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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Deadpool (Film Review)

Marvel's most iconic and insane idiot in tight Red (no, not Spider-Man), finally appears on screens. The "Merc with a Mouth" makes his debut showing badass skills, sick humour and bloody violence in a Marvel film that really should have been rated 18 (it was related 15 in the UK), anyway here's Deadpool!

With Cancer slowly consuming his organs, Ex-Special Forces turned Mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) undergoes a transformation program to make him unbelievably stronger than anyone ever. Having survived the inhumane experiments and left for dead, he decides to suits up in red spandex with dual swords and pistols to take his revenge on his sadistic doctor. Now Wade will slice, shoot and mock every doomed baddy in his way in order to get his girl, Vanessa (Morena Baccarat) back.

For a Marvel film (10 years on the wall waiting to be made), this delivered an entertaining story with loads of mature themes and was a lot funnier than most Marvel films too since Guardians Of The Galaxy.
And on that note, parents should be aware of how mature and dark humour is actually used since we can't have people slating how awful and repulsive his language is without knowing that's the way he is. And how his way of solving things involve making a mess and making people's stomach's turn or eye's raise at how a Marvel comic-book character can shock the wrong kind of viewers/ audience.

He doesn't save the day or play by the rules or even have morality when it comes to FairPlay or decency. But he's packed with an arsenal of weaponry and one-liners and jokes. But that's what make this Mercenary shine and stand out in the Marvel Universe since he can be easily mistaken for Web-Head who everyone adores more than this S.O.B.
He's that famous that people cosplay him (a bit too much) at Comic-Con around the world and I aim to someday as well since I'm a fanboy too. Anyway back to the film.

The film was excellent and related to the original comics as well as match Wade's personality and behaviour as the comics. The beginning was a nice freeze frame of a 360degrees view of Wade kicking ass in a SUV with funny one liner alternative comment on actors, producers and director.
It's really entertaining that Marvel can step outside of the family friendly circle and go on a bl**dy rampage with mature and R-rated content that attracts audiences a little more than the goody-two shoes heroes with a sad/ painful past and win in the end righteously. I still love our heroes and comics too but it's good to see an Anti-Hero since Wolverine.
Wade isn't alone since he has his friend from the Mercenary bar, Weasel (played by T.J. Miller) whom we saw most famously during the trailer for mocking and insulting hilariously Wade's appearance under the mask.
But also that 2 X-Men made an appearance too in the film (I don't know how it relates to the other X-Men films at all). Colossus (massive bulk metal man) who was surprisingly played by the Serbian actor Stefan Kapičić because I had to research to discover that Colossus is actually Russian and not Canadian like Daniel Cudmore who played the character in the other films)... I'm confused as to why they didn't do that in the first place. Sorry went off topic again.
The other character is trainee Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead (a gothic looking teenager who can detonate atomic bursts) besides her power, her name sounds awesome! And so is the gorgeous actor Brianna Hildebrand.

Wade Wilson tells his story a bit like the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel (flashbacks here and there) which was a different layout to all Marvel films which tell it from start to finish like a story. I like how they tried something new for a unique character who is as famous if not more than the mainstream Marvel heroes from a different point-of-view. He is featured in loads of Comics and Universes and make cameo's and team ups/ screw ups with many heroes who can just about tolerate his behaviour and actions (well except some like Wolverine etc).

Deadpool is famous for "Breaking the Fourth Wall" (basically he interacts with the audience whether it's in the comics, video game and in this case the film).
He is aware that other characters don't get it that he is speaking to an unknown audience and doesn't give a sh*t either. Even more simplified is that a character is interacting with people outside of their own universe.
I don't mean to toot my own horn (pun intended) but I can't help but relate to God's perfect idiot without denying how much he references in his everyday life and the fact that not everyone gets it let alone knows what the f*ck he's talking about. I mean, how many of you who know the real me, can actually stop and think back to how I can break the moment/ conversation and explain that what we're talking about reminds me of something else (Family Guy, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Memories) and I begin quoting and impersonating the character without fail and even without considering if the time and place is right or appropriate?
Guess I am like this S.O.B but I can't kill but I am learning to shut up more often and hold back on making others suffer my random rambling haha *wink*.

Besides the awesome acrobatic slicing and comedy pistol shots, the film is pretty darn funny. His one liners along with out loud arguments with himself over effort make him that crazy funny. The funniest moment of the film had to be when he got mad at Colossus and tried to hit him.

Plus when Wade's best mate, Weasel saw Wade's um... new face after the experiments, we get to see the insulting jokes from the trailer that made Weasel a joker for insulting someone who could easily kill him haha. Can't believe someone like Ryan Reynolds ends up looking like "a testicle with teeth" lol. Sorry mate, but we need you to keep the mask on...
Plus it's good to learn and be reminded from the film and my fiends that Wade chose his name Deadpool the right way and from an interesting reason.

I loved the action and how Ryan was able to do the flips and comedy gold which is why I'm glad he was picked to re-play this character since his first time started okay but by the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he is a bald, tattooed, adamantium, lips sealed, heat vision, teleporting mistake (honestly). Btw, keep a look out for references to that film and another failure film that Reynolds was in.
But good on him for being able to take the pi** out of himself (something I'm trying to learn to do as well) and how he doesn't give a f*ck about what others think either. I've always laughed at his work, jokes and acting ever since Rebecca showed me 2 years ago when he was in Two Guys and a Girl and great films like Waiting..., Just Friends, The Proposal, Safe House, Family Guy and The Croods (but let's not forget to mention his tense and dark role being trapped in that horrible film, Buried).

Our British baddy is a tough looking hottie who Deadpool credits in the film's credits. Our sadistic doctor (played by Ed Skrein) who's responsible for Wade's mutation awakening is named after a soap "Ajax"... Yeah!
I won't spoil his real name since it's too embarrassing.
However it's best to keep your humour and mockery away from this pain immune, agile sadistic bag of d*cks because he can't take jokes let alone accept his real name. I love that Wade taunts and teased him whilst our d**chebag questions (rhetorically?) "What my name?" (guess someone's been listening to "Rihanna" too much).

Queue the music!
Wade's soundtrack collection by Tom Holkenberg a.k.a Junkie XL (who I know from a remix of the main theme from one of my favourite games Mirror's Edge) features some slow piano moments during his sensitive moments. But I particularly love hearing Maximum Effort played when he kicks ass on the highway.
The self-titled Rap song is an awesome upbeat track perfectly describing this guy by Teamheadkick.  Kinda surprised that they didn't include Eminem's "Won't Back Down" since it's similar to the Deadpool Rap and feels like it should be in the soundtrack.
Best song has to be "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa who I mistook for Missy Elliot (as we saw in the trailer), which is pretty much his theme.
Plus there's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" which is his badass song and let's not forget his shear love for Wham!
However hearing "Mr Sandman" by The Chordettes during Wade's torture was quite cringing and cruel because it's like a happy song being played in a nightmare (almost like something from American Horror Story: Asylum).

I discovered him back in 2014 where my friends at work Dave and Kurt were always telling me to look up a Marvel character called "Deadpool". I researched and looked up on Marvel Wiki on his backstory, features and crossovers to learn that this character was a head-scratching character when it came to keeping up with his story and role in the Marvel Universe. To see that he can f*ck reality and break rules and make everyone's heads ache with his words and actions really makes someone with a healing factor and a mouth full of words can really entertain viewers and end up becoming an icon.
I have a small collection atm of stuff since I'm now a fanboy as well and I like acting like him too. Plus I love Spider-Man (Amazing & Superior) and Wolverine and Spidey Villains like Carnage, I have a whole load more to collect or read yet haha. And I can't compare to Kurt and Dave's collections in Marvel and DC Comics...
I found him by accident during an Ultimate Spider-Man tv episode. I love that series and it's good that they included him inside a children's program but toned down the violence and filled in with comedy and craziness (different voice actor who was okay but not as good as the others).
I've been using loads of pictures from here and here since they all hold excellent comedy and a lot of references that make me proud to know.
And then there's his own game from back in 2013, which was fun to play with comedy, gore, combo bashing but with an alright story (Nolan North provided the voice and is equal to Reynolds when it comes to who is more Deadpool).

I have a lot to catch up on and discover and collect in paperback to see the enormous role he plays in universes and cross-overs in fiction.

I'm glad I saw this on Feb 11th with Kathy and then again on Feb 15th with her again and this time with Kurt (my Comic-Con buddies). I loved it in IMAX and were perfect nights out.
It's funny how the advertising was made as a joke, taking people on Valentine's Day to see this film and they made banners to promote valentines (bet some people had a surprise).

And I had a wonderful Valentine's in Brighton with Issey, my date! Didn't work out, but it was good experience. <:)

It's unreal how much advertisement and promotion this film has been exploding all over the internet ever since the leaked footage last year.

There's been a lot of news, screenshots on set and spoilers from the extended trailers which I can't help but appreciate all the juicy footage but feel that it's stuff like that which can spill too much on the film and practically jigsaw it together before we even see the film. I mean Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just as good as an example, but I feel that it did spoil things but it was more organised and had spoilers but didn't play them like scenes but more like flash moments (if that makes sense, unless you go and watch Deadpool's and Star Wars trailers and compare them for yourselves).

But hey, it did a smashing and ground-breaking record at the opening weekend, what more can be said.

So overall, this film is excellent and had a good final fight and ending (queue Wham!)
You've all been warned and educated properly, I hope and understand what you're in for and will come to love/ hate like everyone else!
If you haven't seen it yet, get up and go and see it right now! But stay till the end, there's a secret at the end and hints towards a sequel, maybe *wink*
I look forward to X-Force and anything else that this red idiot could become apart of in the future and what else in comics and surprises he will appear in!

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