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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mirror's Edge (Game Review)

In a dystopian city where the city's regime monitor communication, control the media and freedom of alcohol and smoking is illegal. Life may seem restricted but that's what the "Runners" are for.  But when a famous politician is murdered and you are seen at the scene of the crime, your only option is to run and flee.
You are Faith Connors, a runner of this controlled city and you set out to solve the mystery and clear your name. This is Mirror's Edge!
Our dynamite game is set in a futuristic 'unnamed city' where crime is almost non-existant and this gleaming city looks like blissful paradise when it's far from that. Thanks to the Totalitarian regime, life is restricted in freedom and communication. But that's what the 'Runners' are for, to transport physical messages around the city without the use of electronic devices and avoiding any breaches of the law.
The protagonist is Faith Connors (voiced by Jules de Jongh), a 24 year old runner who does her job across the city under Revolutionary groups. Her attitude with his gleaming city is linked in her past (which you'll find out for yourself).

I was introduced to this unbelievably impressive game back in 2009 when I was becoming friends with Lewis in our first year in college. He had the game on PC which was a whole lot more better in graphics compared to my Xbox 360 version but I preferred controller to keyboard for this game. It's really something and also a treasured memory when friends introduce one another to something and then you both bond even more over it because of the mutual interest and sometime deep shared beliefs and thoughts about it, right!

Just like the opening EA logo in the first Dead Space, this hit EA and DICE game has an opening sequence featuring Faith's red footprint mark act as the EA logo which shifts into the DICE logo too (pretty outstanding stuff). I like it when games create unique opening sequences for the game companies, even Dead Space 1's version has the EA logo as a porthole with some blood stains on it (giving off that haunting feeling before the game even begins).

One of my all time favourite things about the game (before it even begins) is to listen to the title screen music "Introduction" because it's an electronic futuristic ambient track that really makes the game what it is and also has the hum of the main theme in there too. I've spent many days whilst strolling in the crowds in town and London playing this as I try to put myself into that imaginary reality except I can't parkour for sh*t and don't think I could (who knows).
Though I admit that besides the cool fizzing sound effects in the track, it's fairly consistent in music and repeats itself for a while to which some might find this boring whilst others will be entranced by it's cool layout which is fairly creative.

The actual display screen is really outstanding compared to general display screens from other first-person games, mainly because this game actually displays nothing to help guide the player. Well actually there is a small blue dot pin pointed in the centre of the screen to help the player out. If that made any sense, it's basically like your actually seeing the world through Faith's eyes with no mini-maps, life points or objectives on display.
However, we do get audio updates from Merc about the job and a small objective here and there.
But to help prove my point about seeing the world through our heroine's eyes, when we jump, climb, wall-run and slide, we do see her hands, knees and feet which without a doubt proves my point about how different this is compared to seeing a gun only on screen from generic first-person games (mainly the shooters).

The graphics are unbelievable for a 2007 game, it's no surprise that DICE added ever so much detail and colour to such a simple yet complicated game that it's a shooter. The colour scheme consists of primary colours including blue, grey and so much white and a few other primaries but the most important has to be red.
Red is your guide in the game because it's your navigator when it comes to working out where to go next during each level, whether it involves jumping off something, climbing a pole or just subtly grabbing your attention for the right reasons. Sometimes it's so subtle that it's difficult to even comprehend how to advance or get somewhere.

Controls range from WASD or the arrow keys I think if your on PC along with a few other buttons for action controls. But on Xbox 360/ PS3, it's mainly using the Left-Analog stick to move around and Right- Analog stick to aim. The LB button is your action button to do almost everything. Left-Trigger lets you slide. The X button allows you to enter a slow adrenaline "Reaction Time" where you can slow things down for a short period to help you gain that edge in timing things as well as use the Y button to disarm enemies and knocking them out/ gaining their firearm (fire with Right-Trigger). I played the game once without using guns and I got an achievement *wink*.
Don't worry, theres a training course in the beginning that you can choose to do if your not up to being thrown into the deep end, right away!

The soundtrack is what equals the game in it's masterpiece level. "Edge & Flight" have that mixed blend of ambient echo which soon escalates into heated pursuit music from an action film. "Heat" has suspense before that electronic drum kit smashes in (I think) making the Police encounter and combat pretty epic. "Ropeburn" has a sense of mystery as your sneaking around in the level itself.
Solar Fields is the master behind the music and has also done other work himself which is all available on iTunes as well as the game's soundtrack and it's main theme remixes.

The sound effects are spot on with every door thrashed open and every punch, hit and landing that Faith lands, even adding in that painful groan adding that deeper connection to real life pain instead of believing that she's indestructible. I'll tell you, every time that I missed the jump and I plummeted to my doom, it really made me every time cringe with shock hearing that spine chilling crash as bones shatter from the fall. It's too realistic to even imagine myself in if I was to die by falling...

One thing that does seem a little weird and alternative is that the Cinematic cutscenes are done in a totally different art style. If anything it's almost like a Manga in colour, anybody else agree? Its a good mix of 2 art styles compared to the awful and unsettling art and graphic mash in the Dead Space: Aftermath film.
It's different but I ran with it for this game, but that DS film was frustrating having to see flashbacks in another art style which even made the 3D all unnecessary compared to the first film (Dead Space: Downfall) which used the perfect art style. I know I got off topic, but since all three things are from EA, perhaps they used this recurring art style in the three things to try and stand out better?

I've already listened a few good things about the game already and I can't spoil everything. But I will mention how cool the Main Theme is. Performed by the gorgeous Swedish-Finnish-Czech singer "Lisa Miskovsky" her beautiful voice sings "Still Alive" - the Main Theme for the game.
Her lyrics relate to the game as well as perhaps Faith's own words in her head, mostly.
The theme is that popular that there are multiple Remixes by several remixers including the house/ dubstep version by Paul van Dyk, the ambient and slow Junkie XL and the upbeat, adrenaline fast paced remix by Teddybears (the video contains gameplay). The remixes are great but the others I'm not so fond of, however just to mention that the Mt. Eden version is good too since it's like a sped up version whilst still standing out to the original version too.

One bad thing that holds the game back a little is the lack of exploration time or the fact that the player is limited to a specific route instead of being able to free roam in any level (to a certain extent). Luckily the next game which came out after all this time and only a week ago, fills in that missing quality as well as brighten up and to a remarkable level, make the graphics even more amazing than ever! I'm sure to write that up in a while after I save up for it, as I'm still currently saving up for my Canon EOS 70D Africa Camera and all the gear (memory cards, gorilla tripod) and let's not forget to include the Tamron 150-600m lens.
As incredible as the game is, there are a couple facts that make it's pros into cons.
Such as with he fact that the game consists of being on the move constantly that I think players might forget to stop and appreciate the breathtaking detail put into the landscapes and scenery.
Plus when you miss that jump, what comes next is quite jumpy and leave you cringing as you hear the bone breaking end to Faith. It's a solid reminder to us all of just how dangerous and realistic the parkour is to actually attempt (even though these incredible Assassin's Creed Parkour runners are incredible on YouTube).

 I've been meaning for a year or so to actually get round to purchasing this poster of a screenshot of the city from the first game. It's pretty modern and looks incredible and theres more available on eBay and now with the release of the reboot game, theres bound to be even more pretty and incredible deigns and screenshots/ wallpapers!

Plus besides the Time Trial versions of the levels which really put your skills to the test as you navigate s fast as you can through each level, there are actually a couple special DLC maps available online.
The video explains it more along with the Still Alive Remix by Teddybears (my favourite version).

So Overall, this game must be on your shelf or been played by your very fingers. It's a great game which was exceptional almost 9 years ago and now we finally have that 2nd game at last (too bad it's not a sequel, but rather a "full reboot to Faith's story and also dives deeper into her history in continuity". Oh well, least this new game is diamond detail with much more fluid gameplay.

I have a few posts in mind to share in July since I've been lagging this month due to being "preoccupied" and it's made me feel rather incredible. I want to share Clannad and some other posts since they've been long delayed and will help me get some deep thoughts out of my head to share with you all.
Stay tuned for more!

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