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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Beech Road, Field, Horsham (Childhood Memories)

This small random post is just something to share cause at the moment I have been trying to write up a few special reviews like Rain Man and August Rush. But yesterday during another productive day at work, I was reminising at the memories during my Primary School life and how after school, I would stay with my godparents and go on dogwalks with Andrea. Because this field looked like nothing to me back when I was 6/8 years old, nowadays places like this really help me find peace like when I daydream and gaze up at the sky.

The last few weeks have been confusing for me because a few people have left me hanging. Plus work has become very busy this week and next week as well. But I still have small fragments of hope because it's what keeps me going and it helps me continue to plan more things instead of just waiting around for it to come to me. So after work, I rushed over to Beech Road, Horsham where I used to go on dogwalks about 15 years ago during my primary school life with Andrea, my childminder, g and good friend of my mum. It was a random impulse that felt so different to actually go out and do after a long days work, it felt like I actually went out of my comfort zone but it felt necessary because it had been in my head all day and I didn't want to delay it.

The view from the carpark looked just the way it did back in the day, only this time there was a pathway to the basketball court and also within the tree's, a small playground had been built out of wood and helped turn this area into a more lively place for children to play like in a forest (even though it's in a suburban area). After passing through the trees and bushes, I came out to the long view which was the area outline of the whole field and on the other side of where I was standing was the great unknown forest. Seeing as today it was all Muddy, I felt I had to cut-short my little time away plus it was a little chilly, the fields's were soaking wet with rain and mud and it didn't feel quite identical to how I remembered it in my head. But it doesn't stop me from coming again in the Summer when the forest will be lush green and full of sounds and the flowers will be in bloom under a clear blue sky... it sounds wonderful but honestly a little un-manly but I don't care, I hardly get to feel or explain this side of me in real life. Maybe then, I'll have a special someone or the right group of friends to share a good day or short walk instead of doing the usual when we get together and besides, long walks are quite peaceful and calming for me and others, why not go out and enjoy talking whilst exploring, right?

As I was taking several photos and a few panormaic pics on my Iphone 5, I didn't really have the confidence or time (let alone wellies) to go and venture into the mysterious forest as the sun was setting and I was alone (I felt a little like Winnie The Pooh in the quite dark themed adventure in the film Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin. I reckon next time, it'll be more of an adventure. Plus my mate Mark Green influenced me really after him and his gf went to Leith Hill, Dorking for a walk and took quite amazing pictures and looked like a really great day out on a sunny day in the forest and gazing out over the hills.
Even Ashdown Forest, East Sussex (where the 100 Acre Wood was inspired by) is a place I want to return to since I went when I was 6 and even went the the bridge to do "Pooh Sticks" (the name sounds wrong, but it's actually something from the books) and it still looks lush and amazing, see for yourself in the links pictures. Plus there's Leechpool & Owlbeech Woods, Tilgate Forest, Crawley and St. Leonards Forest, Horsham someday as well to go off on a wander around.

Anyway, after taking the pictures within half an hour, my phone's battery decided to die even though the f***er was at 40+%ish battery and I couldn't turn it back on, looking at it, it must have been a sign that it was time to head home already and save this for another day.
But I actually wanted to pop over to my Godparents house (round the corner) and catch up and mention what I'd done. I actually caught Andrea and her neighbour who I've known since I was very little Maureen as they were about to set off and walk the dogs, so we all spoke to eachother for a few mins as this was a mis-calculated time but it didn't stop us from planning another time in the future to all go out like the good old days and go there again (but more on a pleasant day in the Summer).

Looks like all the small things and little memories help bring out the enthusiasm and inspiration to escape to a nice place that isn't just being imagined or dreamt up again only in my head. I feel proud that I want to go out and explore instead of being cooped up in a warehouse or at home during the week. I hope to find the right people/ person to share these moments and days with when it comes to going for a walk around British countryside instead of around our urban/ rural areas. I'll have to wait and see who's up for an adventure.

So now, I need to remember that things can only get better if I try and make them out to be. The Tough Mudder is approaching and I'm gonna keep on training and not give into doubt and fear in failing plus I need to write up the preview story like I did for my Skydive and see if anyone's willing to sponsor me and the team for the charity Help For Heroes.
And even if I get let down by others, I should try to plan more things in the week so that I'll have something to do on a Friday evening and weekend with good company and also try to do more things like going to a club or something.

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