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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2014

It may be a day or two later but like they say "better late than never" right? How have you all been this Christmas? I hope it's been just as Awesome as mine! I've had 3 eventful days that all went smoothly. Take a look at what happened to me this Christmas.

Christmas Eve:
Turned up for work as usual but we all did our part and luckily finished by 12pm on the dot. Being the good lad I like being, I wished everyone around the departments a Merry Christmas before driving home with a smile on my face, listening to Owl City during a blue sky midday.
On the way back to Horsham, I found the perfect opportunity that I couldn't pass up and decided to park safely (with my hazard lights activated) along Ifield Wood to take a couple pictures of a field I always pass by when driving home through the back roads, just getting a glimpse of the scenery while driving gave me a spontaneous urge to get a photo, it was so worth it and I didn't make any issues with a few passing cars, yay.
I made this using the Diptic app on my phone
Anywho, I decided to head to the gym and do my session and later on I met up with Richard for our jog around the park at sunset. Unfortunately my phone's battery died and we just made a big guess on the time it took us to do 3.39miles (5.45km), still not near 4 miles but that one time on the treadmill was lucky and now we both agree that actual jogs are better than being cooped up in a room with others and looking at the same thing during the run. I'm pretty sure we'll make 4 miles asap since we made 3.49 miles (5.62km) back on the 17th.
I was supposed to do hoovering but that wasn't happening cause I had other important priorities like sharing Christmas presents with Kurt over at his. We knew what we were getting each other since we both wanted specific Marvel FUNKO POP's ha ha. My Avengers wrapping paper felt perfect for Kurt's prezzies. We both got the Awesome Deadpool and he got me The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I got him the original Captain America.

I finished my Marvel Advent Calendar and found out that on the back were 2 cutout bookmarks so I gave one to Kurt too since I was going to his anyway. Stache was quite naughty since he loves exploring the Christmas Tree...
So it was quite the exhausting eve for me full of aching muscles and tiny stress but it was all worth it and me and the family were ready for the next morning.

Christmas Day:
Fantastic Christmas! Super Spoiled!!!
From Becca:
- Guardians Of The Galaxy
- The Fault In Our Stars
- Family Guy Season 14
- Chocolate Game Controller (looks like a GameCube controller)
 From Mum and Dad:

- Adventure Time Season 1 & 2
- Godzilla
- Dancing Groot Funko Pop
- A Million Ways To Die In The West
- The Evil Within Game
- Pac-Man T-Shirt
- Weekday Socks (which I actually love!)
- Chocolates

Everything is Awesome!
Stache stuck his
tongue out at me
Usually me and Rebecca get up bl**dy early but this time we ended up sleeping in till 10.15ish and to tease her even more, I wanted a nice shower before ripping open presents (what? I wanted to look good and clean for when Mum took the photos). I knew what Becca was getting me cause I was there when she purchased the DVDs but she has a few extra tasty surprises and I had some expensive thoughtful gifts for her too. Mum and Dads was all surprise but my big one that they'll go 1/4 payment on is now delayed till Jan/ Feb when I make the final call on deciding if I'll purchase a Macbook Pro as part of my New Years Resolutions and aim to help me practise coding, photoshop, the adobe's etc. But everything was perfect and what more could I have asked for.
Mum and Dad were a little under the weather (whether that's hungover or coming down with the flu, I don't know) but after Mum's special Roast. As they went to sleep, Becca and I had a film marathon of watching Frozen and then she showed me Mean Girls. Very interesting film and it was nice to see Lindsay Lohan looking hot and great before the state she's become now sadly.
But the best day of the year was tomorrow (as well as a certain day in the summer) as I mentioned in my previous post about how special it is to be with your whole family.

Boxing Day:Mum and Dad were unwell to join me and Becca as I drove us to Horley to meet (most) of my Mum's side of the family. I took the back roads since I admit awkwardly and embarrassingly that I've never driven on the motorway before... there I said it. I'm just gonna copy and paste a bit of what I said in the previous post to help make things much easier for me.
You see in my Mum's side of the family, she is one of 6 children to my grandparents and they have 13 grandchildren. I'm the 3rd eldest out of 14 and every year on Boxing Day, we all gather at Nana and Grandads for a special reunion and come together. This year, the 1st eldest grandchild Louise and her husband (Dave) with the girls Imogen and newborn Megan along with Louise's brother Mark (2nd eldest grandchild) and their parents Sharon and Steve all couldn't make it along with one auntie and other grandchild, still it was excellent company (if I was to explain it all and list the family like who's part of what family in the pictures, then I'd diverge myself from the current subject and make things even more complicated and boring like I am doing right now ha ha).
Kyle, Aunty Natalie
and UncleTrevor
Kyle, Nana and Aunty Jane
This year was extra special because when I turned up and explained why we took a little longer, my Auntie Keeley offered to come in the car with me and take me down the motorway cause my parents are always busy to take me down there. It went super well and I was relieve to have driven us down from Gatwick to Pease Pottage and back... alive and I also accomplished something that's long overdue and now I have nothing to fear and doubt about when life takes me along that endless motorway.

After returning we all took part in a silly but hilarious game which involved talking without showing your teeth (like an old person) and choose a subject and all speak out an answer without showing your teeth otherwise your out. That was funny and as ridiculous as it sounds, it's a great game to play (besides my favourite horrible game I like called Cards Against Humanity). I also ended up taking a phew selfies of 2 special and AWESOME things I got in Primark a couple weeks ago, I don't care if they look childish, I look AWESOME!
Aunty Keeley
Thomas, Charlie
and Uncle Steven
I love this day so much because to me and I tell everyone that because of the size of my family, I feel that because of my personality that I am in my own way, Peter Pan and the lost boys and girls because I like to have fun and play games with all ages and just be happy and jolly on this fine day for celebrating plus I never really grow up and don't act my age at all. Instead of doing a feast for the size of the family, we all bring buffet foods and just share it all. Nana was feeling a little ill too but she pulled through and still enjoyed herself despite having a soar throat.

Megan, Rebecca
and Uncle Ray
Uncle Darren and his
girls, Grace and Megan
Later on, everyone was tearing open presents and it only seems natural and right that once I turned over the age of 18 that I wouldn't receive gifts anymore (but that doesn't stop my grandparents from giving me £20 and a Lynx Africa set plus my Aunty Keeley and her family still give me £10). I even got Nana some Dove Nivea products
Nice socks, Grandad
and Grandad a Kindle voucher and Keeley bought Grandad some funny and funky socks that had everyone smirking. Not long, it turned into a wrapping paper ball fight and it was brutally funny that everyone took part in and we sustained no casualties.
It was time to head home later on as we ended the night with Charades, I drove me and Becca down the motorway successfully. And not long after arriving home, I headed back out to Horsham to meet my "big sister" and close friend Becky for us to exchange gifts. I couldn't wait to show her the Hunger Games t-shirts I got off eBay and she got me an Iron Patriot Marvel FUNKO POP. We spent a good few hours catching up since September and chatting about Anime, Horrors, Doctor Who, Adventure Time etc you know the cool stuff. I look forward to seeing her again next year especially once I've acquired the Macbook Pro cause her friends and some of mine with Lewis can help teach me some things about it and show me some special creative software's that are a must have.

As for today, it's been a lazy day. Mum and me ended up watching Battleships for the first time (despite all the negative feedback most of my mates gave it), we both actually enjoyed it besides Rihanna's appearance in the film along with my main man, Liam Neeson. This finally got round to right before the stroke of 12.
I regret to end the post on a sad note of how tomorrow isn't the best day in the world and I'll explain more tomorrow evening but also add joy and peace to it since you shouldn't always mourn loved ones and we must continue our lives while keeping their memory with happiness and not always sadness.

I hope you have all had an eventful Christmas and here's to New Years Eve which for me will be just as Awesome as last years, with the right people!

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