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Sunday, 11 January 2015

6 Months Passed And The Kittens Are Growing Up Fast

Ever since the day when 2 new additions joined our household, life for me has been more pleasant. I get to come home every day after work and get greeted and welcomed by my 2 little ones who are always begging for a stroke, tickle and cuddle. Since they're birth on June 30th, Dash and Stache have been one of the best things to have happened last year and now as they are growing up rapidly, it's time to look back on what joy, trouble and peace they have brought to my family.

I mentioned in my previous post half a year ago about when these 2 joined the family.
And now as I've been watching them grow up over half a year has made me feel like a mother (in some way) because these 2 rely on me and everyone else to nurture, feed, clear up and love them. They certainly have made themselves at home cause they love to sleep in different parts of all the areas of the house, one day one's on the arm of a chair and one's on top of the microwave but during the Winter they have curled up by the fire or sat on our laps and fall
asleep within a couple minutes *sigh* it's heaven. Now these lads are growing up and it's time for them to start venturing out into the real world (not leave the nest for good, that's birds). And over the 6 months, I've shared many photos of them or with me building up a little scrapbook on my phone and capturing the perfect moment with these little ones.

They have beaten me at being the smelliest one responsible for farting or doing a crap (I can't help it due to my Crohns) but they sure do look like they are smirking once they let one rip or leave a nasty surprise in the litter tray, you little sh*ts.
Don't stick your tongue
out at me!
That's just rude!
Sleeping while sticking out their tongues is starting to become a frequent trait with them which is adorable and funny to see them doing, besides always sleeping or looking at me with such a straight face, could you imagine if cat's had muscles in their faces to actually produce a smile or frown?!
They still haven't grown up enough for them to come and sleep with me peacefully, as they run around like mad things. They could if they didn't wake me up in panic at night after either making a mess or just not settling down like a normal human sleeping at night. I hope in time they will mature a little more and be cool enough to come into any room at night and either cuddle up on mine or anyone else's bed.
I'm Batman!
... Or Catman?!
Picky, picky, picky is what they are mostly when they are being fed because for the last few months we've been giving them a Felix pouch each but recently we've gone back to splitting one between them and usually they eat without fail and sometimes one or the other won't bother eating... well I ain't gonna change it mate, you get what your given and we do our best to mix it up with meats and fish flavours. And I have now grown a custom to their meowing to not feel worried that they are hurt (like I mentioned before), most days now they meow at each other in the same room, I guess they are socialising or plotting our demise!
They do distract me during crucial gaming or laptop researching moments as one of them will either snoop around or hop up on my lap and demand attention when I'm busy. And like always I give in to their meowing and give em a good cuddle and before I know it, he curls up on my lap and settles down and I feel like I can get back to what I was doing. Or so I think because I don't get enough of their frequent clawing (you know when cats are happy they keep stretching their claws) into my arms or make marks in my t-shirt/ jeans. So these little monsters are a handful sometimes but they always prevail being more adorable and hardly cause severe chaos because then they get sprayed by the spray bottle (I feel like Lilo training Stitch).

On a more recent matter, the boys got "snipped" and "tagged" last week which had me in stress as I was wondering how they would react having their balls cut off (I mean how would you feel?) It did turn out more exausting than I though cause the night before the operation, we were not allowed to feed them or let them drink water after 8pm because this would cause them great pain during the operation and they would feel sick after it's done apparently. But that didn't stop them, you see in our kitchen we have a massive shopping bag that we stuff all the crisps into and the following morning at around 4.30 when Dad wakes up for work, he was annoyed to discover that they had poked their heads into the crisp bag and ripped open the corners of packets of Original Doritos, Crispy Bacon Frazzles and Smoky Bacon Walkers... Bu*ger. So Mum and I wern't happy when we woke up at 6.40 to read what Dad's note said. This messed up the plans and everything but Mum called the vet who said it was ok. I did worry a bit at work but everyone reassured me that it's actually all for the better because it'll improve their behavior and plus it saves us having the awkward moment of them going out to bang other cats in the neighbourhood. So by the time I came home, they seemed alright, and even more friendly and wanted more attention so this was actually a good idea!

If we're playing hide-and-seek
then I've found you already,
nice try buddy.
Pretty soon it's time for them to head outside and discover a whole new world where they aren't confined to just the house. They've been staring out the windows and getting behind the blinds to look out and see what's out there (I once thought they were trying to play hide-and-seek. But before all that, we gotta install a catflap that opens only when collars worn by the boys are nearby because we wouldn't want anymore intruders and as much as I love Frasier, he isn't allowed in the house because he sprays and marks his territory and it smells horrible (like I mentioned before). I don't think it's just me panicking about the fact that we live on a busy road, and live under 5 minutes away from the all girl school and all boys school's up the road that me and Becca went to. I think we have fear in our heads that something will happen to them whether it's dangerous cars/ drivers, boys/ girls hopefully not being pricks and not abusing them or even abduction. I always think the worst so that I can sorta prepare a solution or action to take if such catastrophe (ha I made a pun) ever happens. I feel confident that they will return when we shout out "Din Dins" since whenever that's shouted or spoken in the house, they bolt into the kitchen (so that's one technique they've sorta mastered).
We do suspect that this duo will take over the neighourhood (they need a name like "The Monotone Brothers" or something ha ha) because when some cats pass through our garden and notice the boys sitting staring out the window that the cats outside go mad and territorial while the boys just sit there and don't give a f*ck. Even Frasier (the cat I mentioned in the previous post) saw them once and just sat by the window just like they did, as much as I love him too I do hope they he won't be a prick too.

Naaw, look how adorable
Stache looks when he stands
up like a Meerkat (he looks like he's
wearing a little tuxedo)?!
Like the phrase goes "Curiosity killed the cat", well these two do love poking
their noses at just about anything whether it's sleeping in the firewood basket, looking closely at the fire, going into the cupboard under the sink or slipping behind my wardrobe or the sofa chairs. I do panic about them a lot.
Now a days for like a month or
two, I've been gently stroking my nose against their heads (I wonder if I'm pretending like I'm their mother) because as weird and silly as it sounds, they actually like it and start purring in seconds and much faster most of the time compared to stroking them. It may sound wrong or over the top or even ridiculous but if it pleases them then so what.
I love also picking them up gently and placing them on my left arm so that they can tuck in and lay across (a bit like Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond films/ novels or even Dr. Evil from Austin Powers) "Greetings, Mr Bond!". And I know now what they really enjoy when it comes to stroking, they love a good tickle round the ears and cheeks, a gentle stroke under the chinny chin chin and sometimes a gentle constant rub on their side or their belly, boy how spoiled are these kitty cats?!

We even got them a giant Traffic Cone looking scratching post for Christmas and boy do they love it. They climb up and hang on like SpiderCat or King Kong and it does help save the rest of the wooden furniture from their claws.


Did any of you watch that Cat Watch Documentary on BBCTwo last year, where these people use state of the art GPS and camera's to watch around 100 cats in three different environments and see what these feline's are up to when we're not around? I did and found it very fascinating and intriguing to see that most cats were highly territorial, ventured into other familie's homes or some were more the masters compared to their owners. I too wonder now what my lads will turn out like, for now with them being young, I feel they rely on us. Am I beginning to turn out like a cat person?

This was taken today when he was
cuddling up like a human next to Becca
I think this is the best thing about them. They also have the remarkable charm to cheer me up when I'm stressed with pressure, routines are failing or just tired from a hard day's work. I think this is their best traite to help bring happiness into my moments of stress and confusion and whenever I come across them, I give them a good gentle stroke. I don't think I can ever get bored of these 2 horrors because they have made me a new person and help remind me of just how caring I really am even when I have doubts or think too violently when imaging what I would do in certain situations after being influenced by films with violence, war or revenge. I think pets really do bring out the best in us all and we have a responsibility to raise them well and never stop showing them affection. I will love these boys forever and god only knows what I'll do and feel if something awful happens to them and I can never forget the other little ones who have had an impact on my life and were always there for me because when one generation/ pet is gone, it's not nice to forget for good. That's why in the back of my head, I feel like I love all the pets in my life equally.
Stay tuned, for in the next post, I'm gonna get serious and mention how sleep is such a necessity (obviously) and talk about some personal things because once they're shared I reckon things will be a little better for me and all before celebrating AsperJosh's 1 Year Anniversary pretty soon!

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