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Friday, 16 January 2015

Why Sleeping Is A Very Important Necessity

The title is obvious and the subject makes you respond with "duh" but in this little post, I want to admit some feelings that I've begun noticing and rectify how I intend to fix myself (I say fix myself when I actually mean help myself) and to help lift off a little bit of pressure on my head through honesty after all, that's what AsperJosh is for.

How many of you actually have and follow a reasonable sleeping pattern? Do you go to bed at maybe 10pm or at least get 8 hours of sleep or do you stay up and mess about? As for me, I think all the way back to my college years that I started being a rebel and go to sleep near 11 or just before midnight because I either knuckled down on IT coursework or I was out with my buddies sometimes. But nowadays I'm caught in a bad routine of staying up for the sake of it because I want to have more fun after work or come home from the gym by 10.30 or even have trouble sleeping. Most of the time, I even get distracted badly if a film that I've seen hundreds of time's comes on this late at night and yet I still want to watch it right then because it's a sudden surprise and I find it hard to say "no" and know for the better that sleep is the right course of action. I have begun to construct a hierarchy diagram in my head that leads back to one after the other as to how I either consciously or sub-consciously tangled myself up in this routine.

As part of my New Years Resolutions besides all my special life changing decisions, I want to help make myself become a better person as well as come across that way. I was beginning to notice that sometimes I have melancholy emotions because when I go to sleep around 11 and every day I get up at 6.40 to shower and get ready by 7.30 for work, that luckily I do my best to be a morning person but I think it's the sudden mood swings that I sometimes feel when shocks, arguments or things don't go my way sometimes at work happen or elsewhere in life. I could be having a good conversation while working with my excellent colleagues and one guy comes over and tells us to "shut up" or "keep the talking to a minimum" and then this positive vibe I have disappears and I'm left with a raincloud full of thunder over my head or have a burning vengeance in my head for a while until I calm down and stop preparing rude and hurtful sayings to those who hurt me in the first place. I'm not bipolar (I can assure you) but do you know or understand that feeling like in the Silver Linings Playbook, I have the utmost belief that by sleeping more and actually motivating myself to try and sleep around 10.30 (if it can be helped after either gym or my turn to feed the kittens) then this could be the start to taking things with ease and erasing these purple lines under my eyes and relieve myself of pressure or stress that I create for myself if things don't go so well.

We all know that Sleeping is one of the (maybe even the only) necessities that every human needs to help rest, recharge our energy and take our minds into a reality that we can enjoy. So why do we choose to avoid it and not be sensible and follow a sleeping pattern? Its like being back when we were kids and wanted to stay up as long as our parents! Now that some of us (depending on how old you are) are old enough and are able to make decisions and judgement for ourselves, can we really maintain the balance for some life activities. What I'm saying is very serious and some may even be philosophical but I do tend to dig deep into some topics as you can tell no matter how ridiculous or curious. I believe I find better peace by daydreaming cause most times I have nightmares (luckily I sleep right through them a lot of the time unless it's spiders cause then I can't go back to sleep or even begin to sleep) but is it fair to find fun only in my head in the day when I'm supposed to be facing reality when normally dreaming at night is our time to be creative and use our imaginations? I don't think so...

The hierachy formation is complicated but I think the reason that's most responsible is feeling alone or upset and wanting to fill that with more time to research, watch videos or play games longer because lately my attention to following some routines is slipping and is not being followed through completly. If I end up missing the gym or feel lazy and not motivated to have some fun, I end up loafing around and just watching television and forget to get round to whatever actions/ activities I wanted to do in the first place. That being said, I think the lack of sleep depletes my confidence to take control of my free time properly and I think if I can fix that then I can be much more positive and feel more awake and alive to get round to following through activities. I'm trying not to come across so negative but in a way this is all actually helping me feel a lot better.

I think this clip from my personal favorite american sitcom called The Big Bang Theory (I'm not going to go into detail about the synopsis or plot of this funny show, you can do that yourself if you'd like although everyone is bound to know about this show anyway) really sums up how Sheldon (the funny obnoxious autistic man) is being different due to lack of sleep and how the smart advice from his friend Bernadette helps explain the situation as well as sum up how I sorta feel sometimes and how sleep can help me.

Bernadette: Sheldon, when was the last time you got any sleep?
Sheldon: I don’t know, two, three days ago. Not important. I don’t need sleep, I need answers. I need to determine where in this swamp of unbalanced formulas squatteth the toad of truth.
Penny: Toad of truth? Is that a physics thing?
Leonard: No, that’s a crazy thing.
Bernadette: Okay, Sheldon. What happens to our neuroreceptors when we don’t get enough REM sleep?
Sheldon: They lose their sensitivity to serotonin and norepinephrine.
Bernadette: Which leads to…?
Sheldon: Impaired cognitive function.
Bernadette: Right, so march in there, brush your teeth and go to bed.
Sheldon: But I don’t want to go to bed.
Bernadette: I’m going to count to three. One…
Sheldon: Oh, all right.
This clip is from Season 3, Episode 14 - The Einstein Approximation.

What I'm saying is clear as day but I just wanted to sum up some inner feelings and make a stand to resolve them by comitting myself to begin sleeping more (I'll try and keep ya'll posted). Of all the things to write about, I chose this haha.
But I will end this little post on a positive note! On Facebook, there is a private group for the people who attend MCM EXPO Comic-Con and people put up pictures of cosplay progression, ask questions and sadly most of the time argue and offend others. But today, I made 2 new lady friends after joining in on a conversation asking who is single or in a relationship. I found out that one girl is from my town and is single, we even went to the same college and have been chatting to each other while I've been writing up the post. She even added me as a friend before I finished this at 11.40pm (some start to the resolution, right? ha ha). Another girl has received a lot of attention tonight but she was pointing out some people, even me, and added me as a friend and she seems nice. It's really good when that little moment of bravery and impulse turns out to be the right call and your rewarded with something nice.

Plus this weekend, I get to do something really bold, special and fascinating. You see back at the end of November, a girl I always heard about and sometimes saw around college private messaged me on Twitter and Facebook about checking out my blog especially the posts on Fictional Characters and Comic-Con and asked me if I wouldn't mind helping her with her Uni Dissertation on "Is the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Awareness helped or hindered by representations on fictional television programming?" she asked if she could interview and record me sometime in December/ January. Of course, I said YES! This feels really special and heart-pounding, first of all I'm on camera (that'll be something and I hope I can be cool with it) and also a pretty lady is asking to hear me out on my thoughts and it'll benefit her with her uni grade. So this weekend, I'm meeting Rosie at her place to perform the interview. I know her bf since we went to the same Primary School together and I know for myself that I can't think of this as something else and I intend not to since I'm not that kind of person. Ant is a really cool guy and he's now in a metal band, that's awesome! So after this weekend, I will have made a new friend and helped someone out too. I wonder if I can show the interview or even explain it well after it's done.
Remember January 21st is AsperJosh's 1st Anniversary, so that day will be super and I'll have lots of spoilers and line-ups prepared to share with you all who help make this blog so perfect.

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