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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, Dash and Stache

How many times can I go on about my little mates who have helped bring joy to my heart everyday over the last year? I don't know and I don't care, I love them too much.
On this day a year ago, those two little rascals were born in a litter up in London and Rebecca went up there after hearing from a friend about Kittens that needed a home.
She told me that she saw those two in a corner sleeping together and decided those 2 were the ones. It's the best thing that's happened to my family in ages and everyday I show so much love to those two.
And today, we've all been wishing them a Happy Birthday.

Everyday I come home from a hard days work and most of the time, are welcomed by meowing hooligans who love a good stroke. These 2 help put a smile on my face no matter what mood I'm in, like that moment when a pet comes over to see you and you can't help but stroke them and you have a gentle smile on your face and your troubles fade away...

Every morning, evening and anytime of day, Dash and Stache are sleeping about all curled up in the most awkward of places and sometimes join me or Rebecca in bed. I must have taken over 200+ pictures on my Iphone 5 of these two like their models because I can't help but aww at how adorable/ cute they always are.

It was only back in February when they were old enough to go outside for the first time and they took a brave step and went through the Catflap (after frequent weekends of patience and encouragment later). Now they can't get enough of going outside every day from when Dad let's them out at dawn and when it's time for them to come in when the sun goes down.
Sometimes it takes ages for them to come in, no matter how long we call "Dash", "Stache", "What's This?", "Din-Din", "Buddy" (yeah we talk to them a lot, were that crazy especially me) haha.

I feel so connected and trusted that the boys feel so comfortable around us and me that they love and expect a good and gentle tummy rub which makes them wiggle about on their back and purr like car engines in contentment. I feel like their friend rather than a Master to them. I feel like a bond has been made through trust and love and it feels wonderful.
I've mentioned them throughout AsperJosh in past pictures in some posts about other topics as I tend to squeeze some things in to any post.

Feeding them has gotten better as they know the drill and most nights when me or Rebecca feed them, they tend to eat without fail otherwise Stache will be a cheeky bu***r and only eat if we add some Dreamies onto their Felix Cat Pouches.

I have had moments of fear in my head that seems to poison my emotions because we live on a busy road where cars sometime choose to be d***s and floor it up out road as we are at the bottom of a hill plus it's the main route for both Millais and Forest schoolkids to walk and buses to drive. I fear that one day the unthinkable will happen, thankfully it hasn't during their first year on this earth and I hope with all my heart that nothing ever does including kidnapping and car accidents.

A little moment of achievement for Dash who a couple weekends ago, bagged himself a Pigeon. I woke up that morning at 10.00am and Dad and I saw Dash in the corner behind the Dining Room door with something, turns out it was a Dead Pigeon! How the h**l did he get it past us or through the Cat flap? Thought something smelled awful this morning, though I have to admit, he may be a naughty boy with a big Breakfast/ Lunch but that's indeed an Achievement and one h**l of a catch! Not the best thing to wake up to on a Sunday...

I find it funny somehow that these two get on "like a house on fire" and don't really fight at all besides all the play fighting when they were little ones, mostly now and during the winter, they groom/ clean eachother either forcefully or normally (compare that to siblings nowadays when you don't seem many bros and sis's not arguing, I joke haha).

I love you guys so so much and am proud to have you in our family, lord knows how I'll feel when we leave you at a location where you'll be looked after whilst we all go on our annual holiday to Greece, I'll be worrying and fretting that they won't be happy and will miss us or even think we abandoned them. It's only for 2 weeks though plus we'll be leaving my cotton dressing gown which they love so much and makes them purr and gently claw their paws instantaneously everytime.

Here's to more years to come where you guys will always be the centre of attention in this household and will be loved throughout the rest of your lives. 

Let's continue to be ourselves and always be ready for when I wack out my Iphone to take a picture of you tikes and maybe you'll both begin to warm up to new faces/ friends who visit us and show them some attention as mush as you want it.
I'm always going to be there to cuddle you and stroke you for long periods, to make you both happy as much as you do for us all.

Happy Birthday, guys.

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