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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park, Mid-October 2016

I know I'm pretty late with this post and I was currently in the middle of my Comic-Con one yesterday which is going up tomorrow. But stuff at home has been all over the place due to an unexpected infestation which has left us all tired and in different rooms over the last 2 weeks, so I've been feeling weird and uncomfortable (which is why these two posts are late). But all's well now and the source has been exterminated!
But to celebrate a late Halloween, I didn't go out on Halloween with it being a Monday. But back on 15th October, I went out with my friends to Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest for the first time and had a right laugh and a few jumps here and their, so this might as well compensate for a late Halloween special, right?
I've never been to Tulleys Farm before which serves as a Halloween treat and event like Thorpe Park where the venue becomes a scream fest for hundreds of people throughout October to come and get scared and enjoy the rides and atmosphere.
So my friend Sam "Panda" organised for me and a group of our friends to go on the 15th for a night of scares and laughing at each other at the Farm. I was excited and slightly scared in the back of my mind since I had no idea how I would react in front of the others but it did sound funny to go and see how the others would act or pretend to not be scared.

I took Ben and Matt up from mine near 4:30pm after Becca had told us briefly about the attractions and what to expect in character design, theme and layout after they arrived at mine. It felt a bit less scary to learn how things would go down and on the drive their, us three were making jokes whilst I was playing blink-182 to lighten us up for the unexpected tonight.

We turned up at the Farm (located near Crawley and Turner Hill) by 5pm and met the others - Leanne, Kurt, Purdew, George, Panda and his friends Bradley, Jono, Abbey and her bf George.
We queued up for a short while and got jumped when our backs were against the cafe area and 5 high-squeaky voiced bellhop girls with bloody eyes all came over to scare us (there was even a cool Vulture and Sacked girl patrolling around to scare random people in the area). They made me jump when they offered me some popcorn and then just screamed in my face (I managed to notice a small hand bone in the popcorn and was even gonna go for it, if they'd let me) ha.
Anyway before starting any of the attractions, we had a safety instruction speech from the staff to remind us of head safety, no touchy rules and no photography when doing the attractions.
So up first on our 8 Horror Attractions for the evening was 1. The Cellar The Haunted House. For safety reasons, no one was allowed to record or take pictures during the attractions. I was hoping to do my first Facebook Live video *sadface*, guess I'll save it for BMTH on Nov 5th.
Cellar was a long walk of walking through a dusty maze of rooms all connected like a long zig-zag corridor. The characters were all screaming and snarling and looked like ghouls and tortured prisoners. It was pretty good and everyone had to walk with their right hand on the others shoulder like a conga line. I found it quite amusing and praised a few characters quickly as we shuffled through.

After that funny experience, we got a nice Hog Roast bun as the rain poured down heavily for a good long while till nightfall.
Next up was 2. Hell-ements where we had black (supposed to be see through) bags over our heads as we walked single file through a dark corridor of tortured souls in agony. We had an introduction CGI video of the king of Hell warning and intimidating us of the horrors ahead. I was giggling a lot of the time since we had to hold onto a rope with our left hands whilst navigating blind. Both Matt and Matt Purdew ended up shouting "I've lost the rope" several times during the ride (not sure if they were trying to make us laugh or themselves haha). I was laughing and shouting back a few times because the banter was hilarious. We even had one moment near the end where a giant fire blew up (maybe with Oxygen pump) like a bonfire was enraged or something (I really wish I could have seen it for myself).

3. The Creepy Cottage was next where the pumpkins were scattered everywhere outside (I didn't see Jack Skellington anywhere around the Pumpkin Patch). This one shared the same theme as the cellar but was different due to having animatronic props like small open boxes with sound effects and much more dust and cobwebs on the walls and furniture. There was even a girl in the hallway like something out of Lights Out which did send a shiver down my spine for a moment (she even followed us for a second which encouraged us to speed up).
We came out on the Gift Shop area (that's how they get ya) ha.

4. The Coven of 13 was a witchy attraction and one of the best in our opinion. We entered a zig-zag route u to our shoulders with airbags compressing us to walk slowly and sidestep a little across the misty area. The shrieking witches and banshee's popped up from under the mist and there was a green laser light across the mist which looked so cool.
I took a picture anyway since I wanted at least one photo evidence of the one of the coolest areas.
We then entered a Cabin where women were speaking incantations and cursing spells on us as we navigated through the rooms to the backdoor. Once outside again, we saw a witch near a giant fire shouting aggressively at putting curses upon us all. It was a great attraction!

Halfway through, we took a breather and Sam and Ben decided to go on one of the fun fair attractions which was a giant pole with 2x2 back to back seats and would spin vertically like a clock and the seats would flip upside down at the top. We were laughing at their suffering under Purdew's umbrella and knew they were getting soaked with headrush.
So up next we did 5. The Colony. I liked the giant Pumpkin Scarecrows out the front (they reminded me of Jack Skellington's costume in the This Is Halloween song from The Nightmare Before Christmas film.
This one was my 2nd favourite because the theme reminded me of Mad Max because the staff were dressed in apocalyptic gear and were psycho's muttering sentences to themselves and sometimes at us. There were a few Chainsaw wielders too which got us by surprise (even me) good thing it wasn't Leatherface...
3/4 through the long wooden maze full of sand and mud, Kurt and Leanne and I think 2 others got separated from the rest of us and we ended up finishing earlier. When we came near the exit, we were greeted by a Chainsaw maniac who was revving like mad down his path in the centre of the two way opposite strips for people to run past to the exit. And we were jumped by the same bellhop ladies at the end, which gave us an idea!
We asked them to wait along as I recorded for 46seconds for Leanne and the others to come out, boy was that hilarious. Shame the iPhone 5S has the tendency to darken the image for some stupid reason which is why you have to squint in order to barely make out the scene.
*0:30seconds in* ;) Aren't I just the worse?

Number 6. Horrorwood Hayride which took about 40mins of queuing up in to board a hay bale cart big enough for 20 and pass through the forest by Tractor. We were queuing for ages but luckily their was I think 2 Tractors working tonight otherwise it would have taken much longer. Their was a cool mist release every time the Tractor arrived back. 
The Tractor towed us through the Forest to a Hollywood Horror theme track with great props and vehicles/ buildings from iconic films. The characters would get off the sets and climb aboard the carriage to squeeze on through us and interact or perform their acting and get up close since they were all Horror themed characters or famous films turned into Horror versions. 

We grabbed some more grub afterwards which was quite extortionate but hey, what can you do? With 2 left to complete, we went to 7. The Chop Shop which Rebecca mentioned was one of the most extreme ones to look out for. This one involved navigating around a butchery bloodstained small warehouse with corridors and strobe lights which affected us a little in navigating since we hit the walls a few times. The snout nosed bloody butchers with chainsaws were revving aggressively and chasing us a lot in the corridors so we had a lot going on all at once but I was most glad that no one was photo-sensitive and no horrible accidents occurred. It was tied at being my 2nd fav ride against Coven.

Lastly, we headed back near the main square where the theme park ride was. Our final attraction was 8. PanDEMONium's 3D Carnival. I was swallowed in fear at the thought of clowns being in this one. But this one was impressive and so trippy that we were all dazzled and astonished at the same time at this one's unique theme and indifference to the other ones. This one had neon painted walls everywhere by the neon/ glow in the dark paint you see people use at  Magaluf and places like that. It was all over the humans too and they looked more blurry and cooler because this attraction required us to wear 3D glasses during the tour. We even walked through a hallway where a big automated cylinder tunnel was gently skinny around us with stars displayed on the green screen, it was cool but also hard for us to walk steady without almost stumbling over.
I even had a moment of stumbling back in astonishment when I saw a wide grin man with both hands up respond very loudly to my curiosity of touching his hand with the words "DO NOT TOUCH!" then returning to his frozen position. Matt even stumbled back when we had to navigate in a box corridor which of the walls (covered by long confetti) were the right way to go, he almost fell back when someone popped their head through the right way and said "Your on the right path!"

So overall, it was a pretty good night out with laughs and amazement at the amount of detail and acting that the staff must repeat every day all day and night! I am glad that we all went out and had a laugh in the end instead of coming back scarred and rocking back and forth like we'd just seen the new Ouija film or something.
I wonder if next year I'll get to return with a girlfriend who will be as tough or more scared than me lol.
Anyway, I drove Matt and Ben home after we all headed off in separate cars but before that, we grabbed 2 copies of our Green Screen group shot that we took whilst in the queue for Horrorwood Hayride. *I'm trying to get the pictures off of whoever took the USB with the pictures on*.

I know this post is late and stuff, but sh*t's been going on and for the better which is the reason for the delay. But I got their in the end and this sorta counts towards a Halloween themed late post since nothing really happened on Halloween besides the Comic-Con Saturday.
That should be up tomorrow, that will be far more interesting and a stand out post to some of the past experiences and posts that I've written up here!

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