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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A Month Of Fun With The Best People

A lot has been happening to me over the last month and a half since May, I've been out nearly every weekend enjoying myself and been working hard with my friends in the weekdays (like I'm living the "normal" life). But before I get round to writing up some serious and times from my past posts along with an emotional The Fault In Our Stars post, I wanna share with you all on how weekends have become eventful recently instead of the usual lie in on the weekend and lounging about with little enthusiasm thanks to my sleeping pattern.

I'm now enjoying the Summer and things are beginning to get busy and bring people together for many joyful occasions and my Summer's already got some plans along with a Wedding and Stag to attend to at the end of July. Plus I'll be participating in a Lip Sync Battle round Mills's for her birthday on August 1st and sometime this summer, finally get round to visiting Jody and Sean at last.

But right now, I've been feeling good since the Mudder and my 22nd Birthday and have been taking it easy with AsperJosh and the Gym (which I only just popped back into on Thursday) but I still got it and almost picked up where I left off though I have been feeling a painful and satisfying burn since which means that I'm still on my way to gaining strength.

My first day n' night (like the Kid Cudi song) of partying began on June 20th because my main man, Lewis from my group of college buds was hosting this weekend and the following round his house with a handful of my closest friends to play boardgames and play the Wii-U. Around then, the Sun was beginning to rain down on the UK with scorching heat which was nice to enjoy every so often in the week whilst on lunch at work, but for us that weekend, we secluded inside for nerdy shenanigans and it was a good call.
On the Saturday, Lewis and the others and I got round to playing very eccentric boardgames that Cathy had purchased from Horsham's BattleQuest Games shop (owned by the generous Andy) that I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh Cardgames there with Lewis, Liam, Martin, Warwick etc. These games weren't your normal Monoply or Cardgame that general families are familiar with, No... these very complicated but intriguing boardgames got us all excited and left me scratching my head at just how confusing they really were.

I arrived just as they were playing The Settler Of Catan games, a Trade Build Settle game involving cards and different types of hexagon panels which resembled wheat, grasslands, minerals and having to create settlements and roads along the lines of the hexagons to take control whilst swapping resources with other players.

The games that I played with them, was a Pit stop boardgame called Formula D, that's a dice rolling game with 6 different shaped dices and having to use gears like an actual Formula1 car and you would take damage depending on your actions on winning the race.

Another was a game called Revolution, which was about taking control of a board which was a birds-eye-view of a town with a harbour and you would each turn put a small gold token, a blackmail card and a red force fist on 16 choices which would affect your possession of the settlements and other people's control of the town.

And the other (which actually happened the following weekend), was a cardgame called The Resistance: Avalon where we all got given either a good guy card or a bad guy card based on Camelot/ Merlin and someone made up a quest scenario and narrated it and we'd all know who was our on our team and decide whether the task during the quest would succeed or fail (it was most enjoyable and funny thanks to Craig's hilarious and naughty quest that he thought up for us) whilst Alex and Stevie were secretly on the same team and trying to keep quiet haha.

Plus we did have an intense fight on the Wii-U and played games on both Saturdays including Super Smash Bros. For Wii-U, Splatoon and Mario Kart 8. It was all laughs and giggles along with intense faces whilst overtaking/ beating up our friends in Lewis's front room and we even got 6 people playing on SSB Wii-U.

On the night of the 20th June, I had to attend another party which was hosted by my Awesome friend, Amy and it was a themed party of dressing up in school uniform because she had finished her University life. I turned up in a brand new white shirt and trousers but I did find my Forest Tie and old school shoes. I also met lots of my friends from Forest and got to know better during Collyers.
I got a lift through Mum and was sharing a Taxi back with Vicky and later a girl I met at the party called Becky. When I got there at 6pm, Amy set me up with 4 tiny sips of drinks that I had never tried yet because I'm usually the designated driver. I tried sips of Malibu Coconut (Eugh), Archers (Nice), Dark Rum (How do Pirates love this, maybe I'm not used to it yet?!) and Strawberry Pimms (Nice). I'm surprised I didn't shake myself or jump up and down like a cocktail haha. I'll tell you what, my head was spinning or I felt light headed a little during the first couple hours but I still felt fine and got chatting to people. I'm glad my wingman mate Matt (and Katie again) was there along with the other Matt (he wouldn't stop flirting with me, *sigh* just like College days hahaha), David (and meet his gf Debbie), Aaron, Alex, Alexander from Forest were all there and it felt like old times except this time I had friends and was more close with people. Plus I got to see Leanne and Vicky again since College plus I made friends with new people like Laura, Chloe, Sam and Becky and a couple others who's names have slipt my mind (sorry ladies!).
I got chatting to Laura and Chloe about Tough Mudder and exercising as we all love that plus I was showing everyone a few of my impressions like Minions, The Joker (Heath ledger) and the other Dark Knight Villains and a couple Family Guy characters (I love showing people and making them laugh and getting all excited, though learning when to stop is still something to pick up on or learn haha).
Amy's parents and sister were all so polite and great hosts plus her Dad was in charge of the BBQ and the whole night was great, full of dancing, Becky messing about with the CDs and Matt cuddling me. I had a wonderful night and went home with Vicky at 3 in the morning.

Dad celebrated his 22nd Father Day with his Muppet "Grub". Love you, Old Fella!

During the 22nd till 26th June, I came in with many of my mates during work for the Stock Take. As you can see, I got quite dusty, I can't believe I coped with it just by focussing during those long hours (8-4.30 usual hours + till 11pm with Pizza included). Felt like a Soldier on Monday and Wednesday (that's no comparison really, but it feels like long hours and other people say it anyway).

But I couldn't par-take on Friday, because Amy and I were seeing Minions that afternoon and had some giggles whilst sitting in the cinema with children everywhere (good thing they all kept quiet and didn't talk and only laughed like us) ha.

I already mentioned in my previous post about the boys/ kittens turning 1 years old, so thankful to have them in my life everyday!

Oh Yeah, My B-E-A-UTIFUL Sis Rebecca turned 18 on that day as well "Wooo" (fireworks exploding, crowds cheering in the background) haha. So me being the good bro that I am, I bought her an Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle (Pre-Owned) for £200 off eBay. Her best friends Em, Ryan and Katie and I took her out that night briefly as it was a Wednesday and went to Horsham's Lynd Cross for a few drinks and after looking around to see where else we could go but with no luck, we decided to save the fun for the Saturday or a time that we all had money.

Luckily, Mum and Dad, had planned for a week or two, on Saturday 4th for gathering a handful of Becca's bestest friends Em, Katie, Sakura and Lauren round ours and all of us and them to go out to a restaurant as a surprise (which turned out to be Ask Italien) and we all dressed up, shared some pics in the garden and went out for delicious Italien cuisine.
Before I continue, I'll also add in a little party I also attended in the day whilst Rebecca was enjoying herself with her friends.
The day before, on Friday 3rd, I went out that night with Lewis, Neiren, Mac, Jimmy, Mark, Owen to Horsham's Sussex Barn and by chance, I met Leanne and Ben again after Amy's Party, we couldn't chat really as she was celebrating her 18th which I Facebook'd and said to her in person, but what surprised and made me smile was that she asked em to join her, Ben, Matt and Amy for tomorrow at Horsham's Superbowl for 2 games. Sad to say that I slept till the last minute on Saturday and got ready and showered and had breakfast within 40 mins and got there 15 mins late after 12pm "D'Oh!".
I can't believe that Amy sung Grease and Disney songs when Leanne and me were bowling and funny enough, we scored a Strike/ Spare, Amy's a good luck charm it seems haha.
Surprisingly I beat everyone in both games by luck and got 2 strikes on both games, plus another dude David turned up who had a great taste in Kingdom Hearts, Anime and Metalcore Music, very glad I made a new friend that day whilst celebrating with the others and Leanne! We ate at The Anchor Pub and laid in the sun in the park whilst enjoying an Ice Cream (perfect moment) and we organised to meet up again later after I'd celebrated with my Sis.
So anyway,as Mum and Dad went home after we'd all eaten, the girls went out together and I headed out to look for Leanne and the others to celebrate her birthday with the same people from today along with many more.
I was Leanne and Ben's ride home as I found out that they live up the road and round the corner (small world, right?!) and it was the least I could do after she'd invited me out today to celebrate. We all went to Horsham's Mungo's Bar (best place, really) and saw basically almost everyone from Amy's party (it was excellent!)

Might as well add this in too that on July 3rd, I took Lee from work to the Hollywood Bowl to show him a special arcade game that I knew he'd enjoy, the Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Machine. I discovered this awesome machine during Kurt's 20th when we popped to the Hollywood Bowl and I couldn't play it then, so now was a good time for us both to enjoy it. I played First Death Star run and Lee sorta failed on Hoth but it was epic and so much fun as well as spiralling around whilst shooting Tie Fighters everywhere! Definitely gonna go again more often and show more people!

And on July 20th, I joined the Saturday work boys (Sam, Lewis, Ewan and Luis) along with Tommy, Brooke and Kurt to celebrate Tommy's 20th. Finally got them to come to Horsham's Sussex Barn.
Funny night of them attempting the Challenges and then bowling all the way in Crawley Hollywood Bowl.

Can't believe I got annihilated and even with the lanes down, ARGH no matter how straight I tried to bowl, it kept curving and going down the hole almost every shot in both games. God, that was embarrassing and frustrating though I did get one strike per game so not all bad, Lewis just wouldn't shut up and stop being a c***y d**k haha. So a lot has happened and has kept me busy as well as me really being a part in lots of big and small moments which are getting more and more better and are only the beginning to what I believe will be an excellent, fun packed and bright Summer for me and for everyone else. This week, I'm at my Auntie's house in Copthorne because I'm showing my Cousin Tom around work as he is doing work experience. I'll maybe mention it or write up a story on Friday or something.

I look forward to more nights out and with great company, good thing I have different circles of friends because not everyone's always free plus some might like one kind of activity and others don't, ya know. I guess that's what's helped bring me out my shell and helped me mature, and become a better person.

Oh yeah, I saw this on The LAD Bible and wanted to share it on here, it might give you a good laugh even if you do or don't like sport or can't keep up with Football (like me) haha.

Up next on my agenda, um I'm going to Caleb and Leanne's Wedding on July 24th and then the following day, it's my American work mate and MARVEL bro, Dave's Stag do in Brighton (plus the wedding is 29th August which I can now make and it's the day before my holiday to Greece again). But the thing that's got me excited and sick in fear to my stomach, is Mill's birthday on August 1st where it'll be the annual pool party but it'll also be a Lip Sync Battle... yeah. I was interested in doing either Owl City - Fireflies or Issues - Mad At Myself or even Eminem - Love The Way You Lie. But because none of those are really appropriate or seem fit for a moment like this (a karaoke party, maybe) so I thought of a good beat song that everyone's bound to know (like when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sung Taylor Swift - Shake It Off on Lip Sync Battle), I decided in the end to do this...
Now I just need to find a hat like that, don't think I can get a pink suit anytime soon so I'll make the most of it and just take notes from the video and give it my all that day... and make sure it's recorded so that everyone can watch it again and again as a laugh.

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