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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Joys Of Christmas

Christmas is a real special time for the world to enjoy and my personal favourite time of all. I love how people come together and share gifts and everyone is just so cheerful, festive and happy (most of the time ha ha).
December has been great (as always) and this year I've been enjoying myself whether it's finding special presents for my great friends or spending time with my family and friends and just feeling wonderful cause "'Tis the Season". Though putting up the tree is a hassle but it looks and feels perfect once it's done but now I gotta keep a watch on the cats as they take the baubles off and have taken to climbing the tree... darn kitties.

I've had every Friday off throughout December and it has been GOOD, it's nice having a three-day weekend and I now have an annual plan for next December's Fridays. I've been buying t-shirts for all my girl friends Camilla "Mills", Becky and Ellie who are that close to me that I feel I can call them "big sisters" except for Ellie who is younger. I'm gonna upload the pictures on or after Boxing Day depending if I have time to write up a post on the 25th or 26th cause I don't wanna spoil the special gifts I got them all.
Because this isn't really secret, I can tell you that Kurt and I were buying each other Marvel FUNKO POP's we both needed, I bought him Deadpool and Captain America (Marvel Universe) and he bought me a Deadpool and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The pics will be up on Boxing day or something. Everything is all been wrapped up in special Avengers wrapping paper I got at The Entertainer last weekend.

Nana, Grace, Imogen, Louise, Keeley, Sharon and Darren
The weekend that's just passed was really special. You see in my Mum's side of the family, she is one of 6 children to my grandparents and they have 13 grandchildren. I'm the 3rd eldest and every year on Boxing Day along with a day in the summer and in Easter too, we all gather at Nana and Grandads for a special reunion and come together. I'll talk more about that on Boxing Day's post but as for this week early gathering, the 1st eldest grandchild (Louise) and her husband (Dave) who have 2 adorable girls Imogen and newborn Megan along with Louise's brother Mark and their parents Sharon and Steve all came up for a weekend of seeing family members as they can't make Boxing day most years. The picture doesn't show everyone but I can tell you, it was lovely seeing the little ones. Imogen was adorable and playful and enjoyed watching Piglet's BIG Movie with me while her parents went to get medicine for her sick baby sister, who was full of cold unfortunately. Everyone in the family managed to drop in to see them apart from Dad due to work, but despite the quantity, the quality was great and it was like an early Boxing Day which will be the best family day of the year as it is every year especially for me.

Lorna and Wendy
At last today I had the pleasure of giving a special gift to my two managers at work who are like Mum's to me, having known me since I started working at Evans Cycles and have taught me sarcasm (yep) and are real pleasures to work with and know me so well (that last bit wasn't sarcasm... or was it?!)
Any who, since the beginning of December, I bought a Despicable Me Dave Minion action figure that makes funny sound effects when his head is titled front back or side to side along when his tummy or tongue is touched. They were both ecstatic and very pleased that I bought them something to share so it's more of an office based present unless they work out sharing routers ha ha.
All day during this hectic busy Monday, they've been patrolling the work area making Dave fart and "banana" and keep us all giggling while working. This means the present was a success and I have started something annoying and can't stop it, I bet the batteries will die out by Christmas ha ha.

Today, I had a half-day which concludes all my 28 holidays (2 of them used for Boxing day and Christmas day this year) and I was re-united with my best mate Lewis who turned 22 today. I also got to meet his new girlfriend Lucy who was lovely. I bought Lewis an Xmas and birthday present, his Xmas present was a ProDeck Workshop for building miniature skateboards, since he's a skateboard fanatic and his birthday present was a unique Defend Pop Punk t-shirt which included a sticker and I got him another sticker of RiseRecord's Issues Triangle self titled album too from when I got one too back on the 12th when I got some stuff from RiseRecords. He loved them all and I felt proud that I know my mate that well and I look forward to what he'll buy for me when he gets money after boxing day. For my birthday this year, Lewis got me a figurine of the main heroine of my favourite romance anime Clannad (which I'll be talking about next year) it's so special that it's still in it's box.

Looks like they've
been hunted
My lads are growing and becoming so used to the family. They've grown so much since we got them (although still small, I'd say length wise... about a forearm long) and are both chaotic and lovely to have as pets. Both of them love me a lot the most (I don't mean to brag, but I have to), they both rub their noses and whiskers across my cheek and purr loudly when I give them a gentle stroke whether they are on my lap or curled up together. They are definitely outdoing me and dad on the stinkiness of their leavings P.U, god these little crappers have a powerful odour when they take a dump and Stache always flicks the litter everywhere when digging sandcastles in the littler box (that or he's possibly OCD but it's annoying to clean up) ugh. I love ma boyz and they love us all dearly. I think they're coming up to almost being 6 months old aww.

Everywhere I go when going out this December, I see Christmas jumpers that all look festive, humorous and cool. I may not have a Christmas Jumper sadly but I do have my own special 1 year old Christmas "naughty" Tshirt of my favourite Family Guy character Stewie dressed as Santa (like in the f***ing hilarious episode with Brian) saying "I have been rather naughty. I reckon this is as good as it gets and I feel just as cool wearing something that can probably only be worn in this holiday season. 
I was curious though on some Christmas Jumpers that I always wanted such as this Reindeer one from Primark or a few Nerdy ones like Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Legend Of Zelda or Star Wars ones from Along with 2 nostalgic jumpers from including designs of the first Sonic The Hedgehog game and the PlayStation Controller buttons. Why do the cool designs restrict to a short holiday that happens late in the year? *sigh* oh well, a man can wait until the right time to purchase something awesome and show off (when he's not working).

You're never too old to enjoy the little things and I was enjoying Marvel chocolates thanks to the advent calendar that Mum and Dad picked out so perfectly for me. Trust me it doesn't look like that anymore (like I'd forget about chocolate HA). On the back there are 2 small bookmarks to cut out when the chocolate is gone on 24th, it's nice isn't it when you are left with a little something after getting big from eating the chocolate. These will help when reading my Marvel Graphic Novels and Comics and I might give a bookmark to Kurt too.

Despite the bitter cold and frustrating mornings of having to scrape the ice off my car's windscreen and warming up the inside, I do enjoy the pleasant blue and colourful mornings that I get to wake up to and get a glimpse at when driving my way to work. Even the late afternoons have spectacular colours that glow when the sun hits the day. Someday next year, I'm gonna talk about my fascination with the sky and why it means so much to me.

As I mentioned above, I bought some awesome and bl**dy expensive RiseRecords stuff and it all came on the day of my Xmas Work do at the Komedia Club.
I got myself the following:
- Issues and RiseRecords Logo Tank Tops
- Crown The Empire Stickers
- Issues Album Sticker
- RiseRecords Logo Sticker
And the CTE - The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways and Of Mice & Men: Restoring Force Vinyls for Becca since I'm a good thoughtful brother. This all cost me a heavy $62 and expensive $36.40 shipping - just under $100 for everything. But it was all worth it!

How much have you all been spending on your loved ones? What makes you jolly about Christmas (I hope not singing those
incessant Christmas songs which are nice but a pain when everyone is annoyed at work with hearing them on the radio especially since they are played from November.
This post was all the good bits of December. I'm pleased and proud of myself for everything this month and look forward to a smashing Christmas and wish you all a pleasant one too!

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