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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Date On Sunday With Jemma

Last Sunday was one of the best days in a long time because I felt so special and happy that I was meeting somebody new. The day may have been cut-short thanks to London Transport which delayed us from seeing each other for 2 hours but the little things make the best memories, right? And I had such a good time meeting Jemma for the first time on a sunny Sunday in London.

Around a month ago after the first week or two in January, I had joined the Facebook Group - MCM Expo Group and everyday I was seeing statuses and posts on other member's cosplay progressions, questions and opinions on who to cosplay and just any random subject that people were brave enough to post whilst receiving hundreds of likes and nice people with good responses or those that wanted to slag off people. But during that week if I recall correctly, I liked a girl's status and agreed with her opinions and next thing you know, I've been sent a friend request (I also gained 2 more lady friends during that week too, so I felt awesome). This lovely lady Jemma added me and I of course added her back since she seemed and looked really nice and then we got straight on to messaging each other and just chatting so easily that I didn't feel like I had to impress her, I could just be myself and she showed a lot of enthusiasm and honesty as I did with each response.
I was most surprised and also thrilled to see that she had been to MCM Comic-Con back in October and is a fan of Marvel because she even recognised my Deadpool t-shirt on my Facebook wall, it was a real excellent bonus that this particular lady was into the same nerdy/ awesome stuff as I am and many of my friends are too.

Over the month of getting to know each other and being so comfortable with every message which was always positive and polite, my mates were all encouraging me to ask her if she wanted to meet up in London for a day out since I live an hour away and she lived around 40 mins away. She was just as eager as I was at meeting up for a fun day out. All this happiness was too much for me as I'm used to being the one trying to ask people to hang out and a lot of the time it's difficult or delayed and this time it was an immediate Yes! So we planned for the Sunday that's just been. She hadn't seen much of London besides her visits for concerts so she asked for any good places? I recommended any of the museums, the aquarium or a cool 3 floor arcade with a bar in "Westminster" (that last one caught her attention!) So we've been waiting patiently for the day we'd get to meet up in person.
On the day, we planned to meet up at "Westminster" for 13.00pm and I managed to get there just on time, but unfortunately her train from her city to London had been delayed and to make things worse, London's trains were all being difficult that day which is why I had to travel to "London Bridge" instead of "London Victoria". I stood still patiently while still having doubts in my head and heart since I was hoping this wouldn't be another time I hadn't been stood up but I had faith since we had been talking to each other for a while and she was actually keeping contact through texts about her journey so she didn't leave me guessing if she was actually coming at all. So by 15.00pm, she had arrived and embraced me with a hug and apologised deeply for the frustrating delay on our day out, which wasn't a problem for me since in the end she did make it and it was to meet me!

So we made our way to Westminster Arcade which was in the huge building where the exit from the Sea-Life was. As soon as we stepped in, I too was gobsmacked at returning to a lively and dazzling arcade that had lots and lots of machines that ranged from shooters, racing and other sorts of arcade games and let's not forget the bowling alley and bumper kart area on the second floor below and on the third floor (ground) where the massive pub was, it was paradise! I actually discovered this place back in 2010 when I had a good day out with a girl called Katy and we had gone to Sea-Life together and actually discovered this place first time back then.
Anyway, Jemma and I fancied a drink and play a good old game of Pool on the ground floor, however that pool session (which Jemma paid for) was a heavy £20 deposit and she'd be returned the change by the end after every minute we played they would charge 25p/ 50p a minute... F***ers. Still we both had a Double Vodka and Coke which was an expensive £5 (it's like £3.60 in my town) and just had a pleasant game (which she beat me at after I knocked the 8 into the hole almost before the tie-breaker game...) and during that time, I felt so comfortable and calm when chatting to her like as if we were already close friends and weren't afraid to talk about anything and I wasn't afraid to be myself!
I don't know what came over me but I felt so confident and happy like I wasn't showing any doubt or fear when talking with her, maybe it was because I felt she was eager to see me too and wasn't just seeing me to be polite like some girls in the past. It was like we already knew each other from these past few weeks of conversations and thanks to those chats, I felt like the first "barrier" had been broken easily , you know where you don't know how to talk to somebody due to confidence or not knowing them at all. So at the end, she got £10.50 back (rip off) and we headed outside for a smoke (don't worry I don't smoke haha). Since it was about 16.45pm, we sat by the steps near the London Eye and just kept on chatting away to each other about many subjects that we agreed on like our beliefs on religion and believing in equal rights for LGBT (cause we have friends and family who are gay) and our families and stuff. She was very open and honest with me that she even explained a condition that she had been recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder after telling me a couple days earlier when I had also made her aware of my Aspergers Syndrome which she was cool with cause her older bro has it and one of her best friends, what a relief. You see her condition IS NOT Schizophrenia and doesn't make her any different to the way she was with me that day and I don't care what the definition of it is. I admired her honesty and her understanding she has now recognised and understood this condition that she's still being herself (and I like that!) she even told me about her brother's serious level of Aspergers compared to mine and how he has to be cared for but is a dynamic wizard when it comes to Cars (that's Awesome since everybody with a form of Autism is creative and amazing at something!)

The day had to end quickly sadly because a friend of her's needed her back home for an emergency about something serious so we had to end the day early (even if it was just 3 hours). But I admitted that I had really enjoyed our "date", I then questioned if this was one since my last date was awkward and the girl I wanted to be with ended up going out with her best friend and now they're lesbians ha ha (I sound like Ross Geller from the TV series Friends except I'm not divorced). She didn't really deny this but was curious about the story which I humoured her with my silly history as well as mentioning my funny experiece when I went clubbing first time in Brighton about 2 years ago and got hit on by a damn-good looking man, but that's another story *wink* (alas *sigh* it's too bad the first time I ever get flirted with and it's by a guy, why couldn't it have been a woman ha ha).
So anyway, she told me she was free next Sunday for us to meet up again in London and go out for a long day and see some sights, since she hadn't seen much of London yet and that the last Saturday of February, she'll be celebrating her 20th birthday and has asked me to come along with her and some mates in either her hometown or in London! What an offer, two consecutive meetings to follow after a short first time day out!!
So I rode the Underground with her back to "Stratford" and saw her off on her train and then I made my way home. Luckily on the train, I saw my gym mate Adam and we spent the journey home chatting about our exciting and eventful days.

Thank you, Link for the special tag... ha ha

I gave Jemma a text when I got in just to let her know I was home safe. I also uploaded the selfie we shared together and what came next was a jaw-dropping surprise of responses from my banter mates and everybody who was really pleased and happy for me. The following morning on Monday, she replied to my text and said she too is looking forward to next Sunday but also mentioned "You're friend's comments on your picture have made my day!" To which I looked at my Facebook on that early morning and was so surprised to see over 35 Likes and about 8 comments all from my mates giving me virtual "highfives" and all congratulating on my day out along with some innuendo comments too. I could only repond to her with "I'm glad you see it that way, my mates love the banter and are pleased for me ha ha!"
And throughout the Monday, I had a funny and bashful working day full of many lads all fistbumping me and talking dirty and all congratulating me on my day out. I felt so awesome/ special like a lad who has just accomplished the impossible and I hope for an eventful future as to what adventures and more exciting times will unfold over the next 2 weekends! I am so honoured and proud of myself and Jemma for a day that has started something new I feel.

Oh and before I finish this, I assure you all that OF COURSE, she has looked over this before I uploaded it since it's quote bold and rude to just exploit something personal and maybe even overdo it a little thanks to my inner happiness but then again I know my place and don't want to ruin already what's beginning. Who knows what's gonna happen from now on, all I know is I'll keep it subtle, only today was super and I haven't felt this special in a long time...


  1. Looks like you had a good day! Are you seeing her again? :)
    I was already going out with Sam when we went to London, so I don't think you and me actually had a "date", haha! But it was still a good day as friends :)
    I'm actually going to London tomorrow, hoping to pay a visit to Tokyo Toys ^_^

    1. I did Katy, I'm hoping to either this weekend or the end of the month when it's her birthday.
      Aah my bad haha. I shall change that into a "day out" with you.
      Miss you and I hope you have an awesome time!
      I recommend the Arcade at Westminster and also why not go and check out "Forbidden Planet" in Covent Garden because that place has Adventure Time, Marvel, Animes, Mangas, Comic-books etc (it's like The BIg Bang Theory's store only 2 floors and it's in London)!
      Nostalgia moment, I found my Collyers year book and saw your signature ^_^

    2. Oooh I'll be sure to check it out, thanks for the tip! :D