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Sunday, 12 January 2014

American Hustle (Film Review)

This film has been nominated for 7 Golden Globe and 10 BAFTA Awards!? After seeing almost half of it I thought... really? But as I came to the end, I had been converted and thought, Yeah Why Not?! What could go wrong by putting "Christian Bale", "Bradley Cooper", "Amy Adams", "Jeremy Renner" and "Jennifer Lawrence" all into one film right? So here's my opinion on the big film to begin the new year, American Hustle.

I got invited out last night to see the film that critics are raving about,with some mates which I couldn't turn down as I wanted to see for myself what the big fuss was about with this film and why it's nominated for these awards. After turning up at the cinema and discovering my friends would be arriving late, things weren't looking so good already. But as the trailers came on they all turned up and the 5 of us took the very front row as everywhere else was full! What a turn out!

American Hustle is a film about Irving Rosenfeld "Christian Bale" (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Empire of the Sun) and Sydney Prosser/ Lady Edith Greensly "Amy Adams" (Enchanted, The Muppets) as con artists who are forced to team up with FBI Agent Richie Di Maso "Bradley Cooper" (The Hangover Trilogy, Silver Linings Playbook) to work together on setting up a huge elaborate operation on corrupt politicians along with the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine Polito "Jeremy Renner" (Avengers Assemble, The Hurt Locker). While Irving's crazy, messed up wife Rosalyn Rosenfeld "Jennifer Lawrence" (The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook) tries to help out while causing trouble.

The back story on Irving and Sydney at first seemed too complicated to understand because it played right after a serious hustle moment in the beginning and it was all narrated in a rushed out way. But it made sense later as every character was explained by Irving and they got back to the present and laid out all the details on the table even for me to get a grip on. There's aren't many films released that I've see where it's nothing but drama without SFX or anything (except Silver Linings Playbook which also featured Bradley and Jennifer who were amazing in that and made me tear up a little) so it was different from the usual explosive, scifi, action, cartoon hits that I adore. Plus when a film begins with "Christian Bale" combing his hair over his bald patches, you can't help but giggle at his commitment and soon drop your mouth in discovering how fat he looked in the past. Not only that "Bradley Cooper" had his hair in curlers, that made the audience giggle for a while!

The music was old (well it was set in 1978) and played a bit of themes (some swinging) from back in the day or a little jazz and some classics that my parents know from the radio. It was nice hearing some vintage material and seeing a couple vinyls that maybe dad still has somewhere.

As I have already stated I found this hard to follow because I don't usually watch an American crime, comedy-drama film with a plot that leaves me scratching my head. But the film had it's perks, like how "Amy Adams" wore nothing but tops or dresses with a massive V down her chest showing off her chest throughout the film like a little treat added in for the lads watching in the cinemas! What!? "Amy Adams" can't do buttons up or wear a t-shirt? "Jennifer Lawrence" also wore some pretty hot material while keeping in character as a crazy, messed-up mother trying to work with her bad husband's scheme but near the end almost ruined it all and made it all crash and burn!

One of my favourite moments in the film was when Carmine and his wife danced together with Irving and his wife while being drawn into the dark plot. Seeing a MARVEL and DC character sing their hearts out together was touching as well as sad knowing what was yet to become of their relationship.

The ending took me by total surprise because around mid-way till the end of the film things got fascinating as plans became difficult for these sick, twisted characters to comprehend and face their inner demons and get the job done. But once I saw the outcome to everything I gained a new level of respect for the film's outcome and witnissing how con-artists really are dangerous and beyond intelligent with their crafty ways.

So I feel this film was brilliant after all and sort of believe it does deserve awards (maybe not these huge ones) but it was interesting seeing "The Caped Crusader", an "Avenger", a "Disney Princess" and "2 Bi-polar dancers" all collaborating in a film that took me by surprise!

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