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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Clannad After Story (Anime Review)

With Nagisa's dream play completed, Tomoya finally admits his feelings for her and they become a couple. However their school life is coming to an end and Tomoya has yet to help out more of his friends. But dark clouds are gathering and he will be tested on unbelievable life changing events, yet to come.
This Anime is remarkably emotional and like a glimpse into the future. This is Clannad Afterstory.
Tomoya Okazaki - Voiced by: "Kenji Nojima" (Japanese) and "David Matranga" (English) returns to continue his story from where the ending to Clannad finished. Him and Nagisa Furukawa - Voice by: "Mai Nakahara" (Japanese) and "Luci Christian" (English) are finally a couple. But now, everything is changing and the school life is coming to an end. How will our two new lovebirds persevere through their struggles together?  Their future is full of unimaginable change, pain and eventual happiness and everything can only turn out righteous in the end... but not till after the painful struggle ends.

I love that the first episode starts off with a fresh and fun game of Baseball with every character. And by the end, that success will be the glimpse into what looks like a flawless streak as the episode ends with "Machi, Tokino Nagare, Hito / Town, Flow Of Time, People" (it was too perfect).

I explained in the previous post about my history and discovery of this unique Anime masterpiece. It's one of the best discoveries of my life. I still find it awkward that Lewis showed me the last 10 minutes of Episode 16 which was the turning point in the second season and the biggest spoiler possible. But somehow, I still pursued through this anime in time as I tried to bury the spoiler and to still obtain that first time feeling full of multiple emotions and all within one episode that I was slowly catching up to.

Sub over Dub, still. The English Sub holds so much more emotion and brings out the characters drama perfectly. Even though the Dub is just as grand, but I admit that either one will be fine for you to watch the series and won't really affect the story or have anything cut out luckily.
It was quite something when 2 best friends brawl it out after taking it out on many jerks deserved those hits. But when 2 brothers fight it out over their own score does it release that sad and aggressive atmosphere that just had to happen (whilst "Shionari / Roaring Tides" is played).

The Animation returns flawlessly and radiants continuously as the dark and happy days shown through memories, discoveries and teary confrontations really make this anime stand at the top of the peak in Anime drama through animation.
Episode 16 and 18 is where the Anime reaches its climax in undeniable drama through the perfect lineup of music (every track I love was in Eps 18). Not to mention the warm orange sunset setting when it came to remembering memories and learning the truth on how things have turned out and how to become a better man. The last 8 episodes are sorta based off a film I saw a long time ago which will spoil those episodes thanks to the resembling plot.

The story will unlock more arcs to finish before we focus on our love birds. I loved how a lady who had short appearances in the previous season, finally managed to be reunited with her lover through another small form thanks to a memory that was witnessed and shared eventually.
Plus another woman confronted her tragic dilemma whilst violence broke out between people and only the truth could end it much to everyone surprise and respect.
The series also teaches us (especially me) that there are many things that you just can't change. Change is natural and you must learn to accept and overcome these feelings because its only natural. Life is everlasting and ever-changing and I wonder what my future holds for me. To see his life continue over 5 years was comforting but also heartbreaking to watch as I respect how he still pulled through life struggles and blessings.

What makes me share the same aura as Tomoya is that his life shows how he went from isolation to being special to someone. Something that I'm still in the struggle through. I feel connected to him because I admire and envy how things turned out for him in school and future. Of course, I don't want to ever have to endure the same suffering that he went through in Eps 16 till 18. But I feel that if those who know me were to see those 2 episodes or to give the series a chance (or read the spoilers), then perhaps they would see my connection clearly. I love my Quality of Life even if I fail to remember the good times and just how special I am to others. I just have to keep moving forward, be proud of everything that happens and to never stop being me. If it works for him, then surely it'll all turn out perfectly for me too then... right?

The music continues from the previous season and here I'm explaining several more tracks as well as go back to a couple that I previously mentioned. "Harukana Toshitsuki / Distant Years" is a mixed track which starts by bringing out the tears as if you've been hit with life-changing news and you feel lost in thought (sounds like William Orbit's Adagio For Strings). But it soon then alters into a glimpse of hope or discovery as the track changes into something else (it was too perfect for episode 16 when someone very important appears at last). The Piano version is very nostalgic, as if recalling a distant memory (hence the name).
I still love "Town, Flow of Time, People" as always and it's an excellent piece played after the happy first episode of the second season.
I'm glad that half a year ago, that Lewis managed to track down these 2 tracks off one of the 3 Remix albums. I recognised this to affiliate to T,FOT,P and I heard it throughout both series. Plus this remix (I love the ocarina part) was the best piece to play when 2 old friends are reunited after 5 years apart and this time, she is a respectful lady who still shows traits of her old self to when he last saw her back then.
The soundtrack is like the soundtrack to my life. Almost every track is a perfect background piece to play during certain moments of isolation, walking alone, crying in anger, crying in sorrow, enjoying company and even imagining the future. I wonder if anyone else feels the same? The twinkling piano bits, cello drama and everything else all blend together to make such a masterpiece.
And let's not forget to credit the incredible opening "A Song That Ticks Away Time". Lia sang this beautiful and its one of my favourite Anime intros ever. I found the single off iTunes as well as bought her album since her voice is so elegant and harmonous even if it's in Japanese and I have no clue as to what she is saying haha.

Episode 18 is where the tear-jerking drama hits you like a ton of bricks. That nostalgic journey that Tomoya ended up re-living brought out the tears, empathy and sympathy that changed my views on Clannad forever. He went on a journey of reconciliation and re-learned things that he never saw before. How he's now ended up in the same situation as his dad and that he has the chance to fix things for the better and apologise to her for his actions and restore the bonds of family.

When we come to the last episode, that's where it changes everything and for the better. It all makes so much sense and leaves us with a righteous ending. It helps that both the story and the Illusionary World turned out to have a connection and that the ending had them both come together through a link in time and to have had a purpose which turned into the ending.
The song "Chiisana Tenohira/ Small Palms" (sung by Riya) gets me every time! The video is like a glimpse into everyone's future, showing life moving forward and what our characters are up to in the world. It was very emotional for me to see this all after the sh*t that had happened from Eps 18 till Eps 22 (ending). But now I feel everytime it plays, I reimagine the ending without fail but also apply it to my own thoughts as to what my friends are doing right now no matter where we are around the world. And will continue to make me feel and thinks this way because it's too magnificent to apply it into any other context.

I will also mention that there are 3 extra episodes to look out for once you are finished. The first is an explanation as to what was going on "a year" before the series started. The 2nd is a recap summary of the series where a father explains to her everything as well as remembering everything despite the change (which is righteous instead of feeling it was all a ruse and a giant middle finger to the audience). And the last one is a different "Another World" where my favourite purple haired hot head who still has a heart of gold is another life without meeting Nagisa. This is just as good and sad as the previous seasons Another world with someone else. It's interesting that this concept can be imagined and considered an option and many fans agree too which is a good sign.

The ending couldn't have been anymore perfect, it was like waking up from a nightmare to seeing everything right and wonderful. It was a cruel mislead to have seen things get worse only to get better. I kinda wished that I'd got to see everyone together again but life isn't always like that (but it can be for me and for you, we just need to make it happen!)
I feel that deep down Clannad is so precious and special to me because Tomoya's story gives me hope. It's like a glimmering, captivating story showing that no matter how bad things can get, no matter how you try to hide your feelings and what life throws at you, you will still achieve happiness. Sometimes you have to go through so much bad times and pain to get that radiant ending. And someday you'll have a lover and maybe a family for you to love and love you. Proving that everyone can achieve happiness and that things can only get better eventually.

Thats why I wish to express and share this Anime like its the next best thing. It will affect you and take you on an emotional journey and teach you to appreciate your Quality of Life. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I also hope that you'll give it a watch as well!

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