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Monday, 5 June 2017

MCM London Comic-Con, May 2017 + 100,000 Total Views!

This time at Con, it's been much better than past visits! I've actually enjoyed myself, acted more confident whilst still polite when asking for photos with people and I've seen a load of my friends briefly across both days. I may not had been recognised as a Human version of Mewtwo as I'd hoped but going up as a Photographer too was definitely the right course of action to have had more fun and begin a future career and my upcoming Photography Facebook page! Here's what I got up to at May's MCM London Comic-Con 2017! And also to thank all my readers and friends for helping my blog reach a whopping and unbelievable 100,000 Total Views!!!!!!! <3
Before I begin, I wish to make a little tribute to the horrible Manchester Terrorist Attack! It's an unbelievable tragedy at that Ariana Grande concert that no one would have ever suspected such a catastrophe would happen. We will never forget the souls that are now gone and I wish all the injured victims a healthy recovery! Terrorism won't stop the UK and the world from coming together including strangers, relatives and families to share love and respect! And Ariana Grande did a spectacular job along with every other artist who came to raise money for Red Cross Charity with One Love Manchester! "But don't look back in anger I heard you say!"

As I stated previously on my creation of my Mewtwo Scientist cosplay, I've had mixed views on past cons due to the stress of wanting to cosplay like others, the anxious thoughts I get when things don't go as I'd sorta hoped and the fact it's so crowded now that I feel a bit claustrophobic.
But despite all that, I still push myself to go so that I can build confidence, social self esteem and see the people that I know wish to see me too - and now I can learn to photograph them like the pros as well!

My journey up for my Comic-Con Weekend involved getting a lift from Kathy / Snow White, Jack / Spider-Man and Matt / Steam Punk dude. A storm chucked it down in the morning as Dad gave me a lift to Kathy's then shortly after a checklist, we headed off and had a smooth drive up to the Excel Centre where she parked and we made our way into the Con.

It was completely understandable on how tight security was since the Manchester incident which is why bag searches were essential (can't imagine a catastrophe happening at Con too). But after passing through, the others wanted to grab some food before we started wondering around the stalls.
Whilst we were wondering around, I was stopping sometimes to get selfies and photograph some cool cosplayers. Think the others kept losing me briefly like a child inside a big toy shop.

I wasn't expecting for Alex / Green Ranger and Summer / Velvet Crowe to find me so soon just before 11am ha. I was surprised but also pleased that Summer and I exchanged numbers since the 4G signal is bad at Con for communication. I got a selfie with those two before thy headed off to do the photo shoot with some of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I'd see them again anyway in a bit outside.

And I photographed some more people around the stalls.

At 11:55am, I said bye to my friends to head outside to see if I could find any others. Luckily I spotted my amazing photographer mate Tony whom I met back at February's LAGC. I love how polite and knowledgeable he is as a person and on Photography.
He took some shots of me and I explained how I'd be photographing today with different settings and how I'd been getting on since I last saw him. I aim to spend a session with him in the Summer doing a class of his to get better and more confident so I can be like him someday!

Very shortly afterwards, I spotted Richard / Ryu and Vicky / Chun-Li who I met last year and are both powerful fighters.
I asked to take some shots with them since they could do action shots like the characters from Street Fighter. Loved seeing them again and I aimed to try again later or tomorrow. I even turned Richard into a GIF ha ha.

I remembered at 12:30pm that their would be a Pokémon Photo Shoot near the statue area which I found easily and this time chose to participate in. A few people commented on my cosplay and were pleased to see my character at the shoot.
I'm really amazed with myself for joining in and posing specifically in many group shots and a battle scene even with a Giovanni (Team Rocket leader from Pokémon who created Mewtwo - my character).
I even ended up encountering James / Arcanine during our battle picture and afterwards we caught up since College and I took a picture of him and his gf who was Ninetails before popping off and catching up briefly.

Tara / Sonya Blade and Kyle / Super Mario were right near the Pokéshoot and I said Hello again after briefly meeting them last year when they were Bugs and Lola Bunny. Kyle was hench and Tara was badass as I took some shots of them separately and then some comedy shots like the cute couple they are. 

Alex and Summer found us and this time I could take several shots of them out in there sunshine!

My Horsham friends had to leave at 13:40pm as they were too hot so I had to go to the car park to pick up my bag of spare clothing. 
But right before that, I found Rivers / Samus Aran who looked incredible after making his cosplay version that isn't really seen compared to the Zero Suit Samus version. Despite his limited posing, I think I still got some good shots and I aimed to see him tomorrow when we would be able to communicate better ha. 
After collecting my stuff, I headed back inside aiming to get some grub (to no availability due to endless queues at all the food stalls). So I sat down for an hour playing my 3DS to knock through the StreetPass flood that Comic-Con delivers. 

At 14:30pm, I decided to head outside again and be brace enough to ask for photos and selfies with gorgeous cosplayers since I'm a single anxious man who just wants a bit of the same attention like everyone else. 

I approached politely and asked for some shots to which they all said yes (I ended up taking several due to adjusting Shutter Speed to work with the natural light). I also began asking them afterwards if they had Cosplay pages so I could tag them in a couple days on my upcoming and delayed Photography FB page. 

I ended it with a compliment, thanked them all and wished them a lovely day, since people can still feel anxious having their picture taken by strangers and I'd hate to make them feel bad since I think that way all the damn time and need to stop feeling it. 

Like last year, I found Ash / Zelda and Ben / Link by the tree "Photography" area. I'm pleased that I got to catch up with them briefly and tried to get some quick shots of them whilst the sun did shine bit too bright, but progress is progress. Might have better luck tomorrow when they would be Link and Zelda again for the Zelda Cosplay World Record event.

And I captured some others too whilst hanging about the area.

I saw this gorgeous redhead skull warrior who I soon recognised was Giulietta / Dragon Slayer Sonja who was a star at Con with loads of photographers asking for pics. 
I bucked up and asked too and even had a selfie with her. It's ironic how I follow her page and have her as a friend and didn't recognise her easily ha. 

I also spotted Tony again doing a Final Fantasy shoot with Marc / THE Cloud Strife and asked for a pic during Tony's shoot. I even met Hannah / Tifa Lockhart and an accurate Aeris and Sephiroth too!

I was feeling pretty hot and managed to find Alex and Summer again as they were prepared to walk round the outside of the Excel centre to head back in. 
I decided to join them since Nicole asked me to pop back to the Hilton Hotel to hang out. I was supposed to be meeting Jamie but I was a bit overwhelmed and needed food so I'll try October for the Mewtwo shoot but I was aiming to see him on Sunday, no matter what! 

Surprisingly but in an Awesome way. Nicole and her friend Jade asked for me to do a shoot for them in the hotel room. I was honoured and was happy to help them.
They had some posing in mind already and I suggested a few as well and checked with the picture results as we did it for an hour or so. 
Nicole rocked the Virgin Killer sweater and Jade was Quetzalcoatl from the Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon new anime series.

Afterwards they got dressed and we headed back near the Excel centre where Fox@Excel pub is and is the place to be after Con. I popped in with them briefly before deciding to call it a day at 21:15pm since it would be 1hr30/45mins journey home. They thanked me for the shoot earlier and said we'd meet again tomorrow.
I walked to Charring Cross to get my ticket and made my long way home enjoying a Cornish Pasty. Didn't get in till 23:20pm and saved my pics before ending up falling asleep by 01:15am *bugger*.

As for Sunday, I decided to come up in normal clothing to feel more comfortable but didn't end up leaving the house till 10:30am and arriving at Con near 12:50pm *D'Oh*!

But after turning up, I made my way via the long walk through the centre to head outside to look for anyone.
After heading outside, I spotted Marc again with the whole Final Fantasy VII group near the bottom of the steps and I got some cool shots of him and the characters. I figured I'd catch him a bit later on, more on that in a bit.

As I returned to the Photography area, I spotted Scott / Lara Croft who made a great gender-swap Lara Croft with all the blood, dirt and bruises detail to show off Lara's reboot and first adventure! Great job dude!

And then I spotted Ash and Ben again (Ben was Link) and Ash was this time cosplaying Paya from the new LoZ Breath Of The Wild.
Ben spotted a Link riding a fantastic King Of Red Lions from LoZ The Wind Waker and hopped on to ride around. 2 Link are better than one, especially when he's dabbing lol. 

I then got some great Portrait shots of Ash and I was most pleased that she loved my results and even Charlie got involved in my snap of Ben dancing ha ha *dammit Charlie*.

I encountered Kat / Thor whom Ben was messing about with Mjölnir and accidentally ended up breaking it, much to every ones astonishment. 
But what made me smile and respect Kat was seeing how she laughed about it and managed to make great pictures out of the incident and even referenced the new Thor Ragnarok film in which Mjölnir gets destroyed! Well Done Kat!

Tara and Kyle then showed up who today were Ms Marvel and Scarecrow
They both looked superb and I did a small shoot with both of them, even ended up catching Ash praise Tara's arse in the middle of the shoot *as you do* ha ha.

I wondered about the Photography area after Ash and the others went in to buy stuff. I spotted Tony again and said Hi briefly why he was photographing other cosplayers. I asked if it was okay to join in and take shots too (not to steal his thunder or anything). I met and took a couple pics of Sophie / Cindy Aurum (she's a cool Graphics Designer) whom I'm sure will help me achieve my Photography Logo later this month ^-^
I also found Joanna / Tinker Bell and finally said Hello since talking to her for a couple months on the MCM Facebook Group. 

I found Marc again after he was done shooting with Tony and I bumped into the same Sephiroth from yesterday and thought up a clash shoot with them both.
I'm really proud of myself for co-ordinating them both and trying different angles to help get that same fight sequence from the original game and film sequel.
When I get better at Photoshop and Portrait focussing, I have ideas for them both to make an awesome pictures hopefully! Thank you Lee for taking pics of me as well!

Afterwards Marc and Lee / Deadpool invited me to join them in the Fox for a drink. I'm really pleased that I took them up on that offer since no one was getting back to me and I acted spontaneous that I really enjoy myself for the next 2 hours with those 2 and the others that followed.
We went downstairs in the Fox where the MAGO Cafe where we met maids and had a couple drinks which really helped me relax and get to know the guys as we ate small cakes and felt right at home with the maid's hospitality and service! Lee and Calum tried playing games against the Maids like card tricks and Connect 4 because if they beat all 4 maids own game choice then they could win one of the anime prize figurines, which they both got their butts kicked hilariously.
Soon after, Hannah arrived and today she was Harley Quinn and she looked amazing. She joined us for a while and we got a couple group pics and I just felt so happy that I made new friends with great sense of humour and realised they were under 2hrs away and we planned another get together in the summer and hopefully a photo shoot too! I'm so grateful to Lee, Marc and Hannah for helping me relax on Sunday even if I wasn't out photographing as much as Saturday, it felt great to just sit down and make new friends instead of wondering around through a ginormous crowd of Cosplayers.
Alas, I had to head off but not before sharing hugs and agreeing to catch them all again in the summer, for sure!

As the dark clouds gathered and rain sprinkled down near the end of Con, I managed to find Summer, Alex and meet Estelle again who was Experiment 626 "Stitch" and I also met Jess / Aranea Highwind (which I sadly missed her in cosplay and will try again next Con).

And I did get to see Alex and Summer (despite missing them for the morning in their epic armour, always next time!) And I did spot the biggest and coolest armour cosplay of all MCM, a fantastically accurate Power Armour from Fallout 4 by Mr-Z Cosplay!

But after saying bye to everyone, I FINALLY found Jamie and introduced ourselves after talking shop about photography for the last couple months and on SnapChat. I was so pleased to see him at last and we showed each other some of our work (he's a bigger pro!) And we quickly made plans for a summer get together so I could learn some Photography and Photoshop editing round his since he's only 2hrs away from me. We shared a cheeky selfie and peck on the cheek till next time and I can see why everyone loves this photographer and after seeing his editing skills and results, I'd say (along with Tony) I have some amazing photographer friends and look forward to learning and working with them! :D

My long 2hr journey home was long but I was heading home with a smile on my face and a satisfied heart full of happiness and bliss after seeing all my friends and making new ones after a more successful and less stressful Comic-Con than past mixed feelings at previous ones.

It helped that Mum and Dad cleared up the remnants of the anxious feelings I had within me and helped me understand hence forth on how valued I am and how happy everyone was to see me again and to stop thinking I'm a burden or that their just being nice. They would have told me ages ago if their was a problem. So I should from now on and this ties into my mixed feelings I explained in my Facebook Post, I should be happy with whoever keeps in touch and make the most of when I see my con friends and remember how much they loved me photographing them and catching up!

So thanks to that and how good this and last week has been busy with slight editing and watermarking just over 200 pictures from MCM Comic-Con May 2017 and tagging my friends and their pages, I have been ecstatic and been blown away by the support and love I got back from everyone on Sunday when I FINALLY uploaded my Con pictures to my really long delayed Facebook Photography Page!
I also learnt last week on how to add my watermark quicker instead of spending late night all week choosing where to position my watermark per photo ha. Lesson learnt and I look forward to more photography with friends and to keep getting better for myself and to help others too! I love you guys and thank you for making this MCM Comic-Con a milestone in my life and making my feelings rise up higher than ever before!!

And also I nearly fell off my chair after seeing that AsperJosh has now reached over 100K Total Views!!!
Can't believe that since Oct 2016 when I achieved 50K and now it's doubled all the way till now (and the day before my 24th Birthday too) :3 My blog is more than a little project, it's for me to express myself, make my feelings become viral and review memories and things I love.
And most importantly, it's a place for friends and people with Aspergers can learn a little about me and understand the condition better. And it's also a place for me to grow and learn after every post to help me live my life and keep being the Josh that everyone knows and loves! I thank you all so so so much for helping me reach this achievement!
I think this year, I might write up a post on what it's like to write up on the blog to commemorate this achievement! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart! <3

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