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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Bring Me The Horizon LIVE, November 2016 (My 7th Concert)

Bring Me The Horizon were EPIC as f*ck back on Saturday 5th November! I've been waiting since February when I purchased the tickets after getting stood up on my 2nd date with someone. Their recent work has been an influence on my life because their lyrics and music has comforted me and opened my eyes to things during Anxious moments in the year. I'm so pleased to have seen them with Kathy and I intend to see em again next time (with Syd from work). Anyway, check out my post with my YouTube videos of the show (too bad the playback quality sucks a little).
Just like when I went to see Issues, I had doubts in the back of my head about wondering if I'd survive or feel okay in an unpredictable Metal environment with moshpits and metalheads. But turns out both nights have surprised me and proven myself that I can still have a good time seeing a band that many would consider too much for them and in an environment where people push, mosh and shout out loud.
Though it wasn't all the bad since I still had a great night and my only regret is that my video playback quality came back annoyingly different to when I recorded past concerts (the sound engineer must have f*cked up or the music was just too loud to record back perfectly...?)

My history with the band took a while to get into. A friend introduced me to "Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake" and "Shadow Moses" back in July 2015 when me and some others were in the park on a sunny Saturday and he showed me the tracks after I complimented on liking the bands tshirt that he was wearing.
This began my admiration after purchasing their Sempiternal album a few days later and I really liked the level of rock, metal and screaming along with relatable lyrics to certain feelings from my life. Regrettably, I had the chance to see them back at Download Festival 2014 when they released the album but I wasn't as keen with that level of shouting compared to now and I'm annoyed that I missed that chance back then (if only I had been introduced earlier).

My T-shirt for the evening
(from EMP)
My hoodie for the evening
(from EMP)
I began to listen to their older stuff after joining Dolby Vivisol thanks to Syd who is an even bigger metalhead than me. He showed me tracks from their first 2 albums (which many fans have mixed views about) but I found their 3rd album to be the tipping point to where I could understand what Oli was saying, rock out to it and then understand he had to go a little softer due to this throat. But it only got better and just as good with the band's work and effort and has now attracted millions of fans compared to their old days (but that's my opinion). And their last 3 albums have been important to me as I've explained here in my Anxiety post and how Metal Music helps and sometimes affects it all.
So anyway onto the event.

The ticket's didn't come till 2 weeks before the show and Kathy and I were getting worried since I purchased the 2x£37 tickets way back in February (but they came safe and sound in time).

So the plan was that she wanted to drive us up to The O2 (Greenwich) after 4:00pm which gave us plenty of time to endure any traffic, park, eat, buy stuff then queue up.
Luckily, it was all pretty smooth with everything I've listed. We had some great chats about relationships from the year, how some people see disabilities and how much we value each other as close friends. I mean we've been friends for over 7 years!

We got to Greenwich in just under 1hour30mins whilst listening to That's The Spirit album then chatting. And after I got my stuff (a long sleeve shirt of the band's logo designs to many of their songs and singles) and (a white t-shirt with the logo designs all over - I thought it'd be a good out out shirt).
And I got Syd a keychain of the TTS Umbrella since I phoned him up and said they didn't have any sizes of the designs I told him about whilst queuing up. He'll get one next time that I go to see them and take him too.

Kathy dragged me to a nice Italian Restaurant called Zizzi (it was opposite Five Guys which we would have gone to if it weren't for the queue).
I had a nice Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza to myself.

The queuing up for standing wasn't too long but I was annoyed that they threw the tickets away in the bin after scanning em (I wanted to hang mine on my wall afterwards like I do with past gigs. Guess the wristband will have to do) *I doodled it with a Sharpie*.

Last weekend, Basement (Setlist) and Enter Shikari (Setlist) were the opening acts before BMTH. I was a bit annoyed that I'd missed the chance on Halloween to see Enter Shikari perform "The Last Garrison" and "Anaesthetist". But Lewis was surprised that Basement were going and told me I was lucky till I explained it was a week earlier.

As for today, Don Broco (Setlist) were the opening act for BMTH. They weren't bad and I decided to record only 2 mins of "Nerve". But when their last song came on, I remembered this one and couldn't tell from that time on Kerrang if it was by them or by someone else, but I was happy to have heard "Money Power Fame". After hearing it here yesterday, I understand it was them back then xD.

Bring Me The Horizon Setlist
"S-P-I-R-I-T. Spirit, let's hear it. S-P-I-R-I-T. Spirit, let's hear it. Let's Go!"
1. Happy Song - The song that I've seen them start their shows and festivals off to was the perfect opening! I admit that the opening video was different to what I was expecting (but I guess that's for Festivals only). I was so thrilled to see this long Live. I actually tried to record it by using Facebook Live for the first time but the connection timed out after streamers popped out. So I had to try and quickly go to normal camera record before realising to save what I had started. That's why there are three cuts in this recording put together. I wish the sound quality had been better X(

I was jealous to discover that Crucify Me had been played last week and it's one of my all time favourite tracks by them. And they played It Never Ends at the Royal Albert Hall back in April. Damn it xD

2. Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake - My first ever song that I discovered the band by back in June 2015 was such a thrill to witness. I love the lyrics and even the music video which can be considered disturbing and overwhelming for most viewers. I was screaming my heart out and I was pleased this came on earlier than expected.

3. The House Of Wolves - Oli as a hidden trait to mention wolves a lot in all his work and I guess that's just his thing. The House Of Wolves is what I used to believe was their heaviest song on the Sempiternal album (compared to Oli's long shout on the chorus of Hospital For Souls). I almost thought this would be the heaviest that he would do for the show since he hardly plays stuff from their first 3 albums, but I was proven wrong a short while later...

4. Avalanche - To me, this song describes and relates to thoughts of Depression and Anxiety. When things become too much and how they can affect your body and behaviour. I haven't really ever hurt myself when things become too much, but it's comforting that someone has turned feelings like that into a song for others to relate to and for others to understand these feelings even if they have never felt them before.

5. Shadow Moses - As I mentioned at the top on how this was one of the first songs I heard from the band and how they enveloped me into their music.
I never knew that the opening choir was actually a sample from the Metal Gear Solid video game. It's cool that the band did a tribute to the game whilst adding in their own touch to make it outstanding and their own. I've mentioned several times on AsperJosh on how the lyrics "What's dead can never die" is my favourite part of the song because of the screaming emphasis on the word die and you gotta love the announcement that "This Is Sempiternal" is their own statement to "eternal and unchanging" - something that I myself am trying to feel about the way I am and that I should accept my behaviour, actions and thoughts instead of fighting them or changing for others.

Here's the new fully extended version that they've sorta done for past shows and I look forward to it's release for digital download! Plus it's really cute and contagious to smile when Oli grins during this songs live performances in the past, the fact that the crowd says those three words religiously, must mean the world and lift him up every time.

6. Chelsea Smile - Just when you thought the band couldn't blow you away with nostalgia and any higher grunge and aggression, on comes this classic. The screen show was blood red distortion and reverse falling through sharp shapes, it was nothing like anything I'd seen before.
It's from their second album Suicide Season (which I've only heard the self-titled song, The Sadness Will Never End and Diamond's Aren't Forever, which I find okay but not my favourite songs by them unless I'm in that mood). The same feelings are the complete opposite for Syd lol.
Did you notice that my phone got knocked out my hand at 4:50 because some tool behind me hit me in the back of my head after standing back up... Good thing that the lady behind me picked my phone up quickly and it wasn't really damaged (just a little chip near the top) but nothing serious but that was f***ing close!

7. Follow You - Am I the only one who was surprised by the recent music video for this song? This was a good crowd sing-along and I only decided to record a little so I could try to balance out longer memory for better songs.

8. Sleepwalking - This song was for the people tonight according to Oli. I've heard a good acoustic version of this on YouTube before and actually find this to be the least heavy song from the Sempiternal album (which makes it bearable for my friends when it comes on during car journeys). Still a great song overall.

9. Doomed - Just like Oli's opening speech in Hospital For Souls, Doomed is reborn with an insightful and sad speech about this year's events (including losing his wife and also the unfortunate death of Tom Searle from the band Architects)
But it also leads into the lyrics of the song, to the mysterious display of flowers blooming. I wasn't expecting this at all!
Here's the extended live version and I look forward to it's release for digital download! It'll always be a reminder about Tom and will also help others to build their own monologues that they could think about during the build up before the song begins, maybe?!

10. Can You Feel My Heart - When I first heard this song back in 2014, a little part of me thought that the echoing vocals and keyboard work by Jordan Fish (who joined the band from that album onwards) that this is different to all their previous work. It's like a new step forward in a different direction and sorta reminded me of The Prodigy for that small keyboard work (if anybody else see where I'm coming from?)
But the visuals for this song were so cool and electrifying and the skyscraper city was a good display.

11. Antivist -This is my future song to play during a Zombie Killing Spree. I love the aggressive lyrics about putting your "Middle fingers up if you don't give a F*ck"
"United we'll fail, divided we'll fall"
Everyone had their middle fingers up in the air and got hyped up to rebel with Oli. It's hard to explain because I have to be careful with my words on here. But if you listen to the song, I think you'll see why it's so damn good! I mean look at the performance from back at Downlaod Festival that I chose to walk away from Dx

12. Throne - Great song to close the show to since it's been one of their biggest hit over the last 2 years. I like the characters and effects in the music video where they do Double Exposures of landscapes into face videography/ photography (something I'd like to learn to do next year).
I had a feeling that this wasn't the end since (they haven't done an encore yet) and I wouldn't have paid £37 for just 12 songs, ya know.
This is like the catchiest song from their latest album to get everyone hyped up, jumping and enjoying the song in general because it's about still coming out on top from all the hateful comments and actions that people have done to you!

13. True Friends - Their 1st encore song was this one. Soon as the violin came on, everyone knew which one this was. I like this song but I was kinda hoping they'd play Crucify Me or It Never Ends since they are my favourite tracks from their 3rd album.

14. Oh No - This was the sing-along that I think everyone was waiting for. I still don't get the meaning behind the video but I do like the song. It sounds a bit like your not enjoying yourself whilst out in a club/ party (sometimes I feel that way too) and it's somehow comforting that Oli is singing this like words of wisdom/ reassurance, ya know.

15. Drown - This... this is the song to close a BMTH show to! I love everything about the song (even the Live shows are amazing to witness).
What a song to close the show with. The lyrics mean a lot to me about how when your going through rough times, that your friends can help and support you and save you from Drowning in your depression.
That's why this song gives me hope and lifts me up when I'm feeling down myself.
So glad to have seen them and see this song Live at last!

Before the finale, Kathy went off to grab her merchandise and purchase the Sempiternal signed album for me then head back to the car to prepare for a headstart. I managed to cheese it through the crowd and people all the way around the arena and back to the car so we could head out in no time!
Our drive home was smooth and listing our favourite songs from the show.
I took the opportunity to show Kathy some songs I heard this year to see if she'd be interested in seeing these people in the future: Our Last Night, blink-182, Crown The Empire (I'd like to see CTE again) and a few others. We headed back to Tilgate to pick up her bf Jack and then drop me off home. I'm Glad You Came, Kathy! ^^
Sarah from last week at Comic-Con messaged me whilst being a little tipsy to plan on what time to meet up tomorrow which we sorted out before falling asleep before 1am.

So we met up like we planned last weekend to meet up for Brunch since she was back from Bristol for her friend's hen do on Sat night. I really enjoyed our 4 hours together just chatting at The Lyndd Cross for food and company.
She gave me a lift back in the afternoon and we planned for next time to which I might even go and visit her and her bf up in Bristol since it's an adventure and a new place to visit, photograph and explore.

Getting back to the subject about BMTH, I really do find that this band has had an influence on me over the last year and a half. Their heavy work and lyrics have comforted me and opened my ears and eyes to things. I usually listen to Metal to either hype myself up or most times, listen to someone scream for me since I can't scream myself or I'd cause a scene when I'm stressed. But I have noticed this year that by listening to this kind of stuff for too long affects my enthusiasm which is why I've been shaking up my time limits when listening to this genre of music and remember to listen to punk, pop, electronic, scores etc instead of immersing myself in negative vibes.

Having said that, I have mixed views on the idea of listening to Metal music to make you a negative person. I find that this picture explains things a little better and I'm me and even if I'm affected by things I see and hear. I'm still a lucky and positive person who just needs to remember that, overall!

Lewis once showed me an MTV Cribs clip last year of when Oli did it for a friend's crib ha. There was another upload back then where someone commented in response to Oli pointing out that "I saw a snake yesterday" and the top comment was "And did it start to sing?" Which is referencing his amazing song "And The Snakes Start To Sing"!
And Syd showed me this cool You Me At Six song from back in 2011 where Oli featured in the song (I do find it frustrating that his name wasn't credited in the YouTube title but is on the album and digital downloads...) You should still check it out!

Oli has come a long way from his bad addictions (speech says it all here).
But it was this interview that I found back in March and used in my Anxiety post that really opened my eyes and helped educate me from his own words. The fact that he can accept his demons and make light out of dark is something that I've yet to accept myself. I always overthink everything and it affects my enthusiasm and look on upcoming events and when I talk to people that I try too much to impress or be calm around. And the fact that I always seem to remember the bad times when I'm feeling bad myself instead of remembering how far I've come and changed into something better is what I always end up being reassured about.
I watch this interview sometimes to help scratch into my head about how things can get better for myself like they are doing for him. And just by talking to people can really help and it does for me (I just need to be careful that I don't drive people away from the incessant amount of times that it happens instead of just having  good time like everyone else) depending on the mood I'm in.

To end this on a funny note, I leave you with Elders React To Bring Me The Horizon! lol

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