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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Return To Beech Road Field, Roffey

Back on Tuesday, on that glorious sunny afternoon, I had the sudden impulse to return to Beech Road Field for a good long 10km jog because I thought it was time to try something new plus it would be good training for my new shoes and it would be a new route instead of the same old scenery when circling Horsham Park.

You see, on the 6th April, I went to SportsDirect in Crawley after hearing they were having a Liquidation Sale and I was late for purchasing some trail shoes which would help with the upcoming Tough Mudder. And would you believe it that I was lucky enough to try on and purchasing a damn good pair of Karrimor D30 Trail Shoes which were originally £80 and I got them for £25 (now that's a bargain!)
So because the time felt right, I drove to the field after work on Tuesday with my gear already with me and went out for a long jog.

The night before, I used MapMyRun to plan out the route and judge how far the distance would be to equal to or over 10km and I also made the route using the computer and the on the day, recorded it using Strava.

My new shoes felt quite comfortable and were a real surprise for me when beginning and ending my run. Seeing how the field had changed a little since my last visit brought a smile to my face since it looked like I had ventured back in time to when I was here after school with my Godmother and her dog for a walk, only this time I was older and prepared for a long run.
The sun was perfect, the sky was blue and it was a warm afternoon with a gentle breeze, it was perfect.

I did slack a little on the first circle round/ mile as I was taking pictures as that's what I'm like and it felt so unique to have gone further around the field since last time I only glanced around with my eyes like a Panoramic view.
The field was beginning to sprout out life along with a slight stench of Horse S**t near the Farm but everything felt so perfect like it was the start of something excellent and for all the right reasons.
A few others were around the field either jogging, walking about with families or just walking the dog.

When I entered the Forest, it all looked much bigger than the last time I stepped foot in there the last time when I was about 6/8. It looked tranquil like a thrilling clash between looking mysterious and peaceful where you wanted to explore because it looked nice but also had the fear of wandering too far and losing your way and not only that, I had a plan and was not stopping.

I had a small fear in the back of my head since I was alone after all, that from the faintest distance that something(s) were watching me (like the view you get in Horror films like Wrong Turn or something) which is why I'm glad I came on a sunny day, had my music playing to comfort me and just stayed close to the edge where the field was on my left.

After jogging straight and exiting the Forest, I felt relaxed again (not really as my heart was pounding from the exercise) that I had returned to the wide-open space and continued the circle round the field. I also saw on my right whilst returning to the starting point that a lot had changed since all that time ago. Now there was a big ditch or better yet trench around the border of the field that I

had no idea why had been dug up and I also saw more routes which made me wonder about future explorations/ expeditions and hopefully next time with company. Plus a new walking route had been created near back to the start and a few hedges had been trimmed and uproot and I could see out far more than when I used to.

After circling round the first lap, it just became the same but I had a gentle smile on my face the whole time as I was making good progress. I did have a little doubt and worry flowing in my head because the ground was quite solid like a Mountain Trail kind of looking ground and I was worried that this kind of path wouldn't actually help with the trail shoes since they are supposed to be used in mud or heavy dirt because they help support your feet with their shock absorbing technology and help cushion my heels and feet during runs and I was scared that I was actually damaging them (that would be awkward, ruining good shoes on first run). But to look at it from a positive side, they work for starters and I did sometime jog near the field's crops (not on them obviously as that's just rude) but the dirt was a little softer and the Forest's ground was much softer than around the field.
And if you look at it in a reasonable way, trails have different moments of being super thick muddy and rock hard solid which is something you can't help and as most people who are experienced is that you shouldn't use them at all on solid concrete as you'll wear away the small grips underneath the shoes which are used to help you stop slipping in mud which is why I bought em and they were recommended by my mate Ed from work who has done the Mudder a few time and other obstacle course runs and believes in me, which is a big thing and really helps.

My music really helped pass the time and put me in the zone as well as keep that smile on my face. Of course, I had a few Owl City tracks playing but I also had some Ambient tracks from the Clannad Anime Soundtrack (it's that Anime that I'm trying to write up and explain it's deep impact on my life as well as how the music is amazing). First of all, the album cover for the soundtrack is a HUGE SPOILER for the series, so I'm gonna try and use links with different videos or some from the Anime, but you'll probably see it anyway and in time... if you want.
Listening to tracks that make me think like Town, Flow Of Time, People, Distant Years, Distant Years (Piano) etc really make me wonder wherever I am and help my mind explore, plan and reminisce my life. And the locations help sometimes like I am imagining a dramatic video in my head of how I could make a video with cameras when I'm in the right place and use music like this. I'm not gonna explain too much as I want to share it all with you in time when I write up the 2 posts on the series overall (and heavily resist spoiling too much) ha ha.

Anyway, in the end I had successfully finished the 6 lap jog in 59mins30secs (New Record) and had actually jog 6.4Miles (10.30KM) NEW RECORD! So this new route is productive after all besides just being a scenic route down memory lane.
Besides that, a few others things have happened recently. I went to the Cinema back on Tuesday with my best friends from College to go and see The Duff which is basically Mean Girls with Bridesmaids humour. It's really worth the watch and also got me thinking about some things like what I would do in her situation with the unpleasant atmosphere at high school these days and also comparing it to my school days. So I'm gonna write up a review soon and mention some school memories before the real deal comes up in time.

I was Iron Man and she
was The Queen Of Hearts
Plus back on March 24th, I woke up early in the morning and heard a gentle purr next to me and turned my phone light on and took a picture as the timing and moment was right. It was very nice to wake up to company (too bad it wasn't a lady... yet). I was like "So, how did you sleep?!" haha.
And last weekend, I went to my sister's friend's house Enya and caught up with her bf Pete and her friend's I've know with Rebecca since she was in school, Anna and her bf Tom. And I got to meet a lot of Enya's friends who were all crazy funny and all dressed up.

Also last week, there was a yearly celebration in Horsham Town involving many gorgeous and expensive Ferrari, Porche and Bugatti cars around the Town roads and some singing in the Carfax. And I had been chatting to another nice lady from the MCM Comic-Con Group and she had told me she was singing on the weekend during the Pizza Italia Festival. So I went into town to see the cars and heard Beth sing her heart out, and Boy can she sing! She has a pair of lungs which made the Carfax live and loud and could sing in both English and Italian. I saw her for a bit after her performances and shared a hug and we both planned for sometime to hang out for a longer time cause she was busy this weekend in helping out with the festival.

So today, not much has happened besides purchasing some chillout/ ambient stuff off iTunes, writing up this post and now I'm gonna go out and venture back to the field for a jog before working out tomorrow on my Legs. Last week, I did Deadlift 50kg (x12reps - 3sets), Calf Raises 16kg Dumbbells (x12reps - 3sets) and Leg Press 110kg (x12reps - 3sets) and after that I couldn't walk that good for 4 days/ Oh well, no pain no gain, right?! But tonight I'm going out with my friends who I'm doing the Tough Mudder with. Hope your all having fun in this warm weather that we've been graced with this week!

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