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Sunday, 28 June 2015

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015

Hello, it's been a while, right?! I'm probably sure that your all up-to-date on our upcoming Game List that was announced last week at the annual E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) where at the Los Angeles Convention Centre where all the major video gaming companies of the world gather to unveil their brand new and highly anticipated video games that will soon be released to the world.
But I just wanted to mention a little plus this little reminder might keep the hype up plus it's a good thing to come back onto AsperJosh after having a good long break since finishing the Tough Mudder Midlands, 2015. Plus I had a real good Saturday last weekend with 2 parties in the same day which I'll mention in my next post.

Work has taken over this month which is why I haven't been motivated and tight on thinking up posts or what to write up next on here, I'm struggling a little as some new rules have been added last week and affected me and my team mates enthusiasm, thankfully E3 last week and this Saturday have helped bring the mood elevator back to the top floor for myself and some others plus it's something to talk about whilst I'm thinking up more things to write up. I know I'm way behind on my The Duff Film Review but I reckon that one will get published when it's released on DVD/ Blu-Ray plus it'll be a good advertisement/ recommendation method. I am interested in writing up The Fault In Our Stars plus sometime actually get round to talking about some topics/ theories that flow in my head and relate to my conditions since those stories help myself and possibly some of you plus they help bring in the attention.
Anyway, here I'm gonna mention a good amount of my most wanted but leave the video links up for you all to enjoy yourselves in your own time instead of writing it all up and delay this post even more. Full list of games, see here.

I actually discovered and became interested on watching E3 last year in June through the Live-Stream (sounds like I said "Lifestream" from Final Fantasy VII) via either my Xbox or on YouTube. It's quite sensational to feel honoured and proud to be a geek/ nerd or just another gamer who's curious as hell and overjoyed to watch a live video that's airing in the states and showing thousands of thousands of fans a good teaser and announcement of upcoming video games for us all to AWE over along with some possible gameplay whilst it's in development.
Last year, I caught a few presentations for Xbox and Nintendo (I do respect PlayStation compared to some of my Xbox loving gamer friends because it was my childhood but I have more friends on Xbox than PlayStation, however I am jealous of some special PlayStation 3/ 4 games and the perks but maybe someday I may even purchase a PS4 but then I'll have no life at all haha... we'll see). I didn't have time to actually watch anything but I was made aware through Facebook Messages of my friends watching the live-stream till late into the night and heard about FarCry 4, Battlefield: Hardline, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX + Kingdom Hearts III, Destiny, Mirror's Edge 2 plus Stars Wars: Battlefront and Pokemon Omega Ruby + Alpha Sapphire etc. Soon after, I saw a few videos on YouTube and got a good taster of some incredible games that I actually own a couple already to this date and am still in the middle of playing.

But this year, I couldn't be super dedicated because work was priority but I did watch several long videos including a lot of Bethesda's video which showed for me the surprising and hellish DOOM and the long awaited Fallout 4. I watched those videos with eyes hooked on my laptop and seeing how these 2 have come a long way and that Fallout 4 had so much to offer including playing the game before the Fallout, the improved gameplay, the dynamite pixels which make the graphics look more realistic than ever plus some more special additions to this game which make the previous game look too easy. Plus what made my mouth drop in surprise was the special Pip-Boy Edition which comes with the following:

Of course, I pre-ordered this magnificent bundle! I couldn't believe my eyes that an actual Pip-Boy replica from the games was finally becoming a reality and the best part was that I could slot my Iphone 5 into it to make it even cooler plus if I think about it, I'll be using my left forearm more than ever like a Nerd or acting as if I'm the actual Vault Dweller or even Buzz Lightyear contacting Star Command. I can't wait to have this £100 bundle in my possession come 10th November 2015!

It didn't stop there, Bethesda were also announcing an App on the Iphone 5 called Fallout Shelter which looked like SimCity and it's basically a base building game where you create a Vault and you are the Overseer and must expand your vault and keep your dwellers happy, organised and alive. The best part was when they announced it was released there and then on that day, Wow what a treat. I'm downloading mine pretty soon after making some space on my overfilled Iphone 5 plus it'll be funny/ better to play when I'm wearing my own actual Pip-Boy. 

This incredible gaming series helped open my eyes to magnificent pixelation on my monitor after Lewis showed me the first one back in 2009 on his PC and shortly after, I purchased it on Xbox 360.
Yep, the long awaited Mirror's Edge 2 is finally happening and surprisingly, it's a prequel called Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. I'm definitely writing up a review of the first game this year because I'm sure that you too will be amazed after watching this video and the first game is just as good as this, no kidding!

2 years ago (meaning in E3 2013), the Star Wars fans were rewarded with astonishing footage of a 10 year long awaited sequel to one of the best Star Wars games ever! Battlefront!
Seeing these 2 videos on E3, made my heart skip a beat (I'm guessing Lewis did too when he saw his long awaited sequel - Shenmue 3) and I turned up the volume to watch these 2 trailers which have given us all everything we've ever wanted in a highly detailed and online based Star Wars game (besides The Old Republic but that's another topic), however the only downside is that sadly we won't be having any space battles like in the films like we've all enjoyed to the max playing in Star Wars Battlefront II on the PlayStation 2 (I still remember the parties I had with Lewis, Mac, Jimmy and Neirin and how we went crazy playing "Heroes Vs Villains" at Mos Eisley Cantina).
Words cannot describe how excited and proud I am of EA and DICE for taking on this challenge and bringing in First Person and Third Person viewing to help making it unbelievably realistic and quite similar to the Battlefield games. Hearing the Tie Fighter screeches certainly got me excited and seeing the blaster bolts firing out, it was like a dream come true to see this dynamic preview of a game that I think everyone is going to be playing as much as Destiny on 20th November 2015!

I even saw a couple days ago on YouTube that an extension to The Old Republic 2011 PC game had been released at E3 which was like no other Star Wars trailer I've ever seen. Too bad, it's not a TV series like The Clone Wars or a playable Console game because it looks so good. It's frustrating that The Old Republic is an MMORPG and was a subscription only game and involved paying to play online (like an expensive World Of Warcraft) but now it's luckily a free-to-play game but it still doesn't change the fact that your PC needs to be in tip top condition with an amazing Graphics Card and lots of RAM to even play it at a balanced quality (and I would be glued to this too badly that's why I try to stay away from MMORPGs sometimes). But this Knights Of The Fallen Empire looks intriguing thanks to it's surprising outcome and story arc in the Star Wars Timeline plus the twins character designs reminds me of Galen Marek - The Force Unleashed a little.

I actually came on to E3 this year during the Rise Of The Tomb Raider video which was lagging a little on my Xbox One. That's gonna be a brilliant sequel to the hit reboot of Tomb Raider (I still can't believe and understand why it's my 2nd most viewed post on AsperJosh, did I write it out perfectly?!). It's kinda good to see that it'll be on the Xbox Shelves this year and that PS4 and PC gamers will be able to play it too roughly 6 or so months after. Looks like Xbox got the upper hand and me and my mates will all be enjoying it compared to my PS4 rivals.
After that, I caught a glimpse of the Gears Of War 4 gameplay which I never would have expected. And I did see that a re-mastered edition was soon coming out again too. I never got the chance to play Judgement (so I'll most likely purchase the 360 version before playing this re-mastered bundle with my work mates when it comes out).  But this gameplay for Gears Of War 4 brings back the glory and fun of using chainsaw guns during the apocalypse.
After that I gave up and decided to watch on YouTube all of Bethesda and just watch other bits and pieces or hear them from my friends, as I said "work was more important".

I'm gonna admit honestly that I do respect and enjoy PlayStation because it was my childhood along with the Nintendo 64. I'm not the kind of gamer who just fan-boys Xbox and despises PlayStation like it's a spider. I am jealous though of PlayStation's games that I'll maybe never get to play like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Journey or the new upcoming games No Man's Sky and this... Final Fantasy VII (Remake).
This guy's reaction is how I felt at watching Kingdom Hearts III and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess original teaser trailers.
News of this masterpiece had spread all over my Facebook like wildfire whilst I was at work last week, even I lifted my eyebrows in surprise that this was actually happening at last and was no joke.
I'm also going to admit that I HAVE NEVER played any of the Final Fantasy games. This statement may shock and offend some of you but I've just never had access to any of them or bothered to purchase them compared to my huge fascination and up-to-date knowledge and gameplay of the Kingdom Hearts series. I do however know everything about VII and it's other games thanks to long talks with friends and I have seen the film sequel to the PlayStation 1 classic, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children which was incredible and amazing to watch on Blu-Ray along with hearing another epic version to One Winged Angel. I have admittedly played a small amount of X but gave up when I was 12 because I found it hard after defeating Sin's fin for the first time (I need to get round to playing it again despite knowing the plot and it's sequel).
I have actually played Dissidia and Dissidia 012 on the PlayStation Portable (which I only bought in order to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep) and those games were dynamite and made me feel like I was almost re-enacting the fight in Advent Children but with many characters from every Final Fantasy game. It's basically a fighting game but with Action RPG elements. It' funny when you research stuff on the Internet and you learn more and discover the unexpected, I only just found out that another sequel to Dissidia was announced at E3 as well. Also while I'm on the subject of Final Fantasy, I actually still need to play my Final Fantasy XIII that I've had tucked away on my shelf for the last 2 years and got signed by Troy Baker. I've been meaning to play it despite reading mixed reviews of it but I'll give it a shot since the story looks fascinating and the girls are cute. I really need to get into Final Fantasy more and actually get round to purchasing and finishing some of the best ones, but overall besides going off topic like I always do, I cry tears of happiness and sadness (hypothetically speaking) plus it breaks my heart that PlayStation get it all to themselves, no surprise really since the original was on PlayStation 1 and soon I'll purchase the original copy to join the hype and begin another incredible gaming series to do my best on playing.

Here's an update on 11th July because I found out from one of my oldest friends Liam Coughlan that a new b>Tom Clancy game was coming out and he asked me if I had seen the video after seeing my Instagram post. I quickly YouTube'd this and came across Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands which I was most impressed with as I have only played and really loved the invisibility concept of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier that I played on the 360. Thank you Liam for introducing me to another incredible game that helps bring synchonization and more options/ protocols on executing missions with either Falling from the Clouds, Taking them out with Stealth or Going in "Full Guns Blazing". The Santa Blanca Drug Cartel may welcome and not fear death, but they will fear the gamers who can rain hell in video games. Here's the link to the Ghost Recon post I did a couple years ago on AltMagUK.

Also just to add a little as I'm on the subject of addition, who else is psyched up for the next Assassin's Creed: Syndicate?! Right now, I'm almost 100% completion through Black Flag and haven't begun Unity yet but I'm keen to finish them both and be prepared for November when this beauty comes out. So now we are in 1859 during the time of the Industrial Revolution and not only do we play as our 6th and dashing British Assassin called Jacob Fyre but this new game features many new mechanics including a Rope Launcher, we got Trains and a fancy deadly Cane which appears to be a major asset for Jacob and I think that the title of the game will even twist the Creed. I wonder if one day or near the end of this franchise that we'll get a Japan one with Samurai's and Ninja's? That would be Awesome, you agree?!

My last game to talk about it one dear to my heart (theoretically) and has been my most adored gaming series rivalling Pokemon with how much I know, I give you the long waited Kingdom Hearts III.

Since 2009, my mate Jack McDougal introduced me to what I call one of the best crossover action role-playing game gaming series ever which features Final Fantasy designed characters set in the Disney universe and mashes it all together perfectly without badly contradicting to the films that we've all grown up with.
I have now played every game through many different consoles and hand-held consoles over the 6 years following and thanks to E3 2013, I was graced with a long delayed trailer of the game that will end it all and complete another gaming series that many of my friends and I adore.
I won't say anything because I want to write up the games in the future and explain more then but not too much. Even though these videos may be clueless to some of you, I'm sure that maybe some of you have a gaming series very dear to your heart where you must know it all back to front, right?!
I salute Square Enix and Disney for giving me and thousands of others what we've all been waiting for (this series has 13 games in total which includes the Final Mix's and Re: remakes and funny enough, the fact that it's 13 games also relates to the fact that the number 13 is a very important factor of the Kingdom Hearts Universe). Now I will finally get to conclude this incredible series and see what lies in store for Sora, Donald and Goofy as well as find out how they will save everyone and bring balance to everything (I nearly said Force haha).

I heard unfortunately that Nintendo didn't do so well this year and didn't even mention a Pokemon or Legend Of Zelda sequel, not even the long awaited Legend Of Zelda Wii-U game.

I saw this video several months ago on YouTube
However I have become tempted to purchase a Wii-U for games like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Sonic Lost World, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Splatoon which I played at Oli's house before the Tough Mudder.
I may trade in my Wii (I won't get much obviously) and get one of these but it depends on what games come out to make it more worth my while. But I know what Nintendo unveiled at E3 this year and it's not exactly special in my opinion, but don't let me spoil or ruin your enjoyment out of Nintendo.

So there you have it, a late post about my highlights for this year's E3. What was yours?
Like I said at the top, I have a few things planned to write up soon but first I have some things to celebrate such as having a double weekend of parties (which I'll write up asap), plus my little ones Dash and Stache turn 1 years old on the 30th June and my little sister Rebecca will be 18 on July 1st. *sigh* they grow up so fast... where does the time fly?!

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