh Card games with, mentioned and recommended to look up Inhumans because they're apparently making an appearance in the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D series quite soon, so they will be showing up way before 2018 which is surprising and cool so that we get a taste of a new team.

Avengers: Infinity War Part I & II
I'm guessing that hopefully by the end of Civil War, the Avenger (Captain and Iron Man might make up) and I think the Guardians will unite to fight the common enemy, Thanos because of the Infinity Stones (mentioned in Thor: The Dark World and Guardians Of The Galaxy).This could be the most biggest fight in all of the Marvel films and we've got a loooong wait until we witness a battle of all battles. This picture might not be as accurate as the film, but at least it looks interesting and is a comic-book series to take a look at maybe someday.


Oh and let's not forget one of my most anticipating films to FINALLY come out, Deadpool's own movie.

Those who may not know or recognise Deadpool, did you watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine? You know the funny badass character that Ryan Reynolds played and later looked messed up, topless and full of mutant powers... well that's Deadpool, in a way. You see Deadpool "Wade Wilson" is a famous Marvel Mercenary and Anti-Hero (like Wolverine) character who is known as the "Merc with a Mouth" who constantly slaps jokes, talks out loud, mentally unstable and full of naughty humour and continues to break the "Fourth Wall"! (For example, in Literature and Video Games, it occurs when a character acknowledges the reader or player not like an Inner Monologue during a Pantomime) He had his own game which was really funny and cool to play. And basically he's a naughty comedy character in the Marvel Universe that has the same regeneration power as Wolverine and just causes chaos, helps out in his own way if he chooses to and just won't shut up.
"Nolan North" did the voice for him in the game and several other games and TV series he has featured in, I loved Nolan's voice for Deadpool as it's perfect for his character and split-personalities, though Ryan did a good job too and in this film, he will reprise his role but this time, it's apparently going to be animated and I don't know if it's continuing from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Oh, I cannot wait until February 2016!!!

Well I think that's all of em. Wow this post has been tough and quite the research essay. Really pleased that Marvel have laid out the table for us now for the next couple years.
I've been good and bad during this week, been researching and watching videos on past Tough Mudder events and getting excited and scared at the same time. Pretty sure I'm gonna do it next May with most of my mates from my College group as they have faith in me and say to me "If Lewis can do it, then so can you mate!" Enough said. Plus I've been playing more Xbox and finally getting round to finishing a few games such as Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag... yeah! It's taken me over a year to get back onto my ship and complete the story instead of getting side-tracked by collecting collectibles and straying from the path and get ready for Assassin's Creed: Unity which is out in less than a couple days. It looks amazing and I'm looking forward to teaming up with my buds online and forming a badass Assassin team.
Also I am considering writing up another Gym post because it's been just over a year since joining the Pavilions and I want to show my progression along with a couple pictures showing my results, that should be up next week.

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