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Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Phenomenon Behind Pokemon Go

So... How many of you have been playing Pokemon Go? This hit mobile app has taken the world by storm by bringing fans old and new together to catch em all! And here's the low down on the phenomenon!
Professor Willow
In case you need reminding, Pokemon Go is the hit mobile app in which you sell your soul to Nintendo and become addicted to actually going outside to venture about to find all 151 Gen I Pokemon and capture them. First you customise your Pokemon Trainer (Boy or Girl) and nickname him/ her.
Then in order to play this, you use your phone's Mobile Data as a GPS to give off a sonar beacon around the environment and search for random Pokemon to appear on your screen. Once you find one and click on it, your Camera activates within the app and the Pokemon is displayed on screen as if it were in the real world itself (pretty cool, right?)
My Top 16 atm
And then your finger flicking skills are put to the test as you try to capture the Pokemon with Pokeballs which you acquire at PokeStops (landmarks everywhere which you swipe the circle in order to replenish your bag with items for capturing and battling Pokemon). Did you get all that? If they are dropping petals then someones activated a Lure Module which can attract Pokemon to the stop as well as players like Moths to a Flame!

So this groundbreaking app has not only revolutionised the way of playing Pokemon but has also awakened the childhood within millions of fans.
It has also brought people together to go on adventures in teams but at the same time, has encouraged the world to glue their eyes and attention to their phones in the competitive effort to catch em all and level them up.
Because as you capture Pokemon, you acquire Stardust and Pokemon Candy (of the Pokemon you caught) which are both essential to help power up the CP (Combat Power) and to eventually evolve it.

You also can acquire Items for repleneshing a Pokemon's strength since they aren't just caught to register in the Pokedex, the Pokemon are also used to power up so that you can take on Gyms (located around your County/ City) and try to take it over for your Team/ Colour and hold that record.

It's amazing how this has both good and sorta bad reactions but I just love the fact that Pokemon had become that important and popular again since the 90s and now it's one of the biggest subjects to talk about nowadays thanks to this app!

My History with Pokemon
I'm like any 90s kid who was there glued to the Gameboy Colour playing Red, Blue and Yellow, followed by every game to come out with added pixelation, new regions and story "Pokemon galore" basically. It's one of the very subjects that I know a library amount of (besides Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars and Spider-Man). I've loved Pokemon since the games and anime (I've even been reading the Manga over the last couple months which is a must-see for a more mature, graphical story and artwork compared to Ash Ketchum's universe). The world of Pokemon is always growing (thats sorta good thing and bad thing) and the very word holds unlimited facts and nostalgia to everyone.
Honestly, I dedicated myself to the Anime ever since it's debut back in 1996 up until the end of the Diamond & Pearl series (2013) when I gave up and couldn't be asked to continue on anymore after Ash lost yet again (to be fair, he has won the Orange League and Battle Frontier but he's got nothing on Red in the games, manga and in Pokemon Origins).
I've seen 16 of the Movies so far including the 2nd Mewtwo film - Mewtwo Returns (god, his Untold Origins destroys me every time I see it back when he had a friend) The nostalgia is nice but this dark story shows how Pokemon isn't all fun and games sometimes. Even this track from the series brings tears to my eyes too. Just thought I'd scar you...

My biggest regret is that there is no one I know who dedicated themselves to the Anime or if I may be so bold to speak, my knowledge of Pokemon in general. It's really depressing that I know so so so much about the facts, moments and highlights of certain areas compared to many others having only played all the games only. I've longed for someone to talk to about episodes in the Johto and Hoenn seasons, perhaps I'll have some luck if I look for a forum or go on Reddit to find fans talking about subjects or even helping me find that one track in the BGM that I haven't been able to find on the YouTube playlist, these past couple years lol (it's that small track played in the creepy moments of the 1st season and is played in caverns or when Charizard woke up (Charizard Chills) or (The Ghost Of Maidens Peak) episodes.

I have no clue as to how much longer I will be a fan of one of the greatest franchises ever. I love it with all my heart and am really pleased that this app has brought it back into the spotlight and brought everyone together in our time again. Just as I believe that "You are never too old for Disney", the same rule goes for Pokemon or anything else that you love and are proud to be a fan as well!

Camera view
Normally, the game is played with both the main app and the Camera app linked together. Seeing Pokemon appear in the real world is a dream come true (shame it's not the real deal). I've seen loads of pictures online of people doing those synchronise positions (like leaning against the Leaning Tower of Pisa) or in this case, hugging a Pikachu or Drowzee. I've caught a Magicarp splashing on my friends head at Tilgate Park.
However the concept behind capturing the Pokemon can lead to misleading assumptions when your camera is swirled about or aimed at people, particularly women. I mean I've heard a rumour about how people used the app as an excuse to photograph women (or close up of their chest). As silly and ridiculous as it sounds to even consider going into a club and saying "Excuse me, but there is a Zubat on your chest, can I try and capture it?" How many times do you think that would work? Lol.
That's why the game had a built in AR switch which takes away the Camera background and replaces it with a generic field picture used in the latest games and doesn't require the user to move the camera about to locate the Pokemon. Instead you can hold the phone comfortably and swipe your finger with ease and it also saves some battery power since 2 apps aren't open at the same time. How many of you have caught great pictures of Pokemon at the right time?

Location, Location, Location
The trainer level highly depends on your location since rural and urban areas have a range of general Pokemon to show up within range everyday. You're more likely to find rare Pokemon in the cities compared to the villages or small towns in your country (and some Pokemon can only be captured in certain regions of the world). I know people who are already reaching near Lv 20 and some who are below 25 and all because they live or commute around London daily and here I am working in a Respiratory Warehouse everyday with barely any time to go searching around my area.

However I have had some frequent visits around Horsham Park and Tilgate Park with my squad of friends for some adventuring and summer hanging out.

Plus we do get specific Pokemon at certain locations and it helps us track which Pokemon to search for since we need to catch more of the same one in order to feed it candy and stardust to get stronger and eventually evolve.
Ben, Leanne, Kurt and Will
(Franklin Wasn't With Us)
- The Squad
Plus sometimes at PokeStops you can even be rewarded an Pokemon Egg. You can receive one of three types which are categorised under 2km, 5km and 10km as to how much distance you need to cover with the app open before a certain Pokemon will hatch and your rewarded a load of XP, stardust and candy. You do this by activating Incubators which the eggs remain in and then a kilometre count is activated to help you keep track of how much you've done.
Everyone's now on bicycles or driving under 20mph so that it still counts to the distance count in the GPS and it helps you get about more efficiently.
Me and my friends will now get more out of our visits to London, Brighton or even MCM Comic-Con for that matter. Because everyone recently who's on their phone is most likely playing this and god only knows how many will be playing it in crowded areas like Comic-Con and how many times of bumping into each other will occur. I bet that a Rare/ Legendary Pokemon will be about at these events and get such a stampede going that everyone will riot about to capture it haha.

Team Division
Once you reach Lv 5, you will have to choose one of three teams to follow based off the colours of the 3 Legendary Birds: Mystic (Articuno), Instinct (Zapdos) and Valor (Moltres). The fact you have to choose something and can't ever have second thoughts about has divided the Pokemon Community into 3. There is so much Banter online and in the Facebook Pokemon Groups and Communities (not to mention countless Meme's). It's all funny actually and people shouldn't get too worked up about anecdotal criticism. In the end, it's just a team and there are millions of supporters of that same colour all rallying together in the name of "...". I have respect for all three (even if I get more banter from the Valors) but were all still friends and such which is all that matters.

I saw a fan create this Meme referencing the 2nd Movie - Pokemon 2000 and creating a fan-made team for the Johto Legendary Pokemon (Lugia) and calling it Harmony. I like that idea since it was Lugia in the film that was called upon to settle the quarrelling between the Legendary Trio and restore balance between all. I wonder if that will come into play someday if the creators pick up on it or it's just an interesting idea in the end?
By the way, a friend of mine developed some T-shirts/ Hoodies and Tank Tops of the Team Logos along with a neat "I apologise if I walk into you, I'm playing Pokemon Go" design which I am so tempted to buy since I've even seen good looking men or strong confident guys wearing Pokemon clothing and caps which is a good sign to say that I can get my clothing out and not feel ashamed or embarrassed to wear it out in public any longer.

The app itself is like a member of the Pokemon game family since it's all about your own experience, strategy and dedication to helping you on your journey to being the very best. Despite the fact that choosing a colour can lead to division between friends, I've still hung out with my squad despite them all being Mystic and I'm the only Instinct (it's like I'm that one guy who just has to stand out mentally and purposely) haha.
There was a video all over the Internet of a Charizard appearing in Central Park... there were hundreds of people all adults swarming over like children to the Ice Cream van. It was something to see and it really shows how this game has become undeniably popular and important to millions. I love it that everywhere I go, I see groups and single trainers all on their phones (even couples) and now I don't feel childish for loving something which to many is considered that.
And to be fair, loads of people managed to acquire the game in under a week or two before the UK's release date and thats why they are already levels ahead of myself and many others ha.

Like anything on the Internet, Meme's are hilarious methods for causing laughter, sarcasm, dark humour for anyone to post and share online and anyone can make one. You should look up the Spider-Man or Leonardo DiCaprio ones lol. So now there are even more Pokemon ones thanks to its positive comeback to the world.

There are loads and more to come for anything and the Pokemon ones are hilarious. I've spammed this post with many already and feel bad for doing so but then again, I want to show off the comedy and go all out on Pokemon in this post ha.

Old Fans and Jumping On The Bandwagon
I've seen hundreds of people play it throughout the month during visits to Horsham, Crawley, Tilgate and London etc. If anyone is on their phone, everyone can assume easily that they are definitely playing the game. I've seen children, teenagers and adults a like running about with passion and confidence about finding a Pokemon within the vicinity. There are also groups and circle puts of team mates all gathering wherever I go as if they are making tactics and plans. I am astounded by the very fact that a franchise which is considered "nerdy" and "childish" has taken the world by storm and now almost everyone is playing it as if it's the norm. It's a little hypocritical since I get called those words for liking Anime, Gaming, Marvel, Doctor Who etc and now everyone including those who look confident with themselves are playing it as if they know as much as the true fans of this franchise... If you understand where I'm coming from?

But the fact that no one is really mocked anymore for loving Pokemon, it's actually a good thing. It's heartwarming to be able to relive your childhood at whatever age you are now and with your friends too in the great outdoors. Despite being on your phones all the time now, it's still great that we're all going outside more and socialising over a mobile app!
Getting Africa Gear With Franklin

There was a night last Friday at Tilgate when Franklin (whom I'm going to Africa with in September) shouted out that there was a Bulbasaur and Dratini in the carpark then about 20 people all slowly wondered over as if we called for the attention. Everyone managed to find them both in the end after introducing each other and wondering in separate directions and then call over once he showed up. It's so weird and nice that strangers and fans a like are now working together over something like this.

Negative Views
I'll start with the Negatives first since it's best to get them out of the way.
Your battery goes down slowly but surely since this app requires a lot of power and the fact that you have your 3G kept on longer than usual doesn't help either. I guess thats why my friends have been buying PowerBanks to help them last longer and keep the phone alive throughout the day and on their long walks (I really should get one asap).
The most obvious is that the game can take over peoples lives and some people will do stupid things whilst paying the game (I'm sure you all heard about that girl who walked across a highway, right?) I mean FFS, overtime the app opens, there is a warning sign saying "Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings", if you forget that then it's Game Over for you then.
Plus sometimes it's even impossible to get past the Loading page and then you have to close it and keep retrying unless your told that the Servers are down again...

Can't believe I missed
a Porygon near
Crawley Cineworld.
Least I got a Kabuto.
I almost went over my Data Coverage before checking up on my O2 bill a couple days ago and realised I was under 50MB away from passing my limit, so this game is not only battery consuming but it can cost you dearly if your not careful with your 3G limit.
Boy is it annoying when the game freezes once the Pokeball has landed or the fact that sometimes it won't even load properly and will cause major frustration until the ****er loads finally before it's too late.
Oh and you'd better not show this app more attention than your lover since I don't think he/ she will appreciate it (unless your both into it, which in that case... your very very lucky!)

Positive Views
We'll end this on the bright side *whistles the tune*.
The game requires you to go outside in order to find Pokemon which is good for keeping up exercise for young ones and helping yourself to remain fit, right? It even gives Dog Walkers something to do whist their canine companion is enjoying itself too.
The phenomenon has brought countless people together and encourages more to go outside or frequent visits to socialise and work together to play the game. Even if your popping to the shops, you can still get something out of it besides helping someone else and you'll walk the egg distance too.
When Pokemon Go Actually Manages To Load
The game does have a unique way of getting the game to work without having to keep the app and phone on constantly, by activating the Battery Saver option, when you turn your phone upside down, then the game enters a Sleep Mode where it will still vibrate and notify you when Pokemon appear (best idea ever).

Many people have confessed on Facebook and Twitter about how the app got them out of their bubble and is slowly encouraging them to go outside as well as make friends in the process. It's really something that this little app can help turn people's lives around and help them become better people and all in the name of Pokemon. I'm glad that almost everyone I know (including those I'd never expect to even mention this word) is now playing it like an addiction routine and it's grand that this has really changed the world.

The Future?
How incredible is this?!
Everyone is still waiting on the Pokemon Go Plus to come out. This small device which can be clipped on to you or worn like a bracelet acts as smartwatch and alerts you when Pokemon are nearby. Its a great extension to the game and it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can help you put the phone down and enjoy yourself until the device notifies you. It's quite expensive but I am considering getting one.

I bet the team in the control room with a giant screen of graphs, calculations and maybe even satellite results of the games progress are laughing with power. Seeing their ingenious app flourish across the planet and growing with fans and popularity (I bet someone's done the supervillain laugh) mwahaha.
I have no idea what more can be done (besides fixing some major bugs including the tracking system) as well as what the future of Pokemon holds in store for the world.
I've longed for the reality where Pokemon is real and that we can actually go on a journey of our own (how irresponsible would that be?) Oh well, it'll just remain a dream (like living Star Wars or any other fictional universe).
I'm proud of this app for really changing the world and revolutionising the very concept of playing Pokemon. This'll be one for the history books and to be mentioned on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year and I wonder how much longer this phase/ highlight will last for everyone?
Remember everyone... Gotta catch em all!


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