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Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Week Without Parents (Tues 23rd Sept - Tues 30th Sept)

Last week, me and Becca had the house to ourselves because Mum and Dad decided to take a 1 weeks holiday together in Corfu, Greece to see an old friend Christos who was the original owner of the 2 hotels we've been visiting in Greece since 2003. He's now had his own hotel in Corfu away from Thessaloniki where we've been going for the last 10 years. So Mum and Dad got round to spending quality time together away from us and seeing an old friend.

I apologise for the lack of posts and what seems like effort really but I've been slacking a little and relaxing as well, as last week I was coping with the change. Plus this weekend, the laptop has been having a clean-up thanks to AVAST Anti-Virus Software's special package GrimeFighter which took f***ing forever (like 2-4 hours) but cleared up around 12GB of data and made it all quicker again and all for 1 year's subscription of £20.
I also admit proudly that I've been enjoying the new Midde Earth: Shadow Of Mordor game on Xbox One this weekend, definitely going to write a review soon. I also bought Super Smash Bros. For 3DS too. I even wore my epic "All seeing eye of Lord Sauron" t-shirt (that I bought from to GAME to see if they could guess what I was purchasing today.

That week of independence (I say that as in solitary) because Becca was working most of the week and I was alone with the kitty cats. I'm not afraid to admit that I am bl**dy useless at cooking but luckily I had help from Becca's BFF, Emily and was also joined by her BF Ryan. They came over for most of the whole week and provided social comfort for me when Becca was working and played with the kittens plus Em cooked for us 3 days and I even gave a go at cooking some Chicken Poppets and Chips... It just about turned out acceptable while Em was babysitting somewhere else. Afterwards, I met Ryan at the Gym.

That's a big topic that's on my mind - Cooking. Someone like me with my time management and paying attention to detail/ routines should be a confident pro at this particular skill right? Well actually, I'm a Wuss. I haven't been cooking since Year 9 at The Forest School and then after that year I took Graphic Products and found that more intriguing. I guess I've slacked off on learning with Mum or even Becca because I settle down after work and escape using the laptop or Xbox and even going to the Gym twice a week. I really should get back into learning as I've been saying this for the past 5/6 years and always intended to in the Summer when Mum would be at home in the day more often. I guess it's just slipped away like my confidence and temptation. I'm not saying I'm gonna rely on Rebecca's talented chef skills or Mum's homemade specials forever. Inevitably I will need to pick out a book and begin again, I just need to discipline my mind and get round to getting good at another life skill besides Cleaning, Driving and Hoovering (those don't just get you around life, cooking's needed to help keep you alive and healthy)! I'm sure it'll begin soon as this year's been full of surprises.

But while my parents were away, I did have some tasks to follow through with such as watering the plants outside, feed the kittens and clean out their... leavings and remembering to take the bins out on specific days. I tell you that I do feel proud being independent in my own way and this time I coped with the solitary and separation from my parents compared to my first 5-day School Trip to Swanage when I was at Chesworth Primary School (I cried a little on the coach due to never really being separated from my family before, well besides my operations and the day I was diagnosed but that's another personal story). This time, I feel I was thinking in my head as if I had moved away (technically not as I'm still in my house) but more as if I had 2 little companions and 2 of Becca's friends too who made me feel happy and not upset at all.

Of course, I texted Mum and Dad a couple times such as how to work the damn cooker and when they checked up on me half-way through the week. I feel more grown up that I coped with this well and it's clear that someday when I "leave the nest" (well that depends due to housing prices, moving in with someone else such as a mate or future girlfriend) which won't be for a long time due to the way things are going in England.

Oh yeah, let's not forget that me, Em and Becca and an old friend Jack went to the O2 to see the comedy genius, Lee Evans. He was just as brilliant as always and I'm currently writing up the story now.

But despite it all, I gave a go at being a single-man in a house almost alone and did my best. Soon I'll be a well independant dude and will be lucky to share a life with my future lady.

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