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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Evans Cycles Christmas Do 2014 - Komedia Club, Brighton

Last Friday, I had my Christmas Do and I returned to the Komedia Club, Brighton for a good night of comedy, food and dancing with all my work mates and colleagues.

I had the pleasure on that Friday, which was my day-off, of enduring an expensive day out purchasing clothes for myself, Rebecca and some close friends for Christmas. And later, I drove up to work near 4.50pm to jump on the coaches with everyone else and our destination was Brighton. We arrived after a good 40-50 mins drive (at least that's what it felt like), and headed inside ready for a good laugh.We headed down into the underground area of the Komedia Club and like last year I wasn't drinking since I was being the responsible "sober" man cause when we got back to work near 1.00am, I drove my Assistant Manager Lorna, my mate Kurt and a new friend I made on the coach back Jen home. I didn't want to risk even having one drink or a sip so I spent the evening drinking Coke like a hard man!!

But before all that, we were all given a 3 course meal with a fancy starter, a main course choice of Pork Belly , Roast Duck or Chicken and a dessert of either Dark Chocolate Torte or Cheesecake. I went for the Duck and Chocolate. The starter which I was given as a surprise was Salmon with Cheese which was actually not bad and the Roast Duck was excellent and very delicious with some rocket and sliced red onions. Lorna and me both agreed that the Chocolate Torte was amazing and looked like it could give us diabetes, but did that stop us?!

After we finished we got round to the laughs and giggles and our host was Stephen Grant who was an alright guy but wasn't really happy that some tables were talking over him to which he responded with putting that table on the scene and speaking even faster, which I couldn't really catch up on. Many of my friends all agreed that he was playing the same material and jokes to when he performed a year ago when we did our Christmas Do a year ago. It was a little disappointing and annoying for him that one table just wouldn't shut up and put a downer on the opening act.

After him, we had our first act, a hilarious Canadian dude called Sean Collins, who was a real delight and was mentioning all the silly facts of how coming into the country is funny and his life of dealing with his little son and of course we all saw the funny side of being a dad. I had no idea he appeared before on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow before (I found this out on Google Images and on his Twitter "seancollins66"), he's just as funny as Stewart Francis another Candian Comedian and a real genius at one-liners.

Stephen came back on and tried to interact with the audience including with one of my Portuguese mates Bruno. Stephen had a tough time trying to hear Bruno's clear responses and then tried with other people but it was just not going as planned. I'm not dissing him or his credability or anything, I'm only mentioning from my view of seeing him, I'm sure he's funny and a great guy.

And our last comedy act for the night was a tough looking Londoner called Jeff Innocent, he was different and spoke more of his background from East London and his life of still being young for his age and his interesting life with substances and stuff. Not to mention the awkward slight racism (in a funny way) of how he's the only white person in his family. Everyone all agreed that Sean and Jeff were fantastic and highly talented and left us all in hysterics.

Top: Me, Tommy, Sam
Bottom: Luis, Lewis and Viraj

As soon as that was all over, the dancing began. Nothing but the hits from the last 20+ish years but it was still better than hearing Christmas songs like all day on the radio station and rather not that heavy dub step like in most club's I've been to. Me and the Saturday lads (Tommy, Luis, Lewis, Viraj and Sam) along with our mate Kurt were all taking pictures and they were all pissed out of their heads ha ha. The big boss even bought most of the guys, who are around my age, shots once cause we're all a bad ass team and we were rewarded but I backed out for the right reasons, but it's the thought that counts. Most of the ladies there were fun and one girl, Helen was one minute dancing with me like a swinging cat and then next I'm being grinded by her while being hugged... yep. Bet she don't remember that happening now ha ha. The boys and my mates from my old department before the transfer in August (Bruno, Grant, Ben, Sam and Dave) and me all got photos with people including Vicky and some other hotties which was great, and we shared some group pictures too because why not?
Faded badly, crap.
Ben in the back, Sam inbetween me and Bruno
Luis, Kurt and Me
Bruno, Me and Grant
Everyone was having fun drinking except me, I saw the real side to the night while almost everyone else must have seen another side which must have been more fun but I stuck to my promise and took responsibility (ugh, no matter how much I felt a little left out compared to last year). 

Last year, I did a lot more including drinking 2 Vodka & Cokes, 3 Smirnoff Ice's, Half a Pint of Fosters, 2 j20's and shared my 1st Tequila with Dave. Quite eventful and the most awkward and gross thing happened to Kurt. I don't know if it was him or the others but less than an hour after we arrived he ran all the way outside and produced a beautiful puddle of yuck outside the club!! The guys told me he had mixed Red Wine with Beer, nice.... So he was carried home by the other boys and I thought to myself "I should go and help them" but then I ended up saying "Have fun with that guys, I'm going back inside!" Aren't I a loyal friend?! Glad that he didn't make the same mistake this year and was a lot more sensible, if he did it again I would have dunked his head in his mess.

Then at12.45am on Saturday, unfortunately it was time to head back on the coaches. I along with Lorna and some others all waited for the others who were returning by coach to jump on and then make our way back to work.
On the way back, I made a new friend and helped a damsel in distress. A lady called Jennifer who was next to Vicky, shouted out who's heading back to Horsham. I responded and she asked if I wanted to share a Taxi, while I proposed why not catch a lift with me, to which she was surprised and pleased that I was offering to help and kindly obliged. When we all got back to work we wished everyone a safe journey home, I picked up my fellow passengers and drove them all home to Langley Green then Bewbush and then not far from my house.
I had to grab fuel after dropping off Jen, and I found a double bill movie of the new Planet Of The Apes films and glady picked that up for £10 (I've seen the first one and am keen to see the sequel and witness Caesar's war).
Last year with:
Francesca, Tiago, Dave and Me
Looks like this year's special night was more funny but different in it's own way for me. Last year, I had no fun at all in the beginning, I was placed on a table with nobody I knew at all. I felt super uncomfortable and hurt inside and saw all my mates, the Saturday boyz and friends all on tables near each other. I was tempeted to leave and catch a train home since I figured the night wouldn't get any better. I mentioned this to Mum by text before the food came alonge, luckily she phoned my manager Wendy (who's like another mum to me) and she managed to pursuade someone on her table to swap with me so I could be with good company and my mates. It seems like I got my own way, does that make me selfish or spoiled?! I don't know but I was very grateful to the guy who swapped with me and helped rekindle my hope for the evening.
Later Dave became quite drunk and almost pulled a guy when I came back to the club after doing a head-count and forgot him!!!!. He told me he was trying to pull... But look at him now, a happy married man. So as we got the coach back to work, he asked me to phone his girlfriend to let her know that a) he's drunk and b) he needed a lift to Three Bridges train station. She came and helped us out and was lovely to meet. But I suffered a funny and confused Dave the following Monday (2 days later) and he asked me why I did all that especially telling his girlfriend that he was drunk. I laughed and replied with "How could she not notice?! Plus you told me to tell her?!" Boy was that funny and he ended up laughing too at his silly actions. My manager Wendy and her assistant Lorna still to this day, never let him forget what he did that Christmas Do of 2013.

So it's been good and I'm glad I went again and this time had great company, danced a lot and kept my cool and took responsibility like the adult I know I am. I wonder what next year's will be like and if I'll even still be at Evans. I also wonder if someday I'll be at a different Christmas Do or a casual suit and tie venue or something. But it wouldn't be as fun as this was with my good friends.

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