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Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Month Of Being Busy And Change

I bet you've all been wondering "Where has he gone?" or "Is he planning something big?"
Actually, I've been experiencing a lot of change and hard work which has made my last month exhausting and a bit tough. So besides gym as usual, I've had numerous things happen and unfold which I'd thought I'd share on here and state some ultimatum's that I have in mind for the better and to no longer suppress myself or procrastinate anymore.
So since seeing Deadpool back in the 3rd week of February, things have been hectic and busy at work and in my life outside of work as well.
First of all, I ended up getting clawed in the eye by Dash since the little "angel" ended up getting himself on my neighbour's roof on Feb 25th's Thursday afternoon *sigh*.
So it was up to me and Dad to fetch the ladder and attempt to retrieve the meowing bu**er off the roof since he couldn't get down.
I had to grab him by the scruff off his neck since he was almost out of my reach... he wasn't happy about that. I held him close to me but he tried to get out of my arm so he clawed me deep into my right eye and his rear paw landed under the left-side of my chin chin chin. God, I was in so much pain, but I grabbed him again shortly whist still on that tall ladder and this time, I carefully and safely hurried down and he jumped out of my arm mid-ladder.
Boy, he was annoyed but not as annoyed and hurt as I was. Oh don't worry, he forgave me in an hour or so but I spent most of that time cleaning my cuts in the bathroom.
Yes... I know I should have left him alone and that he would of got himself down but Dad and I have been in this situation a couple times before whether it's a huge tree or a rooftop and we just can't ignore them since they don't shut up and I want them down safely asap.
I say that I love him deeply, but now he's scarred me for life and overtime I look in the mirror, I see that red line under my right eye socket and I know it's gonna be with me forever now... thanks Dash!

Then on the 27th Feb, I FINALLY managed to convince Kurt to come to Horsham after we went around Crawley looking for a Ford Car for him to look into (which we had no luck in finding). But I did get his ass to my turf at last as we even went out on a jog together around the same track I used for training for Tough Mudder last year, I really need to start going back there now once/ twice a week since my next one is a week after Africa in September at Holmbush Farm.
We had a good run and chill for the afternoon back at mine.
I introduced Kurt to Attack On Titan on Netflix since he surprisingly watched Sword Art Online a few days earlier. I even showed him Horsham in the evening and to some of my friends (it was a busy night and we were exhausted so we didn't stay out too long). There's many more days like that to come and we both get things out of it including fun, exercise and more memories as bro's. Love ya, mate.

Let's not forget to mention that it was also Pokemon's 20th Anniversary as well? Yeah, I'm an adult (debatable) who still loves this childish and on-going franchise, so what?
Speaking of that, I admittedly intend to sometimes get round to writing reviews (they will be huge) on the on-going series and spoiling lots since I doubt anyone will be willing or want to watch it for real compared to how I have done for over 15 years. I also want to mention the games, manga and films too since they are more stories for on here to share as well as for me to get all my PokeKnowledge out of my head and just see if anyone else will pop their heads up and feel the same or even reminisce the glory days if you decided to move on.

On March 2nd, I finally decided to look into 2 nerdy cases for my upgraded iPhone 5S, so I went for a Deadpool plastic case but also a rare Spider-Man 2099 folding case for nights out as it had slots for cards and cash *angelic choir in the background*.
I've actually got it stuck in the Spidey case since the Deadpool one was great but Spidey won my attention over but it's now a challenge when it comes to seeing the screen easily, checking music and alarm times and stuff thanks to the flip case that it's sorta stuck in and is hard to get out.
Oh well, live with it, Josh. Besides it looks awesome and has a unique design too.

Next up is Mother's Day! The day where we all remember even more than usual of how blessed we are to have caring and loving mothers in our lives. My words in the Instagram and Facebook post are from my heart and everyday I feel blessed and privileged to have my mum in my life who listens to me everyday without fail. Provides comforting and supportive answers to my questions, worries and fears. And makes me feel loved overall when things begin to overtake me. I love her beyond words and always will.
So after spoiling her with some thoughtful gifts as did Rebecca too, we spent our afternoon starting the Marvel series Daredevil on Netflix (I know it says we started DC's Arrow too, but we actually aim to get round to that in April once we finish DD season 2 which came out a couple weeks ago).

March 8th states it's now only 6 months till I'm here!
Still can't believe I'm going here and will be stepping far beyond my comfort zone or any region I've travelled to so far in my life. I am still sh*t scared of going into the wildness (let alone feel safe with all the dangerous and poisonous creepy crawlies) but I'll be with my friends and what more could I need.
I'm looking into my Immunisations (Jabs) for my own safety against water, food, sun and insect bites etc and seeing when I'll need to have them by and how much each one will cost. I filled out the travel information at my Doctors and am waiting on confirmation on everything.

I still have lots to gather before I set off in September. I'll be updating and ticking off my checklist that Matt provided for us all.
I also need to asap look into the special Canon EOS 750D Digital SLR Body + EF-S 55-250mm IS STM Lens which I can get on good discount thanks to Rebecca working at Jessops in town.
I also need to look into an expensive lens for the daytime long range shots and one of the night-time magnificent long exposure shots so I can attempt to capture shots perfectly day and night.

I hope to capture a shot and edit it out like this! I learned you focus on the North Star and then leave it for like an hour or few and then it'll turn out like this *jops draw in amazement*, if I nail a picture like this then that's an achievement for my life-time ticked off my bucket-list!

Becca and her friends at work will also give me a one-to-one talk on how to use it and some tips which will help guide me, it's gonna cost a super hefty amount but it'll all be worth it and so will this remarkable holiday which will be a highlight of my life so far.

March 11th is where I said farewell to someone who has looked after me during my whole time so far at work. I said goodbye to my manager, Wendy who has been a special woman in my life. She has watched me grow up from a shy, timid and lack of humour boy to a cheeky, confident and sarcastic lad. She taught me how to lighten up and show me the ropes at this tough warehouse and has always been someone to talk to when I have stress.
It was like saying goodbye to a family member but I wish her all the best in retiring early so she can look after her mother up in Cotswolds. You've been a fun Disney and Despicable Me fanatic with me, taught me how to lighten up and the ways of sarcasm (a bit too much actually) haha. So thank you for everything, Buddy Bear, Love from your Tigger!

Ever since Mother's Day, I was randomly added by a local girl who I had never met on Facebook. We got talking and within half the day, realised we had so much in common including music taste, anime and a few other things. I thought this could be the start of something and I felt like she did too.
Sadly, things didn't work out and here's why.
I organised to meet her on the 10th at Wagamama but she didn't make it in the end (she kept in contact) since a best friend of hers had fallen out with her partner and she went over to comfort her. I can definitely understand that and I was pleased she apologised and asked to reschedule for a week later.
I was gutted that on that day a week later, she didn't show up again but didn't respond to my texts or calls (I could see that she was online on FB). But the most random and charming thing happened instead and restored my happiness that evening. These 4 lovely strangers were in the booth in front of me and saw me dining alone for the last 50 mins. The guy Ben came over and asked what was going on. I explained the situation and he explained that 2 of the girls he was with (who happened to work at Waga's and they saw me last week) saw me and figured I'd been stood up again so they asked me to join them afterwards for drinks at Mungo's Bar. I was so touched that I took them up on that offer.
They'd left their takeout bag behind (funny that, right?) and I met them at Mungo's and had a soft drink with them all and they cheered me up and I got to know these 4.
It's nice how something bad can become a silver lining and mine turned into 4 new friends who I hope to see again sometime soon!

I've had no luck on the dating action ( was a big mistake and I've never had a message or meet-up, good thing Tinder and OKCupid have been good alternatives) lately (I've never gotten that second date yet) so I've decided to turn my attention to keep training, plan more things with friends but mainly to no longer procrastinate on studying IT since it's what I set out to do back in September when I bought the Macbook Pro.
So I'm gonna go and visit 2 amazing ladies in my week off next week to catch up with and also look into acquiring some important creative apps so that I can finally begin some self-teaching since I fail o start when I haven't even got access to things that I want to go into a job for someday. Things will finally be taking action soon and I'll keep you all posted with progress. I gotta go back to CodeAcademy too and actually start it instead of running away from being overwhelmed at how much there is to learn!

I actually got round to purchasing (let alone) beginning one of the most important gaming franchises ever, Final Fantasy. My status explains it all, but mainly ever since discovering with millions of gaming fans across the world during E3 back in July last year, I've been aiming to purchase VII and play it before it's remake is released later on this year. I know it's best to play the original before the remake plus I aim to also purchase a PS4 after Africa since I want to play several gaming series like Uncharted and buy Attack On Titan when that comes out too. Plus I can play with all my gaming friends who don't own an Xbox!
Anyway, I showed off my eBay order after also having won this rare game for only £16... Epic Win! I can't help but feel a little bad in the back of my head since I only bought it for an unbelievable cheap amount compared to it being worth around £70-£100 on Amazon alone. But what can you do? I saw it at £15 during it's last 6 hours and the other guy chose to not compete with me, but I thank that seller for doing business.
I showed off my Buster Blade that I purchased during my first Comic-Con back in 2010 in the picture since I was going all out on showing off and advertising FF.

I even bucked up the courage to post the same news on the MCM Expo Facebook Group which at times can have supportive members but also mainly consist of trolls and people who get a kick out of downgrading and offending people all for banter and sick kicks. Luckily, my post consisted of positive people and praising comments (even made 3 new friends).
I'm gonna spend a day playing it during my week off. I'm not a total newb to the series and story since I've seen the incredible FFVII: Advent Children Complete sequel and know of the story from the original game and it's prequels and sequels. But it's better late than never, right to start something for real and get into it properly and feel proud to admit that you played it on the original platform like everybody else (just not during your childhood like everybody else).
I even need to get round to continuing Final Fantasy X (I started that in 2009 but only got up to Yuna's first summon then gave up since it was complicated for me back then). I also purchased Final Fantasy Type-0 HD a month ago and aim to play that before playing XIII and then finally XV when that comes out. But I have played every Kingdom Hearts game and will be talking about those during the year since it's long awaited final instalment is coming out!

I've also been trying my best to keep training (besides enduring that blasted cold all from beginning to 3rd week in March). Mark introduced me to some more Core-based training (the picture is me messing about whilst doing the exercise Skin The Cat... Google it or try it yourself).
I like trying out new things and I'll have better pictures by August when I will have reached my 3rd year training at Pavilions.
I've also been keeping faithful to training legs now on weekends or moving it to the weekdays as well as choosing to go to gym near 5 after work compared to trying my luck at 8.30 after dinner. It's been a better choice but it's still busy on Mondays and Tuesdays thanks to everyone wanting to burn off the weekend drinks, I guess. But it's a lot more easier on me for getting the training over and done with and I can fit in the health suite and shower much easier than during the last hour of the night.
I still have a long way to go in terms of growing muscle strength, confidence in my own progress and recognising how much I truly have changed in 3 years. It's easier on others to see my progress than myself (whether I'm modest or just foolish for failing to recognise it easily without reassurance). But the sooner, I'd achieve the stature I want, I'd have to keep it that way instead of quoting the gym. I know I'll reach the stature I want someday (Deadpool/ 007 Daniel Craig muscle body) and I am proud of myself for always pursuing and never giving up, even when I feel this is all misguided hope thanks to the conditions I live with. Same goes to anyone with similar traits or feelings, it's better to do something than nothing!

March 25th leaves only 2 months till Lewis and I head off to Koko in London to see the sensational metalcore band, Issues!
I've mentioned them several times on here (most importantly in my serious music post) but I was in a more serious state back then and just wanted to get some feelings out. I actually love them and rock out to them a lot in the car. We're gonna have a blast seeing Tyler sing his heart out and Michael screaming his throat as the both express powerful lyrics with hidden meanings.

Lastly on March 26th, I had a busy day of catching up in the afternoon with Sam (who I met at the gym a couple months after joining back in 2013) and we haven't seen each other in months since we've ended up going different times due to work and life stuff.
It was a good catch up in Cafe Nero, talking about our lives, ambitions, people we do and don't see etc. I should do things like that with more people in my life since hundreds of people are now just people on my Facebook friends list. Of course, I see many but some have drifted apart due to life, but I wonder if a catchup will spark something into rebuilding connections and creating friendships again or starting them.
I soon popped to Jessops to get Becca's help with Mum's phone and print off pictures from inside the memory card. That took a couple hours thanks to the buffering and system freezing, but it gave me time to look around the shop and see which camera's Ben, Alex and Becca all recommended for my Africa trip (as I mentioned above). I'm glad that they'll help out when I look into purchasing one within a month or so and I can rely on those 3 since they know their stuff.

My evening was a good one as I hung out with close friends from my last college year (Matt, Leanne, Ben, David and Amy and Debbie) whom I've all mentioned in several posts before. Ha, sometimes forenames aren't enough when trying to remind people on this digital format.
I went to Leanne and Ben's new house (I accidentally walked all the way to the Lyndd to realise from the missed message on WhatsApp to meet at their first)... Bu**er. Oh well, jogging it was then.
I tried a Budweiser or two whilst there since I hadn't had one in 3 years and we all had a wonderful laugh at theirs, talking nerdy things, plans for the summer and stuff. We also ended up going out to Mungo's Bar around 11.30 and I had my usual Blue Lagoon cocktail. I ended up walking home at 1.00pm since I was going to my Grandparents house in the morning with my family and Auntie and her 2 boys for Easter Sunday. That was a good Sunday full of laughter and good company as always, I love my family.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I actually got round to watching the Code Geass anime last week on Netflix. I'm currently writing a good review whilst writing this up all week. I'll explain more in a day or two. I deffo recommend it and will explain my thoughts more honestly and seriously since my experience is complicated but the anime was excellent and I'll be watching the second season in April.

So as you can see from my Facebook and Instagram posts that I have been busy and experiencing lots of things as well as enduring hard work during all of March. It's also the reason for my lack of updates and posts on here (sometimes a break is something I fail to recognise that I deserve). I know posts can go up anytime but I have strict routines or believe that the hype will die too soon with certain reviews or thoughts.
So I'm trying to write notes on my phone (with code format) when these ideas come to me so that I can paste it all on here via my iPhone.
It's a shame that the holiday I hoped to go on for my week off ended up not happening due to personal reasons on both sides, but I'll see the others at MCM Comic-Con in May and I've made a note myself on that luxurious hotel in Playa Blanca for me and others to go to some other time, perhaps.
I'm gonna enjoy my well deserved break next week and complete several things including:
- Finally starting Game Of Thrones and getting through that as much as possible despite knowing all the most important facts from every season thanks to no one holding their tongue at work...
- Step up a level and practise CodeAcademy until I see Becky and Luna on the 9th-10th and look into more creative apps to pursue IT career's in.
- Keep training at gym but go whenever's cool for me in the daytime.

- Actually get round to asking Mum what she's cooking and ask if I can help out, I really lack this skill and need to get round to learning this necessity more than anything since it's embarrassing that I lack this confidence and knowledge. And I really enjoyed this new dish that she made us all a while ago.
- Might get round to playing some games off my shelf (FF Type-0, Batman: Arkham Knight, FF VII) since they are still in their original packaging.
- Write out loads of AsperJosh work cause if posts get done quicker then I can schedule for them to upload automatically for whenever I find suitable.
- I think I'm gonna look into this book The Secret since I heard about it from a lady at the gym who said it's an excellent guide to positive thinking and achieving more life changing results like happiness. I think it's what I need and it'll be an interesting read!

And to remember to feel stress free and enjoy myself instead of disbelieving that what I've been doing one day was a distraction, I have the attention span of a sparrow sometimes and I lack the discipline when it comes to following through my own plans/ to-do list.
Anyway, I'll have Code Geass up in a day or two and then let you all know how my week off goes and what progress/ achievements are made!

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