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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I'm Talking About - Star Wars: The Original Trilogy


It's a real phenomenon that George Lucas's Sci-Fi trilogy changed the world and created a fandom that to this day is recognised by millions across the world. A series which combines war, space, imagination, science fiction and most of all, stands out to almost any film series there has ever been. I am thrilled to live in the age where this unique story is so recognisable, fascinating that it can help bring people together to enjoy a blockbuster trilogy plus nowadays it has been stretched, slightly altered and expanded to the point where so much more has happened. But we can't forget where it all began back in 1977 where people were blown away by the story of Star Wars!
First of all, I'm doing a "I'm Talking About" which is where I just talk, spoil and dig deep into the topic instead of just reviewing it (like what Lewis does sometimes on Alt:Mag). So since Episode VII is on it's way, I figured I might as well write up a ITA about the Original Trilogy and then do one for the Prequel Trilogy too.
I will divide them up by films and dive into the story, characters, music, feelings and state differences and most memorable/ powerful scene from each film. So let's start off with A New Hope.

For a kid who spends most his childhood watching every Disney film available on VHS, learning at pre-school and primary school and living in his own head, Star Wars was an instalment that would soon change his life forever. My Dad was most eager to show me this series and I am forever grateful to him!  I was introduced to a story that was simple and so intriguing full of sci-fi and jaw-dropping effects and unforgettable characters. I was shown something that I will pass on to my children (I hope they will enjoy it too, too bad if they don't) haha.
Anyway, let's begin.

Episode IV: A New Hope:
A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away... A great conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance is raging in the galaxy. Above the planet Tatooine, the Sith Lord Darth Vader is seeking the secret plans to the most powerful battle station in the galaxy, The Death Star. Unknown to him that Princess Leia has stashed the plans inside a droid who soon end up in the procession of a young farm boy called Luke Skywalker on the planet below. This boy could be the salvation to this war, he must take up his destiny and team up with allies and help restore peace to the galaxy. This is the story of Star Wars!

Battle above Tatooine
One of Dad's proudest moments was being there in 1977 when A New Hope was released in cinemas. He described to me when he showed me Star Wars how:
"I was at the Dominion in Tottenham Court Road, London, I was with one of my friends and we'd heard about Star Wars but we didn't really know what to expect. As the film started and the opening text A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away... came up, the theatre started to shake with the sub bass. And then the Imperial Star Destroyer just appeared on the screen and we just went "WOW, This is F***in Amazing!" And then enjoyed the rest of the film and we couldn't wait for the next one."
It must have been the same for people everywhere like a milestone in their lifetime and I reckon they all tell their children this similar feeling and hope that people and generations to come will all experience the same jaw-dropping, eye raising, heart pounding beginning to such a story. It couldn't have begun any better.
Overtime that opening theme of Star Wars begins in real-life, heads are lifted up in eager (like Meerkats) as this song is just so easy to recognise and it lifts everyone with happiness, excitement and hope that I must credit John Williams for creating such an iconic theme that it's pure genius!

So as the Imperial Star Destroyer is closing in on the small Rebel transport, we see the blasters on screen which are visible with separate colours to help distinguish whom is firing and whom. But things got more heart pounding as the Rebels prepared for the boarding party and attack of Stormtroopers who overpowered them very easily.
But when that menacing black figure made his grand entrance, everything became clear. This evil being with an unforgettable breathing sound effect was a key character and would soon become one of the most recognised villains ever, Darth Vader. His robotic voice (provided by the legendary James Earl Jones) was so cold and threatening that everyone who heard it might have had shivers at witnessing his power and authority over everyone in the films.
Luckily, he wasn't going to get his hands on what he wanted, as the secret plans for the Death Star had been stashed into an R2-D2 droid by Princess Leia and had managed to escape to the planet below with his counterpart C-3PO.

Tatooine landscape
Once the two droids crashed on the planet, it felt really isolated and deserted (pun intended). Seeing how much of an obnoxious, rude and self-obsessed, cautious personality this robotic humanoid processed (compared to his brown nose suck up to his soon to be master, Luke), it affected my views on him to see how difficult he can be (despite being fluent in over six millions languages since he is a protocol droid). But I think I prefer R2-D2 who is a small rubbish bin looking droid who doesn't speak but instead beeps, whistles and clicks and is most handy when it comes to hacking into doors and other robotic sockets.
The Tatooine world looked very quiet especially in the remote areas and like an endless ocean of sand. When the music comes on "The Dune Sea Of Tatooine", it's quite ominous and spine-chilling as it makes you feel alone or like your being watched (I can't help but feel a slight similarity to the Fantastia 1940 song The Rite Of Spring by Igor Stravinsky in the moment with the Dinosaurs)  anybody else think that way too? I'd hate to be stuck alone in the desert, but at least they both soon end up in the procession of our hero and his uncle and aunt.

Memorable Moment - Binary Sunset
One of the most memorable moments in Star Wars, has to be when Luke went to the top of the homestead and watched the 2 Suns set. This moment called "The Binary Sunset" on the soundtrack and is most recognised as the theme of the Force itself. I don't know what I was to feel but I felt something as this magnificent piece of music came on even if the scene was just some kid watching the sunsets (I guess maybe it's a reason why I took like watching beautiful sunsets in real life cause I somehow feel like I am reenacting Luke's moment). Even the Family Guy version is true and humorous and even features John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

History lesson with Old Ben
With R2D2 being programmed by the Princess with a mission to seek out the legendary Jedi Warrior, Obi-Wan Kenobi and deliver he message. He ended up leaving Luke in the night and made Luke and 3PO go and find him the following morning. But they ran into a rough encounter which even gets me overtime with the vile Tusken Raiders best known as "Sand People" (monstrous men with a scary banshee like cry). Who would have though that a mysterious hermit would come to their rescue and turn out to be the man they were looking for.
I enjoy learning the history behind this old man when he tells Luke about his father, the clone wars and why Darth Vader turned to the dark side when he was Obi-wan's apprentice. It's all very intriguing because it helps fill in the gap whilst still making us feel that something's missing.
When we saw the magnificent CGI/ visual effects for Anakin's lightsaber that Ben bestowed to Luke, it was true eye candy. With every swing, we heard buzzing and whizzing sounds which made this the remarkable weapon to date.
Unfortunately, Luke comes to a shocking discovery back home which leaves him with no future (R.I.P Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru) but also encourages him to take up his destiny and fight against the Empire, especially after their massacre at the Homestead and burning Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

Characters in Mos Eisley
Everyone only option to get off this dust ball was to head for Mos Eisley Spaceport, a place full of scum, thugs, baddies and thieves (basically the capital of Tatooine). Many people in real life love using Obi-wan's most famous quote where he uses the Force to trick the Stormtroopers mind into believing "These aren't the droids you're looking for!"
But once they enter the Cantina, we are all introduced on screen to lots of weird and freaky looking creatures of the Star Wars universe (I know the name of characters that resemble some after having watched the Clone Wars series, but still can't name the species). I wouldn't of taken none of that crap from those two d*cks at the Cantina, lucky Ben had his lightsaber to put them in their place... Death.
But we are introduced to 2 prime characters who are Luke and Ben's salvation for heading to Alderaan to deliver the secret plans. Plus who else still enjoys or is fed up with the Cantina Band song?
I love Captain Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookie because these 2 outlaw smugglers lend a helping hand and soon end up joining the Rebel Alliance (even though Han has got debts to pay which is why they end up coming back to catch him in the next film) but this sly, cocky son of a b*tch and his "walking carpet" friend who growls, gurgles and roars who is just so loveable and dangerous at the same time.

Space approach to Death Star
After escaping from Stormtroopers on Mos Eisley, the boys got to see what this "piece of junk" called the Millennium Falcon was all about since it can outrun Star Destroyers. I enjoy the moments when everyone is in space since it's a more exciting feeling compared to some more realistic and terrifying moments in space through films such as Gravity, Alien etc.
Watching them make the jump to LightSpeed is amazing and proves how space travel is the fastest since it would take light years to reach other systems, but thanks to a hyperdrive, it's possible and cuts the time down to hours (mostly). I too wonder when this level of technology will become possible, I wonder if ships will hold stable instead of humans being crushed or heads being snapped backwards from the huge increase of speed and velocity being too much for us to handle. Anyway, on screen we see a blue blur as they blast off into the unknown and leave the Star Destroyers to eat their dust.

The Destruction of Alderaan
Too bad for Leia as she had to witness the true fire power of this fully armed and operational battle station and watch it annihilate her home planet of Alderaan. It's amazing and scary at the same time to see how a huge space orb can obliterate an entire planet just like that, it also shows the Empire's intentions for the rebel scum and other opposing systems who defy them. At least Leia was able to resist all of Vader and Grand Moff Tarken's actions to get her to spill the beans on the rebel's current base but it did cost her, her home planet.
Looks like these guys mean business and are proper d*cks...

Stuck on the Death Star
Our unlikely heroes end up coming to Alderaan too late and soon find themselves caught in the tractor beam which takes them into the very station that they want to avoid. As they got closer and closer, it's overwhelming to realise just how enormous this football station really is. I wonder just how big in measurements or how many floors there are inside that thing. We only see several hallways, locations or floors during the film, but could you imagine working there and having to get from one place to another? They'd need hundreds of elevators, escalators or faster modes of transport.
Speaking of that, I gotta share this funny clip from Robot Chicken which sums up the elevators in a silly way.

It was genius for Han and Luke to capture 2 Stormtroopers and wear the uniform, and a bigger bonus for Luke to learn that the Princess was here. Ben went off in search to disarm the tractor beam whilst secretly sending his old apprentice onboard and Luke convinced Han ad Chewy to help him rescue the Princess.
Rescuing her was kinda easy, but escaping was even harder since they hadn't really thought that far. When Leia says to Luke "Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?", I thought "Ouch". But the Family Guy version is much funnier haha. She's certainly a handful with a strong bossy personality.
The Garbage shoot is many things all at once. Watching them argue from Han's blaster shot is funny followed by the freaky monster who gets Luke shortly. But it suddenly got claustrophobic when the walls being to compress, but I can't help but giggle at Luke having to repeatedly order 3PO to "Shut down all the Garbage Mashers on the Detention Level!" and just in the nick of time.
I love it when Han Solo screamingly charges after the Stormtroopers only to be shocked and running away in regret after seeing the quantity in the cantina or wherever that room was haha.

Vader vs Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi
The confrontation after I think it was 19 years since Episode III, is a real iconic moment in Star Wars where Old Ben meets and fights his old apprentice once again.
The clash of red and blue lightsabers is the sign of Star Wars (I don't know how to explain it), it's basically light swords clashing with whizzy sound effects. Two old fellas dishing it out whilst trash talking each other is a sight to see. Only this time, Vader was more superior and was back for a second fight since his loss 19 years ago in III. The fight scene looks a little primitive and lacks a huge amount of choreography in sword play compared to the fight scenes in all the other films. But for a beginners view and introduction to this high level of swordplay is still a treasured moment and sadly ends with Ben accepting his fate as Vader delivers the striking blow. Much to Luke's dismay.

TIE Fighter Attack
Nothing says Star Wars like a space battle (along with the Lightsaber Duels), as the Falcon is attacked by 4 TIE Fighters (my favourite straighter with an outstanding speech as it moves). Han and Luke man the gun turrets and end up shooting back at the bu**ers like it's an arcade game on a moving seat, now that's Awesome!
I still don't understand why this didn't happen again in the following films especially in Episode V, since they could have gotten rid of the pursuing Tie-Fighters much quicker. But with all the driving and flippedy soaring, I reckon people would get sick very easily.

Attack on the Death Star
Our heroes make it to Yavin 4 and meet up with all the other Rebels and use the Death Star plans hidden inside R2 to help them initiate a battle plan. I thought it was the highlight of the film to see lots (roughly 12-15 X-Wings and Y-Wings) mount an attack on the Death Star as it slowly made it's way to the planet intending to blow em all up. After calling out their Red numbers standing by and beginning their attack run on the Death Star, we see some hardcore space fight action. Best part was once several got into the trench and slowly tried to make their way to the end and drop their package in the hole. Sadly a lot of them have close attempts but get taken out by enemy fighters and Vader in his own personalised TIE-Fighter.

It was up to Luke to save the day who narrowly avoids being shot down by Vader himself (boy was that close) and all thanks to that space cowboy Han saving Luke's behind.
The whole concept was excellent since they all couldn't do much damage on the outer shell. To focus for a good 10 or so minutes on a daring attack like this at such a speed was excellent and a perfect action conclusion to the first film.

Our heroes return victorious and beyond ecstatic and are rewarded a medal each during the ending in The Throne Room. Good ending to a good film as they are applauded by everyone for their heroic bravery and accomplishment over the empire.
Surprisingly, a sequel was in the midst...

I loved the first film and a while before the prequels, I bet everyone was wondering why the hell this one was called number IV? We all know why nowadays and I'm giving the first film an excellent 7/10 for a first instalment in the Star Wars saga.

The Empire Strikes Back:
With the Death Star destroyed, the rebels have been pursued across the Galaxy by Lord Vader and his Star Fleet. After their devastating loss on the frozen ice world of Hoth, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO escape and are stuck in an endless "Cat & Mouse" chase with the Imperials. Whilst Luke Skywalker and R2D2 head for the remote swamp planet Dagobah to seek the mysterious Jedi Master Yoda who could be the key to helping Luke continue his training to become a Jedi. But Lord Vader is intrigued by young Skywalker and is intending to convert Luke to the Dark Side of the Force, but this trap for Luke will soon have him face a fierce battle as well as discover the terrible truth about the Skywalker legacy.

When I first saw this when I was little, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have (which is why it took another or few views to get into it compared to watching the first or last film). I somehow still don't get how people call this to be "the best Star Wars film ever"? I guess it's because of the dreaded secret that Vader spoils near the end or the whole romance drama included with Han and Leia featured by some space chase and a battle at the beginning? I do praise this film for having a groundbreaking shock which makes perfect sense after everything that old Ben told Luke in the previous film, but now we know the harsh truth.
Anyway, the sequel is set 3 years after the Death Star was destroyed.

The crushing defeat on Hoth
It's good when the story starts off with a ground assault on a planet. Shame that this battle was a win for the Empire (though let's not forget that the Rebels have one win by a landslide in the previous film). I really like the design of the Giant Robot Camels "AT-AT Imperial Walkers" and how they managed to push the rebels back like Ants being terrorised by giants. It was smart that the Walker's only weakness was to wrap a tow-cable round their legs and make them tumble down to their defeat (like using Brains against Brawn).
The Ice world of Hoth was huge and it was good to see a ground assault battle instead of just space fights since Star Wars isn't just about taking the fight to the stars. The snowstorms looked harsh and I wonder how they filmed so perfectly out there (think they were in Antarctica or just a studio with great assets to make it so realistic) ha.

Imperial Pursuit
The films consists of Han, Leia, Chewy and 3PO on the run from the clutches of Vader and the Star Destroyers as they failed to rendezvous with the rebels after the loss on Hoth. They are caught in a "Cat & Mouse" chase in the Millennium Falcon and run around the cosmos trying to escape. When we see the view from their eyes, it's quite cool and surprising (from the reality) on how this is all just a screen in front of them with everything projected, sounds blasting around them and the ship shaking and bouncing around consistently.

Jedi Master on Dagobah
Luke's journey takes him to the remote swamp world of Dagobah which looks to be mighty uncomfortable, disgusting and dark with lots of wildlife. Seeking the Jedi Master Yoda who taught "old Ben" because Ben returned as a Force Spirit and instructed Luke to search for Yoda in order to help him continue his training. But Yoda wasn't quite the character for Luke to encounter and for the audience to realise so easily who this short hermit really is. Playing the innocent stranger was one thing, but once Yoda ended up revealing himself, it raised both my eyebrows and was a neat surprise to see this creature is a Jedi Master (it helps prove a point that not all Jedi are humanoid or anthropomorphic beings).
One thing was for sure, it was going to take a while for me, is Yoda's dialect which speaks in a manner of splitting a sentence in half and speaking it the other way around like for example "Yoda, I am. Help you, I can." I think it gives off an old sense of wisdom and intelligence to test your patience and understanding but it's not too difficult, right? (I'm much better at understanding whilst growing up).

 Romance blossoming
Thanks to taking refuge inside a massive Asteroid in an Asteroid field, our heroes were safe for now but had some work to do with repairing the falcon (as always). Boy were they in for a big surprise with teeth when they made it out barely from taking refuge in some giant worm's throat...
But the thing that people saw coming and makes sense is the love romance blossoming between Han and Leia. Han teases and annoys the Princess while she tries with effort to deny it, but inevitably she'll end up falling for this scoundrel (despite sharing a passionate kiss in the beginning with Luke).

Reporting To Lord Vader
One thing that's certain in this film and on the set is that everyone is sh*t scared of Darth Vader onboard his Super Star Destroyer and dread the day that they fail him and suffer the consequences (mainly being force choked to death). When Vader prances around, seeing the Imperials look up in fear is a clear sign that their boss is terrifying. I wouldn't want to be the poor Captain/ Admiral who fails him because the outcome is always the same, only then will Lord Vader accept your apology but it's not all bad, someone else gets a promotion. Every Vader scene consisted like OCD with the famous "Imperial March" theme which is Vader's theme overall and is one of the most recognisable themes ever.
I saw my friend Jimmy last weekend and we got talking about Star Wars and one thing that he pointed out and I want to share is an important scene (when we see Vader under the helmet). Jimmy pointed out that:
"It's a real eye candy moment because it teases the audience with the truth that Vader is a human under all that black armour and is vulnerable himself. He's not as invulnerable as he makes out to be. When Admiral Piett, interrupts Lord Vader's preparation, he witnesses briefly Vader's burnt pink bald head flesh under the black helmet as it's being inserted back on (even Vader knows that he saw it). That small moment is a good scene for everyone to remember. And we actually see the Armour construction and Anakin's transformation in Episode III which is really sad anyway."
We are also reminded that Lord Vader reports to a higher authority, the Emperor himself! Seeing Lord Vader kneel down and say "What is thy bidding, my Master?" shows how this powerful villain isn't top dog and is on a leash to someone else. Even though it's a holographic view, the Emperor is a wrinkled old man with glaring eyes and a evil voice. He commands and encourages Vader to seek out the son of Skywalker and try to convert him to the Dark side or he must die!

Jedi Training and Test
Yoda is an honourable teacher but Luke is not the student type. Like his father, he doesn't follow rules easily. Yoda guides Luke through quotes about the Force including "Beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice."
"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship."
"No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try." Sorry I got carried away.

Yoda's teachings resemble several types of Religion or in Martial Arts with how people learn to control their emotions, discover more about themselves and change sometimes for the better.
Luke is soon tasked with a test which back then I never understood because to me, it made no sense. Seeing this similar but false doppelgänger of the Dark Lord appear to him on this planet of all places and end up being decapitated so easily by the young Padwan was too fake to believe. But once Vader's helmet exploded and revealed not someone else's but Luke's face in it, it's a subtle hint that someone is behind Vader's mask and for Luke to see this, it was like an examples of what can happen if you fall to the Dark Side so easily.

Cloud City on Bespin
Han and co. soon learn that they can escape the empire by landing secretly on the back of a Star Destroyer, that was pure genius. But they still need some place to go and Han discovers the name "Lando". Not the "Lando system" as Leia mistakes it for, but an old friend that Han knew so they head for the planet he's on called Bespin where a City in the Clouds "Cloud City" holds a mining colony. Not before being tailed by the infamous Bounty Hunter Boba Fett whom was ordered along with several other Bounty Hunters to find the Falcon by Lord Vader.
Bespin was a nice touch to show a planet where everything happened in the sky (we don't really see the planet's surface at all) and how it's like a futuristic city floating in the sky. I admit it was a suspicious start to when Han is reunited with his "old friend" Lando Calrissian but we do learn that Lando was the previous owner of the Falcon (before losing it to Han fair and square).

Leaving to save his friends
As Luke slowly begins to show promising results with his connection to the Force, he eventually sees visions of the future (like his father used to have). These visions ultimately lead him to put the training on hold and head for where Han and Leia are and to save them from the pain they were yet to fall into. Good thing, Yoda helped pull Luke's sunken X-Wing out of the bog (that was an excellent moment to show off Yoda's true strength), but Yoda and Ben advised against Luke leaving to save them.
To save my friends, I would do the same honestly (one of the reasons why I have no doubt, I would fall to the Dark Side if I was a Jedi... But more on that in the Prequel Trilogy). Just as Luke leaves and vows to return to complete the training, we are teased with another mysterious fact that Luke isn't the only hope, Yoda admits that "there is another!"

It's a shame when friends sell you out, too bad Lando had to for our Rebel friends thanks to Vader's grip over Lando's city and work. Han and the others encountered Vader at dinner time who surprised the hell out of me and somehow but epically stopped all of Han's blaster shots with his bare hands.
This dinner was to become a night of torture for Han before soon becoming his tomb in carbonite.
Vader intended to freeze Skywalker after capturing him so he could be taken to the Emperor, but to make sure he'd survive the freezing process, they would test it on Captain Solo.
It was a sad moment to see Han and Leia confess their love for each other during Han's final moment and soon after to be taken by the bounty hunter Boba Fett back to Jabba The Hut (a vile gangster who Solo owed money to since A New Hope).

Memorable Moment - Terrible Truth
Luke found his way soon into Vader's trap in the same room that his friend had been frozen in, a short while ago. The fight that everyone knew was coming took place in the dark, cold smokey room between the young hero and the dark lord.
The clash or red and blue lightsabers was incredible with lots of surprises. When things got more intense as the hair raising song "The Clash Of Lightsabers" begun playing when Vader begun to overpower Luke, but that was only just the beginning. Luke's undeveloped Jedi skills were no match for Vader's experience.

Soon Luke found himself near the edge of a huge abyss in the centre core of the Cloud City with Vader winning. A shocking moment came when Luke's right arm was sliced off by Vader but there was more to come in this unforgettable and memorable, life changing moment in Star Wars (let alone cinema history). Vader begins to reveal the truth behind Luke's father, thereby starting a conversation that every Star Wars fan knows off by heart:
      Darth Vader: "Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
      Luke Skywalker: "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!"

Darth Vader: "No, I am your father."

*Luke screaming in denial with a facial expression which, I'm sorry is funny and made fun of to this day.*

Instead of joining his recently discovered father, Luke chooses suicide (surprisingly it doesn't end there). Luke sadly finds himself hanging off an antenna underneath Cloud City's underbelly, weak and alone.

Somehow Luke manages to telepathically contact Leia who manages to rescue Luke with Lando and Chewy's help. Landon had previously double-crossed Vader and ended up helping the Rebels to try and save Han from Boba (but they were too late). Lando had sorta redeemed himself but soon ends up joining Leia and the others from then which I think was a nice fill in for Han (until they eventually save him).
They all narrowly escaped from almost being caught again by Vader as Luke was still trying to comprehend the devastating truth he had recently learned.

Loss for our Heroes
After rendezvousing with the Rebel Fleet, Luke is constructed a new robotic replica right hand whilst Lando and Chewy plan to go on ahead to save Han from Jabba back on Luke's planet, Tatooine.
I gotta admit that Brian in the Family Guy version points out a big fact in this last scene which is just weird and it's best shown through the link I've provided.
Anyway, the ending to this film looks sad but it's clear proof that the story is far from over. As Leia, Luke, 3PO and R2 watch Lando and Chewy take off in the Falcon and shoot across space, they know they will return to set things right and that someday, the Empire will fall.
Find out in the conclusion!

So the second film, sure had a jaw-dropping surprise which changed the whole look on Star Wars forever and nobody saw it coming (I hope, not). It sure had it's fill of drama with an epic fight at the end. I'm giving the second film a good 8/10 and I bet everyone back in 1980 were eager to see the epic conclusion.

I can't help but wonder how many a**holes or proper d*cks walked out of the cinemas admitting out loud "Oh My God, who would have thought that Darth Vader was Luke's Father!"

I reckon it'll be like this vid from The Simpsons haha, I'd hate to have a spoiler like that ruined for me. Hence why I'm holding my tongue until I see Episode VII on the 21st Dec.
I hope that many others won't spoil anything until then! I really do!

Return Of The Jedi:
In this epic conclusion to the Star Wars saga, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia must travel to Tatooine to rescue Captain Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster lord, Jabba The Hut. Now the Rebels will plan their new attack on the second Death Star before it's construction is complete and becomes operational. They mount a secret attack on the forest moon of Endor to help sabotage the Death Star before the fleet arrives. However Darth Vader and the Emperor still have plans to convert Luke over to the Dark Side but Luke believes he can rekindle the spirit of the Jedi within his father once again.
The battle for the fate of the Galaxy concludes...

The Second Death Star
Vader arrives on the second uncompleted and more powerful Death Star, and orders a new Moff to double the construction because the Emperor Sheev Palpatine is coming himself. Awe, soon we will see the actual being behind the tyranny of the Empire, good start already.

Rescuing Han Solo
3PO and R2 are back on the dust ball, Tatooine intending to head into Jabba The Hut's Palace to seek out the captured and frozen Captain Solo. Seeing Jabba for the first time (in the original VHS version), was something repulsive, this big worm like gangster who spoke in a language which required subtitles proves that this powerful and lazy slug is something.

It wasn't long before Chewbacca ended up in Jabba's procession too thanks to Leia posing as a Bounty Hunter (she looked good in that Bounty Hunter gear), we even see Lando in disguise along with the silent and dangerous Boba Fett still in action.
Jabba's palace was creepy and had a range of freaky creatures like in A New Hope. The men and women behind the costumes and make up have done a wonderful job at bringing alien-like beings into the Star Wars universe instead of just humans and robots.

Luke's Arrival
Luke shows up later and tries to reason with Jabba to no avail but something awesome and scary happens next when Luke falls into the Rancor pit and fights this colossal monster.
With no lightsaber, Luke still defeats Jabba's precious pet by throwing a rock at the controls and the gate cuts through the Rancor's neck and kills it. Now that's the way to beat a boss battle!
With Han, Luke, Leia and Chewy all reunited in the same room after 3 years, Jabba sentences the boys to death by being thrown into the Sarlacc Pit where they will be digested over a thousand years... pleasant enough, right?

 Notice the difference between 1983 and 2011!
This re-inactment of "walking the plank", wasn't happening as Luke's new green lightsaber came to his rescue by R2 and then the real action began on the sail barges surrounding the Sarlacc pit and it's freaky mouth and tentacles devoured the helpless souls who lost to Luke and the others (it was almost a close call for Lando if it weren't for Han and Chewy).

Boba got owned by Han unexpectedly and Jabba was strangled by Leia (looks like the slave killed the master) and our heroes sail away victorious as Jabba's barges all go off with a bang! Hooray!

Oh yeah, before I forget, check out these two funny Robot Chicken videos of Boba Fett drunk (maybe the reason why he failed in the film) and then returning to kick the hero butts with cheesy lines, it's brilliant haha.

Emperor's Arrival
Everyone on the Death Star got into formation to look smart and in order for the Emperor's arrival (even Vader how to kneel down in front of everyone). Might as well have prepared the "red carpet" or polished his Helmet, while he's at it. Seeing this cloaked old man step out of the Imperial Shuttle was a tense moment to see the true villain of Star Wars at last. Both Siths still had their eyes on Skywalker and planned to capture him to turn him over to their side, everything was going as planned and the Emperor had no worries as he cackled away before the scene changed to Dagobah.

Farewell, Yoda
Our old friend was different this time, he was slower and had no denial over death reaching him shortly. Much to everyone especially Luke's dismay, no one wanted him to go. Luke needed his help to help him complete the training. Yoda confirmed lots of things with his short breaths that Luke needs no more training and he must confront Vader again. Luke had to push Yoda to know if it was true about Darth Vader being his father, even I was surprised to see that Yoda knew the truth and confirmed it.
With his last few breaths, Yoda instructed Luke to pass on what he had learned because he will be the last of the Jedi once Yoda was gone. But the most important secret he shared before death was that "There is... another... Skywalker!" Then everyone's faces frown and weep like mad as that small green creature had passed on and slowly faded away forever.
To lighten the mood, Obi-Wan Kenobi returned as a spirit and spoke to Luke about his revelation on the truth from his own point of view about Vader betraying and murdering Luke's father. But with old Ben's help, Luke is able to solve himself who his sister is and turns out to be none other thanPrincess Leia. Before leaving, Ob-wan reminds Luke to bury his feelings because they may do him credit, but they could be used to serve the Emperor!

The Forest Moon of Endor
The Rebels are all gathered above the planet Sullust (one of the worlds we play in the new Battlefront), and all plan out their final attack on the second Death Star. They must destroy a Shield Generator on the forest moon of Endor before mounting their all out assault on the space station.
With Luke reunited with his friends, they all head for the forest moon inside an Imperial Shuttle the rebels acquired and just barely sneak past Vader's blockade and land in the forest (Family Guy version makes me giggle).

The recon mission soon turned into a blazing speed race as Luke and Leia chased after Scout Troopers on these unbelievably fast speeder bikes. To travel at such a blazing speed in an endless forest was awesome, I read up somewhere that they recorded that whole camera moment by walking on for like 3 hours with cameras then just added in the bikes near a screen or something, it makes much sense and is genius!
That forest looked fun to explore, I don't know where the actual location was but it sure looked big and wide thanks to the long duration of the bike chase.

Meeting the Ewoks
Leia got knocked out during the chase and is found by one of the planet's natives, a small teddybear like creature (turns out had a name and I only just discovered this year was called Wicket W. Warrick) who resembles a tribe like stature warrior (my friends tell me that no one knew what creature or species they were until the credits called them Ewoks!)
Soon the boys and droids end up as prisoners (thanks to Chewy) of these loveable fur balls who speak no english and take a short while of convincing to show they mean no harm. This was done by the act of golden boy 3PO acting like a god to them since to them, this shiny idiot was a deity to them. Luke added the special effects with the Force to make them see for real but I'm glad they all became allies soon after 3PO's story in the hut with voiceovers and sound effects by the fire. Earning everyone to become part of the tribe, aww.

Confronting Vader again
When Luke told Leia that they were siblings (I wondered how she'd take that), pretty much just silence and accepting. But Luke knew he had to seek out his father and try to bring him back tot he good side.
He surrendered himself over to the Empire and was delivered straight to Vader within a couple minutes of the film time. Seeing them together again since that dramatic and life-changing moment was weird, it was like a take two on the whole father and son bonding moment and how this time it involved no fighting, just talking like adults.
Vader showed a hint of human again by showing interest in his own son and was even amazed at Luke's work at constructing a new lightsaber since his previous one was lost at Cloud City along with Luke's right hand... awkward.

The Emperor's Throne Room
As Luke is take to the Death Star, Leia and the others discover the Shield Generator and begin their plan to head inside and destroy it before the Rebel Fleet arrives.
Soon that ominous and dark theme with lots of sinister humming "Emperor's Throne Room" (some call it the Sith Theme and I noticed it has a similar repeat of "The Clash Of Lightsabers") comes on just as Luke and Vader enter The Throne Room and Luke meets the evil bas**rd himself. This confident old coot believes without a doubt that Vader can't be turned therefore Luke won't be turned from joining too. Luke is surprised to learn that Palpatine was the source that allowed the Rebels to acquire the location of the Death Star so that they would all walk into his trap because his weapon is quite... operational!)

Shield Generator
Han and Leia head inside the Shield Bunker to try and take it down but are shortly after captured by Imperial reinforcements.

The Rebel Fleet breaks out of hyperspace and arrive locked and loaded to attack the battle station. Landon leads the attack with his companion (I learned this weird looking guy called Nien Nunb who was from the planet Sullust only during this year), and what made the attack weird but funny it was the fact that the admiral of the Rebellion fleet was a big talking fish called Admiral Ackbar (the actor also played Jabba's servant Bib Fortuna).
Good thing, Lando caught wind of this false hope and called off the attack and to pull up, but to everyone's shock and fear, Star Destroyers and lots and lots of TIE Fighters welcomes them all like a swarm of Wasps. Ackbar had the best reaction and response which is now one of the most over-used quotes to date "It's A Trap!" The fierce space battle begins with blasters and TIE's screaming everywhere as the rebellion is overwhelmed by this surprise that the Empire had ready for them.
Luke was left to witness next to the Emperor as his friends fought it out against high odds.

Battle of Endor
The ground team are escorted out of the shield bunker to see an entire legion waiting to greet them along with 3-4 AT-ST Imperial Walkers (the two legged ones). But then with a horn blowing, a large Reinforcements came in small sizes as the entire Ewok  population surprised the Empire and the great battle of Endor began. The whole battle was intense and heart-pounding to watch as the little tikes tried but with no affect to take down the colossal machines whilst they annihilated the evokes by the dozens. The troopers were no match for the warriors with their bows and tomahawks though their blasters were even greater (not fair, man).
Luke was getting more tense by the minute as Palpatine kept on yanking Luke's leash and urging him to give into his anger and strike him down, Luke eventually gave in and the final fight between Vader and Luke began as the Emperor laughed with pleasure.

Watching the AT-STs overpower the ewoks wasn't an easy sight to see, especially when 2 are caught in a blast and the younger one's mother failed to wake up. Luckily Chewy and two woks came swinging into action (literally, he was like Tarzan haha) and they managed to hi-jack one and turned the tables on the other walkers and helped give the rebels the upper hand at last.
Han and Leia tried to get back into the now sealed Shield Generator, but with no luck. That's when R2 came to help, shame the little guy got blasted (not completely) but the most shocking moment was when Leia got shot in the arm (I feared the worst) but she still had a lot of fight left in her and got back at the bas**rds (she is a Skywalker, after all). And then Han got an idea!

Father and Son clash
Father and Son dueled it out with the Emperor watching with pleasure as Luke tried to resist hurting his father whilst his father encouraged him to join them.
Soon things got beyond intense when Luke did the wrong thing and gave into his anger after Vader had looked into Luke's mind and discovered of Luke's "Sister" and warned him that "If you will not turn to the Dark Side? Then perhaps she will?" Luke's ferocious rage gave him the edge to overpower Vader (with Form V) to his last ounce of strength and resulted with him cutting off Vader's right hand ("an eye for an eye", right?) Luke was at the standing point in his destiny and had the chance to succumb to the dark side or resist. Fans must have been on the edge of their seats to know what Luke was going to choose! But the son of Skywalker threw his lightsaber to the ground and spoke "Never! I'll never turn to the Dark Side!" and admitted with great passion to his majesty "You failed you're highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me". "So be it, Jedi" was all the disappointed Emperor had to say.

The Shield is down
Han and Leia had tricked the Bunker team from opening the doors from inside by having a Rebel contacting them in Imperial uniform to open the door and send reinforcements, Genius! At last they were allowed to plant the explosive charges with ease (2 explosions in one film!) And after Luke's fight with Vader, Han and the others ran like hell as they watched the bunker and enormous Satellite array explode in a ball of fire across the forest. With the shield down, the time was at hand for the Rebels to head for the Death Star and end this!

Memorable Moment - Anakin's Redemption
The Emperor was not (I repeat), he was not happy with Luke's decision and unleashed a long while of Force Lightening on the young Jedi whilst monologuing crap to him whilst Vader watched (just like in Episode III which came with a choice). With Luke begging his father's help whilst screaming in agonising pain, Vader did the unexpected! He lifted up the old fart with one arm whilst still unleashing lightening upon them both and chucked the Sith Master down the power core/ reactor shaft, much to Luke's surprise as an explosion of Force energy is unleashed with the Emperor's demise.
But it did come with a price, Vader's oxygen had been affected by the electricity and now the wounded Vader was in Luke's arms as the long delayed and now redeemed Jedi had finally brought balance to the Force!

Sh*t was about to get real!

Inside the Death Star
The Falcon, along with Wedge Antilles the legendary X-Wing pilot who helped Luke during the first Death Star attack) and several other fighters are soaring across the Death Star's surface with turrets and blaster bolts being shot at every angle (my god it was intense to witness after the stuff we'd just seen). They found the bowel to the core and head inside, things were about to get goooood! They had little time and no chance of slowing down or turning back because this was it! When we see the view from inside the Falcon, my god it was like going at over 180mph and felt like at any minute they could crash, like that bump they had which was too close (even I would be terrified even if adrenaline was flowing within me) haha.

Under the Helmet
With the evacuation siren wailing and crew all running about in panic, Luke dragged his injured Father to the Imperial Shuttle. Vader asked Luke to help him to take his helmet off, much to Luke's concern but Vader knew death was imminent and he wanted to look at his son with his "own eyes" for once. As Luke slowly took off Vader's helmet and mask, we at long last get to see the burnt, old and scarred face of Anakin Skywalker. Anakin ordered his son to go and leave him but Luke wasn't having that as he had to save him. But Anakin admitted that you already have and he was right about him still having good inside him all along. Anakin slowly died there and then with his last real life breath muttering his son's name as Luke shed tears as his father passed away.
Luke still decided to take him on board and managed to escape the docking bay as the Death Star begun to explode all over.
What a powerful moment for everyone and Luke to see the scarred and pale Anakin (whom is this way for not having seen sunlight and being burnt from his last fight with Obi-wan in III for 23 years) and even though it was brief, we are all left feeling sad as the most hated character of Star Wars passes on and is now at peace for finally doing the right thing.

The Second Death Star's destruction
The lads made their way into the core of the Death Star and Wedge and Lando fire their proton torpedoes and cause the reactor to collapse as they both head out the other way knowing that a burst of fire is chasing them and the remaining TIE fighters.
As our Wedge escapes first safe and unharmed, the flames begin to catch up with a TIE fighter and then the Falcon as they get closer and closer to the exit. All looks lost as their cockpit view is nothing but fire but with style and luck, they escape unharmed and victorious as Lando yells out a ecstatic Yee-haw! And behind them, the Death Star explodes... again!
On the ground, the Ewoks and Han and Leia watch in surprise as all is finished. Han senses Leia's love for Luke and offers to step a side, luckily Leia admits the truth that Luke is her brother. When I see Han's reaction I can't help but wonder if in his head he's thinking out loud "BUT YOU TWO KISSED IN EPISODE V!" But his surprise is cut short by a passionate kiss shared with the Princess as the celebration continues. Hooray!

Jedi Cremation
As night falls, Luke has set up a Funeral Pyre with his father laid out on top and he gives his father a Cremation. With his body still encased in the armour, Luke watches with sad and peace as his father becomes one with the Force. This moment is my favourite song in the film (it's the Force theme used in Binary Sunset in IV) "Light Of The Force" (skip to 2:12) as we watch the Force play the perfect moment during this lead up to the end. It gives me the believe that I would imagine this being played during a cremation as it would resemble this moment in the film (though let's face it, I'd be in too much of a mess to probs think of it there and then. But maybe over time I might). It's a real unforgettable moment!

Victory Celebration
I'm gonna talk about the both versions because honestly I'm not particularly fond of the original song Yub Nub played in the Victory Celebration (sorry to hate the original). But in the original version, we see the Rebel star fighters shoot fireworks in the Ewok sky whilst the entire tribe dances in celebration with our rebel heroes as Luke, Leia and everyone else dance and party like mad knowing that the Galactic Civil War is finally over!

Meanwhile in the special edition version,  we see the fireworks but then we see the victory being celebrated across several planets including ones from the prequels such as Bespin, Tatooine, Naboo and Coruscant. But I do like the new song "Victory Celebration" played at the end as we see our heroes reunited and celebrating with the Ewoks back on Endor. I must admit this because I guess that now that we've seen the Prequels by this time, might as well show the celebration across the galaxy, right?
You see in the original versions, we see Luke catch sight of 3 Force Spirit friends including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and his father Anakin Skywalker (played by Sebastian Shaw) who doesn't get featured again in the special edition version and is instead played by the younger Anakin in Episode II and III (Hayden Christensen) it caused quite the controversial change. But let's be fair, the real actor behind Vader's whole performance was David Prowse whom we sadly never get to see out of the armour, well done David for pulling it off flawlessly though! And let's not forget to thank the legendary James Earl Jones for providing the menacing voice of Vader (I still love him when he plays Mufasa in The Lion King).
So there are actually two versions of the ending to Star Wars depending on what edition you have!
When the credits came on, it was hard to believe and accept it was over (I bet every fan back in 1983 felt the same and wanted more!)

My God, this has taken me since Monday to write this all up (I feel like I've been writing up a Uni Dissertation) haha.
I don't know why I did this since I'm blatantly stating the obvious and writing down the films in words. I guess I'm just so hyped for Episode VII! I'm seeing it on Monday 21st with Dad because he took me to see the prequels as I grew up so this is my treat to him as an early Christmas Present.

I'm glad that so much more happens after the films whether it's in comics, novels or video games. I can't state it all as I'm limited to the amount of energy I have left right now from typing all this up. But I will admit how I was sceptical at first when VII was first announced, me and several other hardcore Star Wars fans were all bummed down to learn that it wasn't going to continue with what ACTUALLY HAPPENS after the films as depicted in the novels. Because sadly a lot of insane and adulterated stuff happens including the arrival of a ferocious race called the Yuuzhan Vong who push the newly reformed Jedi to the edge of extinction again.
I've yet to read lots and lots of novels and comic's someday, but I originally came across this information back in Year 11 when I was messing about in a Graphic Products lesson by googling stuff on Wookieepedia and finding out what happens after the films. I discovered a Timeline of the entire Star Wars story where they use The Battle of Yavin-4 as the year count with BBY (Before) and ABY (After)! Take a look if you want spoilers or can't be bothered to read the books, cause this galactic timeline lists in a sentence or few of the most important events that happen in the Star Wars Timeline.

I gotta say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for buckling down, finding a seat and taking a long while of you time to ready this! I feel so relieved that it's over... But even more annoyed to realise I gotta write up a Prequels version before I go and see VII. I originally intended to have them both done by the 17th December (the day when VII is released in the UK), but I began to realise that was impossible. So I knuckled down on this as fast as possible and just couldn't wait till they were both done.
I admit that I could have trimmed this down by a hefty amount, but Oh Well! Thank you again for reading this my fellow Star Wars amigo! I hope you enjoy VII as much as I am hoping to!
All you lucky motherf***ers who get to see it tonight at midnight, OH how I envy and respect your luck!
Stay tuned for the Prequels on here and then my review of VII before Christmas! *wink*

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