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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Like A Zombie, Halloween 2015

Halloween is such a fun time of the year, right? I love the creative costumes, the trick r' treat times and the atmosphere of fun (not to much the horror films, but I am getting better) haha.
Anyway, here I'm writing up a couple days later of my Halloween 2015 where I was a zombie thanks to my friend and this year, I went out with friends for a great night out. "This Is Halloween!"
I know it's a couple days later but "Better late than never, right?".
Anyway, my Halloween morning consisted of me travelling all the way through Horsham > Warnham > Kingsford > Holmwood > Dorking > Brockham > Box Hill  > Tamworth to see my friend Jazz who is amazingly talented in Art and Design and was my makeup artist for this Halloween (and 2 years ago).

You see, I met her 2 years ago at Luna and Becky's house in Chatham on Halloween.
I met her and she "zombified" me superbly and it was an amazing night with everyone.
Here's what I looked like 2 years ago. 

So last Sat, I travelled up for 40 mins to become "re-zombified" by this talented lady. I met her polite auntie and her friendly cousin Simon. They were all getting ready for their own Halloween party but I'm most grateful that she managed to fit me into her time and make me look dead again (drop dead gorgeous, maybe?) haha.

She used Liquid Latex to help make the skin on the top of my left chest and used some tissue to add the detail and painted it black and red to help add teeth marks into it instead of it just looking like a bl**dy scab.
She also put makeup on my eyes (since I can't really wear white contact lenses, yet) and she used eyeliner to add some black veins too. And added a bit more fake blood to the shirt that I used 2 years ago which was cut up and she put blood on back then, so she added some more cause you can never not look bloody enough.
I thanked her a lot and whilst I was being dolled up, I got to know Simon for a bit and he was a nice lad and enjoyed gym and stuff.
By the time it was all done, it was already 12.40pm, so I had to head back. On a funny and awkward note, I ended up doing a u-turn in Dorking after realising I had left my white Atticus t-shirt at Jazz's house as I had to wear my zombie shirt and makeup on the way home and the rest of the day.
But it wasn't a total issue or bummer as I got to return through the amazing countryside, hills, mountain and forest roads again as I have been concentrating properly on the road, my eyes were gazing shortly at the scenery everywhere in amazement and enjoying my little adventure.
Anyway, I awkwardly returned and got my shirt and said thanks again and this time made my way home properly.

I did however make 3 detours and stops *safely* to take pictures of the landscape and roads I was rather amazed at whilst driving down that morning at 10am.
My first stop was just down the road from Jazz in Tamworth. I saw a gate where a forest path next to an open field had a nice view and looked like a good picture to take. I was safely off the road and I had forgotten that a cycling event as going on that day. By the time, I had taken my pictures and turned around facing the car and the road, I saw two cyclists had pulled up, looked at me and then cycled away saying (I'm guessing sarcastically or humorously) "Oh My God, I think he's killed someone"... It was too late to explain or anything and they were busy as was I. But it does sound funny, right?

The second was near Betchworth where I dropped into near Penelope Allen Designs to look up at the limestone cliff side and tree hill behind the train track. I did 2 panoramas and felt like I was looking at a hillside that would be interesting to scour up (if only possible) and also get closer since I don't really get to see sights and cliffs like this thanks to my lifestyle and where I live anyway. But it was nice to look up for a couple minutes before getting back on the road. Looking myself at the link, I realise now on the Maps that I could have followed the road I was on to get a closer look... Bu**er, Oh Well, next time maybe.

My last stop was on the main road leading past Dorking Golf Club. This autumn leaf covered curvy road with the sun shining through made it all feel like Autumn had really arrived and I got a nice look at it even if it was loud and busy with the rushing traffic as I sat in the car with my hazard lights on.

I got home by 2.30pm, spooked my family, took a whole load of pictures for here as I can be vain on here but not so much on Facebook haha.
And just looked forward to the evening where I would freak out the little trick r' treaters and their parents at the door in the evening.
I actually ended up doing that but not to the point to make children scream in terror or cry, but it was very accurate and detailed according to the parents and older children. I told them that I was going out later as they asked why I went to such detail.

I was actually going round Matt's house in Southwater for his Halloween gathering with friends before all of us headed out to town later on in the evening, I went over after the trick r' treaters stopped coming after 7.30.
Everyone was dressed up round Matt's well except for Matt Purdew (too cool for it haha).
Amy was a vampire, David was killer cereal, Aaron was a Ghostbuster, Katie was a Devil etc. And Matt was doing a Day Of The Dead character (I wish I could go to that festival someday, but alas I can't thanks to the god damn Reclusive Spider...) *Google at your own risk!*

So we were round his for a laugh till 10.00 when we all made our way back to Horsham in cars. I drove back to mine with Matt Purdew, David and Debbie so I could leave the car and walk into town to drink tonight, but not too much.
We made our way to the Lynd Cross to meet the others and later on we headed over to Mungo's Bar where the real party was at.
I saw Becky and Oliver (who I should be seeing this weekend for Becky's 22nd) and caught up with them outside along with my mate Martin.

I even bumped into Libby who owns Flowers and Such Florets over in Copthorne. She was a very accurate Harley Quinn from the upcoming Suicide Squad DC film. I've been bumping into her frequently over the last couple months at gym and outside, I should really meet up with her sometime.
The dancing was nice and if I'm honest to help make this post not to boring is that, I'm beginning to cope better with the small location, crowded people and loud atmosphere. Isn't that what I want? To be able to come out with others without feeling like I'm uncomfortable due to this whole different view I have on nights out? Not necessarily bad, I'm just inexperienced to call it a "casual weekend" for me but thanks to the last couple months of going out with different people/ groups and to some frequent pubs and Mungos, I can safely say that I am beginning to cope a bit more slowly but surely.
Someday I'll even have a lady with me in a place like this and won't have to feel like I'm missing out or looking at people out of my league or even too afraid to go up and talk to. But I'm pleased with myself and how I am beginning to do what's considered "normal" and even if I am different up in my head, I can safely say that I am trying and am succeeding at following my friends in a sociable way compared to how others with my condition or any from the Autistic Spectrum may be limited or comfortable in doing so.

Anyway, by 2pm when the place was closing, it came as a bit of a shock and spook to see that Horsham had turned into Silent Hill with fog/ mist covering everywhere but it did help bring out the Halloween evening more than ever before.
I said my goodbyes and decided to jog my way home since walking alone in this mist with little streetlight coverage was not my plan for travelling home safely haha.
I did get in to see a nasty surprise (possibly False Widow or a common Sector Orb Weaver) *yuck*. And I did carefully and slightly painfully ripped off the latex *giggidy* off my skin and washed myself before falling asleep by 3.00am, night.

As for Sunday, I ended up waking up at 12.47pm which was a bit of a downer for me (I wasn't hungover, that record is still clean as a whistle). That Bacon Sandwich was my saviour as always!
But I did feel pooped out and ended up spending the weekend just lounging about.
But the last couple days have luckily helped me rekindle my enthusiasm and dedication for this weekend to finally begin looking into courses to help steer my life back on track to IT. Plus I have some things to put up on ebay to help my room more tidy.

I hope your Halloween was awesome, and now I look forward to the joys and prosperous Christmas season. Hopefully within a couple weeks, I will have some good news and made progress in IT courses, maybe of talked to someone on Match/ Tinder or even just have some more plans since Comic-Con finished.
I have some amazing news to share and thank you all for... which I will be showing on the next post where I'm taking action!

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