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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Spring Breakers (Film Review)

I reckon that your first glance at this makes you think "Oh it's a review on bikinis, girly stuff, partying and crap"?!.
But actually this film had a lot more in it than just hot girls and partying! Yes, this film shows how getting involved with the wrong kind while having a crazy time really does put you in danger! This explains how partying, drugs, drinking and violence can get you in deep trouble, in Spring Breakers!

Spring Breakers is a 2012 American Comedy and Drama film that shows 4 college girls Candy "Vanessa Hudgens" (High School Musical Trilogy, Bandslam), Faith "Selena Gomez" (Wizards Of Waverly Place, Hotel Transylvania), Brittany "Ashley Benson" (Days Of Our Lives, Bring It On: In It to Win It) and Cotty "Rachel Korine" (Mister Lonely, Trash Humpers) having the time of their lives at Spring Break in St. Petersburg, Florida. After acquiring the money from a robbery at a restaurant (except Faith) the girls head there for drinking, doing drugs, experimenting and just partying, and after getting arrested there, the girls are later bailed by the dangerous looking gangster Alien "James Franco" (Spider-Man Trilogy, 127 Hours) and are smittened away by his cool but really dark life.

I saw this on Sky Movies one night in January 2014, after (trying) to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift with mum for the first time. She fell asleep near the end and after going to bed and I finished an "okay" film, I saw this and thought "yeah, why not?!". I came in 40 minutes through it but then watched it again the following day from the beginning to when I came onto it.

This film reminded me of how no matter how many times I've dreamed/ wished being normal and joining people I knew back at school and college who partied, drank and felt good and confident all the time... it was just out of my league and not for me. I strongly feel that deep within my soul, I probably couldn't handle going to a place like Magaluf, Rhodes or any party beach doing nothing but drinking, drugs and that shit, not only because of the way I am but also because I'd go looking for love and get easily subdued into peer-pressure and feeling uncomfortable since I am just not this kind of person that I thought was the right way to live. But luckily I do enjoy myself at parties and even had a blast back in Greece last year with a load of teens in the hotel club and drank a little most night, so I have the confidence to have fun, just maybe not at a place where what happens there... stays there but also where being subjected to nothing but the stuff I feel isn't necessary to just have a good time! I mean I wasn't drinking when I was 15, I was enjoying times out with some mates who now a days think drinking is essential for everything, when it bloody isn't! I don't judge people who do follow this life-style I'm just pointing out that not everyone can follow and they shouldn't be judged for not following.

The music was a big mix up that ranged from main-stream party material, to heavy club gangster bass while showing some deep and mesmerising ambient work during deep moments. I liked it all but I reckon all you rapper/ h&m lovers will love this film or anyone who's a full-blown party animal thanks to the content that's in store, the music just helped set the scene but I preferred the few ambient pieces as those moments are golden in films that show tough choices or dramatic moments that I like to listen to while walking alone most times.

One thing that bothered me about the film was the "Gun Reload" sound effect that was used during scene changes which was different to any kind of sound effect that can be used for changing moments but I feel it was unnecessary since this wasn't so much a war or crime film. Another was when near the end before the "final task" was where Alien, Candy and Brittany have the same conversation I think it was 6 times which was trying to prove a symbolic point but to me it was just irritating and was overplayed.

The ending was a real emotional epilogue (not enough to make me cry) but it was deep in a revelation way showing how not only can 2 girls avoid bullets and get away with killing someone and like 10 other people but they proved to have learned the errors of their ways and life and chose to change for the better and live out their lives properly once this was all over. I think the film was actually pretty decent (I am not just saying that because of the explicit content), it shows a teenage version of "The Hangover" films in a way and I think this film is definitely worth a watch as it shows how trying to have a wild time can not only get you in trouble but become difficult to accept or fit into!

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