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Monday, 26 October 2015

MCM London Comic-Con, October 2015

This MCM adventure turned out to be remarkable and the best in a long time, I met many people, joined a group of accepting and fun people for the weekend, cosplayed and got photographed more than 8 times (yay) and had a less stressful time compared to last time. This was a real fun weekend and here's what happened.
Since my first post about my first years and time at October 2014 and then last May, things were mixed on my time at MCM due to seeing hundreds of people all at once, the lack of personal space, seeing people I wanted to talk to but didn't know how to or even seeing couples cosplay together which is what I wish I could do too someday.
But thanks to that spark of courage of talking to people on the MCM EXPO Facebook Group, I made friends with Aki "Ash" back in May after MCM and got chatting since then here and there. Eventually I asked to join her and her friends on the Friday as I was coming alone.
I was scared shitless and also excited to meet her and the others cause there was a lot of banter and jokes on the group from them towards other people who started trouble or took jokes too far and I was preparing myself on what to talk about, how to introduce myself, how I'd fit in and all that.
But to surprise you all reading this as well as myself, they couldn't have been any more perfect, funny, inappropriate and above all, welcoming bunch of people who I've had the pleased of tagging along with this weekend. And now I'm part of The Con Family *sheds tear of joy*.

So I ventured up alone to London after 12.00 and got there for after 2.00 using main route Horsham > London Bridge > Canning Town > Custom House For Excel. After arriving, I played some feel good tunes (The Score - Oh My Love, Walk The Moon - Shut Up And Dance, Sheppard - Geronimo) in my earphones to help comfort being alone at the loud MCM as well as comfort the surprise to come.

And right away, I met Ash along with meeting Chris and Paige. From then on, Chris (Gray-sama from Fairy Tail) and I got talking so easily about Anime and how we're doing today (especially him in his black boxers with a god like body and a tray in his hand) haha. Paige and Ash were cosplaying Highschool Of The Dead as Saeko and Saya. They were so nice to let me tag along with em for the day as more of their group turned up over time whilst everyone got their picture taken across the day and I didn't mind being the dude to hold their bags, cameras or take pics on their phones for them as they got theirs taken too.

Chris posed a lot by offering a bottle of water to people as well as the staff their including The Walking Dead zombies (you wouldn't see that during the apocalypse) but Ash got attacked later on (well she had been looking for zombies all day) haha.

Soon Ben (Ash's bf) turned up as Sasuke from Naruto and spent the day mainly topless like Chris (who couldn't blame em) haha. Seeing how tight and funny these two demigods were was funny that they both could be like this and made me envious and more determined to have a body like theirs someday (I think I'm already on the right track as you can see from my post showing off my body) *wink*.

The main troll and funny boy from the MCM group, Rivers turned up as Itachi from Naruto and joined in on the shenanigans and inappropriate but damn funny pictures including tea bagging his friend (as you do) lol.
He was another Attack On Titan fan, and looks like him and I will have to cosplay Levi and Eren someday *shotgun Eren* as I reckon Rivers can pull Levi off more than me haha.

We even met Helen (Cammy from Street Fighter) from the MCM Group and the next day, I met Eleanor (Starfire from Teen Titans) who I still haven't spoken to haha but I'm glad I was allowed to get a picture of their awesome cosplays.

Plus Ash and Paige almost got arrested by the cops by the Police car and Chris was... umm... with Ben haha and then they all played the upcoming Naruto game (it looked awesome).
Ash got felt up by Han Solo
who was frozen in carbonate haha.

It was soon time to leave but not before having our group picture and then heading outside where Ben and Chris took turns benching each other including me cause let's face it, I weigh like 50something kg as I am 9stone 4pounds (barely), even Charlie was getting in on the benching and we got talking about what we all do in the gym (gym buddies) whilst the others were getting last minute pics with others.

The guys let me stay with em for a couple hours at their hotel in Beckton where we all got to let our hair down after a long day out. I helped out with getting stuff from cars before soon having to shoot off myself all the way back home. Not before Rivers put on his wig for tomorrow's Naruto Meet-Up and Photoshoot, however with some glasses on, he ended up looking a bit like a Ninja Jimmy Savile OHHH!
I said thank you to Ash and the others with a hug and for letting me tag along with em, and I knew I'd see em all again tomorrow anyway.
Took me about 2 hours to get home, sadly on a dead battery iPhone... but getting in at 12.30am was tiring but it was all worth it especially with the adventure I had had today with new friends.

Plus I did end up buying a £70 Sora Figurine from Kingdom Hearts II!


Getting up at 6.20am was essential to get showered, eat breakfast and get ready asap as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days *ugh* I was so exhausted. But I have been preparing for this all this week just passed cause my friend and hairdresser Karyn helped style my wig using Got2b Glue Hairspray which worked wonders on it (thanks Ash for the recommendation).

And Dad and I worked on giving the Keyblade a fresh coat of Yellow Humbrol Enamel Yellow (Gloss 69) paint back on Thursday evening.

Anyway to see the others in costume too was a reassuring start at the train station thanks to Kathy being Snow White, Amy as Black Widow, Matt as Strider (The Lord Of The Rings), Katharina as King Bob (Minions), Flaminia as Super Girl and Aaron as a Ghostbuster. 

Yeah we made the train awesome that morning and we even saw Hannah as Malfoy and her friend was Bellatrix.

The team's first priority was awkwardly making our way around London Bridge to look for a MaccyDs where people wouldn't stop staring at us and stuff (take a picture mate and write a harsh status while your at it!) I felt tired and annoyed by the change of plan but it was over before I knew it and eventually we got there before 10.20am.

After passing through the ticket area, we split off for a while as my day was filled up with meeting friends and surprisingly getting my picture taken around 8 times (aw yeah).

First off, I saw both Emma's again since visiting them with Lewis and the others at Manchester Uni back in Nov 2013 and then missed them when I went up in May this year. But even though their Uni time is over, I'm sure we'll all or almost all manage to meet up or at least keep in contact (I should really get round to writing up those two adventures on here as they are well delayed). But anyway, they both looked great dressed as the main characters from Supernatural and were both pleased to catch up.

Whilst having trouble across the day contacting people due to signal and response, I did manage to find Cassie and Fraser (my friends from GAME back home) and tagged along with them for half an hour (I think they were cosplaying The Last Of Us).

We even found the Gundam, Evangelion and other robotic anime construction stand and Fraser and Cass helped explain to me on the levels of construction kits and what's best to start off with. I proprably shouldn't get into this but we'll see (once I've emptied out the crap in my room on eBay asap) but who knows? Everyone want to try creative things, right? Anyway thanks you two for your help and tagging along shortly.

I did get a few photos with some hot ladies including a Barbie Darth Vader, a pretty Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion), another Black Widow, a Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel.

Shortly after, I'd heard from a fellow Kingdom Hearts cosplayer about a Photoshoot going on at the East Entrance at 2.00 which I tagged along for a few photos but soon had to leave as the others needed me and I was a little uncomfortable due to the stuff we ended up doing (not photography positions) but more the games and loudness which was weird.

But I did before leaving get a great shot of the Star Wars meet up and saw "Jedi's and Sith's and Vader, Oh My!"

Met some more people including Slenderman (what? I had to take a Selfie with him? Plus I'd watched the Full Slender: The Arrival video on YouTube back when I was in Greece *shivers*).

I even bumped into Jazz shortly to get a picture with her and plan ahead for some help on makeup for an upcoming Halloween Party.

But I did at last get to meet my friend and fellow cosplayer Ellice whom I've been speaking to the last month as she loves Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, Disney, Batman (perfect girl haha, too bad we live over 5 hours away) haha. She was the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen (Wedding Dress version from Game Of Thrones) and I got take a picture and share a picture with her (and a selfie on her phone). Too bad we were both in a hurry but until next con!

I even saw Baymax from BigHero 6 (I still need to see that and I couldn't get a hug sadly as there was queue) *sad face*.

But I did see King Kazma from Summer Wars (I'm still writing that up) whilst I was searching around for Katie who was Spider-Girl today and sadly missed her as her messenger was working (next time, Katie! x) so I went off instead to look for Ash and the gang.

I found the guys soon inside after seeing on Facebook where the Naruto meet-up was which Rivers was hosting. They all looked incredible with so much beautiful makeup and detail on their enormous swords (even I was jealous of their skill but I hope to make some weaponry someday like the Attack On Titan blades and 3DMG for a future cosplay).

I believe Rivers was Suigetsu Hōzuki  (too bad I missed him for a picture), Chris was Kisame Hoshigaki, Ben was Zabuza Momochi (with amazing shark like teeth), Ash was Mei Terumī and the others I wasn't sure about (main thing is that everyone was in Naruto, an anime/ manga series that I have been super tempted to start along with Bleach and One Piece but their just too long and I know a lot on them all already thanks to friends and fights on YouTube).

I got some great shots with the guys and Chris even used my Keyblade to try and unlock Ben's trousers... yeah (I can never use my Keyblade again) haha ;_;.

I also liked Alex's King Of The Dead cosplay from The Lord Of The Rings (she also did Bilbo Baggins yesterday).

After they were done, we slowly but surely ventured around looking for food as the others were attacked every few seconds for pictures (especially Chris) with people (who could blame em) but too bad we were in a hurry but they still never refused (they're good sports) and soon we found a great all with FOOD!

I got a Slush Puppie (Like a Boss) and after a while, it was sadly time for me to leave and go and look for the others I had travelled up with. It was an honour to hang with these guys (I think Chris called me "Wow, your such a nice guy" about 4 times after all the help I've done this weekend haha (aww cheers bro *gently fist bumps screen*). After hugs were done with everyone and saying thank you to Ash and Ben for having me, I took off. Thanks again guys for everything and for putting the F back into Fun at Comic-Con, I look forward to next time guys wherever/ whenever!

I found my peeps shortly and after a group picture, we at last made our way on the long 2 hour journey home. Boy, was I tired and my head hurt and was itchy from the wig... We all had a blast and planned to meet up later after a shower, nap and food so we all went out again in town for drinks and some clubbing before I headed off at midnight as I'd been up for 18hours.
I'm glad my new friends had a great Sunday whilst I was beginning this post back home and at my Nana and Grandad's house. Plus Ben did a hilarious video that I wish I had been there to see haha.

So as you can see, this has been an eventful and fantastic MCM compared to last year with the claustrophobic (not that I am) time and queueing for celebs (which I did get the full 100%). I'm so proud of myself for being so calm and cool about everything and this has lifted me up after the hard days at work I've been having the last couple months. That's led me to listen to a lot of Rock and Metalcore over that stressful period (which isn't necessarily bad as I like those genres, but too much can lead to a negative and angry mood easily). So Issues and BMTH have been in my head for ages haha and they've encouraged me to write up a post soon on my reasons for liking Metalcore.

Plus just to add these two awesome things into this context:
I did discover the Attack On Titan: Humanity In Chains Nintendo 3DS game was finally available on the Nintendo eShop back on October 4th. I did have to get a bigger SD card but it was worth it! See Instagram picture or page for more info *wink*. "Sie ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger!" (Are you the food? No, we're the Hunters!)

And I managed to play the incredible Star Wars: Battlefront BETA on October 11th. I loved the graphics, sound effects and the fact that DICE did an amazing job for a teaser and I look forward to the game and the next film.
Speaking of that, (this is a stupid rhetorical question) but did anyone else see the latest trailer for The Force Awakens *waits for people to shout DUH at their computer screens*. I am pretty excited and blown away by the spoilers (however I'm still slightly sceptical as it's not following what REALLY happens after the films as I read the chronology a couple years ago on Wookiepedia and have yet to read the novels myself). This was a funny and stupid joke trailer that Lewis had the pleasure of showing me). But I have faith in J.J.Abrams to try NOT screwing up what was perfect!

Plus now I'm mega tempted to write a post for each trilogy during November and December and talk about deep feelings, spoilers and stuff to help hype up the arrival of the upcoming number VII!

Anyway, I'm still moving ahead with things (I even got Tinder a week or so after deciding to sign up to, even that's slowly taking it's time and not everyone responds sadly with matches). But I'm still slowly gaming and I still got it.
And now with Comic-Con done, I'm gonna use to begin re-learning code again as that's my dream job or something else creative in IT/ Gaming and I did do a little during College, 4/5 years ago and I have my notes. It'll be a long road and some long overdue dedication is needed and patience will be a virtue for me. But thanks to the positive outcome, atmosphere and memory I now have from this, I'm driven more to begin and continue these steps to help me move forward whilst waiting for fun to come along and maybe someday a lover in my life.
And at the end of the day, I made new friends who accepted me as one of their own!

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