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I will be starting from latest posts and work backwards to re-upload the pictures.
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Joshua :'(

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tweet Tweet! I Now Have Twitter!

Well, I finally did it and made a Twitter account at last... And it's been around 4-5 years I think since everyone I know made their accounts.
That's right people, Josh has finally given into another Internet social media application but more likely for the beneficial growth and promotion for AsperJosh, only one problem... I can't make an "AsperJosh" account.

I bet your wondering "Why now?" Well that's because I typed in AsperJosh on Google and found at around the top few links, I saw in shock and awe that someone else has beat me to it in setting up a "AsperJosh" twitter account... F**k!
Can't really blame him really (well I kinda want to as it's a real unique title) and all he's done since creating the account in July 2012, is do around 20 tweets since. If he's not gonna use the account name so seriously then I don't know what to do. Maybe I could message him with my Twitter account and ask politely if I could take the name instead if he made another or renamed it. But then aren't I being the one who is selfish and just getting my way? Yes! But I have my own personal reasons really.

Over the years of watching some friends such as Lewis use Twitter on his Mac when I was round his house, it all looked complicated, illogical and far different to how Facebook is used. And it still does feel that way despite giving it all a try over the past 3 days. I mean the use of the options "Retweet" which I'm guessing means Share what others have "Tweeted" already is simple but it looks awkward when it shows up on my wall and I'm only noticed at the top right through my Twitter account name.
I could very well create an AsperJosh account but just change the account name to like @AsperJosh_UK or something and then list the details and link it to my main Twitter and Facebook, *sigh* so much effort that's complicated.

I had to set mine up as Josh_G_Grahame as Josh_Grahame, Josh.Grahame and all the other possibilities are all taken, not surprised really as I jumped on the bandwagon much much later. Feel free to add me guys so you can keep up with promotions. I'm gonna set up a Twitter button at the top of the blog asap. I may even look into setting up a Facebook Like page sometime too and make a button at the top of the blog too.
Luckily I have included my link to AsperJosh so people can see my website for real even if it's not an official Twitter account like Lewis's account for Alt:Mag. Seeing his page made me feel a little intimidated by how much he's done in just 5 years ha ha. I don't even know if I should upload many past pictures from Facebook or just start from here onwards like on Facebook (seeing as this year was a real blast and so much has happened). I'll tell you what, the term "Following" is like adding people on Facebook only it's not the case of both accepting friend requests. No, you have to follow them and then wait patiently for them to follow you, so it's weird that the connection isn't so simple as Facebook. But seeing as people follow Celebrities and other mainstream names/ bands etc, you can't expect them all to follow us too so easily? I keep seeing people follow around I'd say *,*** people/ things while they are follow maybe even a 10th less like *** other people. I now have to far 22 followers and I only know 12 of them for real ha ha.

I'm pretty sure over time things will escalate and I'll feel as social/ popular as I feel (not bragging or anything) on my own Facebook account but then again not everyone has Twitter or hardly goes on plus not everyone has to follow you back even though you choose to follow them in the first place. Least I have some descent followers already but in time I'm pretty sure that number will increase. I'm beginning to get used to "Tweeting" as if it's a status update or writing down just about anything (well appropriate) because that's the idea of Twitter anyway, right?! Shame though that your limited to only 140 characters per Tweet, better make every work count.
But like I said at the top, my main priority is to share and promote my AsperJosh blog posts and past posts up on Twitter like I do on Facebook. I mean it's handy having two types of social media's to promote your thoughts and share your interests with others. Now that I've finally made this, I can get round to sharing some of Lewis's Alt:Mag posts up too as he always showed me round his that he promoted my work on Alt:Mag, his own work too and even my AsperJosh work too! What a good mate. Now I can team up and help him out too like he does for me.

I have two huge posts coming up asap as they're both late due to a changeover I had at home with my parents going on holiday together and me coping with the solitary (well not completely as I had my sister and her friends come over to keep us company and to cook for me as I'm that useless) plus their's the story of seeing Lee Evans last saturday. Stay tuned!

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