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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New 2015 Everybody!

Happy New Year everyone, how are you all feeling (probably hungover), I feel like s**t as I came down with the flu on New Years Eve and since then been at home feeling like crap. Aaah well, it can't be helped and this only means that once I'm back to being fit as a fiddle then I can begin to slowly act out on my New Years Resolutions.

New Years Eve is an excellent end to the year, isn't it? Mum has her birthday on this day (so I'll never have an excuse to forget it ha ha) and everyone parties like crazy and all celebrate the end to a challenging year and look forward to what surprises are in store for us all. Being the good son that I am, I bought Mum a nice £50 Pandora Voucher for her birthday, when I was in Crawley back on Monday evening, there was hardly any time to take a browse on finding another special charm for her charm bracelet, plus there was a long queue behind me and I panicked and thought I'd better not waste time so I gave in to peer pressure and still came out with something nice for Mum to use and decide upon for herself, and I got her a big load of Ferrero Rochers.
I headed straight for home after we had all rushed through work and managed to finish at 11am. I wasn't exactly feeling myself and woke up that morning with a big headache and a tickle in my throat. So I still went in but by the time I came home, I started to feel worse and realised that I would be celebrating New Years at home instead of going out to see my big group of friends just like last year. I still celebrated Mum's birthday (it's not nice to ignore someone else's happiness even if you don't feel 100%) and even though Rebecca went out to see her friends, Mum and I enjoyed watching a couple films before the fireworks at midnight.
I had the pleasure of showing Mum and Becca (before she left) Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy and later in the evening, Mum showed me The Help. I gotta say that it was emotionally gripping and heart-breaking to watch another film that shows an awful time in history about racial discrimination and abuse. I wanna read the book but it was awful seeing this s**t life that black people had to endure just like the films Django Unchained (though that was Awesome and cool for Jamie Foxx to kick ass) and the film Mum and I saw back in March, 12 Years A Slave.
But I couldn't let a sad film like that put a downer on NYE, so afterwards on came the brilliant Mock The Week which deffinitely brightened up the atmosphere for a good 45 mins before watching the fireworks display in London at midnight.

We all loved the light show though Dad strongly believed that the camera angle work was irritating for showing different views of the spectacular show when a Panorama view would have sufficed.
As it got more intense, I did admit out loud to make a joke about the event that "it didn't say, This show contains flashing images" to which it did show that at the end... I hope nobody had an epileptic seizure watching this.
We'd all had enough and headed straight for bed cause we all felt ill.
So today I've been laying about on the sofa with the boys (cats) on my chest and been wondering over what New Years Resolutions to follow through with this year.

Compared to last years which was:
- Set up my Autism blog
- Smile more (especially at work)
- Must attend Download Festival for Linkin Park
- And overall concentrate on feeling positive a whole lot more, seeing as last year turned out smashing with cinema, parties, nights out and reunited with many friends. So this year will outdo it and follow through with everyone!
So looking back on my resolutions from last year, I'd say I've pretty much done all of them.
 - I have made AsperJosh and look at what a turn out's it's become.
- I have smiled a lot more and am beginning to learn to be myself instead of hiding and feeling uncomfortable.
- I did attend Download Festival 2014 and it was an unforgettable rock experience.
- I have been more positive (mostly) seeing as it's unpredictable at what events surprise me and I do my best to face them head on. But it's a 50-50 on that one since I am still a happy person it's just that we can't smile or be happy at things that are frustrating (even for me when routines are broken or my hopes get shattered) but no matter.

As for this year's New Year Resolutions, I'm going with the following:
- Purchase a Macbook Pro and begin re-learning how to use animation and creative softwares along with practising code and web design again so that I can go for a good ICT job someday.
- Attempt the Tough Mudder in the midlands in May with my band of bros and proving that I can do anything that I set my heart to and accompish a challenge so tough that I'll feel amazing.
- Start Internet Dating so that I can see if I can find a girlfriend since it's hard going out to socialise at a Club or something, so why not sign up, chat to people for a bit and see if a meet up will be good and see where it goes from there (better not have high hopes right away...)
- Sleep more. I've begun seeing that as I have late nights due to wanting to expand the fun after a hard days work and seeing how gym, jogging and other responsibilities take up most of my evenings. And I now know that if I sleep more then I'm bound to be more cheery and can fix my sleeping pattern and I'll see things better I reckon. It might even fix my temper a little. And sleep is the best medicene, right?!
And I've got some Awesome things to look forward to like seeing Crown The Empire live in February and watching Avengers: Age Of Ultron in May as well before the Mudder. And I also look forward to more of Marvel's hit line-up.

So this year, I have my own objectives and am so proud of what I accomplished last year. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and had an Awesome NYE and stay tuned for more this year!

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