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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New 2016, Everyone!

Happy New Year everybody! Woo! How was your parties? I had a much better New Years compared to being ill last year. As for this year, I spent it all the way up in Letchworth Garden City with my new friends from this year's Comic-Con! More on that in a sec, but first I'll mention a bit on my Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day celebrations before getting to New Years!
So as you can guess, I'm talking about my crazy New Year's Eve and my Resolutions. Have any of you lot made Resolutions?
On Christmas Eve, the team and I aced through our workload quickly as we have been doing all during that week and the next so that we can go home a little earlier (we've been coming in since 7 during the last 2 weeks). It has been intense and hyper but I kinda liked getting up a little earlier and managing to get to work much quicker and easier than queuing up everyday during the school run.

What made Christmas more special this year is that my Grandparents came over to stay for Eve and Day (since my Mum is one of 6 children, they circle around houses every year for the holiday and this year, they were with us). They came over a couple hours after I came home and I saw them shortly before heading out. Even though I felt bad for choosing to go on out over them, I knew I'd spend all day with them and my family tomorrow.
Anyway, in the evening, I went on out with a load of my best friends that I've grown closer to this year to The Anchor Hotel and then later on to Mungo's Bar (I was out till midnight).

Everybody was wearing Christmas Jumpers and outfits, sadly I still didn't have a Xmas Jumper, but I did have a Family Guy Stewie Griffin Santa T-shirt that I wore this year and last during December as my own Xmas clothing haha.

My friends Loe and Laura were the most dedicated as they turned up as Santa's Little Helpers!
But I'm glad I had an amazing Christmas Eve with these people and I'm glad that I'm starting to become one in the group with them over this year, it can only keep getting better over this year!


As for Christmas morning, I woke up at 7 as everyone came to wake me (which is a change). I woke up exhausted but opened all the stocking gifts with everyone in the front room and then asked a question that I've never asked before on Christmas Day! "Can I go back to bed for a couple hours?"
Which I did and then woke up at 11.30, got ready and we all tore through our gifts under the tree just after midday (I can't let that happen again this year) haha.
I got an amazing load (I'm always spoiled) but I always intend to spend a hefty and equal amount on my family and a generous and caring amount on my closest friends too (I check how much they want to spend since I'm like Sheldon Cooper).

I don't really need to list what I got, so I'll just show this picture. Oh what the hell, I'll list a few. I am pleased I got a couple Bring Me The Horizon gym stuff, Issues album t-shirt, Cedarwood T-shirts, Marvel slippers, sweets, Star Wars goodies and also a surprise gift from Mum and Dad, a huge Batman Logo Wall Mirror!
What did you guys get?

My mum insisted (I say kindly) that our neighbours who treat me and Rebecca like grandchildren to join us for Christmas Dinner because their daughter and her husband had different plans compared to spending christmas with them. So our Dinner was huge and filled with family love and humour, oh and sarcasm haha.
I love all of them so so much and couldn't have picked a more perfect dinner table on that Christmas Day!
After Mary and Peter headed back next door after a big Roast Dinner followed by Vienetta Dessert, Nana and Grandad stayed a little longer for all of us to watch the emotional and creative Inside Out film that Becca got me for christmas.
And to end the long day, me, Mum and Becca did the washing up in the late evening.

Boxing Day is always my favourite day of the year because I get to be with all of my Mum's side of the family. And because I'm 3rd eldest of 13 grandchildren, I feel like Peter Pan of the Lost Boys and Girls (they may not be so little as 5 years ago) but that doesn't stop us from having a laugh, catching up and sometimes playing games. Now that a few are 18, I told them about looking into some of us going out a couple times this year together and I'll drive since we only see each other a couple times a year.

I forgot to take pictures this year haha but my post from last year shows almost everyone and sometimes it's best to not share everything up on here (I'm still learning to decide which is too personal to share).
But overall, it's a wonderful day every year and I love it! After everyone opened their presents and we all played Pass The Bomb and a Wrapping Paper Ball War, everyone had to leave by 6. I drove us there and back since it's only fair for Mum and Dad to drink with the others. And our evening was me showing Mum and Becca, Ant-Man!

This picture of Dash shows how everybody must be feeling after Christmas and Boxing Day hahaha.

Like every year, December 28th isn't the best day in the world. Admittedly, I didn't really think too hard on my late sister, Lauren, this year (which now that I think about it, is quite rude and selfish). I think about her so many times a year and always wonder what could have been and stuff. In 2014, it would have been her 19th.
So last year, she turned 20 and this year she will be 21...
I love you and miss you everyday even if I never met you in person.

But now we come onto the party of the year where everyone gets crazy, merry and most people face the toilet on the first day of the year haha.
On Christmas Day, Ash and Ben messaged me and the others in a group chat about coming to their house in Letchworth for New Year's. This was a change to the last year or two where I've either been with friends in Horsham, or nights at home with the family (but much better to having he flu last year).

So on New Year's Eve, we all pushed through the workload and then managed to finish by 1.00.
Mum came home from work at 3.00 and we all celebrated her birthday. I bought her a lovely Pandora Charm (like every year and one for Christmas). I did feel guilty for having to leave on her birthday but she kept reassuring me that it's just another day to her and that I should go and have fun (I know a Mother knows best, but if she says so, then I will).
I hurried up with writing up my review of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens as fast as possible and then I packed my stuff and showered. I caught the train for London Victoria at just before 6.00. Oh My God, the train was beyond packed and I managed to grab an uncomfortable seat as their were suitcases under the table.
After arriving at Victoria, I made my way through the Underground (I love it and how simple it is to navigate) and was heading for Kings Cross.
Honestly, a little part of me was disappointed in forgetting that the station had had a restoration. I was expecting to see an actual historic train station (of course, not that many old trains would be there) but it was surprising but not the good kind. I was expecting to see it like Harry Potter did in Deathly Hallows Part 2 haha (but not that white and clean). Of course, I mean no offence to the work that's been done, but I'm sure parts of the station are still old and historic, next time I'll have a look around.

Anyway, I dashed over quickly to look for my train for Letchworth and caught in within a minute before departure. I got to Letchworth by 8.30 and met up with Ben and Charlie who came to pick me up and take me to the farm.
Now the party could begin (well it already had) haha.

But before all that, I had a little gift for Ben and Ash because they invited me to theirs for New Years plus I thought it was hilarious and perfect for them... A cushion of the Poo emoji from Facebook! It's because in our group chat since Comic-Con, we've all been talking religiously everyday and we all seem to use that emoji a lot for banter and laughs. I think they loved it haha!

First thing was playing a drinking game of Jenga where some pieces had drink instructions on them, we all had Cherry and Raspberry Sourz shots (think I had 8 or 9) lol.

I met Ash's mum, Sally who was a lovely woman who even joined in on the game and humour. Yeah, our humour is naughty, rude, racist (because Panos is Greek) and evil (dark humour) which I love so much compared to 6 years ago where I had a different level of humour haha.
Anyway, I took pictures in the night and had to eat some Pizza quickly before continuing to drink otherwise I'd miss my medication and become ill easily (Crohn's Disease curse). Thanks Ash for being a good host and preparing food quickly.
We even had drinks all mixed together like Hooch, Blue WKD, SchnappsJaegermeister, Fizzy Drinks etc into cups to down after knocking over the Jenga tower haha.
Paige and Alex had brought glow sticks and ones that could be bent into making cool glasses and a Bubble machine.

23rd December - Outline

31st December - 4/7 done
There house was amazing and downstairs in the basement was the gaming room, where Ben and Ash had spent a couple weeks ago, drawing on their wall all the main Final Fantasy X characters through a projector and a whole load of sharpies. It was incredible and I saw a couple times on their webcam stream of their progress, music and silly shenanigans during the process.

I am a Jedi. Like my
father before me.

Trying on Paige's classes
The gaming room was where the party was at, there were lots of inappropriate moments including dog piles, groping between men and women (I've definitely broken my own boundaries and like to join in on the fun, but don't cross lines or anything since I know my place) but it's nice they include me haha.

We all almost started playing a classic PS2 game called Buzz!: The Big Quiz video game (I haven't played that since 2007!
Before we all knew it, my phone alerted us to the last minute of the countdown to New Years! Hugs all around! Which is a more easier approach since 2 years ago at a party, all the girls kissed all the guys haha.

We were all pretty tired and tipsy from all the drinks and ended up going to sleep just after 1.00, I caught the sofa in my sleeping bag and everyone else had beds or sofas around the house.

The next morning at 10.30, more people began to wake up and everyone fancied breakfast in town. We all got lifts to town and had Teas and full English breakfasts at a nice cafe, just what we needed.

Once we were done, we walked around the quiet town just messing about especially Ben who was not afraid to be loud and running about like a ninja, crazy mofo!
After some grabbed a White Hot Chocolate at Costa, Ben tried to lead us to a Game to look for Nintendo Wii Controllers for all of us to play once we got back. Turns out his directions lead us to the Housing Estate since the Game we were looking for was incorrect haha.

Instead we were all driven to Stevenage, and we found a CEX and got the controllers easily and shortly after, all headed back.

Whilst Charlie and Ash popped back to his to grab stuff, the rest of us back at the house, played Cards Against Humanity (best game ever!) and also managed to quickly tidy up in the basement before they got back (like good guests).

Whilst Paige and Alex were tidying up their stuff, Ben, me and Cass played New Super Mario Bros Wii for a while. We all tried team work and laughed a lot at the failing, backstabbing and treachery but we always made it to the end and it was all bantz.
When we switched over to Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (one of my most treasured and skilled Wii games), Alex and Paige had to leave. Panos came down to play and shortly after Charlie and Ash returned. Oh man, that game is CRAAAAZY and so funny, it's a party game basically. I had to instruct everyone (even when the instructions were on screen per game) because I was a pro at this. Ben was a right competitive tw*t and tried sabotaging mine and Charlie's attempt at the "Mexican Stand Off" game haha.

I knew what train I was getting and saw that there was one from Letchworth every hour, so I got my stuff ready and kept on wondering if I should catch the one in 15 mins or an hour later? But Sally and Ash said it was best to catch the later one, as they were preparing a nice cheese, corn, peas and ham pasta (nice!) I tucked in with everyone whilst we all laughed at the banter across the table.
Once it was done, sadly I had to head off. I hugged and thanked everyone for having me. So Ben and Panos gave me a lift to the station and I made my way home.

I'm so grateful and honoured that I joined my friends from MCM for New Year's! It was a spontaneous thing of me to accept such an offer and to go the distance to meet people again after a weekend adventure in October, but it was all worth it! The fun won't stop there!
Ash messaged me a couple weeks before Christmas and then spoke to me on New Years about a holiday that was being organised in April for Playa Blanca, Spain for her 21st at Buddha Villa with them all and she wanted me to come too! What an offer, of course, I was in! I mean just look at this place!

I think this is going to be one hell of a holiday and this time without my parents, haha *wink*.
So I'll be joining them all for another adventure in paradise in April!

But before I end this post, I want to talk about my New Years Resolutions!

It's a new Dawn. It's a new Day. It's a new Year. For me. And I'm feeling good!
I took this picture one morning on the way to work in October. It's in a field opposite The Holmbush Inn, Faygate. 󾌺
Anyway, I've had this pic since October at The Holmbush Inn one morning, figured it was best to upload today.

I know most people don't believe in the "New Year, New Me" stuff but for me, it gives me strength and hope.
This year, I intend to:
- Continue re-learning Code Academy after only just starting a couple months ago.
This is my main goal, I mean I only just got round to doing this in September for like an hour so far. I have the attention span of a sparrow and I need to for the better get back into the strict routine of studying this through Code Academy once or twice a week or more (whilst still going to the Gym and doing AsperJosh). I know I can do it, I just need to break or slowly slip away from some routines I've made for myself already and believe that this change will help me with my life!

- Sleep more sensibly and stop feeling so anxious and over analysing everything.
This is so that I can be a much more positive person and actually stop feeling so mixed, confused, emotional, anxious and over analysing everything. Of course, I am already a fun and fine person, but I think things may be a bit better if I can urge myself to sensibly shut down my Macbook or feed the cats or even come home from Gym and get into bed by 10.30. Sometimes it's possible and do-able and sometimes it's not, I can't always follow routines or intentions I set so easily.

- Keep training to get stronger and start jogging again for September's Tough Mudder.
Going to the Gym to look bigger and get stronger is hard enough but to Jog maybe once or twice a week is tougher. I know people are supposed to go out in the rain and cold, but won't that affect your health and possible delay your progress because people told you to never slack off? I know Tough Mudder is not a problem anymore after conquering it back in May, but the whole training and getting better with mile distance is the challenge more than the actual Mudder in my opinion.
But I'm sure I can get back into it within the first 2 weeks of Jan and begin jogging again. Sure I've lost the progress and can maybe only do 4 miles now, but I know I'll reach 8 miles or maybe a little more by September and feel ready again with my teammates (plus I have Africa in mid-September anyway).

- Look forward to going to South Africa with my friends.
I am sh*t scared for setting foot, let alone sleeping safely in Africa. And it's not because of the big pussy cats or predators, no, it's the creepy crawlies and snakes with a vicious and poisonous bite. I've already stated near the end of this post, about my fears and anxiety about feeling comfortable and safe. But I'm sure, I will go there in the end (I still need to afford it first). Matt and David have both approached me before Christmas and asked me to confirm about not panicking and having a meltdown whilst out there because we will be in the open-wilderness and anything can happen. I know they aren't trying to scare me or put me off, but they are helping me by making me aware about how dangerous this is and that they can't guarantee my safety. I told them that I will follow rules and stick close by like my life depends on it. But I believe it'll be the adventure of a lifetime, I intend to see that starry night sky and that sunrise just like in The Lion King. I'm sure there will be anti-venoms on the reserve incase such a poisonous encounter with spiders or snakes occur, but they've been twice and had no incidents. And by some chance I do become a victim, at least I will have had the painful experience and it may even calm my nerves down a little having faced my fear (that is if I survive or endure it) plus it might even increase the fear to a drastic level (I HOPE NOT!)
I may even be a snack for the pride or something which I guess is not so bad since, ya know, Circle of Life, right?! Nah' I'm kidding, I'll be fine and have an unforgettable time, I just need to calm down first.

- Finally, keep having faith and courage in hopefully meeting that special lady this year!
I've had one experience last year meeting someone and I realised myself that it wasn't going to work out. That to me, is a true sign of growing up and learning from experience. I am proud of myself and so is everyone else at my attempt at pursuing happiness (not like Will Smith's emotional film). I've been pondering over deleting account because it's useless, cost me a hefty amount and has gotten me nowhere or no responses from people. Tinder appears to be getting me some responses but nobody seems to respond after my first  "Hello". I learnt from a friend that I should be more eccentric and start a conversation off with a random question (maybe linking to a mutual interest we both have) like maybe "Who's your favourite superhero?" or something?
To be fair, I actually tried that and actually got a good response from this one lady. I'm currently talking to this lovely lady since Jan 2nd thanks to joining OKCupid and now we're talking on Facebook. I think this will be a much better date when it happens and I have much bigger faith than the last.

I love my friends and family for making 2015 the best year of my life with lots of achievements and memories (see AsperJosh!)
Here's to making 2016 to be just as Awesome or even more!

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