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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sorry It's Late! But Welcome To AsperJosh!

Hello everyone, this is Josh Grahame speaking and Welcome to AsperJosh! A blog that I created back in Mid November 2013, to talk about moments from my life, aware people of autistic actions as well as talk about my music, anime/ manga, video game and film interests and sometime rant about things that irritate me.

I figured for my first post it was best to explain my intentions. I wish to encourage teens/ adults who know autistic friends or even autistic teens/ adults that maybe reading this now to further understand how we act and maybe how we feel due to environments, occasions or how we're feeling in general (and that we're all different in a good way). And understand how caring and what good people we love being! My fellow autistic amigos may already be confident enough (hopefully more than I do) and if so I applaud you and encourage you to never stop enjoying yourself and your lives! As I already began to in mid 2013 when things go way past better in my work and social life!

But anyway I digress and begin with my introduction. My name is Joshua George Grahame, I am 20 years old and don't act my age. I am currently full-time at Evans Cycles near Gatwick and I graduated The College of Richard Collyers in 2012 with a Double B in BTEC ICT. As you can guess, I am autistic too! I also have Crohns Disease (which I won't go into detail about!) I have slight Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism on the Autistic Spectrum. Mine is where I sometimes feel low on confidence due to self-esteem from my past, I am anxious most times about being myself but I am learning to overcome that since being myself is the best thing and my friends like me for me. I like to make plans and follow routines so I feel under control and am ready for the unexpected. I do have trouble coping with change though I have begun to take things slowly and accept it as well as make other plans. But the best thing about me is my memory, I have an amazing memory where I re-cap and remember things from my past very well and I love sharing my thoughts with people (even if they've heard it before). I love being an impressionist as I can pull off the voices of many Disney, Family Guy and other cartoon characters quite well! But understanding when it's okay to speak like that and when it's time to stop is still hard to cope with!

But, I've been wanting to write up this blog because it was proposed by good old Dad "John Grahame". He said seeing as I am already part of my good friend "Lewis Cox's" blog already ( why don't I share my thoughts, some other film, video game and anime reviews and my life with people who may have autistic children and wish to understand them better if necessary or for autistic/ normal people to hear another autistic view about... well... anything!

I hope I made a good first impression as this wasn't easy to think of. I do enjoy this though, sharing my thoughts with people as it's a way of making friends and everyone has opinions on everything and I don't get to share mine with certain kinds people so on here it seems quite better. Plus I like to help with or give out advice to help prove that even though I have this condition, I now consider it a gift rather than a curse (most of the time) because I learned that with my life so far, I've gotten better as I gradually overcame limitations and learn to really enjoy life and do anything I set my heart to and hang out with those that matter! No matter what is thrown at me!

More reviews and stories are on they way!


  1. Great first post bud, keep it up :)

  2. Cheers mate, I'm still loyal to Alt:Mag, and thank you for allowing me to take my previous work and and future work and put it up while referencing the original work on your site! :)