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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Anime Review)

A teenager acquires a unique ability to manipulate minds and begins to take matters into his own hands as the spark of rebellion begins to grow in Japan as rebel terrorists fight back against the almighty Britannian Empire who invaded their land 7 years ago. With royalty, loyalty and 2 sides waging war in military mecha, just how can one boy change the world as he himself begins to change? Check out why Code Geass is a unique anime!
It's been 7 years since the Holy Britannian Empire invaded and conquered Japan and stripped it of it's honour, rights, traditions and freedom and finally it's name on August 10th, 2010. Renumbering the island as Area 11.
However a teenage boy Lelouch Lamperouge - Voiced by: "Jun Fukuyama" (Japanese) and "Johnny Yong Bosch" (English) has a grudge against these prejudice royalties and after acquiring a unique power called Geass, does he begin to take matters into his own hands. Becoming leader to rebels, protecting his disabled sister and creating a character that threatens the fascism and tyranny of Britannia. How far will Lelouch go to change the world and have his Royal revenge?

I've stated recently that I've been working super hard the last month so I flicked on Netflix and saw this. I was introduced to the first episode through another Lewis who was in charge of my college anime group back in 2009 but I never got round to continuing it (plus he had no remorse for showing us all the final episode of the 2nd season either) haha. So I've been enjoying and getting far into this action, mecha, military super power anime.
I actually thought back to the same year or the year before 2009 when I was in Greece talking to my best friend/ greek sister who loves Anime like me (especially Death Note) and mentioned this anime to me since it reminded her of DN where someone acquires power and uses it as an anti-hero. Sometimes it takes me forever to getting round to watching things haha.
Chiyo Sakura Banging Head On Table GIF (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

But anyway, I've actually been trying to ignore and forget that I actually know the ending and how awful it is. Not to mention whilst looking for pictures for this post that I accidentally on the CodeGeassWikia actually discover the astonishing outcome to the ending of the 1st season and see the spoiler to the first episode of the 2nd season and how disappointed I feel at the outcome but it's sure to get better before crumbling at the end of the 2nd season.

I feel that the story behind Lelouch and his childhood friend Suzuku Kuruguri - Voiced by: "Takahiro Sakurai" (Japanese) and "Yuri Lowenthal" (English) is a tragedy but also makes me feel sorry for them both. Our 2 main characters want the same thing but find themselves on opposite sides of the battlefront with Suzuku unknown to Zero actually being Lelouch makes it all the more anxious and painful to believe and watch. It's like they are 2 sides to the same coin and both lead double lives outside of their cut short moments at school. I think it's tough to imagine how I'd lead a life like that even burdened with the secrecy that I must hide at all costs in order to change the world.

I do however admire and love the soft side that our protagonist shares with his trusted allies but mainly for his sister, Nunnally - Voiced by: "Kaori Nazuka" (Japanese) and "Rebecca Forstadt" (English). Despite her limited lifestyle due to what happened, I love that he caters to her happiness and hides his dark work from her since he's doing all this to protect her. He may be limited to time and honesty towards her but he still fits in the love and care for her like a good older brother instead of distancing her away from his motives.
Plus theirs the mysterious woman C.C - Voiced by: "Yukana Nogami" (Japanese) and "Kate Higgins" (English), who serves as the closes accomplice and partner in Lelouch's revolution. You won't believe how much "fan-service" there is on the internet of her and how many choose to cosplay her at Comic-Con. She is an intelligent woman with an unbelievable love for Pizza.
But you'll have to watch for yourselves to see how important she is and how her gift will shape Lelouch into the anti-hero he will become.
My friend Beki loves her so much and has cosplayed her before. She's also been a good friend to talk to this past week about the series since not many of my anime friends have seen this yet.
I like Kallen Stadtfeld - Voiced by: "Ami Koshimizu" (Japanese) and "Karen Strassman" (English) because like Lelouch she leads a double life and believes that her identity is hidden from her friends (except Lelouch knows). Her intentions are just but she has her own family problem which was a surprise during one of the episodes. I do like her character and dedication to Zero and they look good together (I can't decide if I like Lulu with C.C or Kallen more).

The characters all develop well and all have their own sense of right and wrong. Some of the Royal Family Britannia's remind me of character designs from Ouran High School Host Club (a funny and rich people romance anime), the faces and royal backgrounds make me think of this anime for some weird reason.
 I like the whole story behind Lelouch's reason and growing rebellion since his reasons are just and righteous to some but his selfishness and ideals will make him an unknowing trustworthy saviour to his team. It would be hard not knowing if you should really trust a man who's too skilled in battlefield co-ordination but also never knowing the face of your leader under that awesome helmet. I think that's something outstanding about the first season, not many people know it's a kid leading this revolution.

I really like the design and capabilities of the Nightmare Frames machines since to me they remind me of a pawn size chess piece compared to colossal mechas of war like Gundam or Evangelion's. These agile mecha's on rollerskates add a futuristic higher level of combat to the anime and some really stand out from the generic class.
On a much more accurate comparison, they remind me of the PTX-140 Vital Suits  from the Lost Planet games. I really enjoyed those games and the VS gameplay came flowing back to me as I watched the anime.

The Nightmares have the unique ability of using grapple hooks from certain parts of their bodies (like Link's Hookshot) and is an outstanding capability besides shooting at enemies it can also be used to ascend up to higher locations (just like the humans do in the LP games) whilst the Mechas share the same speed ability.
I just remembered the silly video Cardgames on Motorcycles joke from the Yugioh 5d's abridged anime and just thoughts up my own parody of Nightmares on Motorskates (or Roller-skates)? *cricket noise during awkward silence* Oh well was worth a try.

The art isn't bad for a 10 year old anime. Having watched a few up-to-date anime with more stunning graphic artwork, I can't help but appreciate each art level of anime for it's time of release. The detail to the characters up close or the animation for the nightmare frame battles are excellent and graphical.

The music is pretty good but I wasn't paying as much attention to it compared to watching 5CPS, Clannad or even Pokemon. The soundtrack was composed by Kōtarō Nakagawa and Hitomi Kuroishi.
"Stories" is played during the one-to-one secret meetings and gives off a mysterious vibe since C.C herself is full of mystery. It's like something you'd play when alone looking up at the clear night sky whilst pondered the existence of all life or something. "All Hail Britannia" is the theme of Britannia which makes me cringe a little since I feel it's spot on for such a pompous prejudice country (makes the real England look better than these antagonists). "Boy from Britannia" is a good piece played during the recaps at the beginning of episodes.
The 1st season consists of not one, not two, but three opening intros. I think the first intro "Colours" was performed by FLOW was the best and I rather enjoyed since it was like a pop based intro with spoilers and a psychedelic HD journey into the human brain (which is what we see when Geass is used).
The second "Kaidoku Funou" by Jinn wasn't bad as it was a step up to a punk rock theme instead of the pop original opening intro. But it wasn't my kind of thing compared to other Punk I listen to.
Lastly "Hitomi no Tsubasa" by Access is a techno beat intro which is played during the last 2 episodes.
The ending songs weren't really my thing sadly but they might be for you.

I had this metalcore song in my head after remembering the lyrics:
"This is the road I chose 
This is the life I've made 
Say what you want but know this world opened her arms for me 
I write these words in blood 
I write these words for you 
This world deserves to finally know the truth"
"I lie awake and dream of how we will change the world, change the world! 
It's up to us to fill in the cracks 
And bring this world back to what it could have been"
I feel they relate to Lelouch's views and they could be considered his thoughts and ideology, in a way.

I feel that I get into things too easily and some would question my actions and behaviour. I've been pausing and acting in the mirror like I'm in the anime world and say what I'd do in that situation. I'd do the same as Lelouch but with unimaginable powers and destroy with pleasure, metalcore/ rock music playing and lecture them all as I play with them (bit like Deadpool or Carnage).
Am I the only one who acts like this? Doesn't anyone else equally or less destructively feel or act the same way when reading books and comics or watching films, tv series or Animes... Or am I just too weird?
I think my Aspergers can affect my behaviour when I'm watching certain things, whether I'm being affected from the language, content or violence, I still imagine unlimited things since my mind is like that. I can come across as too strong and rather dark under some moments and depending on how I am feeling there and then. And I admit that it's a bit too much (let alone possible for me to be ever seen doing anything in real life) but I guess I have to give my opinion or ideas across no matter how strong or indifferent as they may be to other people's thoughts or moments of what would they do in a situation or imaginary world?
Plus I'm not all destruction, revenge and chaos, I do have a heart and will explain more on that in my Clannad review in April.

You know I actually had some trouble finding a descent size title picture of the first season. I searched all Saturday last weekend to find the cover with title or official cover instead of DVD covers in Parts.
It's thanks to Lewis that he introduced me to being able to Google Image search by clicking on the camera icon and upload the image you save. That way it'll search for similar images and can produce more sizes.
I also learnt to click on the "Search by Image" option which appears next to images that you click on.
I'm glad I learned something new and very helpful as well as solve my problem otherwise this would have been delayed much longer.

 You know when things look promising... Then something changes everything? Well episode 22 is where it all goes t*ts up but is made to look accordingly, but not the way I had wanted it too. I support his dream but thanks to "her" accident it changed everything and really struck a core making me regret what came onwards till the end of the first season. I honestly ended up shouting "YOU GOTTA BE F***ING KIDDING! *Sigh* FOR F***S SAKE!" (yeah my language is quite colourful) haha.
I really liked "her" since she was an enemy that I adored for her kindness and innocence. It f***ing sucked since an alternative solution had been snuffed out like a flame.

I still recommend this superb anime just be aware of the cliffhanger ending which will encourage you to watch season 2 right away. I wonder how you will react to the outcome to the first season?
Too bad, revenge can change us and it costs many lives, even some dear and unlocks regret and sorrow. With great power comes great responsibility, sadly his may lead him to being a saviour to some but something else to everyone else (depending on your judgement)...

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