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Monday, 6 October 2014

Lee Evans Monster Tour - Live At The O2, 27th September 2014 (My First Live Comedy Experience)

I finally got to see a real comedy legend last weekend and he was just as hilarious compared to when I watch his past tours on TV/ DVD. See here why Lee Evans is a real funny man.
Jack, Me, Em and Becca

During the time when I was alone for a week, I did have one major event I have been looking forward to and keeping my eye on the calendar and the day finally came when Me, Becca and a friend each were heading to The O2 to see a comedy legend that we've all adored for several years. I originally booked the tickets I'd say just under a year ago and the awkward thing was that... the tickets still hadn't arrived yet!

There he is next to my Lego Bad Cop
and Lego Spider-Man
The T-shirt has all the tour dates on the back
So besides panicking and screaming and rolling on the floor, I phoned Ticketmaster and questioned over the phone on WTF was going on? The kind lady explained that it was all okay and that if I went to the Box Office area outside the arena and told them my Ticket Reference number then all would be fixed. As fortunate as that sounded, it certainly didn't make things feel perfect or seem fine as it looked a bit like a Gamble.

But anyway, after picking Becca up from work at 4, meeting Em at our house and then meeting Jack at the station, before I knew it we were on our way for London. Once there at Victoria, Jack and I grabbed a Burger King (Like A Boss) and the girls got McDonald's (Like A Boss) do you see where this reference is from? *wink*. And we made our way in due time to the arena on the Underground (haa I like the p**s-take song but the system is easy to navigate and follow for me) and got everything sorted and received the tickets according to plan. We all noticed that there was merchandise available too (which was a surprise as I've only really seen merchandise for concerts/ festivals really!) But I thought "Hell, why not?!" So just before the show started, I bought myself a Lee Evans Tour T-Shirt and a little funny Lee Keychain together for £25.

We all headed to the very top to take our seats and as we all looked down we thought "F**k me, that's high!"  And then the lights went down... And Mr Monkey boy came on in style.

Lee started the show with a funny video that showed him singing a-long in a musical number walking a long long way from his dress room with many guys following and meeting him along the way and singing along too (it looked a bit like the Olly Murs - Army Of Two video). I didn't take any pictures then as I was doing my best to abide the rules and just watch, boy was it hard to follow.

Lee is just as brilliant live as he is on the TV screen at least I tried my best to believe. Well saying that, I don't know how to quite explain it all. I think it's the angle view on seeing him all the way down there (clearly knowing it was him thanks to the 3 screens) but I wonder if it was the high altitude, the huge crowd and the tiny fear in the back of my head on how awkward and stressful it all was in the beginning of not knowing if we were all going to be let in or not due to a f**k up with the arrival of the tickets?

Look at him touching his ass
Of course, I grinned a lot (my cheeks ached at the end, that's a clear sign of enjoyment, right?) But I didn't really find myself laughing out loud (LOL for short which isn't a word I don't really like using let alone saying so I just text Ha Ha or laugh for real). I wonder if it's all of the above or the fact this all could have been ruined and our chances were slim. But hey, we prevailed and surely that relief should have been enough? Two of my friends from work saw him separately on the Brighton dates and both agreed and told me that "He's still got it and is just as talented as always!" Well they were right! I always enjoy watching him and looking for certain topics on YouTube to see if I can find uploads.

His jokes were bl**dy brilliant and he's as talented as always. I love a lot of his jokes from his BIG - Live At The O2 tour seeing as that was my first DVD view of his work and then watched the others (I'm not really a huge fan of when he started to be honest but he stuck to it and has turned into a comedy icon). He even threw in a few naughty jokes (not naughty and offensive as Frankie Boyle whom I do like most of the time, though he does cross the line occasionally) like he mentioned Peter Andre, Cheryl Cole, and I think a few S**t as in Poop references too, the crowd's reaction was enough and they all still laughed and clapped just as easy as their sense of humour as well as Lee confirming the reaction and admitting that the joke was a tough one to use and understood it was good but just as dangerous ha ha. Even I clapped a lot and did burst out laughing a couple times and did chuckle and giggle a lot just not laugh like watching Family Guy or a good comedy sometimes.

After our 20-30 minute break, he came back on but before that he did another funny entrance video involving him being divided up into 3 Slot Machine symbols (it was like a magic trick gone wrong and took I think it was 7 attempts to get right in the end ha ha).

He kept it all going and I know he's still got it and mentioned similar topics from his past shows and he can still over exaggerate everything so brilliantly that it's all undeniably true and may even happen to us all in our lifetimes or we've seen it all so much on American and British TV series and films. I love his references and jokes as I visualise them accurately (not meaning to brag) but I do see where he's coming from when he's considered the idiot or can imagine so well so many outcomes or notice things in much more funnier detail from our everyday lives (like what Stephen K Amos says "Find the funny side!"). That's why he's so talented and can keep it going for so long and is so recognisable thanks to many factors such as his perfect terms with swearing, his large ears, his unstoppable problem with sweating more than any other comedian under the boiling spotlight (I feel sad for him but admire how he can cope with it and sometimes come on with a towel ready), let's not forget his iconic and one of a kind laugh that's contagious and the constant references to his "Wife" (and like a true gentleman always mentions at the end of the show of how he's talked about her in such ways and remind us all as well as clear up his own mess on how much of an inspiration and how much he loves her and means to her).

We were all reminded to turn our phones off before the show started (but did that stop me or anyone else... Nope!) As I watched the show, I could see with my hawkeye's that people were taking pictures and using the flash (I counted 16 times that photos were taken) so I thought to myself "Why not grab a few just for AsperJosh?!" So I did cautiously and without using the flash. They came out just about visible and I think I took 17 attempts, so much for taking a few.

There's the Guitar

As the show came to an end around 10.30pm after starting at just after 8.00pm, he gave his little speech about his wife and then on came a neon pink coloured piano and I was pleased to see that he was going to sing (he's actually quite good and writes such beautiful and philosophical songs too). He sung his heart out to a song about his wife that he made just for her and his lyrics were so touching as he gently spun round on the big pedestal that him and the piano were positioned on, he even played a guitar solo too!

What looked like the end of the show turned out to be the pre-epilogue. He admitted that someone in France begged him to do this on his Monsters Tour like he did in the past, and would you believe it? He acted out to the all time favourite and memorable Queen song - Bohemian Rhapsody... all of it and danced on stage and kept us all entertained even longer than expected. Well done, Lee!

As we all looked at the time and realised it was getting near 10.45pm, we had to bolt so that the girls could grab merchandise back downstairs just as Lee was finishing the song. While they were purchasing similar products like mine, a little fight broke out between two blonde's who me and Jack guessed either had it in for each other or an argument began over something stupid. One Blondie was attacking, pushing and shouting at the other while the other just kept avoiding her taunts and constant pushes. Soon the boyfriends got involved and the pushy girl's boyfriend got violent too and so did the other girl's bf as he wasn't letting himself and her have any of it, it took Security like 10 minutes to come down and stop it all. Everyone was taking pictures and recording it all while looked disappointed and disgusted as two people just ruining the moment at such a pleasant event. But luckily the pushy ones were crowded by security and escorted outside, right on!
So we all made our way barely to London Victoria but missed the 11.35pm last train to Horsham. I was still hungry and wanted to order another Burger King (yeah I'm a greedy pig) but the guys were having a problem with making my previous order again (plain burger) according to the guy "It would take longer to make the burger plain"... What? So I ditched the idea and we all ran to the Train that was just leaving for 11.50pm to Three Bridges. Where upon arriving there, Becca payed for a £33 taxi to take us all back to Horsham.

Luckily I had asked our elderly neighbours Mary and Peter (who treat Me and Becca like their own grandchildren) to feed the boys in the evening and late evenings as we were out. Super grateful they did without question.
So overall it was brilliant and a treat, I just think the awkward beginning just took away a bit of the fun as I'm like that sometimes cause if thinks look risky or don't go according to plan sometimes then it takes away the fun at the time but soon is regained later or over time and it's remembered as a pleasant memory or later on in the day.

Here's the ticket that I got from the Box-Office
Oh before I go, I will admit that this Sunday, Mum actually looked on the side where all the mail was and actually found the... unopened envelope containing the tickets I had been waiting for...Wa-Wa-Waaah! Well it just goes to show to pay closer attention to when your waiting for special deliveries and to not give up hope when it all seems hopeless. In the end, we got there didn't we? We had a good laugh and went away with tummy aches thanks to a hilarious show. I'm glad we did it and when the DVD comes out, it'll be even better and I wonder if we'll be seen in the audience?!

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