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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My Late 23rd Birthday Celebration

"And that's about the time she walked away from me. Nobody likes you when you're 23" haha had to throw in those classic blink-182 lyrics from What's My Age Again?" for the moment that I am now 23 years old (well I turned 23 back on Monday 6th June, that is).
I had to work sadly on my Birthday but the fun was saved for Sunday (yesterday) and I've had a sensational weekend which I'm about to get round to.
This year, I actually left any Birthday plans to the last minute since my mind has been elsewhere over the last month with some big things coming up in May and I've been more focussed on them getting done than planning my 23rd. Plus with the fact that my birthday has always been during the exam period whether my friends were at college or uni, it's been tough to always do something on the actual day, which I don't mind. But with a short notice idea, I decided to invite loads (turned into 3 others) who could make it to join me on Sunday 12th June to have some fun and celebrate my late 23rd.

Like every year, my main man Kurt's birthday is the day before mine (5th June) and this year it was his 21st! So Kathy and I took him out to Tilgate Park on that sunny summer Sunday since he'd never been to a Smith & Western before. You know what was coming *wink*.  Whilst chowing down on that good quality meat, Kathy popped off to the ladies room (I had a feeling I knew what she was doing). Shortly after returning 3 minutes later, out comes the team with the giant Sundae with sparklers and the team ready to sing to embarrass my friend whilst I was prepared with the camera haha (I'm such a good friend).
Not that many people outside decided to join in but Kurt enjoyed himself and once the singing was done, he looked at me with the look of *oh god, I'm so embarrassed* to which I admitted defensively "Don't look at me haha". Kathy felt so proud and cheeky since it was essential and something that had to be done.
That Sundae was great and once we were finished, we headed back to his to play GTA V since Kathy was showing us the cheats she discovered to make the gameplay hilariously ridiculous.

She had to go as she had to babysit so Kurt took me in his car to go and get his bro Lewis, another Lewis and Will to take us to Tilgate Forest Golf Centre to use the driving range to swing as far as we could. Kurt brought his clubs for us all to use. I'd never played golf before, but I actually enjoyed it a little whilst struggling to actually hit the ball... so so many times haha.
I recorded mine and Kurt's shots and we all had some jokes and banter thrown at each other till we were told to control ourselves by the other professionals.

Still, that was fun and next time we gotta drag Kathy there since it was better than expected and she messaged me there to say her babysitter had cancelled and that she wanted to come back but we'd nearly finished, D'Oh.
After travelling back to Kurt's we saw that Liam, Tommy, Sam and Ewan were already there to start the grill to rustle up some well done burgers and sausages (better that way than undercook, right?)
I'm glad he enjoyed himself and he loved the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Stormtrooper Fade Frame I got him, I got it from the G-Store in the County Mall (that shop has unbelievably awesome nerdy household stuff from things like Doctor Who, Legend Of Zelda, DC, Marvel etc, you gotta go check it out!

My Birthday on the next day, was a usual working day and it was a Monday *ugh*.  Though, I was cheered up by the on-going Facebook wishes I got from over 140 of my FB friends and family. I usually do my best to wish everyone in my friends list a "Happy Birthday" and I'm glad that many of them repaid the favour!
After Mum came home at 6:40pm, did I get to open my cards and couple presents from Mum, Dad and Becca. Even her friend Katie popped over to join us for dinner and give m a card too. Love everyone and all my FB friends for wishing me a wonderful day. I had to reply to them all instead of writing a lazy post to thank everyone all at once, I had to explain to many that I'm saving my fun and excitement for the weekend.
The next day, Kathy sent me an awesome card that I laughed at and felt great pleasure in punching the Spider-Man Face Mask out of the children card. I loved her words inside too which were a nice positive quote on doing what I set my mind to, even just like Spidey lol.
I looked awesome with this on and felt it write to post a pic on Instagram and FB as well as thank her too!

As for the weekend, I actually went on a Date with a lady called Melissa (whom I had added a couple weeks ago after seeing she liked the same things as me and we had 6 mutual friends).  It sounds weird of me to randomly add someone, but I want to improve my social skills and sometimes you need to be brave and try to be spontaneous even if that means adding a stranger.
I met her in Horsham Park after I'd done my Sat morning 5K ParkRun with Aimy, ClaireIkin and Ryan, she was doing Yoga as I made my way there.
The whole day was absolutely wonderful, I've never been so honest with a woman who is honest as well. We learned so much about each other in one day. We spoke truthfully about out past, relationships, interests, views on the world, imagination, Disney etc. We did this at Shakeaway and then later lying at the top of Denne Hill on the outskirts of Horsham.

We laid in the sunshine just chatting till the rain came and had us stuck under a tree where a bench was, waiting for the sudden downpour to pass.
I'm so glad we both had a wonderful time and intend to see each other again very soon, I have a good feeling about her!
I love the comment that my friend Katie said about both of looking like Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled!

Now onto the main event, I take forever sometimes to get washed and dressed on a Sunday (I sound like I'm still 8 years old) but at 4:45pm, Matt and Leanne came and got me as we headed for Crawley's Hollywood Bowl. Kurt met us there and the games began. I paid for everyone to play "2 Games and a Free Drink" which was £13 each (I got the money on the day). We were limited to the free drinks but we got and I tried a Carling Cider (nah, not my thing). For some reason, every time I bowled I always missed it completely and then scored a little on the 2nd attempt. But I managed to get 2 Strikes on the 2nd game and beat everyone (was I playing with them?!)

I showed Matt the epic Jurassic Park Arcade game where we used gatling guns to overkill all the pursuing Dinos and the colossal T-Rex (of course, Matt survived longer than I did).

But then I introduced him to his highlight arcade game ever, Star Wars Battle Pod.
It's incredible that this sphere with holographic display and ground breaking IMAX quality sound was exactly what every Star Wars fan needs to play in their arcade nearest them. Matt tried but I succeeded (later on) on the Battle Of Endor (Space Battle) but we both had a blast anyway and it makes up for the tying scores.

We all ventured to town to look for a bite to eat and I recommended Chimichanga (where I've eaten before and loved it). Great Mexican for but not too spicy as it would set me off badly, but everyone loved the grub as did I.
We noticed on our way in that there was a Crawley Music Festival going on where a band called Strobe were performing several chart hits and classics which we became attracted to and spent the rest of the late afternoon at the boulevard with Koppa's in our hand.

Before ending the night, we returned to the Arcade since Leanne was so hyper than us three lads put together. So Matt and I had another go on the Star Wars Pod and did Battle Of Hoth (I bet you can already guess, who won that one... yep, me).

Then I showed him hows it's done when you complete Battle Of Endor like a boss!

Before Kurt and Leanne grabbed a snooker table, we all popped into this big Photo Studio where we could select background themes for £4. We chose Halloween and look like right numpties but we loved it and had a laugh as you do.

We ended up playing Snooker from 10:00 till 10:45 and realised we had to call it a night (shame it was a Sunday since it felt like a Friday to us). I'm glad Kurt came with us and came out of his shell and made friends with Leanne and Matt, he's even been invited to their upcoming events over the next few weeks.

I loved the War Machine (Civil War) Funko Pop that Leanne and Ben got me and Matt got me some Africa gear which isn't really that far off now... 3 months *deep inhale and exhale*. So lucky to have these people in my life! We all agreed to try and make this a thing to do once or twice a month since it was just so much fun, let's see what happens!

Before I go, I can't help but notice that it's that time of the year again, E3. The gaming event of the year where all the hit new games for Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Wii all get announced and woo hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world! I made a post last year which took all week about my highlights from 2015's E3 but I couldn't be asked to do it all again this year.
I'm getting Mirror's Edge: Catalyst in a week or so (it was in last years E3) so I'm writing a review of the first game next week.

But I will share the videos of my so far highlights that I'm looking forward to plus you all already know that I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III (I might write those up over the rest of the year too).

Oh and one more thing, my heart and thoughts go out to all the friends and families who were affected by the unbelievable Orlando shooting! Why can't people just be happy for other people's choices in love in this life?!

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