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Friday, 14 August 2015

Mils' Birthday Pool and Lip Sync Party

August 1st was an excellent summer day in which I celebrated one of my best friends and whom I consider a "big sister", Mils's birthday round her house with our close friends and her generous family for a fun day of pool splash fun and later on funny Lip Sync Battle of the microphones.
Read here my story and later on, see my recorded performances *wink*.

I've known Mils since maybe the first month of College (mainly during the time I met up with Liam again and got introduced to all his friends who to this day I have been with). We were all part of a Anime/ Manga/ Gaming Club on Wednesday afternoons after College and would gather and just hang out, maybe watch/ share an Anime, play Yu-Gi-Oh cardgame fights and just feel comfortable being ourselves (I will explain more about my College life in a post someday).
So since then, she's been present almost every time that I have been out with the group. Since they've all finished Uni last year, I've been catching up and now it feels just like old times but only more closer and stuff cause I only knew them for a year before they left for Uni and we kept in touch through Facebook and when they returned during Holidays.

The Saturday consisted of me finishing my Inside Out post and arriving at hers about an hour later from the start time (luckily it was only me, her family and Cathy so far). I like going to Mils' house because its nice and welcoming like everyone else. Her parents Bill and Magda are always a pleasure to meet as they remind me of my parents in generosity and friendliness. Soon more people began to arrive when I was handing her her card and gift (I got her a Frozen card for laughs and a small Iron Man Funko Keychain). 
We all did jumping together pictures with Cat's GoPro or her camera or Naomi's. It was nice to meet them at last after seeing the pictures of them all along with Cathy completing Horsham's Race For Life. I wore my childish and swag Despicable Me Minions swimshorts and kept their energetic and young Labrador "Dusty" entertained with Fetch (funny thing is that she's the only dog that's ever returned the thrown object back to me, ever!) I was also the playmate for Mils's sister Caroline's son, Finley. It didn't matter that there was almost a 20 year gap between us, I'm still a kid on the inside and I played with him most of the day to his hearts content and he even joined us grown ups in the pool for watercannon fights and a group dive picture. Of course, my priority was Mills and the others but it's hard telling a 3 year old that I need to be with my own age group. But I still multi-tasked and enjoyed myself, besides I'm used to being the fun for little ones as I feel and look like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys/ Girls haha.

A lot more people began to turn up after 6.00pm, I said "Hello" to a few whilst Craig was cooking on the BBQ. I even got to play "Beer Pong" for the first time with my new friend Naomi (what? I hardly go to parties haha). I rather enjoyed it and both of us got stuck on our last cups and the "rally" went on longer than Wimbledon.

At long last, Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for and I've been dreading over. Here's my performance of Mark Ronson (Feat. Bruno Mars) - "Uptown Funk"!
Still cannot believe I did this... I made this look good haha. After my first song, I felt my legs were shaking, my head was spinning, my heart was pinning like I'd been hit with Adrenaline (haha that rhymes)!

Mils, Cathy, Campbell, Aimee, Ben, Henny and Naomi all performed a song or two as well and we all had laughs, giggles and woos as well.
Mils and Cathy were great and I have to say everyone and me enjoyed it all along with Oli's short and funny performance referencing "Crash and the Boys" from Scott Pilgram Vs. The World (I even through in quotes from Wallace linked to the performance) why didn't I think of that haha. Craig also did an excellent dance to Survivor - "Eye Of The Tiger" and Naomi (who won of course) did a mix up of 2 songs involving shouty raps and then girl punk (way to go) and not to mention both Campbell and Aimee doing a cute duet on the Frozen song "Love Is An Open Door".

My last song right before the final song by Aimee, was Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now"! I got inspired to do this after seeing Paul Rudd's performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Originally after looking up the rules for Lip Sync Battle, I had been fretting into thinking we'd have to do 2/3 songs like the show. But after realising that it wasn't a whole song and was a short version, it seemed not so bad. But the bad thing was me stressing over it all beforehand because of my stage fright. Luckily Mils' said it would all be a laugh and it was with everyone's performances and luckily my new friend Naomi was there to save the day for me by cutting up my 2 songs into a special short version for my choices (I also asked her to do 2 other songs because it was so hard to choose 2 out of 4, she also edited Green Day - "American Idiot" and OneRepublic - "Love Runs Out" for me as well).

In the end, Naomi came first and Campbell came second and all the ladies and some gents got up and danced to a few songs like Los del Río - "Macarena", Spice Girls - "Wannabe" etc.
But everyone was pretty tired and had to make their ways home so I said goodbye to Aimee, Campbell, Ben and the others whilst my group of friends and Naomi stayed up longer playing Beer Pong whilst listening to good music at night like A Day To Remember - "The Downfall Of Us All", Angels & Airwaves - "The Wolfpack", Alien Ant Farm - "Smooth Criminal" etc.

Pretty soon, Naomi had to leave but promised to return tomorrow so the others went to sleep whilst me, Oli, Craig, Mils, Cathy and Henny played The Name Game which I discovered was a guessing game whilst others draw names of characters (we did Fantasy characters) and stick them to our foreheads and ask questions to guess the character basically. I was so tired since we played for 2 hours until 2.30am and before the game, Oli, Craig and I got into a deep talk on Space and Time along with Astronomy and Interstellar (I like long deep philosophical talks).
I can't believe I struggled with guessing Misty from Pokemon as my redhead cartoon character after I guessed Flame Princess from Adventure Time as an idea, or even not guessing Jake The Dog from Adventure Time as a famous yellow cartoon companion to a human (I guessed Pikachu too soon before losing) but who could blame me, I was tired haha.

The following morning, breakfast was served the Awesome way. We all woke up exhausted from staying up that late and waking up at 9.00am. But because we're all awesome and love the same things, it's more funny and just cool that Craig and Mils came up with the idea of making Bacon Pancakes for us all based on Jake The Dog's song in Adventure Time which became an even bigger sensation after somebody on the Internet saw a similarity in the tune and lyrics to Alicia Keys (Feat. Jay-Z) - Empire State Of Mind, unbelievable!
Naomi arrived just in time just when we tucked in to a delicious breakfast (thank you Mils and Craig) which even the f*cking Wasps decided to try and join in along with making a hassle for me and the others the day before during our pool fun. Argh, I hate Wasps!
I got talking to Mils, Cathy, Naomi and Magda by the pool in the morning just as Lewis turned up.

I mentioned some upcoming posts over the next few months including some of The Land Before Time sequels, Chronicle, Clannad (Aime Review), Pokemon (Childhood Memories) and My School Life (once I've found a few pictures) and have listed everything. I am glad that they all listened and said they look forward to them, but it's also good that they have made me aware that when it comes to the School life is to actually not mention names (especially bullies or those who did me wrong) because it can start something all over again after seeing it on Facebook). Mils even spoke to me on asking "How do you feel with writing up your life for the world to see?" and "Do you know what to keep private or are you comfortable with this?" I really admired that she asked me and I gave a good explanation on how "I somehow feel comfortable explaining my thoughts to everyone as it's helped me grow up a little, let go of something things and also it's nice for me to get my opinion out to those who may be interested (even if I don't always get a response on Blogger) least my Friends and Family respond positively. But I am reminding myself after being made aware to ask people if it's okay/ acceptable to mention their forenames only and using pictures of that day or with me when putting/ mentioning them on AsperJosh!" It even inspired me to someday write up a post on What it's like doing AsperJosh.

I had to head home soon after so me being a good sir, gave Naomi a lift home as a thank you for her help with the songs, so we left everyone in the pool and I knew I'd see them all again next weekend for Cathy's Birthday and then the next day would be Emperor Ryan's Roman Banquet (w/ pool) which happened this weekend and has been Awesome. I'll write that up asap and I hope everyone is having an Awesome Summer!

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