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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Inside Out (Film Review)

Disney Pixar have created another masterpiece that will touch your emotions and show a whole new look on the Human Mind.
Full of Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness, see here why Inside Out is a must see!

When humans are born, we begin to make memories with our mind and brain, right?! But what if our emotions were the ones controlling our mind like a machine? That's right, Joy "Amy Poehler", Anger "Lewis Black", Fear "Bill Hader", Disgust "Mindy Kaling" and Sadness "Phyllis Smith" are the 5 personified emotions inside Riley Andersen "Kaitlyn Dias" who have been helping and watching over her her whole life. But when 11-year-old Riley and her parents suddenly move house and a mix-up happens inside the memory core, just how can things get fixed again when the fate of Riley's mind is at stake?

I went and saw this film with Andrew and Michelle (from Caleb and Leanne's Wedding) on Thursday and also met their friend, Emily. It was nice hanging out with them and it was a new different group compared to the usual visits to the cinema.

One thing to mention before talking about the film is how sweet and sorta cheesy the Pixar Short Lava was. It was a nice song about a lonely Volcano but like anything Disney related, will soon end happy. Look out for that before watching the film as it's quite sad turned sweet.

This film really took me on a trip that not only opened my mind to a new outlook on the human mind itself but with a Disney twist, I got to see an emotional journey that was in and out of control. At first, when I saw the trailer for this film around 7 months ago, this was not what I would have ever expected Pixar to ever consider filming. I mean sure they did Brave and The Incredibles which were about humans compared to their usual ear of stories about fictional creatures/ characters. But still, this trailer had me hooked right away because it looked promising and entertaining as well as funny thanks to the humour we got first off from this teaser.

It was interesting to see how Riley's parents emotions all seemed to be the same gender compared to how Riley had mixed genders. I was also curious as to why they all seemed to be on the same wavelength or level of concentration in the trailer and film because Riley's seem to have their own unique personalities. My theory is that because Riley is still growing up and hasn't even hit "Puberty" yet, that her emotions are still learning their places and how to co-operate together yet they still pull through together and keep Riley in good hands.
I think one funny way to look at it is that it's like the emotions control her like a Power Rangers Megazord "Go Go Power Rangers!" sorry just had to throw that in as I thought up the idea haha. Though in reality, they don't really control her body I think, they just control her feelings which I guess give her the free-will to use her body. And now I have a small thing to think about or imagine in our reality that if only our heads were full of these little guys.
I took a quick look on Wikipedia and discovered that Pete Docter (director and voice of Dug the Dog in Up) had had this planned since 2009 and saw a change in his daughter's personality.
And also that the film's producers consulted numerous psychologists, including Dacher Keltner from the University of California, Berkeley, who helped "revise the story emphasising the neuropsychological findings that human emotions are mirrored in interpersonal relationships and can be significantly moderated by them" so they basically questioned which parts in the brain feel damaged. Pretty intense research and knowledge for a kids film. But at least they did their homework to make this as accurate as possible and close to truth as possible.

Each character in Riley's head was loveable and funny (Sadness took some time to understand). I really loved how Joy was the spark of fun and took great care in keeping Riley happy and balanced but when you put Sadness into control, it can have life changing and scarring results. But the other 3 kept us laughing a lot when they tried out on the controls but it can't end well without all 5, right?
One thing that's made me like Joy as my favourite character is that she was acting like a big sister like character who felt like her duty was motherly but also to keep everyone balanced and under control. I did see that she was a little bossy and a control freak but with that smile even I would be under her charm and feel lucky to have a cheerful friend like her.

The whole layout of how they worked Riley's mind was magnificent and ingenious, it was practically like a workshop/ warehouse like area with stacked up glass orbs all different colours which resembles Riley's day-to-day memories and the colours represent how she felt. As we can see, when one of the orbs is used, it can play a memory like a camera whilst being the shape of a snow globe and also be used to project the memory on screen like a Cinema, that's just genius in showing a representation on how we imagine or remember memories that we can almost picture them through our eyes as we daydream in reality.
I wonder if my 5 little ones in my head are exhausted from my consistent lifestyle of remembering everything, I must have a Memory Vault/ Bank that goes on for 10s of Miles or something (not meaning to brag!)
But despite my days of being all of these emotions, guess that comes with me being Autistic, I still believe I am balanced and am a good happy person even if sometimes I feel alone like Riley or confused due to the lack of fun. But look at my life just from writing up on AsperJosh?! I've come a long way since 18 and am still growing up (debatable), learning things and beginning to become more confident and share wonderful and awesome memories with the right people in my life!

I rather enjoyed the adorable and friendly character Bing Bong "Richard Kind" whom I recognised right away as the voice actor for Molt in "A Bugs Life" and Tom Cat in "Tom and Jerry: The Movie". I was rather pleased to hear that man's voice again and this time he played a funny and sorta weird looking creature that had been forgotten by Riley and now lived deeply inside her mind. He really brought laughter and a helping hand to the story which was good and will definitely keep the kids entertained.

Just like The Land Before Time (I'm currently starting to write up some of the sequels right now and The Fault In Our Stars), I was struck with an arrow at my heart at some very heartbreaking moments that got me weeping up badly (don't let me stop you from seeing this), I mean, I can see a pattern here thanks to Pixar's other creations including Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3 and obviously Up!

Like Up, the music will touch your heart and make you shed tears as the piano does it's magic and bring out the sad moments perfectly, I ended up crying 3-4 times especially when not everyone/ everything can be saved and sometimes memories and people just fade away which I guess I see in everyone's lives because we honestly can't keep in touch with everyone in our lives forever but I believe that Facebook helps a little because my quote on there to everyone is this:
So this film is a must see and will take you and your families emotions on a journey and maybe even synchronise your emotions too. I love how Pixar keep getting better and better (well except for Cars 2 and Planes but that's my opinion) and I cannot wait for more great stories and maybe a sequel.
I hear that a sequel to Finding Nemo is in production called Finding Dory, Yay!

Plus before the film began, we got a teaser trailer of a new Dinosaur film that Pixar are making which should be out in November, wow I don't think I've ever seen Pixar release 2 films in the same year?!
Let's see how this one turns out, two Dinosaur films in the same year... Hell Yeah!

Now that this has just finished, it's time for me to head to Mill's for her Pool Party and Lip Sync Battle. Wait and see for my videos of my 2 songs asap!

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