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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Evans Cycles Christmas Do + Winter Wonderland 2015

December is a busy month for the world thanks to the BlackFriday shopping madness, the tiresome rush of shopping for our loved ones and the workload building up. But it can be a fun and joyful month as well whilst counting down to Christmas. Plus we all have Christmas Work Do's and I'm sure we all have a giggle on a nice night out or a dinner at a fancy restaurant or whatever. As for me, I was at a Chinese Restaurant in Crawley with my team mates (sadly the Xmas Do from last year didn't happen again at the Komedia Club. And it's been a hassle for everyone to choose somewhere else, so all the different departments when and did their own things).
More happened than expected soon after and I had a wonderful adventure for the first time at Winter Wonderland! More on that later on.
After our busy Friday (as usual), I went back to my best friend at work Lee's house to chill out before both of us headed out a couple hours later. I helped him on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (I've still yet to finish that before skipping Unity and going straight to Syndicate (as I've been recommended) haha. After a rinse and getting ready, I drove us to where we were all meeting.
My great workmates from the Tagging Team (Lee, Jamie, Dorota, Wendy (Manager), Lorna (Assistant Manager), Yaz, Nick and Aadon had our Christmas Do at a Chinese Restaurant called Happy Meetings (we'd been there a year ago before on a previous celebration). The food was nice and almost everyone had turned up (no pics to prove as everyone was photo shy).
I've had my ups and downs with some of them over this year but to see almost all of us together made me understand that we all pull through and put up with each other and have a laugh everyday (even with me).

When our food was finished, everyone headed home (well except for me and Dorota and Yaz). We'd heard from the Accessories Department (AnnaTonySamDanMichaelaGrantPaulo and Mel) that they were heading to LB1 for their Xmas Do, so we had planned to meet them after ours. I dropped Lee off like the bro I am and then headed straight there. To my surprise and embarrassment, I went in for 10 minutes (cost me £5) and had to take my hoodie zipper off (rules apparently) and couldn't find any of them. I was about to head home in a strop before getting through to one of the lads via Facebook Messenger phone call to realise that their plans had changed and they weren't coming here anymore and were still at the Snooty Fox in Three Bridges... D'Oh!

I cheesed it there and found them and everything was alright again. I was pleased to have seen a handful of the lads and ladies there and they were pleased to see me too (and we laughed a little at my misfortune but it got sorted in the end).

I couldn't drink as I was driving but I did have a chuckle with everyone, caught up with them since we pass by each other at work every day and I played some pool with the guys and tied game with them each. Everyone were taking pics together (some cheeky too) haha and I got in on the action and I'm glad sorta on not being left out even with the ladies haha.
After an accident with a glass being smashed (not mentioning names, Tony!), we did end up not getting served any more alcohol.

But it was time to leave anyway soon after as it was closing time. Nobody wanted it to end at midnight so after some deliberation, we decided to head to Moka. I took Anna, Dorota and Tony whilst SamDan, Michaela and Grant came later shortly by Taxi (Paulo and Mel ended up going home).

I parked us at Crawley Train Station and we headed to Moka which was just down the road.
Admittedly, this was my first time going to Moka (which is like the main club of Crawley), I dunno why I've never seemed to have gone before since turning 18, 5 years ago haha. Was it the bad rep most people gave it or because none of my friends really wanted to go (or seem to go with me)?
Oh well, "there's a first for everything", right! And I've been going to Mungo's Bar over the last year and only been to "Shelly's"/ Chameleon Bar (it's now been redone and under new management and called Ambar now) once or twice and have had bad experiences (people say it's the Moka of Horsham) haha.

So anyway, getting into this place wasn't easy or cheap. I had to be camera scanned with ID, frisked, pay £6 to get in, £2 to drop my coat off and then I was inside after travelling up 3 flights of stairs.
The inside is definitely bigger than Mungo's Bar and was more packed and had a huge Strobe Light overhead with some nice light "icicle" or whatever they were along with a smokescreen environment.
The drinks were extortionate, my Coke was £1.50 and then Tony's Stella and the ladies Vodka and Lemonade's came to a total of £16.50... Yeah! Wowzers! Oh well, whatever.
The music was pretty awesome and included some incredible house party tracks including Heads Will Roll (A-Track Remix) from that Project X film, Gecko (Overdrive) and Turn Down For What. Everyone raved throughout the night especially to TDFW (including me) as you can see from the video haha. And I took a few load of pics and danced confidently with my friends.

I had to leave at 2.30pm, as I had to be up and at em in the morning for Winter Wonderland which had been planned for a month. After saying Night to my friends and all of us agreeing to do this again, I drove home and collapsed in bed, ready for another whole day of excitement!


I've never been to Winter Wonderland before and I'm glad I went this year with a handful of my closest friends since College.
We've had this planned for just under a month and I was buzzing to go.

So after managing to get ready by 11.45, I met the others at Horsham Train Station at 12.00pm.
We caught the train for London Bridge and had a nice variety of conversations on the train to pass the time (more on an important one at the end of the post).

Kathy needed to head to Topshop in Oxford Circus to pick up a gorgeous dress, so since we were all there, David and Matt and I decided to try out some blazers and suits (why not?) haha.
We tried on some blue waistcoats and David tried on this very nice blue blazer (sucks it was £130...) then we all tried on a White Suit which looked awesome (we felt it too since they all cost £130 each). We were dubbed the "Rogues Of London" on Matt's picture and we all looked too awesome (we look like a Boy Band according to some people) haha. I'm glad I took Barney's advice and "Suit Up" with my friends even if we didn't end up buying anything. Maybe next time *wink*.

After purchasing her dress, we all wondered towards Hyde Park by walking to Green Park and then arrived at 3.30pm.
The weather was grey sadly and was quite blustery and windy but we were all wrapped up warm and it didn't stop us from having a wonderful night and with wonderful company.

The whole venue was a massive carnival with rides, merchandise stalls, food and pub stands and filled with lots and lots of people (luckily it wasn't as crowded or as overwhelming as MCM Comic-Con which Matt, Kathy and I agreed upon).
We grabbed a bite to eat (German Hotdog with Onions) and started heading left and wondered slowly but surely on our adventure.

Matt and David got Beer as Debbie had a nice Fruit Cider which even I had to try since I'm not really a Beer type of guy (judge me if you will).

Everyone started to wonder over to the stalls and gaze at the beautiful wooden ornaments, jewellery, Christmas trinkets, art etc.

I ended up purchasing 2 lovely things (which is why I can't include a picture on here since my Sis might be reading this! I'll upload and edit after Christmas!)
I loved looking at all the merchandise, some of it I wanted even if it wasn't manly or I wanted to buy it for other people (don't take advantage of me) haha because I felt so festive and pleasant (like the spirit of Christmas had processed me).

We saw this interesting area where people tried to hold onto a straight bar for 2 minutes. I was up for trying but chickened out after seeing that 40 seconds in to this guy doing it that the power cut out and I had suspicions that it wasn't going to work out for me anyway.

We kept on moving and soon got shocked to see this huge and I assume to be "wooden" being towering over us all like a human looking at ants. The Anime side of me thought it was a Kyojin from Attack On Titan and I begun quietly reciting the opening and famous quote "On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls" and another part of me felt like Eren as I said in Japanese "kuitsuku shiteyaru!!" But luckily it was just a tall man with a woodpecker looking bird on his forearm standing above the main pub drinking area.

So we headed over to that and found this huge area full of endless benches outside, a big speaker system playing house music (kinda glad it was instead of overplayed Christmas songs) and some wooden buildings for people to warm up inside. We caught a table inside and tried getting drinks to no success due to being so packed so we ventured back outside to get a drink somewhere else.

I got myself a Koppaberg Strawberry & Lime Cider for £5 and the guys tried some more beer (one of theirs was horrible).
We continued walking and saw lots of amusement rides including fun houses (one was even a Horror house which looked like something out of Castlevania or something).

We came to an agreement on going the roller coaster Euro Coaster which cost us £6 in tokens (that was annoying) and as we got to the queue we were surprised and almost tripped once or twice due to the mechanic machines which made our journey to the queue difficult but funny as we all struggled across (it was like a premature Tough Mudder obstacle course) haha.

When it was our turn, we dropped off our big Topshop bag with almost everything in it to the side (god knows, I prayed that it was still there when we survived this). Kathy and Matt went on one set of seats with me and David and Debbie went on the set behind us. Part of me was excited and the other was scared (sounds like everyday life) and I actually said to them as we slowly escalated to the top "It's been an honour!" and shortly after everyone was screaming in laughter.

I was most pleased and grateful that we survived (after seeing all that that happened at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park) but it was fun and to prove my point, my legs were shaking a little after touching back down to the ground. We were gonna get a picture of us all but the printer was out of paper (crap) and it wasn't worth waiting 20 minutes or paying £8.

I felt like we had covered maybe 3/4 of the whole location and I asked us all for a group picture over by the big Christmas Tree since this memory had to be recorded in picture instead of just in our heads.

We even found a Sweet shop on our way back to the entrance and got some sweeties as you do.

I saw another amazing stall before exiting with these magical and creative looking "kaleidoscope" design ceiling decorations that even I was tempted to purchase but knew I shouldn't (the temptation that day was all over me) haha.

As we left, I knew that this will hopefully become an annual thing with more people or someday I'll take my future gf here, for sure!

To end the day, we retraced our steps and I got a pic of a gorgeous street near Green Park with lovely street light decorations and a chandelier hanging in the street.
We had to get a Burger King at Victoria's station before catching the the train home at 7.30pm.

It was most upsetting and frustrating to have learnt on Facebook about the man who attacked at Leytonstone Underground Station. But I'm glad that we had a wonderful and merry Christmas celebration on Sunday 6th December.
After getting back to Horsham, we all popped home for a sec to change and then head back out to the Lyndd Cross to meet up again and with lots of others till near midnight. I was quite tired and was a bit quiet for the night but I still had a good time and am glad that I participated.

Just to add to this post about what I mentioned about the conversation on the train in the afternoon. You see, David and Matt talked about their adventure to South Africa where they worked with Matt's friend at a reserve and went on trails, saw animals and helped out. They encouraged me and proposed the idea of us and lots of others to go to South Arica next year. I was most eager and excited to, but then something snapped in the back of my head on Sunday which got me worried and anxious and crushed my hopes of going... Spiders!
Knowing that I'll be going to the Pride Lands where these mother*ckers are roaming and are bulked up to the size of my hand with a whole load of venom inside of either the Golden Orb Weaver, Baboon Spider or the Black Widow *shivers in fear*, made me think that I can't possibly go at all?
But after the last couple days of telling my friends at work about going to Timbavati Lodge & Reserve and admitting my fear of the creepy crawlies and slight concern for the Scorpions and Snakes (not even considering the huge wildlife and predators), everyone has encouraged me to:
"Go for it, mate! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and you'll regret this in years to come for not taking it. You can't let fear stop you from living life and going around the world. I'm sure there's anti-venom at the reserve should you get bitten. But you're friends have already mentioned to check your clothes, shoes, bed and the toilet religiously, then you should go for an adventure and just be cautious and have a good time!"
I think their right, and I'm sure in time, I will overcome this fear which is way too early to begin panicking about. Who knows, I might not even see any of them since this place looks fancy and must be kept clean (but who's to stop free-loading poisonous f***ers from intruding). I'm like this sonetimes after seeing a Spider and getting Mum or myself if I'm brav enough to sort it out, I end up terrorizibg myself by failing to shake the dark thoughts and images of the nasty Spiders out of my head. I'm glad one of the Cats sleeps with me to help me feel safe and not so alone.
But I'm sure with my OCD and careful checking along with the Mosquito nets, I'll be fine and I'll be with my friends on an adventure of a lifetime. I'm sure it'll be fine and I'll be treated should such disasters occur. Plus Spiders are everwhere and not easy to avoid, sadly. Sometimes I wish I had Superman's Heat-Vision or just wish they weren't harmful to humans!

Plus I can't skip out on seeing the magnificent, jaw dropping, eye widening Night Sky of Africa that Sir David Attenborough has seen many time. I must purchase a powerful and expensive camera before going next year around July, but who knows what will happen.

So anyway, this has been an Awesome weekend and I am glad that it's lifted me up recently as I'm still writing up my deep post about my most recent feeling and emotions. I think it'll be done soon, plus I need to start my 2 Star Wars Trilogies posts talking about my highlights and fascination before seeing Episode VII on the 21st December with Dad and then the following day with Lee and Jamie from work in glorious IMAX. Plus I'm meeting someone special for the first time this Friday, I should focus on that instead!
Hope everyone else has been having fun this December!

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