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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Why I'm Going To Do The Tough Mudder, Northamptonshire 2015?!

Have you ever said to yourself either as a mental note or a sudden impulse or even a special promise to yourself on accomplishing something that looks and seems just impossible whether it's physical, mentally or even confidently?
Well, last October, I made that special promise which actually agrees with the other statements because... well I don't know why really!
It looks like I've "bitten off more than I can chew" or "I've gone off the deep end" but somehow this all feels right and necessary to help prove to myself that I can achieve what I set my mind to in life! And this is why, I'm going to do The Tough Mudder this year in May.

The Tough Mudder Challenge is a team based 10-12 Mile (18-20km) Obstacle course that tests people's physical and mental abilities. Luckily it's not a timed run, it's all about team effort along with camaraderie (mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together) and makes you experience intense, exhilarating (yet safe) obstacles whilst getting very dirty through heavy mud. The events happen in the Midlands, Scotland, Dublin, Yorkshire and the South West of England. The challenge also raises money for Help For Heroes through donations made by the mudders and other people. If you don't support the wars, then at least support the troops! If anyone wants to make a donation, the link is here and it's also the page for the team I'm in - The Green Team.
See more details here and here.

Here's the one were gonna go and do!

First off, things have been a rollercoaster the last week or two since writing up Rain Man. I've been out last weekend catching up and celebrating Sam's 22nd (we haven't seen each other since leaving Forest) and Amy, Jack, David and several other old school friends from Kathy and Alex's Birthday and we all had an excellent night at Horsham's Mungo's Bar.
Also things have been grand, I'm meeting Jemma next weekend to catch up as life has been busy for us both and we're both gonna catch up in London for an Elvis Exhibition (I know, of all things?!)
Oh, and this Tuesday, I finally went all out and purchased my first Mountain Bike from work after not having a BMX for around 8 years I think. So today on this lazy Sunday, I've been researching a lot of Star Wars: The Clone Wars stuff on Wookiepedia (the best place for Star Wars info) and looking into the upcoming 7th film, what's happened to Ahsoka Tano after the series ended and looking into The Old Republic, you gotta love Star Wars, right?!
Also, today I went on my first ride this afternoon, I went down Hamper Lane, Horsham but had a small accident involving my front tyre coming off after not screwing and securing the front hub properly since putting it back on Tuesday after bringing it home. Even though my ride was cut-short and my phone timed out on the stopwatch, I still had a pleasant ride through the back of Leechpool Woods and I look forward to next time when I can go again and on a brighter sunny day.

Anyway, back to the serious post.

Back in October last year, I was influenced by a couple of guys from my main group of friends to do this intense obstacle course that they had all done a year ago. And since around mid-October when I tried my first jog and did 3 miles round my block in 40 mins, to now where I can do 10km in just over an hour round the park, this is a great improvement and shows my true potential.

But over the months, I've actually been in an anxious war with myself and have really asked myself why I'm doing this and if it's such a good idea given the fact I have conditions, don't like getting dirty, doubt myself and have never done something as intense before (even though the Skydive was simple and rushed quickly)? And even though everybody I know is encouraging me to do it, my team mates all believe in me and I am showing improvements, then why can't I see for myself? It's like I'm trying to chicken out when I know I obviously won't because I'm not a quitter and haven't been yet because I always intend to do what I set my mind to, no matter what.
But you know what? I'm still going to do it! You know why? Because this challenge will be my biggest challenge yet, it will test my courage, determination and mental along with physical stability. It will maybe even help me conquer my small fear of not wanting to get dirty and help bring me out of my comfort zone. It will also be my greatest achievement and this accomplishment will be with me forever to help remind me of what I can do with my life and future challenges, surprises and maybe even doing it again will help me realise just how strong I really am and if I don't do it again then at least I did it and all for a good cause.

It's not all bad really, Ryan, Oliver, Lewis and Bradley all did it last year and they all practised fine and completed it well with no injuries or set backs. And this time, Richard, myself and a couple others I don't know are all joining them for our first time. Everyone has been there for me since I signed up in October and have always been reassuring me when I have doubts that trouble me from when I'm tired or don't do so well on a jog or are just anxious or a little depressed. To see that these guys, no these bros are here for me, are honoured to have me among them and actually believe in me along with everybody else, then surely there's no turning back from this?!

A week ago, I did get a little worked up on discovering from my friends at work who have been doing the Mudder and other obstacle courses for a few years that it's actually worth looking into some expensive trail shoes. I've been running in Nike Max Air Running Shoes for months on the pavement around the Park and hardly trained in actual mud besides in October-January when Richard and I did the Horsham Parkrun on Saturday mornings on the grassy mud 5km course. I'm currently trying to look into some Salomon trail shoes at SportsDirect on a weekend and then I just gotta slowly wear into them (maybe at Beech Road, Roffey or some other field/ muddy areas around Horsham because it's frustrating and difficult that these kind of shoes can't and mustn't be worn on hard surfaces as they'll get damaged. But Ed at work and my teammates are all saying "theirs plenty of time to wear into them slowly but don't get blisters" and soon the team needs to discuss on what to wear and if we'll all get a team t-shirt designed. It's important on what you wear to this event as you'll get muddy and jump into ice cold baths and it also matters on what the weather will be like that day. But I'm sure I'll be fine as I'll have my teammates who will be in the same boat as me and it won't be as bad as last year where Ryan wore real army uniform including boots and barely managed to complete it in style ha ha.

All I gotta do is actually believe in myself, keep at it with the jogging that Richard and I have been doing together since October and on this upcoming day, keep growing my muscles at the gym (I already feel and look alright), just smile, feel the adrenaline, help others as much as I want help from them and just try not to get so worked up and serious about getting dirty (there will be a lovely shower by the end of the day along with a sense of achievement... Oh and an ice-cold pint) and I'll go home feeling like a champion and nobody can take that reputation away from me, because I will have earned it!
Looks like I'm not far from reaching an unbelievable 10,000 total views for AsperJosh, truly unbelievable.

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