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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Avengers: Infinity War (Film Review)

I'll sum this up with one word *inhales* overrated... now do you believe that? Didn't think so! I mean could you imagine if I truly thought that ha. Perhaps in another universe I do feel this way?
But in this one, I can't stop thinking about this unbelievable jamboree of a film!!
The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are now about to meet their match as Thanos and his 4 kids set off on a family trip to bring balance to the universe.
Read all about why Avengers: Infinity War is a must see and a jewel of a film!

Thanos is coming! He's coming for his 6 Infinity Stones to attach to his gauntlet to help bring balance to the universe. Only problem for him, is the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy standing in his way of universal annihilation!
The war of all wars is beginning as all of the Marvel heroes that we've grown up with over the last 10 years come together to stop this mad Titan. Time is running out and with heroes scattered across planets, they'll either work or fail together at stopping the big baddy in all of Marvel.

The long awaited Marvel spectacular is finally in cinemas as we all witness perhaps the greatest Marvel collaboration and biggest fight yet on a universal scale. Be prepared for some good humour (that Spongebob joke was brilliant), beyond epic fight sequences and a truly gripping outcome in what's only the beginning. 10 years of MCU action and baby, it all comes down to this (and the next one)!

Ever since the Official Trailer was released, I've watched it a couple times a week almost routinely (along with the Disney: The 90's Supercut video) because they help motivate and get me hyped at work because they release the endorphins and I feel great after watching them again and again. Be sure to check out the weird trailer too, it made left me in hysterics first time. Plus everybody had to make YouTube reaction videos which I've begun watching sometimes for curiosity on how intense some fans are and their acting skills.
My first time seeing the film was with my main Comic-Con squad because we all got together for Megan (Ohmyeggs) Birthday at Katherine (Luna Hope Cosplay) house for a night of partying after going out to the see the film first. Luckily we didnt' let the ending affect our night at all!
Then my second screening was with both Matt "Franklin" and "Purdew".
And my third screening was with my cousins Tom and Charlie (whom I did Black Panther with a couple weeks ago). It felt really something on both occasions to be the guy who'd seen it already but I was very sensible and kept my mouth shut and spoilers limited. You'd think by my third screening that I'm a teensy bit obsessed with this film ha.

The plot just looks plain and simple since there's been hints of a bigger threat in the shadows behind The Battle Of New York in Avengers Assemble, Loki's staff hiding the Mind Stone in Age Of Ultron and most of the Infinity Stones been on display in Phase 2 and 3 in the MCU. But despite that, it took us on a huge journey across planets instead of just across continents like in every Marvel film. I like how the division on our collection of heroes helped keep sequences in order instead of having everyone cramped into a single frame or location as some could have expected.
But it's also more different to the generic superhero story since this time it feels more like a story about the villain in which you can't help but understand his goal.
I never did get round to reading the comic or graphic novels but I wonder if I would have been more proud of knowing the written original plot before seeing the film adaption version. I might give them a go someday.

Thanos isn't the Marvel villain built on bringing world domination and destruction to all who stand in his way compared to villains we've seen in the MCU or any other villain in film history. No, instead this guy sees himself as the saint with a purpose that will bring about balance and extend the flow of time for planets across the cosmos according to his ideology. It's weird that no body would understand that a big purple CGI giant would be such a compelling character in cinematic history.
This giant purple Homer Simpson (yes, I can say that as he does have giant donut spaceships to prove it!) is bent on a good purpose even if realistically it's cold, harsh and ironically a just cause but the wrong way about doing it (I mean he practically invaded a planet and cleansed half the population via randomality to help balance it out for the better). And everyone is standing in his way as he stubbornly and relentlessly tries to accomplish his goal even if nobody else can see it from his point of view.
I myself can't help but feel for that guy (I still hate him for what he's done) but I can see how overpopulation is a problem but I have no way to suggest actions or anything but I do feel that it can limit resources and unbalance everything that someday it can come to affect everyone and the planet... do you feel the same?
It's a hard burden to bring peace by slaughtering on a universal scale by which he calls "mercy". His calculus is so simple but it's still not the right thing even if it will lead to balance in the universe.
And his misfit overpowerful kids "The Black Order" were all faithful sibling servants who vowed to help their psycho dad achieve his goal. Their powers and weapon specialities certainly made the Avengers meet their match but it was creative how they all dealt with them all individually at the last minute. And to be honest, the ferocious army they used were eye opening to face let alone barely kill as these relentless monsters were terrifying compared to the Chitauri army in the first Avengers.

It's great that many of the characters went for their A-game costumes and really brought out their best out of their closets that they must have had stored for years ha. We finally got to awe at the Iron Spider suit and it was different to the red and gold version I've read in the comics but it's still looked AMAZING and was uniquely designed especially to the MCU Spider-Man's suit design specifically.
The humour was still there but it helped lighten the oncoming storm, especially the Guardians even when they met Thor most of all haha "Quill, what are you doing to your voice?"
It's really good to see how the tag teams in many sequences in the film were all good screen time for them all and it almost feels like a small comic story, all part of a larger story or collection of graphic novels.
And after the events of Captain America: Civil War, some characters really need to try and put aside their differences if they are to band together even after the Avengers sorta broke up like a band.
I liked the reference to Star Wars Episode I where during the battle of Wakanda, they use a giant shield to stall the enemies until they breach inside and the real right begins. Am I the only one who feels there was a reference there?

I do have some regrets about the film like the fact two idiots really let their ego's ruin two opportunities to thwarting Thanos and it's affected my views on them. I know it's all co-ordinated into the plot and sequel but it's just so typical of them as well.
And it was quite gut-wrenching (besides the ending) to watch one character's time come to an end rather painfully in relation to the story and for the killer to have blood on his hands they even he himself regrets having to reluctantly go through with if he is to follow through with his quest.
But on a positive and surprising note, it was great and made me jump in my seat to recognise a new character that helped Thor, Groot and Rocket in their quest. It's ironic how this legend from one of the best TV series ever, was actually bigger than everybody else in this film series ha. He was too perfect for the role and I'm glad he got to participate in this huge film series too as we all wait for his return in the tv series conclusion.

The music featured a variety of different scores, including the great action atmosphere we get from the MCU films especially Captain America's films but we also got a serious side as well.
Thanos's theme was quite intimidating cause of the trombone and big drum which could give the Jaws theme a run for it's money. And "Even for you", was an unforgettable scene and a time when even a villain struggles with accomplishing a task, oh the feels.
And of course, let's not forget how incredibly upifting one majestic theme is when it's played in each Avenger film. You know shit's about to go down as all seems tough and once the Avengers Theme comes on, a truly epic scene unfolds to turn the tides in the fight!

I gotta share the fact that my friend Lewis (creator or Alt:Mag UK, which I used to be a part of) has posted up a rank review of the MCU films by Ben Williams. I sorta agree with most of the numeracy in his list and just want to link it here since it's a good read and very well thought and written out short review of each gem in the MCU collection. Go take a look as it sorta influened some pieces of this review of my own.

The conclusion is jaw-dropping and heartbreaking. It's rare to see an outcome where you fail to prevent a disaster. Watching people you've admired on the big screen to just blow away like dust in the wind was so tough to endure, especially when one of them said "I don't want to go" (like David Tennant in Doctor Who). But Jamie already pointed out the fact that Disney have already confirmed some sequels for characters that are now gone, so something magical is bound to happen in the sequel.
I myself believe that the originals will all bite the dust because their contracts with Marvel will end and I feel many other chaacters will either step into their shoes or be spared and get to have more time in the spotlight. I have no idea how I'll feel when or if this happens. I feel next year will be the year of feels that will change the MCU forever...
Everyone I know's felt sh*t afterwards and then the Meme's spawned all over Facebook slowly which gave away some spoilers but none not as bad as the time when HP DH Part 1 was done and they already made a page saying RIP (all characters names) *ugh*. I myself thought that by seeing this thrice that it would help me become more used to the outcome. And as epic as this film is, it's still only the tip of the iceberg, and come May 2019 we will witness the conclusion and part 2 of this Infinity War and what will become of the MCU and end Phase III!

But to end this review, enjoy some light hearted and funny meme's I found whilst searching for pictures to use.

Oh and let's not forget just how amazing Tom Holland is, not only for being the youngest actor to portray Spider-Man but to also just be a right laugh and more of a real person despite the fame, ya know. It's funny how in many interviews, the interviewer has tried to get secrets and spoilers out of him and the others try to cover / censor it all up light-heartedly. I admit that I found Spider-Man: Homecoming to be a huge and different take on past Spider-Man franchises, but I genuinely admire and respect him for just being himself like many of the others yet he's someone you feel you can relate to if you ended up becoming famous soon ha.

Anyway to cure the Avengers feels, we'd best go and watch the other long awaited Marvel film that is Deadpool 2!

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