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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

London Anime & Gaming Con, February 2015 + Kathy & Alex's 22nd Birthday Night Out

So this Saturday on the 7th February, I went to a much smaller London convention for the first time with my good friend Beki for a day of meeting new people, a few famous Cosplayers, browsing the merchandise and just comparing a much smaller venue to the massive MCM Comic-Con that we've always been to. I had a few highlights especially meeting a gorgeous Cosplayer that I'll explain later on. See here what it was like this Saturday.
My bedhair, ready
for the day
A weird Cat Hedge in
Upper Holloway

What was supposed to be an easy going venture to London Metropolitan University turned into an awkward long walk backwards from the direction we were supposed to be heading... S**t. So basically Beki and I met at Horsham Train Station and made our way to London and I followed her directions to "Upper Holloway" and we activated my IPhone's Map App to walk around 26 minutes to the venue, but after 13 minutes of walking up a long hill and looking like we were going the wrong way, turns out we were once I had turned the GPS Tracker on which updated the route and showed we had been walking the wrong way, Wa-Wa-Waaah!
So after backtracking the right way, we ended up getting there 45 mins later than expected, and to make things more annoying and embarrassing we saw there was an Underground station opposite to The University "Holloway Road Underground". I can assure you we took that one home to save ourselves that awful long track to our previous station.
So entering into this 2 floor building was something surprising and I think the words is relieved in a small way that this wasn't exactly the huge location full of too many people (though this place was smaller and still filled up quite a lot, somehow this difference was a lot nicer compared to the overwhelming experience I have at MCM plus it was something new for me).

Something caught my eye as a lot of people were crowded by the bar at a beautiful girl dressed as an Indian sorta warrior and Beki pointed out that it was Tabitha Lyons who was one of the main expert cosplayers who were attending the event and was cosplaying Nidalee from League Of Legends. I went over to the bar and found my chance to ask the gorgeous lady for a photo with her to which she happily complied and even Beki got a picture too (I later caught her again and asked for a selfie this time just incase the photo on Beki's camera was blurry and she happily shared a selfie with me too).

James, Kieran ans Sean doing their presentation
My main priority for checking out this small event was to see the 12.00pm event in the building next door which was the Gaming building full of rooms and rooms of TVs and Computers all hooked up to many new and nostalgic consoles all for the people to play co-op on. You see at 12.00pm (which became 1.00pm due to technical difficulties and microphone issues... oh the irony) there was an event/ talk on "Getting Into Games Design" which was being explained by 3 game computing students Sean, James and Kieran who were nice chaps and had a Presentation all about tips, useful software (such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Game Maker, RPG Maker, Construct 2, Stencyl and Game Salad) and listing the do's and don'ts when it comes to commitment and marketing any kind of game you wish to publish let alone create, and I noted it all down on my phone. I nodded a lot to the information such as "Make Prototypes of your game", "Practise your skills", "Start off small, don't try and rush into something huge", "Learn and play the games you don't even like", "It's a long and stressful road but it'll pay off though!" and "Long nights of development for little reward until the end..." All these useful tips were very moving and motivating but I still need to get round to taking the first step once I'm ready and fully loaded with the new equipment and softwares in time then I too can begin the slow road to my own success someday and it'll hopefully be in Game Design or even Web Design.
I even went to see one of them Sean and told him about my small Pokemon game I made during College using the GameMaker software. I explained it all and mentioned my issue which stopped me to this day on solving yet it was marked back to College and helped me achieve the Double B in the final year, yet I was still not satisfied and I aim to solve and fix it someday and he was a nice guy to chat to and gain some tips on to help me fix it, if I can get round to it. Sean who is the creator of and manager of his own game Hashtag Dragon which does look interesting, showed me his Twitter - @OxyOxspring incase I even get round to fixing my game or just need some advice maybe. Why not check out Sean's game, Hashtag Dragon.
Those Amazing Assassin's Creed Cosplays!!!

Once all that was over and my butt came back to life after going numb during the talk, Beki and I finally got round to going back nextdoor to queue up for around 20/ 30 mins (I lost track) in the corridor to grab food outside in the courtyard. Burger and Chips it was for us both and then we just sorta stood about since this place was more like a college/ university *duh* but due to the big quantity in people it made the place look even smaller but still fair since it was a new experience compared to a huge place with too many people like in May and October.

We decided to split up for a bit to look around at a couple stalls full of merchandise which was a lot like the stalls at MCM but not solf out so easily. I did meet some nice and good looking lady cosplayers (I even met a woman who looked almost identical to Scarlett Johansson/ Black Widow from Avengers and I got to share a picture with) and I did find a cool stall full of Vinyl stickers but sadly the Attack On Titan - Wings Of Freedom sticker was sold out but the dude gave me a flyer with their future website coming out but I did purchase The Legend Of Zelda - Hylian Shield sticker for my car. 

Esdeath - Akame ga Kill

Me and Esdeath
Yuno Gasai and Beki
- Mirai Nikki
Beki returned after I had made the purchase and we took a look upstairs (to our surprise we didn't even know it was two floors) and up their was a huge stage with a game show going on and to do with recognising Anime/ Video Game music which looked fun... too bad I have stage fright.
Beki who was cosplaying the famous murder lady Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki anime, met another Yuno and I took a photo for them both on their cameras. I was being much smarter this time at a Con and limited myself to purchasing anything since I'm used to "window shopping" but I still get a kick out of seeing the cool merch and think about purchasing some things someday once I make up space in the bomb-site that is my room ha ha.

So it was a long and eventful day which did at first seem dissapointing and small but then again I was quite tired due to the lack of sleep and most days everything I ever experience gets better the more I stay/ participate and watch the day pass then good and surprising things happen for a reason and when I look back on it all later on or the next day then I know for sure, it was worth it and today it was since I met new people, got photos with beautiful women and shared the day with a good friend who wanted me to come along with her.

This time instead of backtracking to "Upper Holloway" which is half an hour away, we crossed the road and took the sensible way back to "Victoria" at the underground across the road "Holloway Road" which has now been duly noted down for when I return to this event. Beki got changed on the train as we made our way back to Horsham and Beki caught the bus back to Cranleigh. It was a long and good day in the end.

Kathy and Me
But my fun didn't stop there, for I had to venture out to the Pub that night, in style, and by style I mean cosplaying Iron Man for my friend Kathy (the great friend who joined me to MCM back in October) for hers and a mate I knew back in secondary school Alex's 22nd Joint Fancy Dress Birthday evening upstairs. Now that was fun, after I had parked the car and walked over to The Anchor Hotel in town, I saw Charlie, Alex and Jack (old school bud) and met his girlfriend Amy (they were both dressed as fellow Avengers too - Hawkeye and Black Widow).
Kathy, Alex, Jack, Amy and Me
I went into the pub with my ultra cool helmet on and if I'm honest I was super excited and proud of the attention I was recieveing on my awesome helmet and seeing all the cool costumes that all these people were wearing including the guys I've known since school and college years. David was Popeye, Kathy was Snow White, Matt was Jaegermister and Alex was Nana Nana Nana Nana BATMAN!
We all did a "kinky"
experiment on Amy haha
Everyone dresssed up in cool costumes and it felt like a less stressful version of Comic-Con and this time at the local pub! During the night, I got chatting to Amy who was a lovely and polite lady and I really enjoyed her company as I was being myself and felt very calm. I soon admitted my Aspergers in general and she even admitted how she didn't recognise me with Aspergers until I had told her why I was quoting and seeming different to the others which was no problem, I just like being honest and sometimes use that as a test to see if others will like me or not, clearly she did and everyone else did that night.
Sexy Motherf***ers
fondling David (Popeye)
Matt (great college bud) who was The Joker was pleased to catch up with me and so was David (heck everyone was pleased to see me as much as I was to catch up with them all again after several months) we were all asking how life was and how I had been, I was really enthusiastic about their stories as deeply as I was with my progression in gym, runs and enjoying life, not to mention tell everyone of my "date" that I had happening tomorrow on Sunday. Everyone was very pleased and excited for me which made me feel so special (the kind of special I hadn't felt in a while) due to not being with a girl on a day out in almost a year or so without being in a group, still everything was grand that evening. 
Pics by Amy after I had gone
We took the fun to Mungo's (our town's hip cocktail club bar) all in out costumes, though I decided to leave my arm blaster and helmet in the car incase I wouldn't be let in by the bouncers. Since I couldn't drink due to driving and it was getting to 1.00am, after a good hour of dancing, shuffling through the people and getting tired, I decided to head for home while thanking everyone for inviting me out that night and catching up with the right people who always remind and show me that I am a good friend and even if I doubt not seeing them enough, least when I do they are glad to see me, I was also glad to have made a new friend - Amy and I look forward to seeing everyone/ anybody again for future nights out!

So Saturday was a long day full of excitment and good highlights especially Tabitha and my night out with all my old college mates and friends. The following day (which is the next post) was super special, and you'll find out tomorrow when I upload my super special (short) day out meeting an awesome person!
Hope you all had a cool Saturday like I did!

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