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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Film Review)

Earth's mightiest heroes reunite to take on an intelligent sentient named Ultron who will determine Earth's fate. Now they must use nothing but their wit and will to save the World.

With S.H.I.E.L.D no more thanks to the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Avengers Steve Rogers/ Captain America, Tony Stark/ Iron Man, Thor, Clint Barton/ Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow, Dr. Bruce Banner/ HULK successfully defeat the last of HYDRA it seems, however Tony wishes to create an Artificial Intelligence peace-keeper to help end the team's work but ends up creating something far worse, Ultron, a powerful mecha villain who is bent on saving humans by bringing their extinction, just how can the Avengers hold together as a team whilst dealing with themselves.

This incredible sequel to the 2012 Avengers Assemble and the final instalment in Phase Two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has really ended this series with a bang and an overwhelming course of action, drama and a bit of humour. Now we are all ready and waiting for Marvel's Phase Three to begin and keep the nerdy comic-book action going! Since the first official trailer was released back on 24th October (day before MCM Comic-Con), everyone I know who's either a real up-to-date Marvel fan or just someone who watches the films have always been buzzing about this phenomenon of a film. It's a real eye-opener that every time I go to the cinema to see a Marvel film, or am anywhere and see a Marvel T-shirt or even Marvel comes up in conversation, I am just so surprised deep down that nowadays Marvel has taken the world by storm and has become like a culture that everyone appears to love and share and isn't considered "too nerdy" anymore or as much compared to those stereotypical people that call people like me a "nerd" or "comic-book guy". Well jokes on them, as everyone I know now seems to love Marvel and it's a good thing as it's a huge universe/ topic to talk and share with others just as much as Star Wars, Harry Potter etc.

And over the many months, we've had more news, pictures and more exciting trailers to add more to the teasing and show awesome footage of what's in store for us all.
It's also quite funny that when the teaser trailer was released, you know those "How Things Should Have Ended" YouTube videos are made, well the one for Avengers really makes it less dramatic and brings in the funny side as to how the ending originally left us with a quote from Pinocchio's "I've Got No Strings" song was used by Ultron thanks to his view on how the Heroes are Puppets tangled in Strings and how he isn't. Yet when we see that funny video, Ultron continues to use Disney quotes from other memorable films which is funny how he's ruining films as a joke but also seeing the fact that now that Disney owns Marvel Studios that this kind of joke is actually fine (least the way I see it without getting any copyright laws involved). The film even played the Pinocchio song briefly when Ultron began building his army, how's that for humour in this sequel?! Plus there is much more including the rules of watching your Language and the Hammer competition.

The plot was much different but also similar to the first Avengers as the team may work and fight together but that doesn't mean they won't quarrel and argue over making the right call for the greater good. The fact that they are all played by the bad guy makes them look like children but like any good film, they come together at the end to save the day. But in this film, we are beginning to steer towards another path than expected (whether you read the comics or not), the fact that this is all based on work already, it's like the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens fact that there are changes and tweaks to a story we begin to puzzle together yet somehow it turns out just fine even if it's not what we wanted or expected but hopefully we'll all come together to accept and understand better over time (sorry I'm getting ahead of myself whilst trying to write this out).

Ultron was an amazing and to me respectable villain, he was everything we fear when Artificial Intelligence gains consciousness and becomes corrupt/ omnipotent (basically peace keeper becomes doom bringer). His intentions reminded me of The Matrix future on how machinery dooms man-kind for what they see as the right reasons (though that's a completely different matter and is explained better in that trilogy and The Animatrix film), that future is quite scary and thrilling for me. This character looked very real thanks to seeing how his actions and tone of voice had humour, anger and a lecturer tone/ feeling which made it more realistic than just a program voice we hear through our technological devices, this was like a human with wires and metal. Plus he had the power of Iron Man with a bit of Telekinesis which proves he's a powerful baddy and a rude son in a matter of speaking since Tony did create him and all. Good on, James Spader for pulling off a dastardly performance as a supreme apocalypse tin man!

I kinda feel that his finished design is cool and sinister looking but I strongly feel that his first time appearance and minion creations actually looked more interesting thanks to how Alien technology they looked like, they even resembled the robots from the film I, Robot slightly.

I even think the comic that I bought Kurt looks major sinister and evil plus Ultron must be worth alot since he's golden.

The camera work is what makes this sequel shine and it's what I also loved best along with the rest of the film and of course The Hulkbuster design and fight. There were a lot of incredible moments in the film like in the beginning where it was like the camera was on a cable wire with multiple lenses to help capture the footage at different angles whilst twirling and bending like everyone in the cinema was on a virtual roller-coaster instead of just a panoramic gentle slide of seeing them all in action. Plus in the beginning, during the attack on Hydra, there was a glimpse moment where you see them all together charging forward, it looked like a perfect photo, they were just missing the team smile hah.

On another note, I have updated this post and uploaded this picture on 7th July. I took this picture of me cosplaying as Iron Man whilst holidng Thor's Hammer "Mjölnir" because it's something I've always wanted to do. Plus I can now quote Tony Stark from the film itself "If I lift this, will I get to rule Asgard?" Plus I guess I'm considered "worthy" haha.

The technology is still eye candy for a techno lover such as myself, seeing Robert Downey Jr. waving and playing with holographic displays like it's a chalkboard or computer on the wall is such a tease for me even during the Iron Man Trilogy, I cannot wait for this incredible and advanced technology to actually be a reality hopefully instead of being a false and ficticious tease.

Since the secret at the ending of the second Captain America where we got a glimpse of two super powered beings "the twins" who turn our to be Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver  "Aaron Taylor-Johnson" (Kick Ass, Godzilla (2014), a man with superhuman speed and his twin sister, Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch  "Elizabeth Olsen" (Godzilla (2014), Martha Marcy May Marlene), a woman with the power to use energy blasts and manipulate people's minds. In this film, they start off as enemies with a grudge against Tony for personal reasons and help Ultron in his apocalyptic plan. It was nice to see how a bro and sis cared so much for each other because they only had each other left and also seeing as they were gifted beings that they both worked accordingly together and hardly got into fights (something I doubt real siblings actually manage to accomplish haha).
Funny fact is that these two are actually the children of Eric Lensherr/ Magneto in the X-Men series, notice how Quicksilver resembles the one from Days Of Future Past if you know your X-Men knowledge.

I wasn't pleased when one of my all time favourite characters was vanquished by Ultron, it felt like another humorous and smart character had been wiped clean from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a bit like Agent Coulson in Avengers Assemble (but we all know he's alive in the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series and that's coming along very well as Mum and I watch it religously) however I do wish he would make a return as he was an excellent character with no powers, only skills but we all know he can't return because his death led the Avengers to fight, to learn the truth would only hurt/ betray them and their just cause. But I was later lifted up again when a new character arrived on the scene and looks like he/ it will be a very special gifted being (who reminds me of Superman thanks to the powers) but he does share an uncanny resemblance to a special entity that Tony adores.

One thing that really proves that not everyone has a superhero lifestyle is seeing the wonderful reality that some people still have families and can still be loving when reunited with them. It was very pleasant to see one Avenger who I felt got little time to shine in the first film and this time we got to see him as a Dad and see a big secret that hardly anyone ever knew about or would have even guessed. It was so aww seeing his adorable secret which was a normal life and has his own legacies to protect, even Nat knew them closely.

Love was on the screen because there was a pleasant yet sorta weird and unexpected romance beginning to unfold between the two most unlikely Avengers (it's sweet in it's own way yet realistically speaking it probably seems wrong). That man is like the luckiest guy in the world after getting some epic body clashes twice... that lucky son of a b**ch just like Captain.  
I'm not gonna include a picture as it's spoilers.

The music, what can I say? We all know and without fail recognise the Avengers Theme which I'm glad made a return in the film since it's like a theme that will always be special in the Marvel soundtrack collection. I loved hearing it in the ending credits of the first film and in the turning point in the final fight and showed the characters all regrouping and ready to keep on fighting. I didn't really pay much attention besides the Theme but I noticed a weird moment after the beginning fight of some loud dramatic choir music going on in the Jet, I was thinking "is this what they listen to?" until it was shown that Dr. Bruce Banner/ The HULK was listening to it through some Beats Headphones (symbolic advertisement, right) to help comfort him, whatever floats his boat I say.

As the fighting escalated epically and everything came into place for our heroes to stand their ground and hold off the enemies, it looked far more intense like an adrenaline hoard of robot copies or rogue Iron Men all in Ultron's design as we all predicted. I found the layout and idea of this intense hoard of manikins to resemble a swarm of insects like wasps or hornets and that our heroes were in the heart of the nest and endured badly, just thinking about if they had a GoPro camera and we saw from their actual angle on an on-coming endless hoard of tin men must have made it looks far worse than what we got to see from a safe angle.

The conclusion to this fight looked a lot like Sephiroth's Meteor in Final Fantasy VII and that's all I'm going to say as I'm trying not to spoil, too much. But the outcome is pleasant with a slight sad bit for one man, but to see that everyone just goes like the ending to the first film, makes me wonder on just how much more can this team take. Looks like Civil War will determine the fates of many and if Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and 2 will even feature our iconic super friends again thanks to the final scene we are rewarded?
Oh and by the way, there is a secret during the credits but there is no secret at the very very end of the credits, so there's no point in waiting around until the credits are done, everyone!

I'm really glad that I went out and saw this incredible sequel because as some of you may know whilst I was writing up my previous and serious post on some stirred up feelings, that I was in a confused and stressed state and that by expressing myself I am now better and got a lot of comfort from many supportive buddies including the ladies I mentioned, cheers guys! Truth be told, I was going to try and base the outline/ layout of this post to resemble my Captain America post since that one turned out so well, but then I figured it was best to just write it as how I feel and see it since you can't always base new work on old designs, right?
Compared to when Avengers Assemble came out in 2012 and I saw it with Lewis, James, Sam and Peace and how I said back then that we'd all see the sequel someday, it's funny how I have to go back on my word as life caught up with us and took us on different roads, sure Lewis has seen it (don't know about the others) but it doesn't feel the same not seeing it with them but that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time seeing it at last and with alternative company. It is a slight shame in the back of my head that me and Kurt didn't venture up to another Marvel premier to see the stars because we were afraid it would turn out like the X-Men premier, I'm sure we'll see any of the Avengers in the future or somehow as that'll be another tick on my Bucketlist.

Seeing as how most of my Marvel mates were all seeing it with different people and earlier after the release date, I figured I'd better hurry on looking into who wants to go with me asap. It was a shame to have missed out on trying to go and watch the midnight release at Crawley Cineworld plus even the chance to watch the Triple-Bill featuring Avengers Assemble, Captain America: The Winter Soldier followed by the Ultron sequel, Oh well.
I was originally supposed to see it with Kathy but then David came along to watch it again, Oh well. It was nice to see him again anyway even if things got changed and there were complications with tickets and seating arrangements, at least we all saw it and had an Awesome time.
Now I'm seeing it again this Friday with my team mate Jamie (the new Daddy in the Tagging Team and a really lovable silly guy) plus I aim to see this a few more times with different people including Kurt, Mills and the others as I saw the first one in IMAX several times along with AVATAR and other blockbusters that can only be enjoyed via IMAX in my opinion.

I mentioned in Marvel's Phase Three, that a leaked clip had been shown of a tense moment in the Ultron film about a lead-up to what Civil War will be like thanks to a heated debate between Steve and Tony about war decisions. This scene is what hints us to the next Captain America which we will get next year.

So as you can see, Avengers: Age Of Ultron is top priority people and is a must see by anybody! I'm seeing it plenty more time cause it's that amazing and it's been a long time since the first one and sometimes I just can't get tired of seeing things (you know me *wink*). Well done Joss Whedon!

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